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Stream Restoration Links and Information:

A Model for Evaluating Stream Temperature Response to Climate Change in Wisconsin Scientific Investigations Report 2014-5186

A Study of the Effects of Implementing Agricultural Best Management Practices and In-Stream Restoration on Suspended Sediment, Stream Habitat, and Benthic Macroinvertebrates at Three Stream Sites in Surry County, North Carolina, 2004–2007—Lessons Learned

Albemarle-Pamlico Study (ALBE), National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA)

American Eels Return to Mountain Streams After Dam Removal

America's Great Outdoors: USGS Economic Analysis of Anacostia River Shows Potential Value of Restoring Urban Streams Nationwide

An Assessment of Stream Habitat and Nutrients in the Elwha River Basin : Implications for Restoration Water-Resources Investigations Report 98-422

Analysis of the Deconstruction of Dyke Marsh, George Washington Memorial Parkway, Virginia: Progression, Geologic and Manmade Causes, and Effective Restoration Scenarios USGS Open-File Report 2010-1269

Application of stream landscape theory for the restoration of Hudson Valley Watersheds

Archive of Video Streamed WRD Seminars 2003 - present

Archive of the Illinois Water Science Center Update Newsletter

Assessing Trace Element Loads and Concentrations in Idaho's Stibnite Mining District

Assessing Changes in Stream Health Following Watershed Restoration: A 30-Year Perspective, Redwood Creek Basin, Humboldt County, California

Assessing Hydrologic, Hyporheic, and Surface Water Temperature Responses to Stream Restoration

Assessing the Effects of Nutrients on Agricultural Streams: Implications for Nutrient Criteria and Stream Restoration

Assessing Trace Element Loads and Concentrations Mining in Idaho's Stibnite Mining

Aquatic Life Declines at Early Stages of Urban Development USGS Newsroom

Aquatic Organism Passage At Road-Stream Crossings—Synthesis and Guidelines for Effectiveness Monitoring Open-File Report 2012-1090

Baltimore Habitat Videos Habitat Connections. Baltimore, Maryland. Examples of stream restoration and revitalization projects.

Bankfull Discharge and Channel Characteristics of Streams in New York State

Bird Use of Restored Riparian Habitat

Browse the USGS Publications Warehouse Browse all of the USGS publications warehouse by following a link tree

Challenges of Culvert Crossings and Design in Stream Restoration Projects, County G I-94 Interchange, Wisconsin

Changing Perspectives for Monitoring Stream Restoration Sucess - Sediment

Coal-Mine-Drainage Projects in Pennsylvania

Community-level Response of Fishes and Aquatic Macroinvertebrates to Stream Restoration in a Third-order Tributary of the Potomac River, USA

Conference Proceedings Papers Published by the Toxic Substances Hydrology Program

Details for Project ID 2015CO314B, 2015 Nutrient Retention and Productivity in Rocky Mountain Streams Under Alternative Stable States

Details for Project ID 2015OK318B, 2015 Quantifying Streambank Erosion and Phosphorus Load for Watershed Assessment and Planning

Detecting the Response of Fish Assemblages to Stream Restoration Effects of Different Sampling Designs

Determination of Channel-Morphology Characteristics, Bankfull Discharge, and Various Design-Peak Discharges in Western Montana

Determination of Channel-Morphology Characteristics, Bankfull Discharge, and Various Design-Peak Discharges in Western Montana

Development of Regional Curves of Bankfull-channel Geometry and Discharge for Streams in the Non-urban, Piedmont Physiographic Province, Pennsylvania and Maryland Water-Resources Investigations Report 2003-4014

Ecohydrologic Effects of Stream Restoration. Project Type: Research

Ecosystem restoration in the Chesapeake Bay headwaters, Severn River Tributary, Anne Arundel County Maryland

Effectiveness of Streambank-Stabilization Techniques Along the Kenai River, Alaska

Effects of the Great Midwest Flood of 1993 on Wetlands Restoration, Creation, and Recovery of Wetlands Effects of the Great Midwest Flood of 1993 on Wetlands

Effects of Ground-Water Withdrawal on Kaunakakai Stream Environmental Restoration Plan, Moloka'i, Hawai'i Scientific Investigations Report 2007-5128

