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Online Guide to MODFLOW-2000

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Frequently Asked Questions

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A.hmtoggle_plus0        How do I install MODFLOW?

B.hmtoggle_plus0        How do I get started with MODFLOW?

C.hmtoggle_plus0        How do I use MODFLOW to open a MODFLOW model so I can edit it.

D.hmtoggle_plus0        How do I run MODFLOW on Windows

E.hmtoggle_plus0        Where can I get MODFLOW?

F.hmtoggle_plus0        Does the USGS provide support for MODFLOW?

G.hmtoggle_plus0        What do I need to do to have MODFLOW save heads or drawdowns in ASCII format?

H.hmtoggle_plus0        Can the cell-by-cell budget file be saved in ASCII format?

I.hmtoggle_plus0        How can I read data from the cell-by-cell budget file?

J.hmtoggle_plus0        I need the file mpif.h to compile MODFLOW-2000 and it isn't included in the source code.  Where can I get it?

K.hmtoggle_plus0        My model hasn't converged. What can I do?

L.hmtoggle_plus0        How can I read data from a binary file generated by MODFLOW?

M.hmtoggle_plus0        What do I need to do to have the elapsed time saved in the binary budget file?

N.hmtoggle_plus0        Are example input files for MODFLOW available?

O.hmtoggle_plus0        What is conductance?

P.hmtoggle_plus0        Why does MODFLOW stop when the output files gets too big?

Q.hmtoggle_plus0        MODFLOW stops with an error message when it tries to open a DATA(BINARY) file

R.hmtoggle_plus0        What does the "STREAM FLOW OUT" budget term represent?

S.hmtoggle_plus0        How can I make MODFLOW run faster?

T.hmtoggle_plus0        Why can't I get get MODPATH or ZONEBUDGET to run with a version of MODFLOW that I compiled myself?

U.hmtoggle_plus0        What is the best way to represent a cross section through a MODFLOW model with varying layer elevations?

V. hmtoggle_plus0        What can I do about an error message saying MODFLOW is "Out of Virtual Memory"?

W.hmtoggle_plus0        Is the edge of the grid a no-flow boundary by default?

X.hmtoggle_plus0        The simulated heads printed by the Head-Observation Package are different from the ones printed to the listing file or to a head output file. Why is there a difference?

Y.hmtoggle_plus0        In my conceptual model, I have a layer that pinches out. How can I simulate that in MODFLOW?

Z.hmtoggle_plus0        How do I simulate solute transport with MODFLOW?

AA.hmtoggle_plus0        How can I turn off a specified head boundary? Why is a specified head boundary present in a stress period even though it was only specified in a previous stress period and not the current stress period?

AB.hmtoggle_plus0        How much does MODFLOW cost?

AC.hmtoggle_plus0        What are the licensing terms for MODFLOW?

AD.hmtoggle_plus0        Does USGS offer any coursework or interactive training?

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