All Classes, Interfaces, Objects and Records

Name Unit Description
EArgusMinMaxError ArgusDataEntry  
EAsciiRasterError AsciiRasterReaderUnit  
ECircularReference DataSetUnit ECircularReference is raised if, when assigning values to a data set, a circular reference is encountered so that the TDataArray depends on itself.
EColWidthError RbwDataGrid4  
ECorruptedData DataSetUnit  
ECustomCursorError RbwDynamicCursor  
EDifferentPointsError frmCustomImportSimpleFileUnit  
EGpcException GPC_Classes  
EGrdReadError SurferGridFileReaderUnit  
EHiddenProc Undo EHiddenProc is called when an inherited method of TList is called that should never be called.
EInternetConnectionError RbwInternetUtilities  
EInterpolationException DataSetUnit EInterpolationException is raised if an error occurs during interpolation.
EInvalidColumn RbwDataGrid4  
EInvalidDataType DataSetUnit EInvalidDataType is raised if a formula is assigned that, when compiled gives a type of data that is incompatible with the type of data stored in the TDataArray.
EInvalidElement QuadMeshGenerator  
EInvalidGrid AbstractGridUnit EInvalidGrid is used for grid related errors.
EPrecisionReadError ReadModflowArrayUnit  
EQTreeError QuadTreeClass EQTreeError is a class for exceptions raised by TRbwQuadTree.
ERbwParserError RbwParser ERbwParserError is raised if by TRbwParser to report user errors and some programmer errors.
EScreenObjectError ScreenObjectUnit EScreenObjectError is the class of errors related to TScreenObjects.
ESfrError SfrInterpolatorUnit  
ESizeError SolidGeom  
EStException LinRegression ancestor to all SysTools exceptions
EStringSparseListError SparseArrayUnit EStringSparseListError is the type of exception generated by errors regarding sparse arrays.
EStStatError LinRegression statistics exceptions
E_MRU_Exception MostRecentlyUsedFiles E_MRU_Exception is used for Exceptions generated by TvRbwMostRecentlyUsed.
IElement MeshRenumbering  
IIntervalTree IntervalTree  
IMesh MeshRenumbering  
INode MeshRenumbering  
ISpecialFormatter RbwDataGrid4 ISpecialFormatter is used in SpecialFormat to assign a TRbwColumnFormat4 to a particular cell that is different from the default format for that cell.
T2DBlock QuadTreeClass T2DBlock delineates a region of space. T2DBlock's are used to perform a search for locations inside a TRbwQuadTree.
T2DFrontCell AbstractGridUnit The column and layer of a cell
T2DGridPoint ContourUnit  
T2DSideCell AbstractGridUnit The row and layer of a cell
T2DSparseBooleanArray SparseDataSets  
T2DSparsePointerArray SparseDataSets T2DSparsePointerArray acts like a 2D array of pointers. It provides constant time access to its elements through the its Items property. However, when many of the elements are nil, it can use much less memory than an array.
T2DSparseRealArray SparseDataSets T2DSparseRealArray acts like a 2D array of real numbers. It provides constant time access to its elements through the its Items property. However, when many of the elements are unassigned, it can use much less memory than an array.
T2DTopCell AbstractGridUnit The row and column of a cell
T3DCell AbstractGridUnit The columns, row, and layer of a cell
T3DCellCoordinates AbstractGridUnit  
T3DElementCoordinates AbstractGridUnit  
T3DSparseBooleanArray SparseDataSets T3DSparseBooleanArray acts like a 3D array of booleans. It provides constant time access to its elements through the its Items property. However, when many of the elements are unassigned, it can use much less memory than an array.
T3DSparseIntegerArray SparseDataSets T3DSparseIntegerArray acts like a 3D array of integers. It provides constant time access to its elements through the its Items property. However, when many of the elements are unassigned, it can use much less memory than an array.
T3DSparseInterpolationDirectionArray PhastDataSets T3DSparseInterpolationDirectionArray is used to store a sparse array of TInterpolationDirection.
T3DSparsePointerArray SparseDataSets T3DSparsePointerArray acts like a 3D array of pointers. It provides constant time access to its elements through the its Items property. However, when many of the elements are nil, it can use much less memory than an array.
T3DSparseRealArray SparseDataSets T3DSparseRealArray acts like a 3D array of real-numbers. It provides constant time access to its elements through the its Items property. However, when many of the elements are unassigned, it can use much less memory than an array.
T3DSparseStringArray SparseDataSets T3DSparseStringArray acts like a 3D array of strings. It provides constant time access to its elements through the its Items property. However, when many of the elements are unassigned, it can use much less memory than an array.
TActiveOnLayer GIS_Functions  
TActiveZone ActiveZone TActiveZone represents an individual active area zone.
TActiveZoneGroup ActiveZone TActiveZoneGroup is used to determine a set of zones for the active area of the model.
TAddGridBoundaryTool InteractiveTools TAddGridBoundaryTool is used to add column, row, or layer boundaries to the grid at a position where the user clicks the mouse.
TAddLinePartTool InteractiveTools  
TAddPointPartTool InteractiveTools  
TAddPolygonPartTool InteractiveTools  
TArgumentList RbwParser Name is used to restrict ensure that in TOperatorDefinition only TOperatorArgumentDefinitions are added to ArgumentDefinitions.
TArgusDataEntry ArgusDataEntry EArgusMinMaxError is raised if there is an attempt to set the Max to a value less than Min or vice versa.
TArrayPhastDataSet PhastDataSets TArrayPhastDataSet is the abstract ancestor of TDataArrays that use use PHAST-style interpolation and store data in arrays.
TAsciiRasterReader AsciiRasterReaderUnit  
TAssociateList ScreenObjectUnit  
TAutoAdjustColumn RbwDataGrid4 Published declarations
TAutoAdjustColumns RbwDataGrid4 TAutoAdjustColumns specifies how columns are to adjust their width to fit the text in the column.
TBarrier ModflowHFB_WriterUnit  
TBaseModel GoPhastTypes  
TBatchFileAdditionsUndo frmBatchFileAdditionsUnit Public declarations
TBcfVcont GIS_Functions  
TBooleanVariable RbwParser TBooleanVariable stores a boolean that may change from one execution of a TExpression to the next.
TBoundary QuadMeshGenerator TBoundary represents a series of TNodes used to generate the mesh.
TBoundaryClassification frmCustomGoPhastUnit  
TBoundaryList QuadMeshGenerator  
TBoundaryModelLink ModflowBoundaryUnit  
TBoundaryModelLinkList ModflowBoundaryUnit  
TBoundaryName frmExportShapefileObjectsUnit  
TBoundaryObjectList QuadMeshGenerator  
TBoundaryTypeList PhastDataSets TBoundaryTypeList is a TList to which only TIntegerSparseDataSet can be added. Adding a TIntegerSparseDataSet to this list will set TIntegerSparseDataSet.IsBoundaryTypeDataSet to true. TBoundaryTypeList is used in TPhastTimeList.
TBoundaryValue ModflowBoundaryUnit TBoundaryValue defines a time and a formula used in Initialize.
TBoundaryZone CustomBoundaryZone TBoundaryZone represents an individual leaky or flux boundary zone.
TBoundingBox ShapefileUnit TBoundingBox represents the bounding box of a shape or of all the shapes in a Shapefile.
TBProperty ZoneUnit TBProperty represents an boolean value.
TBreakCollection RbwModelCube  
TBreakPosition RbwModelCube  
TBreakScreenObject frmExportShapefileObjectsUnit C = character, F = floating point, L = Logic, N = Number
TCachedCells ScreenObjectUnit  
TCellAssignment ScreenObjectUnit  
TCellAssignmentList ScreenObjectUnit If any new properties are added, be sure to update Assign too.
TCellElementLeaf ScreenObjectUnit  
TCellElementLeafList ScreenObjectUnit  
TCellElementSegment ScreenObjectUnit TCellElementSegment represents the 2D intersection of one segment of a TScreenObject with a cell or element in the grid.
TCellElementSegmentList ScreenObjectUnit TCellElementSegmentList is a list of the TCellElementSegments of a TScreenObject. Each segment is the 2D intersection of one segment of the TScreenObject with an individual cell or element in the grid.
TCellListsModelAssociation ScreenObjectUnit  
TCellLocation ModflowCellUnit TCellLocation defines a cell location.
TChdBoundary ModflowConstantHeadBoundaryUnit TChdBoundary represents the MODFLOW Constant-Head boundaries associated with a single TScreenObject.
TChdCollection ModflowConstantHeadBoundaryUnit TChdCollection represents MODFLOW Constant-Head boundaries for a series of time intervals.
TChdItem ModflowConstantHeadBoundaryUnit TChdItem represents a MODFLOW Constant-Head boundary for one time interval.
TChdPackage ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TChdParamItem ModflowConstantHeadBoundaryUnit Each TChdParamItem stores a TChdCollection.
TChdRecord ModflowConstantHeadBoundaryUnit TChdRecord stores data for one CHD cell in a time increment defined by StartingTime and EndingTime.
TChdStorage ModflowConstantHeadBoundaryUnit  
TChdTimeListLink ModflowConstantHeadBoundaryUnit  
TCHD_Cell ModflowConstantHeadBoundaryUnit  
TCheckInternetThread CheckInternetUnit  
TChemistryOptions PhastModelUnit TChemistryOptions stores options related to chemistry in PHAST.
TChemSpeciesCollection Mt3dmsChemSpeciesUnit  
TChemSpeciesItem Mt3dmsChemSpeciesUnit  
TChildDiscretization PhastModelUnit  
TChildDiscretizationCollection PhastModelUnit  
TChildModel PhastModelUnit  
TChildModelCollection PhastModelUnit  
TChildModelEdit PhastModelUnit  
TChildModelEditCollection PhastModelUnit  
TChildModelItem PhastModelUnit  
TChildModelValue ModflowTransientListParameterUnit  
TChildModelValues ModflowTransientListParameterUnit  
TClassificationList ClassificationUnit TClassificationList is a list of TClassificationObjects.
TClassificationNodeData ClassificationUnit  
TClassificationObject ClassificationUnit TClassificationObject is an abstract base class used in TClassificationList, and ClassifyListedObjects to arrange items in a hierarchical classification.
TCMList ScreenObjectUnit  
TColorCollection ColorSchemes  
TColorContourItem frmImportSutraModelResultsUnit  
TColorDisplaySettings DisplaySettingsUnit  
TColoringLimit DataSetUnit When the grid is colored by a TDataArray, the colors can be restricted to lie within a range. TColoringLimit is used to represent one end of the range. See TColoringLimits.
TColoringLimits DataSetUnit When the grid is colored by a TDataArray, the colors can be restricted to lie within a range. TColoringLimits is used to represent both ends of the range. See TColoringLimit.
TColorItem ColorSchemes  
TColorParameters ColorSchemes  
TColorValues frmColorsUnit TColorValues stores values needed for 3D display of the model.
TColRowLayerSelectorTool InteractiveTools  
TCompositeZone ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TCompositeZoneCollection ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TCompositeZoneItem ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TCompressedBitmap CompressedImageUnit TCompressedBitmap reads and writes bitmaps to and from streams using a TCompressionStream and a TDecompressionStream.
TCompressedBitmapCollection CompressedImageUnit TCompressedBitmapCollection is a collection of TCompressedBitmapItems.
TCompressedBitmapItem CompressedImageUnit TCompressedBitmapItem holds a TCompressedBitmap.
TConstant RbwParser TConstant defines storage for a constant value such as "Abc", 1, 2.5, or True.
TContourCreator ContourUnit  
TContourDisplaySettings DisplaySettingsUnit  
TContourExtractor ContourExport  
TContours DataSetUnit  
TControlCollection RbwController  
TControlItem RbwController  
TCornerPoint DemReaderUnit  
TCost QuadMeshGenerator  
TCost2ObjectList QuadMeshGenerator  
TCost3ObjectList QuadMeshGenerator  
TCostObjectList QuadMeshGenerator  
TCreateLineScreenObjectTool InteractiveTools TCreateLineScreenObjectTool is used to create a line or polygon TScreenObject.
TCreatePointScreenObjectTool InteractiveTools TCreatePointScreenObjectTool is used to create a point TScreenObject.
TCreateRectangleScreenObjectTool InteractiveTools TCreateRectangleScreenObjectTool creates a TScreenObject that is shaped like a rectangle aligned with the grid.
TCreateStraightLineScreenObjectTool InteractiveTools TCreateStraightLineScreenObjectTool is used to create a line TScreenObject in which the segments are aligned with the grid.
TCrossSection SutraMeshUnit  
TCustom2DInterpolater DataSetUnit TCustom2DInterpolater provides an abstract interface for 2D interpolation. Descendants of TCustom2DInterpolater provide concrete implementations.

Call RegisterClass in the initialization section for any descendants that are instantiated.

