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Summary of selected computer programs produced by the U.S. Geological Survey for simulation of ground-water flow and quality - 1994

U.S. Geological Survey Circular 1104

by C.A. Appel and T.E. Reilly

Appendix 1. List of acronyms used to identify selected computer programs, and the report to which they refer.

Acronym Full Name Reference

AQMAN Linear and quadratic programming matrix generator using two-dimensional ground-water flow simulation for aquifer management modeling Lefkoff, L. J., and Gorelick, S. M., 1987
AQMAN3D A mathematical programming system dataset generator for aquifer management using the U.S. Geological Survey modular three-dimensional finite-difference ground-water flow model Puig, J. C., and Rolon-Collazo, L. I., in press
AQUIFEM-SALT A finite-element model for aquifers containing a seawater interface Voss, C. I., 1984b
AX An axisymmetric finite-difference flow model to simulate drawdown in and around a pumped well. Rutledge, A. T., 1991
BALANCE A computer program for calculating mass transfer for geochemical reactions in ground water Parkhurst, D. L., Plummer, L. N., and Thorstenson, D. C., 1982
HOTWTR Three-dimensional finite-difference model for ground-water flow and single phase (liquid) heat transport Reed, J.E., 1985
HST3D A computer code for simulation of heat and solute transport in three-dimensional ground-water flow systems Kipp, K. L., 1987
HYDROTHERM A three-dimensional finite-difference model for ground-water flow and multiphase heat transport in the temperature range of 0 to 1,200oC Hayba, D.O., and Ingebritsen, S.E., in press
INTERCOMP A model for calculating effects of liquid waste disposal in deep saline aquifer INTERCOMP, 1976; INTERA, 1979
MBSSAS Margules parameters and equilibrium relations in Binary Solid-Solution Aqueous-Solution systems Glynn, P. D., 1991a
MMSP A statistical processor for analyzing simulations made using the modular finite-difference ground-water flow model Scott, J. C., 1990
MODBRANCH A coupled surface-water and ground-water flow model for simulation of stream-aquifer interaction Swain, E. D., and Wexler, E. J., 1993
MOC Computer model of two-dimensional solute transport and dispersion in ground water Konikow, L. F., and Bredehoeft, J. D., 1978; Goode, D. J., and Konikow, L. F., 1989
MOCDENSE A two-constituent solute-transport model for ground water having variable density Sanford, W. E., and Konikow, L. F., 1985
MODFE A MODular Finite-Element model (MODFE) for areal and axisymmetric ground-water-flow problems Torak, L. J., 1993a, b and Cooley, R. L., 1992
MODFLOW A modular three-dimensional finite-difference ground-water flow model McDonald, M. G., and Harbaugh, A. W., 1988
MODFLOWARC Modifications of the U.S. Geological Survey Modular, finite-difference, ground-water flow model to read and write geographical information system file Orzol, L. L., and McGrath, T. S., 1992
MODFLOWP A computer program for estimating parameters of a transient, three-dimensional, ground-water flow model using nonlinear regression Hill, M. C., 1992
MODPATH Computer programs to compute and display pathlines using results from the U.S. Geological Survey modular three-dimensional finite-difference ground-water flow model Pollock, D. W., 1989, 1990
NETPATH An interactive code for modeling net geochemical reactions along a flow path Plummer, L. N., Prestemon, E. C., and Parkhurst, D. L., 1991
PHREEQE PHREEQE-A computer program for geochemical calculations Parkhurst, D. L., Thorstenson, D. C., and Plummer, L. N., 1980 (Revised edition - August 1990)
PHRQINPT An interactive computer program for constructing input data sets to the geochemical simulation program PHREEQE Fleming, G. W., and Plummer, L. N., 1983
PHRQPITZ A computer program incorporating Pitzer's equations for calculation of geochemical reactions in brines Plummer, L. N., Parkhurst, D. L., Fleming, G. W., and Dunkle, S. A., 1988
RADFLOW A Galerkin finite-element flow model to predict the transient response of a radially symmetric aquifer Reilly, T. E., 1984
RADMOD Computer program for the simulation of cylindrical flow to a well using the U.S. Geological Survey Modular Finite-Difference Ground-Water Flow Model Reilly, T. E., and Harbaugh, A. W., 1993b
SALT NORM A quantitative chemical-mineralogical characterization of natural waters Bodine, M. W., Jr., and Jones, B. F., 1986
SATRA-CHEM Numerical simulation of advective-dispersive multisolute transport with sorption, ion exchange and equilibrium chemistry Lewis, F. M., Voss, C. I., and Rubin, Jacob, 1986
SHARP A quasi-three-dimensional finite-difference simulation model for freshwater and saltwater flow in layered coastal aquifer systems Essaid, H. I., 1990
SOLINPUT A computer code to create and modify input for the geochemical program SOLMINEQ.88 DeBraal, J. D., and Kharaka, Y. K., 1989
SOLMINEQ Solution-mineral equilibrium computations Kharaka, Y. K., and Barnes, Ivan, 1973
SOLMINEQ.88 A computer program for geochemical modeling of water-rock interactions Kharaka, Y., Gunter, W. D., Aggarwal, Pradeep K., Perkins, E. H., and DeBraal, J. D., 1988
SUPERMOCK Simulation procedure for modeling transient water-table and artesian stress and response Reed, J. E., Bedinger, M. S., and Terry, J. E., 1976
SUTRA A finite-element simulation model for saturated-unsaturated, fluid-density-dependent ground-water flow with energy transport or chemically-reactive single-species solute transport Voss, C. I., 1984a
SUTRAPLOT A graphical display program for SUTRA Finite-Element Simulation Model Souza, W. R., 1987
Trescott-2D Finite-difference model for aquifer simulation in two dimensions Trescott, P. C., Pinder, G. F., and Larson, S. P., 1976
Trescott-3D Finite-difference model for simulation of three-dimensional ground-water flow Trescott, P. C., 1975; Trescott, P. C., and Larson, S. P., 1976; Torak, L. J., 1982
TRIAG A finite-element model for flow in a two-aquifer system Mallory, M. I., 1979
VS2D Computer program VS2D to solve the equations of fluid flow in variably saturated porous media Lappala, E. G., Healy, R. W., and Weeks, E. P., 1987
VS2DT Simulation of solute transport in variably saturated porous media Healy, R. W., 1990
WATCHEM Chemical properties of ground water Barnes and Clark, 1969
WATEQ A computer program for calculating chemical equilibrium of natural waters Truesdell, A. H., and Jones, B. F., 1973; Truesdell, A. H., and Jones, B. F., 1974

A FORTRAN IV version of WATEQ, A computer program for calculating chemical equilibrium of natural waters

Plummer, L. N., Jones, B. F., and Truesdell, A. H., 1976 (Revised edition January 1984)
WATEQ2 dditional and revised thermochemical data and computer code for WATEQ2--A computerized chemical model for trace and major element speciation and mineral equilibria of natural waters Ball, J. W., Nordstrom, D. K., and Jenne, E.A., 1980
WATEQ3 A geochemical model with uranium added Ball, J. W., Jenne, E. A., and Cantrell, M. W., 1981
WATEQ4F Revised thermodynamic data base and test cases for calculating speciation of major, trace, and redox elements in natural waters Ball, J. W., and Nordstrom, D. K., 1991
ZONEBUDGET A computer program for calculating subregional water budgets using results from the U.S. Geological Survey modular three-dimensional finite-difference ground-water flow model Harbaugh, A. W., 1990

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