Effects of Land-Cover Change, Floods, and Stream Position on Geomorphic Processes - Implications for Restoration Activities

Effects of Stream Restoration and Bank Stabilization on Suspended Sediment in Tributaries to the Upper Esopus Creek

Effects of Urbanization on Stream Ecosystems (pdf)

Effects of Urbanization on Stream Ecosystems (Factsheet)

Effects of Urbanization on Stream Ecosystems Results of the USGS investigation of the Effects of Urbanization on Stream Ecosystems (Web site)

Eighth Federal Interagency Sedimentation Conference Proceedings of the Eighth Federal Interagency Sedimentation Conference, April 2–6, 2006, Reno, Nevada

Elwha-Morse Watershed - Bibliography

Elwha River - Project Summaries

Elwha River Restoration Project

Environmental Tracers of Surface-Water / Ground-Water Interactions USGS Water Resources: National Research Program (NRP)

Equations for Estimating Bankfull Channel Geometry and Discharge for Streams in Massachusetts USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2013–5155

Equations for Estimating Bankfull-Channel Geometry and Discharge for Stream in the Northeastern United States

Erosion and Sedimentation Research in the U.S. Department of Agriculture

Estimating Flow-Duration and Low-Flow Frequency Statistics for Unregulated Streams in Oregon

Evaluation of a fine sediment removal tool in spring-fed and snowmelt driven streams

Evaluating the accotink creek restoration project for improving water quality, in-stream habitat, and bank stability

Examples of stream restoration and revitalization projects in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Habitat Connections. Examples of stream restoration and revitalization projects in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Expedited Assistance-44K households identified as damaged and inaccessible-Over $130M in expedited assistance based on accurate and rapid inundation assessment PowerPoint Presentation

Final Natural Resource Restoration Plan & Environmental Assessment for Leading Creek Stream System September 2006

Final Natural Resource Restoration Plan for the Cleveland Mill Site, Grant County, New Mexico

Final Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment for the May 14,1996 Chevron Pipeline Oil Spill into Waiau Stream and Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii

Fish Movement Ecology in High Gradient Headwater Streams: Its Relevance to Fish Passage Restoration Through Stream Culvert Barriers Open-File Report 2007–1140

Flexible Channel Design for Stream Restoration and Habitat Improvement, Kelley Creek, Portland, Oregon

Flood Effects on an Alaskan Stream Restoration Project: The Value of Long-term Monitoring

Flow Characteristics and Basis for Ecological Flow Goals of New Jersey NJ192 Streamflow characteristics and the basis for ecological flow goals

Freshwater Mussel Restoration

GAGES-II: Geospatial Attributes of Gages for Evaluating Streamflow

Geomorphic Monitoring of the Kissimmee River Restoration 2006-2009

Geomorphic Responses to Stream Channel Restoration at Minebank Run, Baltimore County, Maryland, 2002–08

Geomorphology, Biology, & Stability of Catskill Mountain Streams, New York

Guidelines for Surveying Bankfull Channel Geometry and Developing Regional Hydraulic-Geometry Relations For Streams of New York State

Habitat restoration as a means of controlling non-native fish in a Mojave desert Oasis Restoration Ecology

Health of U.S. Streams Reduced by Streamflow Modifications and Contaminants

How Well Do the Rosgen Classification and Associated "Natural Channel Design" Methods Integrate and Quantify Fluvial Processes and Channel Response?

Hydrologic and Water-Quality Factors Affecting Habitat Restoration and Management of the Great Dismal Swamp

Hydrologic Connectivity to Streams Increases Nitrogen and Phosphorus Inputs and Cycling in Soils of Created and Natural Floodplain Wetlands

Hydraulic-Geometry Relations for Rivers in Coastal and Central Maine

Hydrology of the Beaver Creek Estuary at Ona Beach State Park, Oregon

Illinois Water Science Center Newsletter Archives

Image-Based Instrumentation for Monitoring Processes in Flows with Alluvial Sand

Impact of Stream-Subsurface Exchange on Fine Sediment Dynamics in Streams

Increasing Awareness for Water Quality Protection: Stream Restoration Through Temporary and Permanent Animal Access Restrictions

Invasive Species, Climate Change, --Drought Challenges for Resource Management in the Colorado River Basin

Lake Michigan Trout Restoration | Great Lakes Science Center

Lake Okeechobee Watershed Nutrient Loading

Land-Use Changes And The Physical Habitat Of Streams—A Review With Emphasis On Studies Within The U.S. Geological Survey Federal-State Cooperative Program

Leetown Science Center conducts research to provide information needed to restore, enhance, maintain, and protect fish and other important aquatic and terrestrial organisms and their supporting ecosystems.