TCustomAddPartTool InteractiveTools  
TCustomAnisotropicInterpolator InterpolationUnit TCustomAnisotropicInterpolator is the abstract ancestor of interpolators that support anisotropy.
TCustomAssociatedSutraBoundaryCollection SutraBoundariesUnit  
TCustomBoundaryDataSets CustomBoundaryZone TCustomBoundaryDataSets stores and initializes the TDataArrays used to create zones for flux and leaky boundary conditions.
TCustomBoundaryGroup CustomBoundaryZone TCustomBoundaryGroup is used to determine a set of zones for leaky and flux boundary conditions.
TCustomBoundaryItem ModflowBoundaryUnit  
TCustomBoundaryStorage ModflowBoundaryUnit @name defines the starting and ending time for a particular boundary condition.
TCustomCellSelectionTool InteractiveTools TCustomCellSelectionTool is an abstract base class. Its descendants are used for cases where the user selects a range of cells on which to perform some action.
TCustomChemSpeciesCollection Mt3dmsChemSpeciesUnit  
TCustomContourCreator ContourUnit  
TCustomCreateRequiredDataSetsUndo RequiredDataSetsUndoUnit  
TCustomCreateScreenObjectTool InteractiveTools TCustomCreateScreenObjectTool is an abstract base class for TCustomInteractiveTools for creating TScreenObjects.
TCustomCreateScreenObjectTool32 InteractiveTools  
TCustomDataListItem ScreenObjectUnit TCustomDataListItem provides functionality used in storing multiple values associated with a single screen object (a TMultiValueScreenObject); It is used as an ancestor of TRealDataListItem and TIntegerDataListItem which actually hold data.
TCustomDataSets ZoneUnit Descendants of TCustomDataSets store the TDataArrays used to assign values to TCustomPropertys.
TCustomDiscretization AbstractGridUnit  
TCustomEditScreenObjectTool InteractiveTools  
TCustomEndPoints PathlineReader  
TCustomExtendedDialog CustomExtendedDialogForm TCustomExtendedDialog is an abstract ancestor used to create standard dialog boxes that contain extra controls.
TCustomFileWriter CustomModflowWriterUnit  
TCustomFlowPackageWriter CustomModflowWriterUnit  
TCustomFluxObservationGroup FluxObservationUnit  
TCustomFluxObservationGroups FluxObservationUnit  
TCustomFluxObservationItem FluxObservationUnit  
TCustomframeFluxObs CustomFrameFluxObsUnit TCustomframeFluxObs is a frame that is used to define the flux observation data for a particular TScreenObject.
TCustomGridCursorTool InteractiveTools TCustomGridCursorTool is an abstract base class for TCustomGridTools that have a different cursor depending on whether the mouse is or is not over a column, row, or layer boundary.
TCustomGridTool InteractiveTools TCustomGridTool is an abstract base class for TCustomInteractiveTools that interact with the grid.
TCustomHufExpression GIS_Functions  
TCustomHydModItem ModflowHydmodWriterUnit  
TCustomImportMultipleScreenObjects UndoItemsScreenObjects  
TCustomInteractiveTool frameViewUnit TCustomInteractiveTool is an abstract base class. Its descendants (mainly in InteractiveTools) handle on-screen interaction between the user and the grid or TScreenObjects.
TCustomInterpolatedBoundary ScreenObjectUnit  
TCustomLayerGroup LayerStructureUnit  
TCustomLayerPackageSelection ModflowPackageSelectionUnit TCustomLayerPackageSelection is used for MODFLOW packages in which the user specifies an array of layer numbers to which the package applies.
TCustomLayerRowColumnSelector ColRowLayerChangeUnit TCustomLayerRowColumnSelector is an abstract base class whose descendants handle changes of the selected column, row, or layer.
TCustomLayerStructure LayerStructureUnit  
TCustomLeakyDataSets CustomLeakyZone TCustomLeakyDataSets stores and initializes the TDataArrays used to create zones for leaky boundary conditions.
TCustomLeakyZone CustomLeakyZone TCustomLeakyZone represents an individual leaky boundary zone.
TCustomLeakyZoneGroup CustomLeakyZone TCustomLeakyZoneGroup is used to determine a set of zones for leaky boundary conditions.
TCustomListWriter CustomModflowWriterUnit TCustomListWriter is used as a base class for writing typical boundary condition files that allow for both parameter and non-parameter cells.
TCustomLocationObsBoundary ModflowHobUnit  
TCustomLocationObservation ModflowHobUnit  
TCustomLockUnlockScreenObjects UndoItemsScreenObjects  
TCustomLpfWriter ModflowLPF_WriterUnit  
TCustomMF_ArrayBoundColl ModflowBoundaryUnit TCustomMF_ArrayBoundColl is used for boundary conditions in which the boundary conditions are either in the form of an array of values or where the individual boundary condition cells are linked into a larger structure.
TCustomMF_BoundColl ModflowBoundaryUnit TCustomMF_BoundColl represents MODFLOW boundaries for a series of time intervals.
TCustomMF_ListBoundColl ModflowBoundaryUnit TCustomMF_ListBoundColl is used for boundary conditions in which each section of an object is used to define a separate set of boundary conditions.
TCustomModel PhastModelUnit  
TCustomModelGrid AbstractGridUnit TCustomModelGrid is an abstract class that defines the interface for a grid. It implements storage for columns and rows but not for layers.
TCustomModflowBoundaryItem ModflowBoundaryUnit TCustomModflowBoundaryItem represents a boundary for one time interval.
TCustomModflowGridEdgeDisplay EdgeDisplayUnit TCustomModflowGridEdgeDisplay stores but does not own a list of TCustomModflowGridEdgeFeatures.
TCustomModflowGridEdgeFeature EdgeDisplayUnit TCustomModflowGridEdgeFeature is a base class used in the display of model properties that are on the edges between model cells.
TCustomModflowWriter CustomModflowWriterUnit TCustomModflowWriter is an abstract base class used as an ancestor for classes that write MODFLOW input files.
TCustomModifyGeometryTool InteractiveTools TCustomModifyGeometryTool is meant to be the abstract ancestor of tools that need to edit TScreenObjects .
TCustomModpathSettings PathlineReader  
TCustomMultZoneWriter ModflowMultiplierZoneWriterUnit  
TCustomNameFileWriter CustomModflowWriterUnit  
TCustomNonSpatialBoundColl ModflowBoundaryUnit TCustomNonSpatialBoundColl is an abstract ancestor used with MODFLOW boundary conditions that may or may not be defined at cells.
TCustomOrientedPhastBoundary ScreenObjectUnit TCustomOrientedPhastBoundary represents a boundary condition that only applies to one TViewDirection.
TCustomPackageWriter CustomModflowWriterUnit TCustomPackageWriter is an abstract base class used to generate input for MODFLOW for a specific package.
TCustomParameterTransientWriter CustomModflowWriterUnit  
TCustomPathLine PathlineReader  
TCustomPathLinePoints PathlineReader  
TCustomPathLines PathlineReader  
TCustomPhastBoundary ScreenObjectUnit TCustomPhastBoundary is an abstract base class. Its descendants are used to define all aspects of one type of boundary condition for one TScreenObject including those aspects that vary with time.
TCustomPhastBoundaryCollection ScreenObjectUnit TCustomPhastBoundaryCollection is an abstract base class. Its descendants store a series of TCustomPhastBoundaryConditions. The series define how one aspect of a boundary condition changes with time.
TCustomPhastBoundaryCondition ScreenObjectUnit TCustomPhastBoundaryCondition is and abstract base class. Its descendants, TIntegerPhastBoundaryCondition and TRealPhastBoundaryCondition, are used to define the value of one aspect of a boundary condition for one time period.
TCustomPhastDataSet PhastDataSets TCustomPhastDataSet is the abstract ancestor of TDataArrays that use PHAST-style interpolation.
TCustomPhastZone ZoneUnit TCustomPhastZone represents a PHAST zone.
TCustomPoint2DInterpolator InterpolationUnit TCustomPoint2DInterpolator implements an interpolator that returns the value of the TScreenObject which has a vertex closest to the point of interest.
TCustomPrintItem ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TCustomProperty ZoneUnit TCustomProperty is the abstract ancestor of real number, integer, and boolean properties.
TCustomRBWDataGrid RbwDataGrid4  
TCustomRowOrColumn RbwDataGrid4 TCustomRowOrColumn is the abstract ancestor of TRbwColumn4 and TRbwRow.
TCustomScreenObjectDelegate ScreenObjectUnit TCustomScreenObjectDelegate is an abstract base class. Descendants are used for assigning properties to TDataArrays from the front and side views.
TCustomSelectScreenObjectTool InteractiveTools TCustomSelectScreenObjectTool is the abstract ancestor of tools used to select and move TScreenObjects mainly by clicking on them.
TCustomSfrpackInterpolator InterpolationUnit TCustomSfrpackInterpolator uses inverse distance squared interpolation to return a real-number result.
TCustomSkipCollection DataSetUnit  
TCustomSolverWriter CustomModflowWriterUnit  
TCustomSparseDataSet DataSetUnit TCustomSparseDataSet is the abstract ancestor of classes that use descendants of T3DSparsePointerArray to store data.
TCustomStoreVerticesTool InteractiveTools  
TCustomSubLayer ModflowSubsidenceDefUnit TCustomSubLayer is defined in order to gain access to protected methods of TLayerOwnerCollection;
TCustomSubLayerItem ModflowSubsidenceDefUnit  
TCustomSubWriter CustomModflowWriterUnit  
TCustomSutraAssociatedBoundaryItem SutraBoundariesUnit  
TCustomSutraBoundaryCollection SutraBoundariesUnit  
TCustomSutraBoundaryItem SutraBoundariesUnit  
TCustomSutraCollection SutraMeshUnit  
TCustomSutraElement SutraMeshUnit  
TCustomSutraItem SutraMeshUnit  
TCustomSutraMesh SutraMeshUnit  
TCustomSutraNode SutraMeshUnit  
TCustomSutraNodeNumberItem SutraMeshUnit  
TCustomSutraOutputReader ReadSutraNodEleUnit  
TCustomTFluxObservations FluxObservationUnit  
TCustomTimeList DataSetUnit TCustomTimeList is used to store a series of TDataArrays.
TCustomTimeSeries PathlineReader  
TCustomTimeSeriesCollection PathlineReader  
TCustomTimeSeriesPoints PathlineReader  
TCustomTransientArrayItem ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TCustomTransientArrayWriter CustomModflowWriterUnit  
TCustomTransientLayerPackageSelection ModflowPackageSelectionUnit TCustomTransientLayerPackageSelection is used for MODFLOW boundary conditions packages in which, for each stress period, the user specifies an array of layer numbers to which the boundary condition applies.
TCustomTransientWriter CustomModflowWriterUnit TCustomTransientWriter is used to export input files for MODFLOW for packages with time-varying data.
TCustomTriangleInterpolator InterpolationUnit  
TCustomUndo UndoItems TCustomUndo is an abstract base class used as an ancestor of all TUndoItems in ModelMuse.
TCustomUndoChangeGridDimensions UndoItems TCustomUndoChangeGridDimensions is the abstract ancestor of TUndoItems that make changes to the grid.
TCustomUndoChangeHeadObsResults frameHeadObservationResultsUnit  
TCustomUndoChangeOrder UndoItemsScreenObjects TCustomUndoChangeOrder is an abstract base class for classes that change the order of TScreenObjects.
TCustomUndoChangeParameters RequiredDataSetsUndoUnit  
TCustomUndoDivideScreenObject UndoItemsScreenObjects  
TCustomUnitNumberItem ModflowUnitNumbers  
TCustomUnitNumbers ModflowUnitNumbers  
TCustomUpdateScreenObjectDisplayUndo UndoItemsScreenObjects  
TCustomUpdateScreenObjectUndo UndoItemsScreenObjects TCustomUpdateScreenObjectUndo provides methods that descendants can use to notify the GUI of changes.
TCustomValue RbwParser TCustomValue is the abstract ancestor of TCustomVariable and TExpression. It adds Name and Classification properties to TConstant.
TCustomVariable RbwParser TCustomVariable is the abstract ancestor of TRealVariable, TIntegerVariable, TBooleanVariable and TStringVariable.
TCustomZoneGroup ZoneUnit TCustomZoneGroup creates and stores series of TCustomPhastZones.
TCylSphereDistribution ModpathParticleUnit  
TDataArray DataSetUnit TDataArray provides an interface to a 3D array of data.
TDataArrayEdit frmDataSetsUnits TDataArrayEdit stores a TDataArray and records changes to the properties of the TDataArray.
TDataArrayList DataSetUnit  
TDataArrayManager PhastModelUnit  
TDataListCollection ScreenObjectUnit TDataListCollection is a collection of TCustomDataListItem's. It is used to store data by zones in a TMultiValueScreenObject.
TDataSetClassification PhastModelUnit  
TDataSetCollection PhastModelUnit TDataSetCollection is a collection of TDataSetItems.
TDataSetCreationData PhastModelUnit  
TDataSetItem PhastModelUnit TDataSetItem is used to save or load a TDataArray from a stream or save it to a stream.
TDataValue SutraInitialConditionsWriterUnit  
TDE4PackageSelection ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TDe4Writer ModflowDE4_WriterUnit  
TDelaunayException Delaunay  
TDelaunayPoint Delaunay  
TDelegateCollection ScreenObjectUnit  
TDelegateItem ScreenObjectUnit  
TDeleteGridBoundaryTool InteractiveTools TDeleteGridBoundaryTool deletes a column, row, or layer boundary.
TDeleteSegmentTool InteractiveTools TDeleteSegmentTool is used to delete a segment in a TScreenObject.
TDemReader DemReaderUnit  
TDisplaySettingsCollection DisplaySettingsUnit TDisplaySettingsCollection is a collection of TDisplaySettingsItems.
TDisplaySettingsItem DisplaySettingsUnit A TDisplaySettingsItem stores all the information needed to restore the appearance of ModelMuse to a previous state including the name of the data set used to color or contour the grid and the magnification.
TDoubleEndianCnvRec ShapefileUnit TDoubleEndianCnvRec is used in ConvertDouble to convert a double to or from the BigEndian format.
TDrainReturn ModflowDrtUnit  
TDrawItem DrawTextUnit  
TDrnBoundary ModflowDrnUnit TDrnBoundary represents the MODFLOW Drain boundaries associated with a single TScreenObject.
TDrnCollection ModflowDrnUnit TDrnCollection represents MODFLOW Drain boundaries for a series of time intervals.
TDrnItem ModflowDrnUnit TDrnItem represents a MODFLOW Drain boundary for one time interval.
TDrnPackage ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TDrnParamItem ModflowDrnUnit Each TDrnParamItem stores a TDrnCollection.
TDrnRecord ModflowDrnUnit  
TDrnStorage ModflowDrnUnit  
TDrnTimeListLink ModflowDrnUnit  
TDrn_Cell ModflowDrnUnit  
TDrtBoundary ModflowDrtUnit TDrtBoundary represents the MODFLOW Drain boundaries associated with a single TScreenObject.
TDrtCollection ModflowDrtUnit TDrtCollection represents MODFLOW Drain boundaries for a series of time intervals.
TDrtItem ModflowDrtUnit TDrtItem represents a MODFLOW Drain boundary for one time interval.
TDrtPackage ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TDrtParamItem ModflowDrtUnit Each TDrtParamItem stores a TDrtCollection.
TDrtRecord ModflowDrtUnit  
TDrtStorage ModflowDrtUnit  
TDrtTimeListLink ModflowDrtUnit  
TDrt_Cell ModflowDrtUnit  
TDummyClassification ClassificationUnit  
TEdgeDisplayEdit frmCustomGoPhastUnit  
TEdgeDisplaySettings EdgeDisplayUnit  
TEdgePoint ScreenObjectUnit TEdgePoint represents a point of intersection between a TScreenObject and a grid element or grid cell.
TEditorNotifierComponent frmDataSetsUnits  
TEditVertexValueTool InteractiveTools  
TElementData SutraInputWriterUnit  
TEleReader ReadSutraNodEleUnit  
TElevationPoint DemReaderUnit  
TElevationStorage ElevationStorageUnit TElevationStorage is intended to store a series of points that represent upper or lower "elevations" of a TScreenObject perpendicular to a TScreenObject whose ViewDirection is vdFront or vdSide.
TEllipsoid CoordinateConversionUnit TEllipsoid defines an ellipsoid used for converting from latitude and longitude to UTM coordinates.
TEndPoint PathlineReader  
TEndPointColorLimits PathlineReader  
TEndPointDisplayLimits PathlineReader  
TEndPointReader PathlineReader  
TEndPoints PathlineReader  
TEndPointSettings PathlineReader  
TEndPointsV6 PathlineReader  
TEndPointV6 PathlineReader  
TEnhancedOrderedCollection OrderedCollectionUnit TEnhancedOrderedCollection extends TOrderedCollection by adding IndexOf and Remove.
TEtsBoundary ModflowEtsUnit TEtsBoundary represents the MODFLOW Evapotranspiration boundaries associated with a single TScreenObject.
TEtsCollection ModflowEtsUnit  
TEtsLayerCollection ModflowEtsUnit  
TEtsLayerTimeListLink ModflowEtsUnit  
TEtsPackageSelection ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TEtsSurfDepthCollection ModflowEtsUnit  
TEtsSurfDepthItem ModflowEtsUnit TEtsSurfDepthItem represents a MODFLOW ET layer for one time interval.
TEtsSurfDepthRecord ModflowEtsUnit  
TEtsSurfDepthStorage ModflowEtsUnit  
TEtsSurfDepthTimeListLink ModflowEtsUnit  
TEtsSurfDepth_Cell ModflowEtsUnit  
TEtsTimeListLink ModflowEtsUnit  
TEvapotranspirationCell ModflowEvtUnit  
TEvapotranspirationLayerCell ModflowEvtUnit  
TEvtBoundary ModflowEvtUnit TEvtBoundary represents the MODFLOW Evapotranspiration boundaries associated with a single TScreenObject.
TEvtCollection ModflowEvtUnit TEvtCollection represents MODFLOW Evapotranspiration boundaries for a series of time intervals.
TEvtItem ModflowEvtUnit TEvtItem represents a MODFLOW evapotranspiration for one time interval.
TEvtLayerCollection ModflowEvtUnit  
TEvtLayerItem ModflowEvtUnit TEvtLayerItem represents a MODFLOW ET layer for one time interval.
TEvtLayerRecord ModflowEvtUnit

  TEvtLayerRecord = record
    Cell: TCellLocation;
    EvapotranspirationLayer: integer;
    StartingTime: double;
    EndingTime: double;
    EvapotranspirationLayerAnnotation: string;

TEvtLayerRecord stores the location, and evaporation layer for a cell.

