The Reston Groundwater Dating Laboratory

SF6 Bottles

A 1-Liter plastic safety coated, amber glass bottle with a polyseal cone lined cap is used. This is a true one liter sized bottle with a 33-430 cap finish. The cap finish provides a longer thread depth and superior sealing over the previously used 33-400 cap. Avoid using 32 ounce bottles with a 33-400 cap finish.

Bottle used for SF6 samples

33-430 poly seal cone lined cap for SF6 samples

You can order these 1-Liter bottles from Qorpak at 1-800-922-7558. Catalog number GLA-00959 is for a case of 12 bottles or catalog number GLA-00958 is for a case of 30 bottles.

Alternately, Owens Brockway has the bottles under stock number A-13419. Here is a link to a list of suppliers of Owens Brockway glassware.

The caps can be ordered from Brad-Pak Enterprises at 908-233-1234. Catalog number CPS-33E-B-PC-PS is a 33-430 size polyseal cone lined cap which fits the bottle.