Limitations and Implications of Stream Classification

Linking Physical Monitoring to Coho and Chinook Salmon Populations in the Redwood Creek Watershed, California

Macroinvertebrate Instream Flow Studies After 20 years: A Role in Stream Management and Restoration River Research and Applications

Mapping Alaska’s Land: Using Landsat with Field Data to create Midresolution Earth Cover Maps for Alaska

Mercury Contamination and The South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project

Metals Fate and Transport Modelling in Streams and Watersheds: State of the Science and USEPA Workshop Review Hydrological Processes

Methow and Columbia Rivers Studies, Washington—Summary of Data Collection, Comparison of Database Structure and Habitat Protocols, and Impact of Additional PIT Tag Interrogation Systems to Survival Estimates, 2008–2012

Methow River Studies, Washington—Abundance Estimates from Beaver Creek and the Chewuch River Screw Trap, Methodology Testing in the Whitefish Island Side Channel, and Survival and Detection Estimates from Hatchery Fish Releases, 2013

Monitoring Habitat Restoration Projects: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Pacific Region Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program and Coastal Program Protocol

Monitoring of Stream Restoration Habitat on the Main Stem of the Methow River, Washington, During the Pre-Treatment Phase (October 2008–May 2012) with a Progress Report for Activities from March 2011 to November 2011

Monitoring Our Rivers and Streams

Monitoring Projects - USGS Monitoring Stream Ecosystems to Understand Effects of Disturbance and Restoration

Monitoring the Effectiveness of Urban Rest Management Practices in improving Water Quality of Englesby Brook, Burlington, Vermont

Nashville Metro Water Services Tennessee Association of Utility Districts - Stream Restoration and Stormwater Treatment Approaches in an Urban Environment

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) 2016 Five Star and Urban Waters Grants

National River Restoration Science Synthesis (NRRSS)

Native Plant Revegetation Manual for Denali National Park and Preserve [pdf file 2.42 mb]

New Model Improves Predictions for How Climate Change Will Affect Fish Habitat USGS Newsroom

New Studies Initiated by the U.S. Geological Survey—Effects of Nutrient Enrichment on Stream Ecosystems

Nutrient Concentrations and Their Relations to the Biotic Integrity of Wadeable Streams in Wisconsin

Overview of Leetown Science Center Leetown Science Center

pH: Water Properties, Rrom the USGS Water-Science School

Physical, Chemical, and Biological Characteristics of the Charlotte Harbor Basin and Estuarine System in Southwestern Florida–A Summary of the 1982-89 U.S. Geological Survey Charlotte Harbor Assessment and Other Studies 1982-89

Potential for Successful Ecological Remediation, Restoration, and Monitoring

Potential Impacts of Flow Augmentation on Stream Restoration Projects

Predictive Modeling of Transient Storage and Nutrient Uptake: Implications For Stream Restoration

Predictive Modeling of Transient Storage and Nutrient Uptake: Implications for Stream Restoration

Preliminary Report on Mercury Geochemistry of Placer Gold Dredge Tailings, Sediments, Bedrock, and Waters in the Clear Creek Restoration Area, Shasta County, California

Quantifying Restoration Success and Recovery in a Metal-polluted Stream: A 17-year Assessment of Physicochemical and Biological Responses

Raging River Temperature The Issue: Large, in-channel wood that helps to create and maintain healthy aquatic habitat in rivers throughout the Pacific Northwest was removed from many rivers in the past.