TEvtLayerStorage ModflowEvtUnit TEvtLayerStorage extends TCustomBoundaryStorage by adding the locations and evapotranspiration layers of series of evapotranspiration cells.
TEvtLayerTimeListLink ModflowEvtUnit  
TEvtPackageSelection ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TEvtParamItem ModflowEvtUnit Each TEvtParamItem stores a TEvtCollection.
TEvtRecord ModflowEvtUnit

  TEvtRecord = record
    Cell: TCellLocation;
    EvapotranspirationRate: double;
    StartingTime: double;
    EndingTime: double;
    EvapotranspirationRateAnnotation: string;

TEvtRecord stores the location, time and evapotranspiration rate for a cell.

TEvtStorage ModflowEvtUnit TEvtStorage extends TCustomBoundaryStorage by adding the locations and evapotranspiration rates of series of evapotranspiration cells.
TEvtSurfDepthCollection ModflowEvtUnit  
TEvtSurfDepthItem ModflowEvtUnit TEvtSurfDepthItem represents a MODFLOW ET layer for one time interval.
TEvtSurfDepthListLink ModflowEvtUnit  
TEvtSurfDepthRecord ModflowEvtUnit

  TEvtSurfDepthRecord = record
    Cell: TCellLocation;
    EvapotranspirationSurface: double;
    EvapotranspirationDepth: double;
    StartingTime: double;
    EndingTime: double;
    EvapotranspirationSurfaceAnnotation: string;
    EvapotranspirationDepthAnnotation: string;

TEvtSurfDepthRecord stores the location, time, evaporation surface and evaporation depth for a cell.

