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Science in Your Watershed

The "Information Discovery" pages are designed to help you find links to research, planning, management, and development activities at the watershed level.

Active Projects - Find active watershed projects in the USGS.

Databases - Listing of available databases from the USGS and other agencies associated with watersheds.

Locate Your Watershed - Use the map interface to locate your 8-digit HUC, watershed by clicking on the map. A listing of major USGS water resource links, abstracts and publications are dynamically searched from the "Additional Information for this Watershed" link below each 8-digit HUC - Cataloging Unit Boundary Map.

Links By Watershed - Pick your watershed by hydrologic unit code (HUC) value. A listing of major USGS Water Resource Links and Abstracts are dynamically generated. This application includes all 21 regional watersheds. (large file size)

Publications Warehouse - Search USGS publications for Water Resource information.

Search Online - Search for USGS Publications using the Google™ search engine.

River Network - To help people understand, protect and restore rivers and their watersheds

Summary Report findings of fifty-one Study Units sampled by the USGS National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program in 1991-2001

Universities Council on Water Resources - A listing of University databases and publications (membership is required to access the most recent information).

Additional Environmental Data Links

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Table of Contents

Agricultural Energy Pollution Prevention Wetlands Other Abbreviations Used
Biological Geologic Hydrologic Socio-economic State and Regional Hotlist Pages
Endangered Species Meteorologic Spatial International Search Tools Educational Sites

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This page is being compiled to provide an environmental source of online environmental information links. These are government and private sources of information and the links do not imply any endorsement by the Federal Government. Some of these citations have been used to help identify various environmental sources of information. If you have other sources of environmental information which you feel would enhance this page ... please send an e-mail to the Webmaster.

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Educational Sites

  • Meteorology Guides Online meteorology guides covering all things weather, including clouds and precipitation and severe storms.
  • Air Masses & Fronts Page from Geography 101 The Physical Environment.
  • Meteorology at NASA A 16-chapter guide to meteorology for both students and teachers.
  • Ozone & Meteorology National Park Service monitoring across the United States.
  • AQI Forecast A site devoted to dissemination of information about air quality and the Air Quality Index.
  • University Corporation of Atmospheric Research A site about the basics of weather and climate.
  • Weather Glossary Need to know what a weather or climate term means? Find the definition here.
  • El Nino A site about El Nino and climate prediction from the University of Washington.
  • Climate System All about atmospheric forces, balances and weather systems from a course at Columbia University.
  • Air, Climate & Weather A concise introduction with lots of links to more topics in weather, air quality, biogeochemical cycles and climate.
  • About Hurricanes In-depth resources to learn about hurricanes at Hurricane Hollow.
  • Meteorology The complete online text of Aristotle's book entitled Meteorology.
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Endangered Species

  • Endangered Species Program - page from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service contains links to listed and candidate species data and information, along with the Endangered Species Act and regulatory information.
  • Envirolink Endangered Animals - EnviroLink is a non-profit organization... a grassroots online community that unites hundreds of organizations and volunteers around the world with millions of people in more than 150 countries. EnviroLink - is dedicated to providing comprehensive, up-to-date environmental information and news.
  • NPR -National Public Radio
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Pollution Prevention

  • DENIX on the Web! Defense Environmental Network & Information Exchange, DoD site designed especially for DoD personnel, but also provides the general public with access to environmental legislative, compliance, restoration, cleanup, safety & occupational health, security, and DoD guidance information. Information on DENIX is updated daily.
  • The UCLA Library | Site Map The University of California Los Angeles has numerous online searchable databases, including archives.
  • Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) The EPA is now providing data from the Toxic Release Inventory in ARC/INFO geographic information system export file format.
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State and Regional

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Journals, Magazines, and Other Publications

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Organizations and Societies

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Schools with Meteorology Programs

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Environmental Hotlist Pages

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Tools for Searching the Internet

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Abbreviations used for government agencies

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