Recent Hydrologic Conditions, Iao and Waihee Aquifer Areas, Maui, Hawaii

Regional Curve Development and Selection of a Reference Reach in the Non-urban, Lowland Sections of the Piedmont Physiographic Province, Pennsylvania and Maryland

Regionalization of Channel Geomorphology Characteristics for Streams of New York State, Excluding Long Island

Regionalized Equations for Bankfull Discharge and Channel Characteristics of Streams in New York State - Hydrologic Regions 1 and 2 in the Adirondack Region of Northern New York Scientific Investigations Report 2007-5189

Regionalized Equations for Bankfull-Discharge and Channel Characteristics of Streams in New York State– Hydrologic Region 3 East of the Hudson River

Regionalized Equations for Bankfull-Discharge and Channel Characteristics of Streams in New York State: Hydrologic Region 5 in Central New York Scientific Investigations Report 2004-5247

Report as of FY2007 for 2006UT72B: "Potential Impacts of Flow Augmentation on Stream Restoration Projects"

Report for 2003DE26B: Undergraduate Internship: Blue Hen Creek: An Evaluation of Stream Habitat Restoration at the UD Experimental Watershed

Research, Coordination, and Open-source Models to Improve Stream Restoration Practice

Response of a linked lake-stream system to dam removal and restoration of migratory fish

Response of Fish Populations to Natural Channel Design Restoration in Streams of the Catskill Mountains, New York

Responses of Juvenile Coho Salmon and Larval Lamprey to Instream Habitat Restoration in a Pacific Northwest Stream

Restoration, Creation, and Recovery of Wetlands Wetland Restoration and Creation

Restoration of Stream Water Degraded by Acid Mine Drainage

Restoring Our Resources Potomac River and Sugarland Run: The Colonial Pipeline Oil Spill of 1993

Restoring a Stream, Restoring a Community-urban Watershed Restoration Fosters Community Improvement

Restoring Rivers Palmer, Margaret A., and J. David Allan. "Restoring Rivers." Issues in Science and Technology 22, no. 2 (Winter 2006)

Results From a Channel Restoration Project: Hydraulic Design Considerations - Stream restoration at Denali National Park and Preserve [pdf file 331k]

River Restoration Using A Geomorphic Approach For Natural Channel Design

Salmonids, Stream Temperatures, and Solar Loading—Modeling the Shade Provided to the Klamath River by Vegetation and Geomorphology

Salt Fork Stream Restoration Investigation CEE 498 FM

Science in Your Watershed General Introduction and Hydrologic Definitions Manual of Hydrology: Part 1. General Surface-Water Techniques

Science in Your Watershed: Watershed Characterization

Science in Your Watershed - Management

Science in Your Watershed - Watershed Basics Science in Your Watershed Watersheds Table of Contents: Watershed Tools; Watershed Educational Information; Watershed Journals and Magazines

Soil disturbance as a driver of increased stream salinity in a semiarid watershed undergoing energy development

Sources, Fate, and Transport of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed: An Empirical Model

Special Stormwater Outfalls (bubblers) Used in Stream Restoration Projects to Reduce Erosive Energy, Carriage Hills Outfall, Maryland

Strategies for Managing the Effects of Urban Development on Streams

Stream and Floodplain Restoration in a Riparian Ecosystem Disturbed by Placer Mining [pdf file 623k]

Stream Ecosystem Response to Limestone Treatment in Acid Impacted Watersheds of the Allegheny Plateau

Stream Restoration at Denali National Park and Preserve

Stream Restoration-[PDF] Proceedings of the Seventh Federal Interagency Sedimentation Conference, March 25 through 29, 2001, Reno, NV Volume 1 II.

Stream Restoration Articles in Alaska

Stream Restoration at Denali National Park and Preserve [pdf file 742 k]

Stream Restoration of a Piedmont Headwater Stream in the White Clay Creek Wild and Scenic Watershed

Stream Restoration, Sediment TMDLs Issues, and Riparian Vegetation in Urban Gullies Flowing Into the Chesapeake Bay, Carriage Hills, Maryland - Multimedia Gallery

Stream Restoration Videos - Multimedia Gallery

Streambed Disturbances During and After Restoration of Glen Creek, Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska [pdf file 978k]

Streamflow - The Water Cycle

Streamflow and Stream-Macrofauna Characteristics, Central Maui, Hawaii

Streams Show Signs of Degradation at Earliest Stages of Urban Development

Succession on Regraded Placer Mine Spoil in Alaska, U.S.A., in Relation to Initial Site Characteristics [pdf file 920k]

Succession on Subalpine Placer Mine Spoil: Effects of revegetation with Alnus Viridis, Alaska