TEvtSurfDepthStorage ModflowEvtUnit TEvtSurfDepthStorage extends TCustomBoundaryStorage by adding the locations and evapotranspiration surfaces and depths of series of evapotranspiration cells.
TEvtSurfDepth_Cell ModflowEvtUnit  
TEvtTimeListLink ModflowEvtUnit  
TEvt_Cell ModflowEvtUnit  
TExpression RbwParser TExpression is the compiled version of an Expression generated by the TRbwParser.Compile method.
TExternalBathymetryFileWriter ModflowLAK_Writer  
TExternalFileItem ModflowUnitNumbers  
TExternalFiles ModflowUnitNumbers TExternalFiles stores instances of TExternalFileItem.
TExternalFlowFileWriter ModflowSfrWriterUnit  
TExternalFlowProperties ModflowSfrUnit  
TExternalFormat ModflowOutputControlUnit  
TExternalLakeTable ModflowLakUnit  
TFieldDefinition frmExportShapefileObjectsUnit  
TFieldNumStorage frmImportShapefileUnit Public declarations
TFileVariable ReadModflowArrayUnit  
TFishnetMeshElement FishnetMeshGenerator  
TFishnetMeshElementCollection FishnetMeshGenerator  
TFishnetMeshGenerator FishnetMeshGenerator  
TFishnetMeshNode FishnetMeshGenerator  
TFishnetMeshNodeCollection FishnetMeshGenerator  
TFittedSurfaceIntepolator InterpolationUnit  
TFlowFileCollection ModflowSfrUnit  
TFlowFileItem ModflowSfrUnit When an external flow file has its data stored in ModelMuse, TFlowFileItem represents one line of the data.
TFluidProperties PhastModelUnit TFluidProperties is used to store fluid properties in PHAST.
TFluxBoundary ScreenObjectUnit TFluxBoundary represents a flux boundary in PHAST for one TScreenObject.
TFluxObservation FluxObservationUnit TFluxObservation represents a single flux observation
TFluxObservationGroup FluxObservationUnit TFluxObservationGroup defines one group of flux observation.
TFluxObservationGroups FluxObservationUnit TFluxObservationGroups is a collection of TFluxObservationGroups.
TFluxObservations FluxObservationUnit TFluxObservations is a collection of TFluxObservations.
TFluxObsWriter CustomModflowWriterUnit TFluxObsWriter is used for packages that have an associated flux observation package.
TFontChangeNotifyier PhastModelUnit  
TFormulaAssigner frmSelectResultToImportUnit  
TFormulaAssignerList frmSelectResultToImportUnit  
TFormulaManager FormulaManagerUnit TFormulaManager is used to update formulas when the names of variables used in the formulas are changed.
TFormulaObject FormulaManagerUnit  
Tframe3DView frame3DViewUnit Tframe3DView is used to encapsulate the interaction with the 3D view of the TPhastModel.
TframeArrayParameterDefinition frameArrayParameterDefinitionUnit TframeArrayParameterDefinition is used to provide a way to specify parameters where the user must specify whether or not to use Multiplier arrays and Zone arrays.
TframeBatchFileLines frameBatchFileLinesUnit  
TframeColorGrid frameColorGridUnit  
TframeConcentrationObservation frameConcentrationObservationUnit  
TframeContourData frameContourDataUnit  
TframeCrossSection frameCrossSectionUnit TframeCrossSection is a frame in which the user specifies the coordinates of a stream cross section in the SFR package.
TframeCustomCellObservation frameCustomCellObservationUnit  
TframeCustomColor frameCustomColorUnit  
TframeCustomSutraFeature frameCustomSutraFeatureUnit  
TframeDE4 frameDe4Unit TframeDE4 is a frame that is used to define the input for the DE4 package in MODFLOW.
TframeDiscretization frameDiscretizationUnit  
TframeDisplayLimit frameDisplayLimitUnit TframeDisplayLimit is used to edit TDataArray.Limits.LowerLimit or UpperLimit.
TframeEtsPackage frameEtsPackageUnit TframeEtsPackage is a frame used to define the input for the Evapotranspiration-Segments package.
TframeFlowTable frameFlowTableUnit TframeFlowTable is used for specifying a table that relates stream depth and width to stream flow in the MODFLOW SFR package.
TframeFluxObs frameFluxObsUnit  
TframeGMG frameGmgUnit TframeGMG is a frame that is used to enter data for the GMG package in MODFLOW.
TframeGrid frameGridUnit  
TframeHeadObservationResults frameHeadObservationResultsUnit  
TframeHeadObservations frameHeadObservationsUnit  
TframeHfbScreenObject frameHfbScreenObjectUnit  
TframeIface frameIfaceUnit  
TframeInitialGridPosition frameInitialGridPositionUnit TframeInitialGridPosition specifies the initial position of the grid.
TframeListParameterDefinition frameListParameterDefinitionUnit  
TframeLocationMethod frameLocationMethodUnit  
TframeModpathDisplay frameModpathDisplayUnit  
TframeModpathEndpointDisplay frameModpathEndpointDisplayUnit  
TframeModpathParticles frameModpathParticlesUnit  
TframeModpathSelection frameModpathSelectionUnit  
TframeModpathTimeSeriesDisplay frameModpathTimeSeriesDisplayUnit  
TframeMt3dBasicPkg frameMt3dBasicPkgUnit  
TframeMt3dmsAdvPkg frameMt3dmsAdvPkgUnit  
TframeMt3dmsChemReactionPkg frameMt3dmsChemReactionPkgUnit  
TframeMt3dmsDispersionPkg frameMt3dmsDispersionPkgUnit  
TframeMt3dmsFluxObs frameMt3dmsFluxObsUnit  
TframeMt3dmsGcgPackage frameMt3dmsGcgPackageUnit  
TframeMt3dmsTransObsPkg frameMt3dmsTransObsPkgUnit  
TFrameNodeLink frmModflowPackagesUnit  
TframeOutputControl frameOutputControlUnit  
TframePackage framePackageUnit  
TframePackageHob framePackageHobUnit  
TframePackageHuf framePackageHufUnit  
TframePackageLAK framePackageLAK_Unit  
TframePackageLayerChoice framePackageLayerChoiceUnit  
TframePackageLpf framePackageLpfUnit  
TframePackageMnw2 framePackageMnw2Unit  
TframePackageNwt framePackageNwtUnit  
TframePackagePcgn framePackagePcgnUnit  
TframePackageRCH framePackageRCHUnit  
TframePackageRes framePackageResUnit  
TframePackageSFR framePackageSFRUnit  
TframePackageSub framePackageSubUnit  
TframePackageSwt framePackageSwtUnit  
TframePackageTransientLayerChoice framePackageTransientLayerChoiceUnit  
TframePackageUpw framePackageUpwUnit  
TframePackageUZF framePackageUZFUnit  
TframePackageWell framePackageWellUnit  
TframePCG framePcgUnit  
TframePhastInterpolation framePhastInterpolationUnit TframePhastInterpolation is used to provide the user with a standardized method of specifying the parameters needed for PHAST-style interpolation.
TframePkgHydmod framePkgHydmodUnit  
TFramePosition frmGoPhastUnit  
TframePrintFrequency framePrintFrequencyUnit TframePrintFrequency is used to display an edit box for specifying a print-frequency along with a combobox for displaying the units of the print-frequency. Instances of TframePrintFrequency are displayed in cells of a TStringGrid in TfrmPrintFrequency.
TframeRulerOptions frameRulerOptionsUnit TframeRulerOptions is used to edit the display format of a TRbwRuler.
TframeScreenObject frameScreenObjectUnit  
TframeScreenObjectCondParam frameScreenObjectCondParamUnit  
TframeScreenObjectHydmod frameScreenObjectHydmodUnit  
TframeScreenObjectLAK frameScreenObjectLAK_Unit  
TframeScreenObjectMNW2 frameScreenObjectMNW2Unit  
TframeScreenObjectNoParam frameScreenObjectNoParamUnit TframeScreenObjectNoParam is used to define time-varying MODFLOW boundary condition data associated with TScreenObjects when parameter instances can NOT be defined.
TframeScreenObjectParam frameScreenObjectParamUnit TframeScreenObjectParam is used to define time-varying MODFLOW boundary condition data associated with TScreenObjects when parameter instances can be defined.
TframeScreenObjectSFR frameScreenObjectSFR_Unit  
TframeScreenObjectSsm frameScreenObjectSsmUnit  
TframeSfrParamInstances frameSfrParamInstancesUnit  
TframeSIP frameSipUnit  
TframeStreamLink frameStreamLinkUnit  
TframeSubBeds frameSubBedsUnit  
TframeSutraBoundary frameSutraBoundaryUnit  
TframeSutraObservations frameSutraObservationsUnit  
TframeView frameViewUnit TframeView is used to display one view of the model and to handle user-interaction with the TPhastGrid and TScreenObjects. Much of the user interaction is delegated to descendants of TCustomInteractiveTool.
TframeZoneBudget frameZoneBudgetUnit  
TfrmAbout frmAboutUnit TfrmAbout shows a USGS logo, the version of the model and acknowledgements for code by others incorporated into or used by GoPhast.
TfrmBatchFileAdditions frmBatchFileAdditionsUnit  
TfrmChemistryOptions frmChemistryOptionsUnit TfrmChemistryOptions is used to turn on or off the use of "FlowOnly" and other chemistry-related options in PHAST.
TfrmChildModels frmChildModelsUnit  
TfrmColors frmColorsUnit TfrmColors allows the user to edit the values of ColorValues and thus affect the appearance of the 3D view of the model.
TfrmColorSchemes frmColorSchemesUnit  
TfrmConvertChoice frmConvertChoiceUnit An instance of TfrmConvertChoice is displayed when the user created a formula in the Data Sets dialog box (TfrmDataSets) that gives results which are of the wrong type for that TDataArray. TfrmConvertChoice gives the user an opportunity to decide how to resolve the problem.
TfrmCustomGoPhast frmCustomGoPhastUnit TfrmCustomGoPhast is the ancestor of all TForms in GoPhast.
TfrmCustomImportSimpleFile frmCustomImportSimpleFileUnit TfrmCustomImportSimpleFile is a base class used to import DXF and Surfer grid files into ModelMuse.
TfrmCustomizeMesh frmCustomizeMeshUnit  
TfrmCustomSelectObjects frmCustomSelectObjectsUnit  
TfrmDataSets frmDataSetsUnits TfrmDataSets provides a mechanism for the user to edit the TDataArrays and their properties.
TfrmDataSetValues frmDataSetValuesUnit  
TfrmDeleteImage frmDeleteImageUnit  
TfrmDisplayData frmDisplayDataUnit  
TfrmErrorsAndWarnings frmErrorsAndWarningsUnit TfrmErrorsAndWarnings is used to display error and warning messages that are generated during export of a model.
TfrmExportCSV frmExportCSVUnit  
TfrmExportImage frmExportImageUnit  
TfrmExportModpathShapefile frmExportModpathShapefileUnit  
TfrmExportShapefile frmExportShapefileUnit  
TfrmExportShapefileObjects frmExportShapefileObjectsUnit  
TfrmFilesToArchive frmFilesToArchiveUnit  
TfrmFishnetElementProperties frmFishnetElementPropertiesUnit  
TfrmFormula frmFormulaUnit TfrmFormula provides a way for the user to edit formulas
TfrmFormulaErrors frmFormulaErrorsUnit TfrmFormulaErrors displays warning messages to the user when a formula has been found to be in error.
TfrmFreeSurface frmFreeSurfaceUnit TfrmFreeSurface is used to set options relating to the use of a free surface in PHAST.
TfrmGenerateGrid frmGenerateGridUnit TfrmGenerateGrid is used to specify the parameters for GenerateGrid which is then used to generate a grid based on TScreenObjects.
TfrmGlobalVariables frmGlobalVariablesUnit  
TfrmGoPhast frmGoPhastUnit TfrmGoPhast is the type of frmGoPhast which is the main form of GoPhast.
TfrmGoTo frmGoToUnit TfrmGoTo is used to move the viewpoint to a selected position, cell, or TScreenObject.
TfrmGridAngle frmGridAngleUnit TfrmGridAngle is used to change the GridAngle.
TfrmGridSpacing frmGridSpacingUnit TfrmGridSpacing is used to specify the positions of grid lines in TPhastGrid.
TfrmHintDelay frmHintDelayUnit TfrmHintDelay is used to set the hint delay time.
TfrmHUF_Layers frmHUF_LayersUnit  
TfrmImportAsciiRaster frmImportAsciiRasterUnit  
TfrmImportBitmap frmImportBitmapUnit TfrmImportBitmap is used to help import or edit bitmaps in GoPhast.
TfrmImportDEM frmImportDEMUnit  
TfrmImportDistributedData frmImportDistributedDataUnit TfrmImportDistributedData is used to import zone data into TMultiValueScreenObjects.
TfrmImportDXF frmImportDXFUnit TfrmImportDXF is used to import DXF files into GoPhast.
TfrmImportGriddedData frmImportGriddedDataUnit  
TfrmImportPoints frmImportPointsUnits TfrmImportPoints imports scattered point data into GoPhast.
TfrmImportShapefile frmImportShapefileUnit TfrmImportShapefile is used to import Shapefiles.
TfrmImportSurferGrdFile frmImportSurferGrdFileUnitUnit  
TfrmImportSutraModelResults frmImportSutraModelResultsUnit  
TfrmImportTprogs frmImportTprogsUnit  
TfrmJpegWarning frmJpegWarningUnit TfrmJpegWarning is used to display a warning to the user that GDI+ is not installed.
TfrmLayers frmLayersUnit  
TfrmLinkStreams frmLinkStreamsUnit  
TfrmManageFluxObservations frmManageFluxObservationsUnit  
TfrmManageHeadObservations frmManageHeadObservationsUnit  
TfrmManageParameters frmManageParametersUnit  
TfrmManageSettings frmManageSettingsUnit  
TfrmMeshGenerationControlVariables frmMeshGenerationControlVariablesUnit  
TfrmMeshInformation frmMeshInformationUnit Delphi XE2 and up
TfrmModelMateInterface frmModelMateInterfaceUnit  
TfrmModflowNameFile frmModflowNameFileUnit  
TfrmModflowOptions frmModflowOptionsUnit  
TfrmModflowOutputControl frmModflowOutputControlUnit  
TfrmModflowPackages frmModflowPackagesUnit  
TfrmModflowParameters frmModflowParametersUnit  
TfrmModflowTime frmModflowTimeUnit  
TfrmNewVersion frmNewVersionUnit  
TfrmPhastGridOptions frmPhastGridOptionsUnit TfrmPhastGridOptions is used to edit frmGoPhast.Model.GridOptions.
TfrmPhastLocation frmPhastLocationUnit  
TfrmPixelPoint frmPixelPointUnit TfrmPixelPoint is used to allow the user to specify the real world coordinates of a pixel location on a bitmap.
TfrmPointValues frmPointValuesUnit  
TfrmPrintFrequency frmPrintFrequencyUnit TfrmPrintFrequency is used to edit frmGoPhast.Model.PrintFrequency.
TfrmPrintInitial frmPrintInitialUnit TfrmPrintInitial is used to edit frmGoPhast.Model.PrintInitial.
TfrmProgramLocations frmProgramLocationsUnit  
TfrmProgressMM frmProgressUnit TfrmProgressMM is used to display a progress bar to the user with extra information displayed in memoMessages about what is happening.
TfrmRearrangeObjects frmRearrangeObjectsUnit TfrmRearrangeObjects is used to change the order of TScreenObjects. The user can also rename them in TfrmRearrangeObjects.
TfrmRenumberingMethod frmRenumberingMethodUnit  
TfrmRulerOptions frmRulerOptionsUnit TfrmRulerOptions is used to specify how the rulers on the various views of the model will be formatted.
TfrmRunModelMate frmRunModelMateUnit  
TfrmRunModflow frmRunModflowUnit  
TfrmRunModpath frmRunModpathUnit  
TfrmRunMt3dms frmRunMt3dmsUnit  
TfrmRunPhast frmRunPhastUnit  
TfrmRunZoneBudget frmRunZoneBudgetUnit  
TfrmSaveArchive frmSaveArchiveUnit  
TfrmScaleRotateMove frmScaleRotateMoveUnit  
TfrmScreenObjectProperties frmScreenObjectPropertiesUnit TfrmScreenObjectProperties is used to edit one or more TScreenObjects.
TfrmSearch frmSearchUnit TfrmSearch is used to search for TScreenObjects based on what the TScreenObjects do.
TfrmSelectColRowLayer frmSelectColRowLayerUnit TfrmSelectColRowLayer is used to set frmGoPhast.Grid.SelectedColumn, frmGoPhast.Grid.SelectedRow, and frmGoPhast.Grid.SelectedLayer.
TfrmSelectedObjects frmSelectedObjectsUnit TfrmSelectedObjects is used to display the selected TScreenObjects.
TfrmSelectImage frmSelectImageUnit TfrmSelectImage is used to select among multiple imported bitmaps when the user want to edit a bitmap and has imported more than one bitmap.
TfrmSelectObjects frmSelectObjectsUnit TfrmSelectObjects is used to select TScreenObjects by selecting them by name.
TfrmSelectObjectsForEditing frmSelectObjectsForEditingUnit  
TfrmSelectResultToImport frmSelectResultToImportUnit  
TfrmSetSpacing frmSetSpacingUnit TfrmSetSpacing is used to change the size of the columns, rows, and/or layers of the TPhastGrid.
TfrmShowHideBitmaps frmShowHideBitmapsUnit TfrmShowHideBitmaps is used to show or hide imported bitmaps stored in TCompressedBitmapItems.
TfrmShowHideObjects frmShowHideObjectsUnit TfrmShowHideObjects is used to show or hide TScreenObjects either individually or based on the data sets or boundary conditions they affect.
TfrmSmoothGrid frmSmoothGridUnit TfrmSmoothGrid is used to perform "grid-smoothing".
TfrmSolutionMethod frmSolutionMethodUnit TfrmSolutionMethod is used to edit frmGoPhast.Model.SolutionOptions.
TfrmSpecifyContours frmSpecifyContoursUnit  
TfrmStartUp frmStartUpUnit TfrmStartUp is used to specify the grid for a new model or open an existing model.
TfrmSteadyFlow frmSteadyFlowUnit TfrmSteadyFlow is used to edit frmGoPhast.Model.SteadyFlowOptions.
TfrmSubdivide frmSubdivideUnit TfrmSubdivide is used in conjunction with TSubdivideGridTool to subdivide elements in TPhastGrid into multiple columns, rows, and layers.
TfrmSutraAngle frmSutraAngleUnit  
TfrmSutraLayers frmSutraLayersUnit  
TfrmSutraOptions frmSutraOptionsUnit  
TfrmSutraOutputControl frmSutraOutputControlUnit  
TfrmSutraProgramLocations frmSutraProgramLocationsUnit  
TfrmSutraTimeAdjustChoice frmSutraTimeAdjustChoiceUnit  
TfrmSutraTimes frmSutraTimesUnit  
TfrmTimeControl frmTimeControlUnit TfrmTimeControl is used to edit frmGoPhast.Model.Times.
TfrmTimeStepLengthCalculator frmTimeStepLengthCalculatorUnit  
TfrmTree frmTreeUnit  
TfrmUnits frmUnitsUnit TfrmUnits is used to edit frmGoPhast.Model.Title and frmGoPhast.Model.Units.
TfrmUpdateDataSets frmUpdateDataSetsUnit  
TfrmVerticalExaggeration frmVerticalExaggerationUnit TfrmVerticalExaggeration is used to edit the vertical exaggeration
TfrmWorldFileType frmWorldFileTypeUnit  
TFrontLeakyDataSets FrontLeakyZone TFrontLeakyDataSets stores and initializes the TDataArrays used to create zones for front leaky boundary conditions.
TFrontLeakyZoneGroup FrontLeakyZone TFrontLeakyZoneGroup is used to determine a set of zones for front leaky boundary conditions.
TFrontPolygon SutraMeshUnit  
TFrontPolygonList SutraMeshUnit  
TFunctionClass RbwParser TFunctionClass defines a function that can be called by TRbwParser.
TFunctionRecord RbwParser A TFunctionRecord is used to define a function that can be used in a TRbwParser. To use the function, you must first assign the fields of the TFunctionRecord and then call TRbwParser.Functions.Add.
TFunctionStringList RbwParser TFunctionStringList maintains a sorted list of TFunctionClasses.
TGhbBoundary ModflowGhbUnit TGhbBoundary represents the MODFLOW General-Head boundaries associated with a single TScreenObject.
TGhbCollection ModflowGhbUnit TGhbCollection represents MODFLOW General Head boundaries for a series of time intervals.
TGhbItem ModflowGhbUnit TGhbItem represents a MODFLOW General Head boundary for one time interval.
TGhbPackage ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TGhbParamItem ModflowGhbUnit Each TGhbParamItem stores a TGhbCollection.
TGhbRecord ModflowGhbUnit  
TGhbStorage ModflowGhbUnit  
TGhbTimeListLink ModflowGhbUnit  
TGhb_Cell ModflowGhbUnit  
TGLCoord IsosurfaceUnit  
TGlobalItem ReadGlobalsUnit  
TGlobalVariable GlobalVariablesUnit  
TGlobalVariableItem GlobalVariablesUnit  
TGlobalVariables GlobalVariablesUnit  
TGmgPackageSelection ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TGmgWriter ModflowGMG_WriterUnit  
TGoPhastPersistent GoPhastTypes  
TGpcPolygonClass GPC_Classes  
TGpcTristripClass GPC_Classes  
Tgpc_polygon gpc  
Tgpc_tristrip gpc Tristrip set structure
Tgpc_vertex gpc Union
Tgpc_vertex_list gpc Vertex list structure
TGrid7Header SurferGridFileReaderUnit  
TGridCube IsosurfaceUnit  
TGridData6Header SurferGridFileReaderUnit  
TGridDistribution ModpathParticleUnit  
TGridLimit AbstractGridUnit  
TGridOptions PhastModelUnit TGridOptions is used to store options related to the grid in PHAST.
TGridPoint IsosurfaceUnit  
TGridRange PhastModelUnit  
TGridSquare ContourUnit  
TGrowItem LayerStructureUnit  
TGrowthControls LayerStructureUnit  
TGuiSettings GuiSettingsUnit  
THashTableFacade HashTableFacadeUnit  
THeadDrawdownOutputControl ModflowOutputControlUnit  
THeadObsCollection ModflowHeadObsResults  
THeadObsItem ModflowHeadObsResults  
THeadObsResults ModflowHobUnit  
THfbBoundary ModflowHfbUnit  
THfbDisplayer ModflowHfbDisplayUnit  
THobBoundary ModflowHobUnit THobBoundary represents the MODFLOW Head observations associated with a single TScreenObject.
THobCollection ModflowHobUnit THobCollection represents MODFLOW Head observations for a series of times.
THobDisplayTimeList ModflowBoundaryDisplayUnit  
THobItem ModflowHobUnit THobItem represents a MODFLOW head observation for one time.
THobPackageSelection ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
THobRecord ModflowHobUnit  
THob_Cell ModflowHobUnit  
THufKx GIS_Functions  
THufKy GIS_Functions  
THufKz GIS_Functions  
THufModflowParameters HufDefinition  
THufPackageSelection ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
THufParameter HufDefinition  
THufSS GIS_Functions  
THufSY GIS_Functions  
THufSYTP GIS_Functions  
THufUsedParameter HufDefinition  
THufUsedParameters HufDefinition  
THydmodData ModflowHydmodUnit  
THydModData ReadModflowArrayUnit  
THydModLocation ModflowHydmodWriterUnit  
THydPackageSelection ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
THydrogeologicUnit HufDefinition  
THydrogeologicUnits HufDefinition  
THydSfrModCell ModflowHydmodWriterUnit  
TInitialChemistryDataSets InitialChemistryZone TInitialChemistryDataSets stores and initializes the TDataArrays used to create zones for the initial chemistry.
TInitialChemistryZone InitialChemistryZone TInitialChemistryZone represents an individual initial chemistry zone.
TInitialChemistryZoneGroup InitialChemistryZone TInitialChemistryZoneGroup is used to determine a set of zones for the initial chemistry.
TInitialHeadDataSets InitialHeadZone TInitialHeadDataSets stores and initializes the TDataArrays used to create zones for the initial head.
TInitialHeadZone InitialHeadZone TInitialHeadZone represents an individual initial head zone.
TInitialHeadZoneGroup InitialHeadZone TInitialHeadZoneGroup is used to determine a set of zones for the initial head.
TInsertPointTool InteractiveTools TInsertPointTool is used to insert a vertex into a TScreenObject.
TInt64List IntListUnit TIntegerList acts much like TList except that it stores integers rather than pointers.
TIntegerCollection GoPhastTypes  
TIntegerDataListCollection ScreenObjectUnit TIntegerDataListCollection is a descendant of TDataListCollection specialized for storing integers.
TIntegerDataListItem ScreenObjectUnit TIntegerDataListItem is a TCustomDataListItem specialized for specialized for holding integers.
TIntegerItem GoPhastTypes  
TIntegerList IntListUnit TIntegerList acts much like TList except that it stores integers rather than pointers.
TIntegerPhastBoundaries ScreenObjectUnit TIntegerPhastBoundaries stores a collection of // TIntegerPhastBoundaryConditions.
TIntegerPhastBoundaryCondition ScreenObjectUnit TIntegerPhastBoundaryCondition is used to define the value of one aspect of a boundary condition for one time period. The aspect of the boundary condition must be an integer. An example is the associated solution in a specified head boundary.
TIntegerPhastDataSet PhastDataSets TIntegerPhastDataSet is a TArrayPhastDataSet that stores integers.
TIntegerSparseDataSet DataSetUnit TIntegerSparseDataSet is used to store integers in a sparse array.
TIntegerVariable RbwParser TIntegerVariable stores a integer that may change from one execution of a TExpression to the next.
TInternalRangeTree IntervalTree  
TInterpValuesCollection PhastDataSets TInterpValuesCollection is used to store a collection of TPhastInterpolationValues.
TInterpValuesItem PhastDataSets TInterpValuesItem is used to read and store TPhastInterpolationValues.
TIntersectEdge ScreenObjectUnit  
TIntersection ScreenObjectUnit  
TIntersectionLocation ScreenObjectUnit  
TIntervalDefinition IntervalTree TIntervalDefinition defines the range of values that will contain all the objects to be added to a TRbwIntervalTree.
TIntListList IntListUnit TIntListList is a list of TIntegerLists.
TInvDistSq2DInterpolator InterpolationUnit TInvDistSq2DInterpolator uses inverse distance squared interpolation to return a real-number result.
TInvDistSqPoint2DInterpolator InterpolationUnit  
TIProperty ZoneUnit TIProperty represents an integer value.
TIPropertyList ZoneUnit  
TLabel ContourUnit  
TLakBoundary ModflowLakUnit  
TLakCollection ModflowLakUnit TLakCollection represents MODFLOW lake boundaries for a series of time intervals.
TLakePackageSelection ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TLakePlot DisplaySettingsUnit  
TLakePlotList DisplaySettingsUnit  
TLakeTable ModflowLakUnit  
TLakeTableItem ModflowLakUnit  
TLakItem ModflowLakUnit TLakItem represents a MODFLOW Drain boundary for one time interval.
TLakRecord ModflowLakUnit  
TLakStorage ModflowLakUnit  
TLakTimeListLink ModflowLakUnit  
TLak_Cell ModflowLakUnit  
TLassoTool InteractiveTools TLassoTool is used to select TScreenObjects by enclosing them with a polygon.
TLayerCollection LayerStructureUnit  
TLayerFraction LayerStructureUnit  
TLayerGroup LayerStructureUnit  
TLayerOwnerCollection OrderedCollectionUnit TLayerOwnerCollection is a TEnhancedOrderedCollection that stores of list of TDataArrays that it can delete.
TLayerSelector ColRowLayerChangeUnit TLayerSelector handles changes in the selected layer.
TLayerSort GoPhastTypes  
TLayerStructure LayerStructureUnit  
TLeakyBoundary ScreenObjectUnit TLeakyBoundary represents a leaky boundary in PHAST for one TScreenObject.
TLegend LegendUnit  
TLgrBatchFileAdditionsUndo frmBatchFileAdditionsUnit  
TLgrWriter ModflowLgr_WriterUnit  
TLiftCollection ModflowMnw2Unit  
TLiftItem ModflowMnw2Unit  
TLimits SutraMeshUnit  
TLine LineStorage TLine represents one contour line.
TLine SelectUnit TLine is used to select objects on the screen by drawing a "lasso" around them. See TLassoTool.
TLinearSfrpackInterpolator InterpolationUnit  
TLineList LineStorage TLineList stores a series of TLines for a set of points.
TLines SelectUnit  
TLineSegment ScreenObjectUnit  
TLocation LineStorage TLocation represents one location on a TLine.
TLongintEndianCnvRec ShapefileUnit TLongintEndianCnvRec is used in ConvertInteger to convert a longint to or from the BigEndian format.
TLongIntList Delaunay  
TLookUpList PhastModelUnit  
TLpfSelection ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TMapping PhastModelUnit  
TMassFluxObs UndoItems  
TMaterialZone ModflowSUB_Writer  
TMaterialZoneIdItem ModflowSUB_Writer  
TMaterialZoneList ModflowSUB_Writer  
TMeasurementPointCollection CompressedImageUnit TMeasurementPointCollection stores a series of TMeasurementPointItems that determine how a bitmap should be resized when it is drawn.
TMeasurementPointItem CompressedImageUnit TMeasurementPointItem is used to specify the real-world coordinates of a pixel in a bitmap.
TMediaDataSets MediaZone TMediaDataSets stores and initializes the TDataArrays used to create zones for the media properties.
TMediaZone MediaZone TMediaZone represents an individual media properties zone.
TMediaZoneGroup MediaZone TMediaZoneGroup is used to determine a set of zones for the media properties such as hydraulic conductivity.
TMenuItemHint frmGoPhastUnit Modified from
TMeshControl FishnetMeshGenerator  
TMeshGenerationControls SutraMeshUnit  
TMfWellBoundary ModflowWellUnit TMfWellBoundary represents the MODFLOW Well boundaries associated with a single TScreenObject.
TMfWelTimeListLink ModflowWellUnit  
TMinMax GoPhastTypes TMinMax records the minimum and maximum values assigned to a data set.
TMnw2Boundary ModflowMnw2Unit  
TMnw2Record ModflowMnw2Unit  
TMnw2SpatialCollection ModflowMnw2Unit TMnw2SpatialCollection = class(TCustomMF_ListBoundColl)
TMnw2SpatialItem ModflowMnw2Unit  
TMnw2Storage ModflowMnw2Unit  
TMnw2TimeCollection ModflowMnw2Unit  
TMnw2TimeItem ModflowMnw2Unit  
TMnw2TimeListLink ModflowMnw2Unit  
TMnw2_Cell ModflowMnw2Unit  
TMobileChemSpeciesCollection Mt3dmsChemSpeciesUnit  
TMobileChemSpeciesItem Mt3dmsChemSpeciesUnit  
TModelAssociations frmBatchFileAdditionsUnit  
TModelLinesAssociation frmBatchFileAdditionsUnit  
TModelMessageList frmErrorsAndWarningsUnit  
TModelMessages frmErrorsAndWarningsUnit  
TModelOptions frmModflowOptionsUnit  
TModelOptionsCollection frmModflowOptionsUnit  
TModflowBasicWriter ModflowBasicWriterUnit  
TModflowBCF_Writer ModflowBCF_WriterUnit  
TModflowBoundaries ScreenObjectUnit TModflowBoundaries is the internal representation of an object on the screen.
TModflowBoundary ModflowBoundaryUnit TModflowBoundary represents the MODFLOW boundaries associated with a single TScreenObject.
TModflowBoundaryDisplayDataArray ModflowBoundaryDisplayUnit  
TModflowBoundaryDisplayTimeList ModflowBoundaryDisplayUnit  
TModflowBoundListOfTimeLists ModflowBoundaryDisplayUnit  
TModflowCHD_Writer ModflowCHD_WriterUnit  
TModflowDataObject ScreenObjectUnit  
TModflowDelegate ScreenObjectUnit  
TModflowDiscretizationWriter ModflowDiscretizationWriterUnit  
TModflowDRN_Writer ModflowDRN_WriterUnit  
TModflowDRT_Writer ModflowDRT_WriterUnit  
TModflowETS_Writer ModflowETS_WriterUnit  
TModflowEVT_Writer ModflowEVT_WriterUnit  
TModflowGAG_Writer ModflowGAG_WriterUnit  
TModflowGHB_Writer ModflowGHB_WriterUnit  
TModflowGrid ModflowGridUnit included to allow inlining or "Point" function.
TModflowHfb_Writer ModflowHFB_WriterUnit  
TModflowHobWriter ModflowHOB_WriterUnit  
TModflowHUF_Writer ModflowHUF_WriterUnit  
TModflowHydmodWriter ModflowHydmodWriterUnit  
TModflowKDEP_Writer ModflowKDEP_WriterUnit  
TModflowLAK_Writer ModflowLAK_Writer  
TModflowLGRDelegate ScreenObjectUnit  
TModflowLPF_Writer ModflowLPF_WriterUnit  
TModflowLVDA_Writer ModflowLVDA_WriterUnit  
TModflowMNW2_Writer ModflowMNW2_WriterUnit  
TModflowMt3dmsLinkWriter ModflowMt3dmsLinkWriterUnit  
TModflowMultiplierWriter ModflowMultiplierZoneWriterUnit  
TModflowNWTDelegate ScreenObjectUnit  
TModflowOptions ModflowOptionsUnit  
TModflowOutputControl ModflowOutputControlUnit  
TModflowPackages ModflowPackagesUnit  
TModflowPackageSelection ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TModflowParamBoundary ModflowBoundaryUnit  
TModflowParameter OrderedCollectionUnit TModflowParameter represents a MODFLOW parameter
TModflowParameters ModflowBoundaryUnit TModflowParameters stores a series of MODFLOW boundaries associated with a series of MODFLOW parameters.
TModflowParamItem ModflowBoundaryUnit Each TModflowParamItem stores a TCustomMF_BoundColl.
TModflowRCH_Writer ModflowRCH_WriterUnit  
TModflowRES_Writer ModflowRES_WriterUnit  
TModflowRIV_Writer ModflowRiverWriterUnit  
TModflowScreenObjectProperty ModflowBoundaryUnit  
TModflowSFR_Writer ModflowSfrWriterUnit  
TModflowSteadyParameter ModflowParameterUnit TModflowSteadyParameter is used for parameters in MODFLOW that have multiplier and zone arrays and do not vary in time.
TModflowSteadyParameters ModflowParameterUnit TModflowSteadyParameters is a collection of TModflowSteadyParameters.
TModflowStressPeriod ModflowTimeUnit TModflowStressPeriod represents a single stress period in MODFLOW.
TModflowStressPeriods ModflowTimeUnit TModflowStressPeriods is a collection of the data defining all the stress periods in the model.
TModflowSUB_Writer ModflowSUB_Writer  
TModflowSWT_Writer MODFLOW_SwtWriterUnit  
TModflowTimeList ModflowBoundaryUnit TModflowTimeList is used to store a series of TDataArrays for boundary conditions in MODFLOW.
TModflowTransientListParameter ModflowTransientListParameterUnit  
TModflowTransientListParameters ModflowTransientListParameterUnit  
TModflowUPW_Writer ModflowUPW_WriterUnit  
TModflowUzfWriter ModflowUzfWriterUnit  
TModflowWEL_Writer ModflowWellWriterUnit  
TModflowZoneWriter ModflowMultiplierZoneWriterUnit  
TModpathBasicFileWriter ModpathMainFileWriterUnit MODPATH version 6
TModpathMainFileWriter ModpathMainFileWriterUnit MODPATH version 5
TModpathNameFileWriter ModpathNameFileWriterUnit  
TModpathResponseFileWriter ModpathResponseFileWriterUnit MODPATH version 5
TModpathSelection ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TModpathSimFileWriter ModpathResponseFileWriterUnit MODPATH version 6
TModpathStartingLocationsWriter ModpathStartingLocationsWriter MODPATH versions 5 and 6
TModpathTimeFileWriter ModpathTimeFileWriterUnit  
TModpathTimeItem ModpathParticleUnit TModpathTimeItem is used in both TParticleStorage and TModpathSelection.
TModpathTimes ModpathParticleUnit TModpathTimes is used in both TParticleStorage and TModpathSelection.
TMoveSutraNodesTool InteractiveTools  
TMovingGridBoundaryTool InteractiveTools TMovingGridBoundaryTool is used to move a column, row, or layer boundary.
TMt3dBasic ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TMt3dmsAdvection ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TMt3dmsAdvWriter Mt3dmsAdvWriterUnit  
TMt3dmsBtnWriter Mt3dmsBtnWriterUnit  
TMt3dmsChemReaction ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TMt3dmsConcBoundary Mt3dmsChemUnit TMt3dmsConcBoundary represents the MT3DMS point source associated with a single TScreenObject.
TMt3dmsConcCollection Mt3dmsChemUnit TMt3dmsConcCollection represents the concentrations of MT3DMS point sources for a series of time intervals.
TMt3dmsConcentrationRecord Mt3dmsChemUnit