Synthesis of U.S. Geological Survey Science for the Chesapeake Bay Ecosystem and Implications for Environmental Management USGS Circular 1316

Surface-Water Contaminant Transport Research On The Transport and Fate of Contaminants in Surface Water

Summary of the Water Cycle

Technical Aspects of Wetlands Wetland Hydrology, Water Quality, and Associated Functions United States Geological Survey Water Supply Paper 2425

Tennessee American Water Resources Association 2013 Poster Presentations

The Columbia River Research Laboratory USGS Fact Sheet 2012-3022

The Natural Resource Damage Assessment Settlement Restoration Plan Waste, Inc. Landfill La Porte County, Indiana February, 2002

The Stream Function Pyramid Framework and Its Applications

Thermal Imaging Camera Use: Brook Trout Restoration Activities by the USGS Virginia Water Science Center

Unearthing Secrets of the Forest Fact Sheet 2009–3078

Urban Forested Wetland Restoration Report for 2002TX61B

Urban Stream Restoration and Combined Sewer Overflows, Kinnickinnic River, Wisconsin - Video

Urban Stream Restoration in a Freeway Interchange, County G I-94 Interchange, Wisconsin

U.S. Stream Flow Measurement and Data Dissemination Improve

USDA - NRCS Stream Restoration page

USDA - NRCS Stream Restoration Design Handbook Center

Use of Dimensionless Rations in Stream Restoraton Planning

USGS Arkansas Water Science Center

USGS Columbia Environmental Research Center The Columbia Environmental Research Center (CERC) is a U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) environmental science research facility located in Columbia, Missouri

USGS Columbia Environmental Research Center Project: River and Stream Ecosystems: Ecology and Restoration

USGS Multimedia Gallery: (Video)-Effects of Urban Development on Streams and Aquatic Life (2)

USGS Multimedia Gallery: (Video)- Role of Riverkeepers in Stream Restoration

USGS Multimedia Gallery: Videos Related to Milwaukee Watershed Action Teams Connect People with Their Urban Streams, Milwaukee, WI

USGS Multimedia Gallery: Videos Related to San

USGS NCWSC - Habitat and Stream Restoration Videos Stream restoration and revitalization projects from three areas in the US. Videos

USGS North Carolina Water Science Center Publications Water Quality

USGS Release: Thin Skin Beneath Streams Can Power Large Improvements in Water Quality

USGS Science to Support the Elwha River Restoration Project

USGS Sediment Data Portal Use the USGS sediment data portal to find and interpret USGS discrete and daily suspended-sediment as well as related data.

USGS Stream Site: 12076800 Goldsborough Creek above 7th Street at Shelton, WA

USGS Surface Water Information Selected USGS Surface-Water Publications. Recent Publications; Streamgaging; Streamflow Data and Information; Current Meters; Floods; Sediment; etc.,

USGS VA 2004 Projects: Regional Curves Project

USGS Virginia WSC: Piedmont Bankfull Regional Curves Project

USGS Water Resource Project MD169 - Impacts of Stream Restoration on Nitrogen Processing in a Coupled Stream-Aquifer System

USGS Water Resources: Cooperative Water Program Products

Vision For A Worldwide Fluvial-Sediment Information Network

Water-Related Issues in Montana Effects of Abandoned or Inactive Mine Lands on Water Resources

Water Resources Research Grant Proposal Stream Restoration Projects in Indiana and neighboring states, and (3) assemble information on stream restorations statewide, including restoration

Water Quality in the Upper Anacostia River, Maryland: Continuous and Discrete Monitoring with Simulations to Estimate Concentrations and Yields, 2003–05

Water Quality of Streams in the Catskill Mountains

Watershed Modeling for Stream Ecosystem Management Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI)

Watershed Characteristics and Pre-Restoration Surface-Water Hydrology of Minebank Run, Baltimore County, Maryland, Water Years 2002–04

Water Temperature in Rivers and Streams

Wetland Protection Legislation Wetland Management and Research Wetland Protection Legislation

Wetlands and Watershed Videos

Wetland Mapping and Inventory Wetland maps are a prerequisite for wetland inventory and for wetland development planning, management, protection, and restoration.

What we do: Salmon and Other Wildlife Studies

Wild Atlantic Salmon Found in New York’s Salmon River

Yakima River Basin Project - Bibliography

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