  TMt3dmsConcentrationRecord = record
    Cell: TCellLocation;
    Concentration: double;
    StartingTime: double;
    EndingTime: double;
    ConcentrationAnnotation: string;

TMt3dmsConcentrationRecord stores, the location, time and concentration for an MT3DMS point source.

TMt3dmsConcItem Mt3dmsChemUnit TMt3dmsConcItem represents an MT3DMS concentration point source for one time interval.
TMt3dmsConcObsTimeList Mt3dmsTobUnit TMt3dmsConcObsTimeList is used to store a series of TDataArrays for concentration observations in MT3DMS.
TMt3dmsConcObsTimesModelLink Mt3dmsTobUnit  
TMt3dmsConcObsTimesModelLinkList Mt3dmsTobUnit  
TMt3dmsConcStorage Mt3dmsChemUnit TMt3dmsConcStorage extends TCustomBoundaryStorage by adding the locations and values of series of MT3DMS concentration point sources.
TMt3dmsConcTimeListLink Mt3dmsChemUnit  
TMt3dmsConc_Cell Mt3dmsChemUnit Each TMt3dmsConc_Cell stores a TMt3dmsConcCollection.
TMt3dmsDispersion ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TMt3dmsDspWriter Mt3dmsDspWriterUnit  
TMt3dmsFluxObservation Mt3dmsFluxObservationsUnit  
TMt3dmsFluxObservationGroup Mt3dmsFluxObservationsUnit TMt3dmsFluxObservationGroup defines one group of MT3DMS flux observation.
TMt3dmsFluxObservationGroups Mt3dmsFluxObservationsUnit TMt3dmsFluxObservationGroups is a collection of TFluxObservationGroups.
TMt3dmsFluxObservations Mt3dmsFluxObservationsUnit TMt3dmsFluxObservations is a collection of TFluxObservations.
TMt3dmsGCGSolverPackage ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TMt3dmsGcgWriter Mt3dmsGcgWriterUnit  
TMt3dmsNameWriter CustomModflowWriterUnit  
TMt3dmsOutputControl ModflowOutputControlUnit  
TMt3dmsOutputTimeCollection Mt3dmsTimesUnit  
TMt3dmsRctWriter Mt3dmsRctWriterUnit  
TMt3dmsSourceSinkMixing ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TMt3dmsSsmWriter Mt3dmsSsmWriterUnit  
TMt3dmsTimeCollection Mt3dmsTimesUnit  
TMt3dmsTimeItem Mt3dmsTimesUnit  
TMt3dmsTobCollection Mt3dmsTobUnit TMt3dmsTobCollection represents MODFLOW Head observations for a series of times.
TMt3dmsTobItem Mt3dmsTobUnit  
TMt3dmsTobRecord Mt3dmsTobUnit  
TMt3dmsTobsCellList Mt3dmsTobUnit  
TMt3dmsTobWriter Mt3dmsTobWriterUnit  
TMt3dmsTob_Cell Mt3dmsTobUnit  
TMt3dmsTransObservations Mt3dmsTobUnit TMt3dmsTransObservations represents the MODFLOW Head observations associated with a single TScreenObject.
TMt3dmsTransportObservations ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TMultiHeadCollection ModflowHobUnit  
TMultiHeadItem ModflowHobUnit  
TMultinodeWell ModflowMNW2_WriterUnit  
TMultinodeWellSelection ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TMultiPatchShapeRecord ShapefileUnit TMultiPatchShapeRecord defines a MultiPatch shape in a Shapefile.
TMultipleContourCreator ContourUnit TMultipleContourCreator is used to create contours for drawing.
TMultiPointMShapeRecord ShapefileUnit TMultiPointMShapeRecord is the constant-length part of a MultiPointPointM shape.
TMultiPointShapeRecord ShapefileUnit TMultiPointShapeRecord is the constant-length part of a multi-point shape.
TMultiPointZShapeRecord ShapefileUnit TMultiPointZShapeRecord is the constant-length part of a MultiPointZ shape.
TMultiValueScreenObject ScreenObjectUnit TMultiValueScreenObject is a TScreenObject that can store a series of integer or real number values associated with a data set. TMultiValueScreenObject is used when importing a zone from an existing PHAST model.
TMyRec frmCustomSelectObjectsUnit  
TNameFileSettings frmModflowNameFileUnit  
TNameFileSettingsCollection frmModflowNameFileUnit  
TNameFileWriter CustomModflowWriterUnit  
TNaturalNeighborInterp InterpolationUnit  
TNaturalNeighborInterpolator NatNeigh TNaturalNeighborInterpolator performs Natural Neighbor interpolation on a set of points.
TNaturalNeighborInterpolatorTripack NatNeigh TNaturalNeighborInterpolatorTripack is used exactly like TNaturalNeighborInterpolator.
TNearest2DInterpolator InterpolationUnit TNearest2DInterpolator implements an interpolator that returns the value of the TScreenObject nearest to the point of interest.
TNearestPoint2DInterpolator InterpolationUnit  
TNode QuadMeshGenerator  
TNodeAngleComparer QuadMeshGenerator  
TNodeData SutraInputWriterUnit  
TNodeInBoundary QuadMeshGenerator  
TNodeInBoundaryList QuadMeshGenerator  
TNodeList QuadMeshGenerator  
TNodeObjectList QuadMeshGenerator  
TNodeSpacingComparer QuadMeshGenerator  
TNodReader ReadSutraNodEleUnit  
TNoFormulaItem ModflowBoundaryUnit  
TNotifierComponent RbwParser  
TNullShapeRecord ShapefileUnit TNullShapeRecord is the constant-length part of a null-shape.
TNumberList LineStorage TNumberList stores a list of TNumberStorages.
TNumberStorage LineStorage TNumberStorage stores a number and the location where that number should be plotted.
TNwtPackageSelection ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TNwtWriter ModflowNWT_WriterUnit  
TObsCellList ModflowHobUnit  
TObsEdit frmManageHeadObservationsUnit  
TObservationFactor FluxObservationUnit TObservationFactor stores a TScreenObject and an asociated factor.
TObservationFactors FluxObservationUnit TObservationFactors is a collection of TObservationFactors.
TObservationTimeList ModflowHobUnit TObservationTimeList is used to store a series of TDataArrays for head observations in MODFLOW.
TObserver SubscriptionUnit TObserver is used to coordinate when TDataArrays need to be updated.
TObsGroup SutraObservationWriterUnit  
TObsHeadLink frameHeadObservationResultsUnit  
TObsHeadLinkList frameHeadObservationResultsUnit  
TObsLocation SutraObservationWriterUnit  
TObsTimesModelLink ModflowHobUnit  
TObsTimesModelLinkList ModflowHobUnit  
TOK_Variables frmDataSetsUnits TODO : Consider using a non-modal window here.
TOperator RbwParser TOperator is used to define operators that are between two arguments or are before a single argument.
TOperatorArgumentDefinition RbwParser TOperatorArgumentDefinition is used to define valid argument types for an operator.
TOperatorDefinition RbwParser TOperatorDefinition defines an operator.
TOrderedCollection OrderedCollectionUnit TOrderedCollection is a base class for collections that avoid deleting their collection items during assign whenever they can.
TOrderedItem OrderedCollectionUnit TOrderedItem is designed to allow TOrderedCollection to identify changed and new items during TOrderedCollection.Assign.
TOuptputTimeItem Mt3dmsTimesUnit  
TOutputControlWriter ModflowOC_Writer  
TPanTool InteractiveTools TPanTool is used to move the view of the model.
TParameterTime frmScreenObjectPropertiesUnit  
TParameterTimeList frmScreenObjectPropertiesUnit  
TParamItem ReadPvalUnit  
TParamList ModflowHFB_WriterUnit  
TParticleLines ModpathStartingLocationsWriter  
TParticleLocation ModpathParticleUnit  
TParticles ModpathParticleUnit  
TParticleStorage ModpathParticleUnit  
TPathLine PathlineReader  
TPathlineColorLimits PathlineReader  
TPathLineDisplayLimits PathlineReader  
TPathLinePoint PathlineReader  
TPathLinePoints PathlineReader  
TPathLinePointsV6 PathlineReader  
TPathLinePointV6 PathlineReader  
TPathLineReader PathlineReader  
TPathLines PathlineReader  
TPathLineSettings PathlineReader  
TPathLinesV6 PathlineReader  
TPathLineV6 PathlineReader  
TPcgnSelection ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TPcgnWriter ModflowPCGN_WriterUnit  
TPcgSelection ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TPcgWriter ModflowPCG_WriterUnit  
TPhastCollection GoPhastTypes TPhastCollection invalidates the model when it is changed.
TPhastCollectionItem GoPhastTypes  
TPhastDataSetStorage UndoItems TPhastDataSetStorage stores the properties of a TDataArray or TCustomPhastDataSet for use in TUndoChangeDataSets.
TPhastDelegate ScreenObjectUnit  
TPhastGrid PhastGridUnit TPhastGrid defines the grid used with PHAST.
TPhastInterpolationValues PhastDataSets TPhastInterpolationValues is used to store data related to PHAST-style interpolation and also to PHAST-style mixtures.
TPhastModel PhastModelUnit TPhastModel is used to read model configuration data to and from a stream and to store TDataArrays and TScreenObjects.
TPhastTimeList PhastDataSets TPhastTimeList is used to manage boundary condition data that varies with time.
TPlotList LineStorage TPlotList stores a series of TLineLists.
TPoint64 InteractiveTools  
TPointCollection ScreenObjectUnit TPointCollection is used to store a series of TPoint2Ds.
TPointItem ScreenObjectUnit TPointItem is used to store a TPoint2D.
TPointList ContourExport  
TPointList Delaunay  
TPointMShapeRecord ShapefileUnit TPointMShapeRecord is the constant-length part of a PointM shape.
TPointObject SolidGeom  
TPointPositionValues ScreenObjectUnit  
TPointShapeRecord ShapefileUnit TPointShapeRecord is the constant-length part of a point-shape.
TPointValue ScreenObjectUnit  
TPointValues ScreenObjectUnit  
TPointValuesItem ScreenObjectUnit  
TPointZShapeRecord ShapefileUnit TPointZShapeRecord defines a PointZ shape in a Shapefile.
TPolygonMShapeRecord ShapefileUnit TPolygonMShapeRecord is the constant-length part of a PolygonM shape.
TPolygonShapeRecord ShapefileUnit TPolygonShapeRecord is the constant-length part of a polygon shape.
TPolygonZShapeRecord ShapefileUnit TPolygonZShapeRecord is the constant-length part of a PolygonZ shape.
TPolyhedron doublePolyhedronUnit  
TPolyLineMShapeRecord ShapefileUnit TPolyLineMShapeRecord is the constant-length part of a PolyLineM shape.
TPolyLineShapeRecord ShapefileUnit TPolyLineShapeRecord is the constant-length part of a polyline shape.
TPolyLineZShapeRecord ShapefileUnit TPolyLineZShapeRecord is the constant-length part of a PolyLineZ shape.
TPositionList frmGoPhastUnit  
TPositionStorage frmGoPhastUnit  
TPrintChemistryDataSets PrintChemistryZone TPrintChemistryDataSets stores and initializes the TDataArrays used to create zones for "Print Chemistry".
TPrintChemistryXYZ_DataSets PrintChemistryXYZ_Zone TPrintChemistryXYZ_DataSets stores and initializes the TDataArrays used to create zones for "Print Chemistry XYZ".
TPrintChemistryXYZ_Zone PrintChemistryXYZ_Zone TPrintChemistryXYZ_Zone represents an individual "Print Chemistry XYZ" zone.
TPrintChemistryXYZ_ZoneGroup PrintChemistryXYZ_Zone TPrintChemistryXYZ_ZoneGroup is used to determine a set of zones for "Print Chemistry XYZ".
TPrintChemistryZone PrintChemistryZone TPrintChemistryZone represents an individual "Print Chemistry" zone.
TPrintChemistryZoneGroup PrintChemistryZone TPrintChemistryZoneGroup is used to determine a set of zones for "Print Chemistry".
TPrintCollection HufDefinition  
TPrintFrequencyCollection PrintFrequency TPrintFrequencyCollection represents a group of TPrintFrequencyItems.
TPrintFrequencyItem PrintFrequency TPrintFrequencyItem defines a single PRINT_FREQUENCY data block.
TPrintInitial PhastModelUnit TPrintInitial stores options related to the PRINT_INITIAL data block in PHAST.
TPrintItem HufDefinition  
TProgramLocations PhastModelUnit  
TQPoint QuadTreeClass TQPoint is used to store data at a particular location. See TQtreeNode.FPts.
TQRbwZoomBox2 ZoomBox2 TQRbwZoomBox2 is used as an interface for handling drawing with real number coordinates.
TQtreeNode QuadTreeClass TQtreeNode does the most of the real work of a TRbwQuadTree.
TQuadMeshCreator QuadMeshGenerator  
TQuadPoint QuadTreeClass TQuadPoint records contain the X and Y coordinates of a location in a TRbwQuadTree, the distance from that point to a location for which a search was performed, and an array of pointers to the data associated with the location.
TQuadPointInRegion QuadTreeClass TQuadPointInRegion records contain the X and Y coordinates of a location in a TRbwQuadTree, and an array of pointers to the data associated with the location. These points are all located inside the extent of a T2DBlock that was used in a search.
TRangeSelections RbwDataGrid4 TRangeSelections has a series of TGridRect's that indicate which cells are selected.
TRangeTreeLeaf IntervalTree See TCellElementLeaf
TRangeTreeLeafList IntervalTree See TCellElementLeafList
TRangeTreeLeafLists IntervalTree  
TRasterHeader AsciiRasterReaderUnit  
TRbwColumn4 RbwDataGrid4  
TRbwController RbwController TRbwController has a collection of TControlItems.
TRbwDataEntry ArgusDataEntry EnabledColor is the color that the control will be changed to if ChangeDisabledColor is true and the control becomes enabled.
TRbwDataGrid4 RbwDataGrid4  
TRbwDataGridColumns4 RbwDataGrid4  
TRbwDataGridRows RbwDataGrid4 TRbwDataGridRows is a collection of all the rows in a TRbwRowDataGrid.
TRbwDynamicCursor RbwDynamicCursor ECustomCursorError is raised if you attempt to assign the TRbwDynamicCursor.Cursor property to one of the predefined cursor constants.
TRbwInplaceEdit InPlaceEditUnit  
TRbwInplaceEdit4 RbwDataGrid4 TRbwInplaceEdit4 is used to gain access to the protected UpdateContents procedure.
TRbwIntervalTree IntervalTree TRbwIntervalTree is used to find objects that enclose a particular location.
TRbwModelCube RbwModelCube TRbwModelCube
TRbwParser RbwParser TRbwParser compiles expression in strings via the Compile method into TExpression objects that it owns.
TRbwQuadTree QuadTreeClass TRbwQuadTree is used to quickly retrieve data by their X and Y coordinates.
TRbwRangeTree IntervalTree TRbwRangeTree is used to find TRangeTreeLeafs that
TRbwRow RbwDataGrid4 TRbwRow defines how the behavior of a column in a TRbwRowDataGrid.
TRbwRowDataGrid RbwDataGrid4 TRbwRowDataGrid is a TStringGrid that restricts the data displayed in a cell based on the Format of the TRbwRow associated with the cell. Cells can also display a combobox or button in a cell
TRbwRuler RbwRuler TRbwRuler draws a ruler.
TRbwStringTreeCombo RbwStringTreeCombo  
TRchBoundary ModflowRchUnit TRchBoundary represents the MODFLOW Recharge boundaries associated with a single TScreenObject.
TRchCollection ModflowRchUnit TRchCollection represents MODFLOW Recharge boundaries for a series of time intervals.
TRchItem ModflowRchUnit TRchItem represents a MODFLOW recharge for one time interval.
TRchLayerCollection ModflowRchUnit  
TRchLayerItem ModflowRchUnit TRchLayerItem represents a MODFLOW recharge layer for one time interval.
TRchLayerRecord ModflowRchUnit  
TRchLayerStorage ModflowRchUnit  
TRchLayerTimeListLink ModflowRchUnit  
TRchPackageSelection ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TRchParamItem ModflowRchUnit Each TRchParamItem stores a TRchCollection.
TRchRecord ModflowRchUnit

  TRchRecord = record
    Cell: TCellLocation;
    RechargeRate: double;
    StartingTime: double;
    EndingTime: double;
    RechargeRateAnnotation: string;

TRchRecord stores the location, time and recharge rate for a cell.

TRchStorage ModflowRchUnit TRchStorage extends TCustomBoundaryStorage by adding the locations and values of series of recharge cells.
TRchTimeListLink ModflowRchUnit  
TRch_Cell ModflowRchUnit  
TRealCollection GoPhastTypes  
TRealDataListCollection ScreenObjectUnit TRealDataListCollection is a descendant of TDataListCollection specialized for storing real numbers.
TRealDataListItem ScreenObjectUnit TRealDataListItem is a TCustomDataListItem specialized for holding real numbers.
TRealItem GoPhastTypes  
TRealList RealListUnit TRealList is similar to TList except that it stores doubles instead of pointers.
TRealPhastBoundaries ScreenObjectUnit TRealPhastBoundaries stores a collection of TRealPhastBoundaryConditions.
TRealPhastBoundaryCondition ScreenObjectUnit TRealPhastBoundaryCondition is used to define the value of one aspect of a boundary condition for one time period. The aspect of the boundary condition must be a real number. An example is the head in a specified head boundary.
TRealPhastDataSet PhastDataSets TRealPhastDataSet is a TArrayPhastDataSet that stores real numbers.
TRealSparseDataSet DataSetUnit TRealSparseDataSet is used to store real numbers in a sparse array.
TRealStorage GoPhastTypes  
TRealVariable RbwParser TRealVariable stores a double that may change from one execution of a TExpression to the next.
TRecentFileMenuItem MostRecentlyUsedFiles TRecentFileMenuItem is a specialized TMenuItem that has a FileName property.
TRechargeCell ModflowRchUnit  
TRechargeLayerCell ModflowRchUnit  
TResBoundary ModflowResUnit  
TResCollection ModflowResUnit TResCollection represents MODFLOW Reservoir boundaries for a series of time intervals.
TResItem ModflowResUnit TResItem represents a MODFLOW reservoir boundary for one time interval.
TResPackageSelection ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TResRecord ModflowResUnit  
TResStorage ModflowResUnit  
TResTimeListLink ModflowResUnit  
TRes_Cell ModflowResUnit  
TReturnCell ModflowDrtUnit  
TReturnLocation ModflowDrtUnit  
TReturnObject ModflowDrtUnit  
TRivBoundary ModflowRivUnit TRivBoundary represents the MODFLOW River boundaries associated with a single TScreenObject.
TRivCollection ModflowRivUnit TRivCollection represents MODFLOW River boundaries for a series of time intervals.
TRiverBoundary ScreenObjectUnit TRiverBoundary represents a river boundary in PHAST for one TScreenObject.
TRiverWriter WriteRiverUnit TRiverWriter is used to help write data for Rivers in PHAST.
TRivItem ModflowRivUnit TRivItem represents a MODFLOW River boundary for one time interval.
TRivPackage ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TRivParamItem ModflowRivUnit Each TRivParamItem stores a TRivCollection.
TRivRecord ModflowRivUnit  
TRivStorage ModflowRivUnit  
TRivTimeListLink ModflowRivUnit  
TRiv_Cell ModflowRivUnit  
TRotateGridTool InteractiveTools TRotateGridTool is used to rotate the grid on the top view of the model.
TRowSelector ColRowLayerChangeUnit TRowSelector handles changes in the selected row.
TRProperty ZoneUnit TRProperty represents an real-number value.
TRPropertyList ZoneUnit  
TRulerPainter RbwRuler TRulerPainter is a class used to draw the ruler on a TCanvas.
TRulerPositions RbwRuler See TRbwRuler.RulerEnds.
TRulerSettings DisplaySettingsUnit  
TRulerTool InteractiveTools  
TRulerValues RbwRuler See TRbwRuler.RulerValues.
TrwXMLParser rwXMLParser  
TScreenObject ScreenObjectUnit  
TScreenObjectClipboard ScreenObjectUnit  
TScreenObjectCollection ScreenObjectUnit TScreenObjectCollection is used for reading a series of TScreenObjects from or writing them to a file or the clipboard.
TScreenObjectDataEdit frmScreenObjectPropertiesUnit TScreenObjectDataEdit is used to store edited values associated with a TDataArray in a TScreenObject while they are being edited prior to actually changing those values.
TScreenObjectEditCollection UndoItemsScreenObjects  
TScreenObjectEditItem UndoItemsScreenObjects  
TScreenObjectItem ScreenObjectUnit TScreenObjectItem is used in reading a TScreenObject from or writing it to a stream.
TScreenObjectList ScreenObjectUnit  
TScreenObjectSectionStorage InterpolationUnit  
TScreenObjectTool InteractiveTools  
TSearchInterval IntervalTree  
TSegment ModflowSfrWriterUnit  
TSegment QuadMeshGenerator TSegment is a line segment connecting two TNodes.
TSegment SegmentUnit  
TSegmentList doublePolyhedronUnit  
TSegmentList QuadMeshGenerator  
TSegmentObject doublePolyhedronUnit  
TSegmentObjectList QuadMeshGenerator  
TSegmentReach ModflowHydmodWriterUnit  
TSelectedCells ScreenObjectUnit  
TSelectedVertexCollection ScreenObjectUnit TSelectedVertexCollection is used to store or read which vertices in a TScreenObject are selected.
TSelectedVertexItem ScreenObjectUnit TSelectedVertexItem is used to store or read whether a vertex in a TScreenObject is selected or not.
TSelectExpression RbwParser TSelectExpression is used for "if" and "case" statements. It allows Evaluate to be faster and safer by only evaluating the arguments that will be used.
TSelectPointTool InteractiveTools TSelectPointTool is used to select and move one or more individual vertices in a TScreenObject.
TSelectScreenObjectTool InteractiveTools TSelectScreenObjectTool is used to select and move one or more TScreenObjects.
TSfrBoundary ModflowSfrUnit TSfrBoundary represents the MODFLOW Stream Flow Routing boundaries associated with a single TScreenObject.
TSfrCollection ModflowSfrReachUnit TSfrCollection represents MODFLOW Streamflow Routing boundaries for a series of time intervals.
TSfrEquationCollection ModflowSfrEquationUnit TSfrEquationCollection represents MODFLOW Streamflow Routing boundaries for a series of time intervals.
TSfrEquationItem ModflowSfrEquationUnit TSfrEquationItem represents a MODFLOW Streamflow Routing boundary for one time interval.
TSfrEquationRecord ModflowSfrEquationUnit  
TSfrFlowTableItemRecord ModflowSfrTable  
TSfrFlowTableRecord ModflowSfrTable  
TSfrInterpolator SfrInterpolatorUnit  
TSfrItem ModflowSfrReachUnit TSfrItem represents a MODFLOW Streamflow Routing boundary for one time interval.
TSfrLakePlotComparer DisplaySettingsUnit  
TSfrPackageSelection ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TSfrParamIcalcCollection ModflowSfrParamIcalcUnit TSfrParamIcalcCollection represents MODFLOW Streamflow Routing boundaries for a series of time intervals.
TSfrParamIcalcItem ModflowSfrParamIcalcUnit  
TSfrParamInstance ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TSfrParamInstances ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TSfrRecord ModflowSfrReachUnit  
TSfrSegmentCollection ModflowSfrSegment TSfrSegmentCollection represents MODFLOW Streamflow Routing boundaries for a series of time intervals.
TSfrSegmentFlowCollection ModflowSfrFlows TSfrSegmentFlowCollection represents MODFLOW Streamflow Routing boundaries for a series of time intervals.
TSfrSegmentFlowItem ModflowSfrFlows TSfrSegmentFlowItem represents a MODFLOW Streamflow Routing boundary for one time interval.
TSfrSegmentFlowRecord ModflowSfrFlows  
TSfrSegmentItem ModflowSfrSegment TSfrSegmentItem represents a MODFLOW Streamflow Routing boundary for one time interval.
TSfrSegmentParamItem ModflowSfrSegment  
TSfrSegmentRecord ModflowSfrSegment  
TSfrSegmentStorage ModflowSfrSegment  
TSfrSegmentTimeListLink ModflowSfrSegment  
TSfrSegment_Cell ModflowSfrSegment  
TSfrStorage ModflowSfrReachUnit  
TSfrStreamLinkPlot DisplaySettingsUnit  
TSfrStreamPlot DisplaySettingsUnit  
TSfrStreamPlotComparer DisplaySettingsUnit  
TSfrStreamPlotList DisplaySettingsUnit  
TSfrTable ModflowSfrTable  
TSfrTableCollection ModflowSfrTable TSfrTableCollection represents MODFLOW Streamflow Routing boundaries for a series of time intervals.
TSfrTablelItem ModflowSfrTable TSfrTablelItem represents a MODFLOW Streamflow Routing boundary for one time interval.
TSfrTableRowItem ModflowSfrTable  
TSfrTimeListLink ModflowSfrReachUnit  
TSfrUnsatSegmentCollection ModflowSfrUnsatSegment TSfrUnsatSegmentCollection represents MODFLOW Streamflow Routing boundaries for a series of time intervals.
TSfrUnsatSegmentItem ModflowSfrUnsatSegment TSfrUnsatSegmentItem represents a MODFLOW Streamflow Routing boundary for one time interval.
TSfrUnsatSegmentRecord ModflowSfrUnsatSegment  
TSfrUnsatSegmentStorage ModflowSfrUnsatSegment  
TSfrUnsatSegmentTimeListLink ModflowSfrUnsatSegment  
TSfrUnsatSegment_Cell ModflowSfrUnsatSegment  
TSfr_Cell ModflowSfrReachUnit  
TShapefileGeometryReader ShapefileUnit TShapefileGeometryReader provides a method of reading the geometry part of ESRI Shapefiles. Each shape in the Shapefile is stored in a TShapeObject which can be accessed through the Items property.
TShapefileGeometryWriter ShapefileUnit TShapefileGeometryWriter provides a method of writing the geometry part of ESRI Shapefiles. Each shape in the Shapefile is stored in a TShapeObject which can be added through the AddShape method.
TShapefileHeader ShapefileUnit TShapefileHeader appears at the beginning of a Shapefile
TShapeIndexRecord ShapefileUnit TShapeIndexRecord defines a Shape Index record.
TShapeObject ShapefileUnit TShapeObject represents a shape in an ESRI Shapefile. See TShapefileGeometryReader.Items.
TShapePoint ShapefileUnit TShapePoint defines a point in a Shapefile.
TShapePointM ShapefileUnit TShapePointM defines a PointM.
TShapeRecordHeader ShapefileUnit TShapeRecordHeader appears at the beginning of each Shape record.
TShowFloatLimit PathlineReader  
TShowIntegerLimit PathlineReader  
TSideLeakyDataSets SideLeakyZone TSideLeakyDataSets stores and initializes the TDataArrays used to create zones for side leaky boundary conditions.
TSideLeakyZoneGroup SideLeakyZone TSideLeakyZoneGroup is used to determine a set of zones for side leaky boundary conditions.
TSimpleLine SelectUnit  
TSIPPackageSelection ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TSipWriter ModflowSIP_WriterUnit  
TSkipInteger DataSetUnit  
TSkipIntegerCollection DataSetUnit  
TSkipReal DataSetUnit  
TSkipRealCollection DataSetUnit  
TSolid SolidUnit  
TSolutionOptions PhastModelUnit TSolutionOptions specifies options related to the solution method in PHAST.
TSpacingGridTool frmSetSpacingUnit TSpacingGridTool is used to set the size of selected columns, rows, or layers in TPhastGrid.
TSparseArrayPhastInterpolationDataSet PhastDataSets TSparseArrayPhastInterpolationDataSet is a abstract ancestor for sparse data set. It is used mainly for boundary conditions because it doesn't store data at locations where no data is needed.
TSparseIntegerPhastDataSet PhastDataSets TSparseIntegerPhastDataSet is a sparse data set that stores integers. It is used mainly for boundary conditions.
TSparsePointerArray SparseArrayUnit TSparsePointerArray acts like an array of pointers with constant time access to Items. However, it uses less memory than an array for cases where many of the pointers are nil.
TSparseRealPhastDataSet PhastDataSets TSparseRealPhastDataSet is a sparse data set that stores real numbers. It is used mainly for boundary conditions.
TSpecialFormatter RbwDataGrid4 TSpecialFormatter implements ISpecialFormatter.
TSpecialImplementor RbwParser TSpecialImplementor is used in conjunction with TRbwParser.SpecialImplementorList to create a descendant of TExpression in TExpression.New.
TSpecialImplementorList RbwParser TSpecialImplementorList is the type of TRbwParser.SpecialImplementorList. It is used together with TSpecialImplementor to create a descendant of TExpression in TExpression.New.
TSpecificModflowBoundary ModflowBoundaryUnit  
TSpecifiedFluxFrontDataSets SpecifiedFluxFrontZone TSpecifiedFluxFrontDataSets stores and initializes the TDataArrays used to create zones for front flux boundary conditions.
TSpecifiedFluxFrontGroup SpecifiedFluxFrontZone TSpecifiedFluxFrontGroup is used to determine a set of zones for front flux boundary conditions.
TSpecifiedFluxSideDataSets SpecifiedFluxSideZone TSpecifiedFluxSideDataSets stores and initializes the TDataArrays used to create zones for side flux boundary conditions.
TSpecifiedFluxSideGroup SpecifiedFluxSideZone TSpecifiedFluxSideGroup is used to determine a set of zones for side flux boundary conditions.
TSpecifiedFluxTopDataSets SpecifiedFluxTopZone TSpecifiedFluxTopDataSets stores and initializes the TDataArrays used to create zones for top flux boundary conditions.
TSpecifiedFluxTopGroup SpecifiedFluxTopZone TSpecifiedFluxTopGroup is used to determine a set of zones for top flux boundary conditions.
TSpecifiedHeadBoundary ScreenObjectUnit TSpecifiedHeadBoundary represents a specified head boundary in PHAST for one TScreenObject.
TSpecifiedHeadDataSets SpecifiedHeadZone  
TSpecifiedHeadOnLayer GIS_Functions  
TSpecifiedHeadZone SpecifiedHeadZone TSpecifiedHeadZone represents an individual specified head zone.
TSpecifiedHeadZoneGroup SpecifiedHeadZone TSpecifiedHeadZoneGroup is used to determine a set of zones for specified head boundary conditions.
TssButtonEdit SsButtonEd  
TssCustomButtonEdit SsButtonEd Delphi 2006
TSteadyFlowOptions PhastModelUnit TSteadyFlowOptions is used to store options related to the STEADY_FLOW data block in PHAST.
TStLinEst LinRegression full statistics for a linear regression
TStoredNodeOrElement SutraMeshUnit  
TStoredResults ReadSutraNodEleUnit  
TStreamGage ModflowGageUnit  
TStreamLinkageChangeCollection frmLinkStreamsUnit  
TStreamLinkageChangeItem frmLinkStreamsUnit  
TStringCollection ModflowEtsUnit  
TStringConcCollection Mt3dmsChemUnit  
TStringConcValueItem Mt3dmsChemUnit  
TStringStorage GoPhastTypes  
TStringValueItem ModflowEtsUnit  
TStringVariable RbwParser TStringVariable stores a string that may change from one execution of a TExpression to the next.
TSubDelayBedLayerItem ModflowSubsidenceDefUnit  
TSubDelayBedLayers ModflowSubsidenceDefUnit  
TSubdivideGridTool frmSubdivideUnit TSubdivideGridTool is used to subdivide elements in TPhastGrid into multiple columns, rows, and layers.
TSubNoDelayBedLayerItem ModflowSubsidenceDefUnit  
TSubNoDelayBedLayers ModflowSubsidenceDefUnit  
TSubPackageSelection ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TSubPolygon ScreenObjectUnit TSubPolygon is used to make determining whether a point is inside a TScreenObject faster and to make finding the nearest point on a line faster.
TSubPrintCollection ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TSubPrintFormats ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TSubPrintItem ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TSubSegment ModflowSfrWriterUnit TSubSegment is used for SFR segments in LGR models.
TSurfer6Grid SurferGridFileReaderUnit  
TSurfer7Grid SurferGridFileReaderUnit  
TSurfer7Header SurferGridFileReaderUnit  
TSurferPoint SurferGridFileReaderUnit  
TSutraBoundaries SutraBoundariesUnit  
TSutraBoundary SutraBoundariesUnit  
TSutraBoundaryValue SutraBoundariesUnit  
TSutraBoundaryWriter SutraBoundaryWriterUnit  
TSutraDelegate ScreenObjectUnit  
TSutraElement2D SutraMeshUnit  
TSutraElement2DComparer SutraMeshUnit  
TSutraElement2DLeaf SutraMeshUnit  
TSutraElement2DLeafList SutraMeshUnit  
TSutraElement2DNumberComparer SutraMeshUnit  
TSutraElement2D_Collection SutraMeshUnit  
TSutraElement3D SutraMeshUnit  
TSutraElement3DList SutraMeshUnit  
TSutraElement3D_Collection SutraMeshUnit  
TSutraFileObject SutraFileWriterUnit  
TSutraFileRecord SutraFileWriterUnit  
TSutraFileWriter SutraFileWriterUnit  
TSutraFluidBoundary SutraBoundariesUnit  
TSutraFluidBoundaryCollection SutraBoundariesUnit  
TSutraFluidBoundaryItem SutraBoundariesUnit  
TSutraFluxCheckList SutraBoundaryWriterUnit  
TSutraInitialConditionsWriter SutraInitialConditionsWriterUnit  
TSutraInputWriter SutraInputWriterUnit  
TSutraLayerGroup LayerStructureUnit  
TSutraLayerStructure LayerStructureUnit  
TSutraMassEnergySourceSinkBoundary SutraBoundariesUnit  
TSutraMassEnergySourceSinkCollection SutraBoundariesUnit  
TSutraMassEnergySourceSinkItem SutraBoundariesUnit  
TSutraMergedTimeList SutraBoundariesUnit Merge TSutraTimeLists as follows.
TSutraMesh2D SutraMeshUnit  
TSutraMesh3D SutraMeshUnit  
TSutraNode2D SutraMeshUnit  
TSutraNode2DComparer SutraMeshUnit  
TSutraNode2DLeaf SutraMeshUnit  
TSutraNode2DLeafList SutraMeshUnit  
TSutraNode2DNumberComparer SutraMeshUnit  
TSutraNode2D_Collection SutraMeshUnit  
TSutraNode3D SutraMeshUnit  
TSutraNode3D_Collection SutraMeshUnit  
TSutraNodeNumber2D_Collection SutraMeshUnit  
TSutraNodeNumber2D_Item SutraMeshUnit  
TSutraNodeNumber3D_Collection SutraMeshUnit  
TSutraNodeNumber3D_Item SutraMeshUnit  
TSutraObservations SutraBoundariesUnit  
TSutraObservationWriter SutraObservationWriterUnit  
TSutraOptions SutraOptionsUnit  
TSutraOutputControl SutraOutputControlUnit  
TSutraSpecifiedConcTempBoundary SutraBoundariesUnit  
TSutraSpecifiedConcTempCollection SutraBoundariesUnit  
TSutraSpecifiedConcTempItem SutraBoundariesUnit  
TSutraSpecifiedPressureBoundary SutraBoundariesUnit  
TSutraSpecifiedPressureBoundaryItem SutraBoundariesUnit  
TSutraSpecifiedPressureCollection SutraBoundariesUnit  
TSutraTimeList SutraBoundariesUnit  
TSutraTimeOptions SutraTimeScheduleUnit  
TSutraTimeSchedule SutraTimeScheduleUnit  
TSutraTimeScheduleItem SutraTimeScheduleUnit  
TSutraTimeScheduleNodeData frmSutraTimesUnit  
TSutraTimeSchedules SutraTimeScheduleUnit  
TSwtInitialPrint ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TSwtPackageSelection ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TSwtPrintCollection ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TSwtPrintFormats ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TSwtPrintItem ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TSwtWaterTableItem ModflowSubsidenceDefUnit  
TSymbolList LineStorage TSymbolList stores a list of TSymbolStorage.
TSymbolStorage LineStorage TSymbolStorage represents the location where a symbol should be plotted.
TTarget ModflowMnw2Unit  
TTargetCell ModflowMnw2Unit  
TTargetLocation ModflowMnw2Unit  
TTargetObject ModflowMnw2Unit  
TTempDataArrayStorage DataSetUnit  
TTempFileStream TempFiles Mode must be fmOpenRead, fmOpenWrite, or fmOpenReadWrite
TTempPackageCollection frmModflowPackagesUnit  
TTempPackageItem frmModflowPackagesUnit  
TTextCollection DisplaySettingsUnit  
TTextDisplay DisplaySettingsUnit  
TTextItem DisplaySettingsUnit  
TTimeCollection TimeUnit TTimeCollection represents a collection of stress periods in PHAST.
TTimeItem TimeUnit TTimeItem represents one stress period in PHAST.
TTimeListGroup PhastModelUnit TTimeListGroup is used to group together a series of related TPhastTimeLists.
TTimeListModelLinkList ModflowBoundaryUnit  
TTimeListsModelLink ModflowBoundaryUnit  
TTimeSeries PathlineReader TTimeSeries represents the position of a particle at different times.
TTimeSeriesCollection PathlineReader  
TTimeSeriesCollectionV6 PathlineReader  
TTimeSeriesColorLimits PathlineReader  
TTimeSeriesDisplayLimits PathlineReader  
TTimeSeriesPoint PathlineReader  
TTimeSeriesPoints PathlineReader  
TTimeSeriesPointsV6 PathlineReader  
TTimeSeriesPointV6 PathlineReader  
TTimeSeriesReader PathlineReader  
TTimeSeriesSettings PathlineReader  
TTimeSeriesV6 PathlineReader  
TTimeValues frmScreenObjectPropertiesUnit TTimeValues is used in storing values for MODFLOW parameters.
TTopLeakyDataSets TopLeakyZone TTopLeakyDataSets stores and initializes the TDataArrays used to create zones for top leaky boundary conditions.
TTopLeakyZoneGroup TopLeakyZone TTopLeakyZoneGroup is used to determine a set of zones for top leaky boundary conditions.
TTransientArrayWriter CustomModflowWriterUnit  
TTransientIntegerSparseDataSet DataSetUnit  
TTransientMultCollection ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TTransientMultItem ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TTransientRealSparseDataSet DataSetUnit  
TTransientZoneCollection ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TTransientZoneItem ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TTreeNode Delaunay  
TTreeNodeTextStorage frmFormulaUnit  
TTriangulationData ContourUnit  
TUndoAddColumn UndoItems TUndoAddColumn is used to add a column boundary.
TUndoAddLayer UndoItems TUndoAddLayer is used to add a layer boundary.
TUndoAddPart UndoItemsScreenObjects  
TUndoAddRow UndoItems TUndoAddRow is used to add a row boundary.
TUndoChangeDataSets UndoItems TUndoChangeDataSets is used to add, delete, and change the properties of TDataArrays.
TUndoChangeHeadObsResults frameHeadObservationResultsUnit  
TUndoChangeLgrPackageSelection frmModflowPackagesUnit TUndoChangeLgrPackageSelection is used to reversibly change which packages are selected and the properties of those packages.
TUndoChangeMesh UndoItems  
TUndoChangeMeshGenControls frmMeshGenerationControlVariablesUnit  
TUndoChangeParameters frmManageParametersUnit Public declarations
TUndoChangeProgramLocations frmProgramLocationsUnit  
TUndoChangeSelection UndoItemsScreenObjects TUndoChangeSelection is used to change or restore which TScreenObjects or vertices in an individual TScreenObject are selected.
TUndoChangeStreamLinkages frmLinkStreamsUnit  
TUndoChangeSutraOptions frmSutraOptionsUnit Public declarations
TUndoChangeSutraTimes frmSutraTimesUnit  
TUndoChemistryOptions frmChemistryOptionsUnit TUndoChemistryOptions sets or restores chemistry related options in PHAST.
TUndoChildModelChange frmChildModelsUnit Public declarations
TUndoColorSchemes frmColorSchemesUnit  
TUndoCreateGrid UndoItems TUndoCreateGrid is used to generate a new grid.
TUndoCreateScreenObject UndoItemsScreenObjects TUndoCreateScreenObject is used to undo or redo the creation of a TScreenObject.
TUndoCutScreenObjects UndoItemsScreenObjects  
TUndoDefineLayers frmLayersUnit Public declarations
TUndoDefineParameters frmModflowParametersUnit Public declarations
TUndoDefineSutraLayers frmSutraLayersUnit Public declarations
TUndoDeleteColumn UndoItems TUndoDeleteColumn is used for deleting a column boundary from the grid.
TUndoDeleteLayer UndoItems TUndoDeleteLayer is used for deleting a layer boundary from the grid.
TUndoDeleteRow UndoItems TUndoDeleteRow is used for deleting a row boundary from the grid.
TUndoDeleteScreenObjects UndoItemsScreenObjects TUndoDeleteScreenObjects is used to undo or redo the deletion of a one or more TScreenObjects.
TUndoDeleteSegment UndoItemsScreenObjects TUndoDeleteSegment is used to delete a segment of a TScreenObject.
TUndoDeleteVertices UndoItemsScreenObjects TUndoDeleteVertices is used to delete a vertex of a TScreenObject.
TUndoDrawElements UndoItems  
TUndoEditDisplaySettings UndoItems  
TUndoEditFluxObservations UndoItems  
TUndoEditGridLines UndoItems TUndoEditGridLines is used to change multiple column, row, and layer positions at one time.
TUndoExplodeScreenObject UndoItemsScreenObjects  
TUndoFilesToArchive frmFilesToArchiveUnit Public declarations
TUndoFishnetElementProperties frmFishnetElementPropertiesUnit  
TUndoForm frmUndoUnit TUndoForm is a form with a built-in TUndoStack.
TUndoFreeSurface UndoItems TUndoFreeSurface is used to set TPhastModel.FreeSurface and TPhastModel.UseWaterTable.
TUndoGeneralOptions frmModflowOptionsUnit Public declarations
TUndoGlobalVariables frmGlobalVariablesUnit Public declarations
TUndoGridOptions frmPhastGridOptionsUnit TUndoGridOptions is used to undo or redo the setting of frmGoPhast.Model.GridOptions.
TUndoHufLayers frmHUF_LayersUnit Public declarations
TUndoImportAsciiRasterFile frmImportAsciiRasterUnit TUndoImportAsciiRasterFile is the command used to import the ASCII Raster file or reverse the import.
TUndoImportChangeHeadObsResults frameHeadObservationResultsUnit  
TUndoImportDemFile frmImportDEMUnit TUndoImportDemFile is the command used to import DEM files or reverse the import.
TUndoImportDXFFile frmImportDXFUnit TUndoImportDXFFile is the command used to import DXF files or reverse the import.
TUndoImportEndpoints frameModpathEndpointDisplayUnit  
TUndoImportGrdFile frmImportSurferGrdFileUnitUnit TUndoImportGrdFile is the command used to import Surfer Grid files or reverse the import.
TUndoImportGriddedData frmImportGriddedDataUnit Public declarations
TUndoImportModelResults frmSelectResultToImportUnit  
TUndoImportPathline frameModpathDisplayUnit  
TUndoImportPoints frmImportPointsUnits TUndoImportPoints is the command used to import points or reverse the import.
TUndoImportShapefile frmImportShapefileUnit TUndoImportShapefile is used to undo or redo the import of a Shapefile
TUndoImportSutraResults frmImportSutraModelResultsUnit  
TUndoImportTimeSeries frameModpathTimeSeriesDisplayUnit  
TUndoImportTprogs frmImportTprogsUnit  
TUndoInsertPoint UndoItemsScreenObjects TUndoInsertPoint inserts a point into a TScreenObject.
TUndoItem Undo TUndoItem is an abstract interface for a command. Descendants define what the command does and how to undo and redo the command.
TUndoLgrNameFileSettings frmModflowNameFileUnit Public declarations
TUndoLockScreenObjects UndoItemsScreenObjects  
TUndoMakeSelectedVerticesNewScreenObject UndoItemsScreenObjects  
TUndoMergeObjects UndoItemsScreenObjects  
TUndoModelMateData frmModelMateInterfaceUnit Public declarations
TUndoModelSelectionChange RequiredDataSetsUndoUnit  
TUndoModflowStressPeriods frmModflowTimeUnit Public declarations
TUndoMoveColumn UndoItems TUndoMoveColumn is used for moving a column boundary.
TUndoMoveCrossSection UndoItems  
TUndoMoveDown UndoItemsScreenObjects TUndoMoveDown moves the selected TScreenObjects toward the beginning of the list of TScreenObjects by one position.
TUndoMoveLayer UndoItems TUndoMoveLayer is used for moving a layer boundary.
TUndoMoveRow UndoItems TUndoMoveRow is used for moving a row boundary.
TUndoMoveScreenObject UndoItemsScreenObjects TUndoMoveScreenObject moves one or more TScreenObjects or points within them.
TUndoMoveSutraNodes UndoItems  
TUndoMoveUp UndoItemsScreenObjects TUndoMoveUp moves the selected TScreenObjects toward the end of the list of TScreenObjects by one position.
TUndoOutputControl frmModflowOutputControlUnit Public declarations
TUndoPasteScreenObjects UndoItemsScreenObjects  
TUndoPointPositions frmPointValuesUnit Public declarations
TUndoPrintFrequency frmPrintFrequencyUnit TUndoPrintFrequency is used to undo or redo changes in frmGoPhast.Model.PrintFrequency.
TUndoPrintInitial frmPrintInitialUnit TUndoPrintInitial is used to undo or redo changes to frmGoPhast.Model.PrintInitial.
TUndoRearrangeScreenObjects UndoItemsScreenObjects TUndoRearrangeScreenObjects is used to change the order of TScreenObjects and to rename them.
TUndoRenumberMesh UndoItems  
TUndoReverseVerticies UndoItemsScreenObjects  
TUndoRotateCrossSection UndoItems  
TUndoScaleRotateMove frmScaleRotateMoveUnit Public declarations
TUndoSelectNodes UndoItems TUndoSelectNodes is used to change which TSutraNode2Ds are selected.
TUndoSetAngle UndoItems TUndoSetAngle is used to set the grid angle.
TUndoSetHeadObs frmManageHeadObservationsUnit Public declarations
TUndoSetScreenObjectProperties UndoItemsScreenObjects TUndoSetScreenObjectProperties is used to set or undo the setting of a TScreenObject.
TUndoShowHideScreenObject UndoItemsScreenObjects TUndoShowHideScreenObject is used to show or hide TScreenObjects.
TUndoSmoothGrid UndoItems TUndoSmoothGrid is used when adjusting grid lines so they meet a criterion regarding the maximum ratio of adjacent column, row, or layer widths.
TUndoSolutionOptions frmSolutionMethodUnit TUndoSolutionOptions is used to change or reverse the change to frmGoPhast.Model.SolutionOptions.
TUndoSpecifyCrossSection UndoItems  
TUndoSplitScreenObject UndoItemsScreenObjects  
TUndoStack Undo TUndoStack is used to manage the TUndoItems.
TUndoSteadyFlow frmSteadyFlowUnit TUndoSteadyFlow is used to set or undo the setting of frmGoPhast.Model.SteadyFlowOptions.
TUndoStreamLinks frameStreamLinkUnit Public declarations
TUndoSubdivide UndoItems TUndoSubdivide is used to subdivide columns, rows, or layers.
TUndoSutraOutputControl frmSutraOutputControlUnit Public declarations
TUndoTimes frmTimeControlUnit TUndoTimes is used to set or undo the setting of frmGoPhast.Model.Times.
TUndoTitleAndUnits frmUnitsUnit TUndoTitleAndUnits is used to set or undo the setting of frmGoPhast.Model.Title and frmGoPhast.Model.Units.
TUndoToBack UndoItemsScreenObjects TUndoToBack moves the selected TScreenObjects to the beginning of the list of TScreenObjects.
TUndoToFront UndoItemsScreenObjects TUndoToFront moves the selected TScreenObjects to the end of the list of TScreenObjects.
TUndoUnlockScreenObjects UndoItemsScreenObjects  
TUndoVerticalExaggeration UndoItems TUndoVerticalExaggeration is used to change the vertical exaggeration
TUnitNumberItem ModflowUnitNumbers  
TUnitNumbers ModflowUnitNumbers TUnitNumbers stores instances of TUnitNumberItem.
TUnits PhastModelUnit TUnits stores the default units in PHAST.
TUpwPackageSelection ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TUsedWithModelCollection ScreenObjectUnit  
TUsedWithModelItem ScreenObjectUnit  
TUseLayerNumberItem ModflowSubsidenceDefUnit  
TUseLayersCollection ModflowSubsidenceDefUnit  
TUserDefinedColorSchemeCollection ColorSchemes  
TUserDefinedColorSchemeItem ColorSchemes  
TUzfBoundary ModflowUzfUnit  
TUzfEvapotranspirationDemandCollection ModflowUzfUnit  
TUzfEvtTimeListLink ModflowUzfUnit  
TUzfExtinctDepthItem ModflowUzfUnit TUzfExtinctDepthItem represents a MODFLOW UZF Extinction Depth for one time interval.
TUzfExtinctDepthStorage ModflowUzfUnit TUzfExtinctDepthStorage extends TCustomBoundaryStorage by adding a TUzfExtinctDepthArray.
TUzfExtinctionDepthCell ModflowUzfUnit  
TUzfExtinctionDepthCollection ModflowUzfUnit TUzfExtinctionDepthCollection represents MODFLOW UZF extinction depth for a series of time intervals.
TUzfExtinctionDepthRecord ModflowUzfUnit

  TUzfExtinctionDepthRecord = record
    Cell: TCellLocation;
    ExtinctionDepth: double;
    StartingTime: double;
    EndingTime: double;
    ExtinctionDepthAnnotation: string;

TUzfExtinctionDepthRecord stores the location, time, and ET extinction depth for a cell.

TUzfExtinctionDepthTimeListLink ModflowUzfUnit  
TUzfInfiltrationRateCollection ModflowUzfUnit  
TUzfInfiltrationRateTimeListLink ModflowUzfUnit  
TUzfPackageSelection ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TUzfWaterContentCell ModflowUzfUnit  
TUzfWaterContentCollection ModflowUzfUnit TUzfWaterContentCollection represents MODFLOW UZF water content boundaries for a series of time intervals.
TUzfWaterContentItem ModflowUzfUnit TUzfWaterContentItem represents a MODFLOW UZF Extinction water content for one time interval.
TUzfWaterContentRecord ModflowUzfUnit

  TUzfWaterContentRecord = record
    Cell: TCellLocation;
    MinimumWaterContent: double;
    StartingTime: double;
    EndingTime: double;
    MinimumWaterContentAnnotation: string;

TUzfWaterContentRecord stores the location, time, and ET extinction water content for a cell.

TUzfWaterContentStorage ModflowUzfUnit TUzfWaterContentStorage extends TCustomBoundaryStorage by adding a TUzfWaterContentArray.
TUzfWaterContentTimeListLink ModflowUzfUnit  
TValueArrayItem ValueArrayStorageUnit  
TValueArrayStorage ValueArrayStorageUnit  
TValueCell ModflowCellUnit  
TValueCellList ModflowCellUnit  
TValueCollection ValueArrayStorageUnit  
TVariableEdit frmFormulaUnit  
TVariableRecord GlobalVariablesUnit  
TVariables RbwParser TVariables are used in the protected section of TExpression.
TVertex VertexUnit  
TVertexList Delaunay  
TVerticalScreen ModflowMnw2Unit  
TVerticalScreenCollection ModflowMnw2Unit  
TVoronoiDiagram Delaunay  
TVoronoiVertex Delaunay  
TvRbwMostRecentlyUsed MostRecentlyUsedFiles TvRbwMostRecentlyUsed manages a list of the most recently used files in an application.
TWaterTableLayers ModflowSubsidenceDefUnit  
TWellBoundary ScreenObjectUnit TWellBoundary represents a well in PHAST for one TScreenObject.
TWellCollection ModflowWellUnit TWellCollection represents MODFLOW Well boundaries for a series of time intervals.
TWellInterval ScreenObjectUnit TWellInterval an open interval in a well boundary in PHAST.
TWellIntervals ScreenObjectUnit TWellIntervals represents a series of TWellIntervals.
TWellItem ModflowWellUnit TWellItem represents a MODFLOW well for one time interval.
TWellPackage ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TWellParamItem ModflowWellUnit Each TWellParamItem stores a TWellCollection.
TWellRecord ModflowWellUnit

  TWellRecord = record
    Cell: TCellLocation;
    PumpingRate: double;
    StartingTime: double;
    EndingTime: double;
    PumpingAnnotation: string;

TWellRecord stores, the location, time and pumping rate for a well boundary.

TWellStorage ModflowWellUnit TWellStorage extends TCustomBoundaryStorage by adding the locations and values of series of wells.
TWellWriter WriteWellUnit TWellWriter is used to help write data for Wells in PHAST.
TWell_Cell ModflowWellUnit  
TWettingOptions ModflowOptionsUnit  
TXYZLocation SolidGeom  
TXYZPlane SolidGeom  
TXYZPlaneList SolidGeom  
TXYZSegment SolidGeom  
TZbImage32 ZoomBox2 TZbImage32 is the type of TQRbwZoomBox2.Image32.
TZoneBudgetResponseFileWriter ZoneBudgetWriterUnit  
TZoneBudgetSelect ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  
TZoneBudgetZoneFileWriter ZoneBudgetWriterUnit  
TZoomInTool InteractiveTools TZoomInTool is used to zoom in by a factor of 2 at the location where the user clicks the mouse.
TZoomOutTool InteractiveTools TZoomOutTool is used to zoom out by a factor of 2 at the location where the user clicks the mouse.
TZoomTool InteractiveTools TZoomTool defines the behavior when the user wants to zoom in on a particular area that has been outlined.
ZZoneItem ModflowPackageSelectionUnit  

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