Water Resources Research Act Program

WRRA 5-year Evaluation Covering Fiscal Years 2016-2020

June 7, 202

The WRRA 5-year evaluation report covering fiscal years 2016-2020 is currently in process and is due by 5:00 pm ET on August 15, 2023. Your Institute should have received an email from us with the following four files needed to complete the evaluation:

  1. Evaluation Guidelines.pdf: This file contains information and instructions for the evaluation process. Please read this first. More detailed instructions are given on the "Info" tab in the evaluation template (item 2 below).
  2. SS_5yr_FY16_20.xlsx: This is the evaluation template. When submitting the completed template, please change "SS" in the file name to your state/territory's two-letter abbreviation. Please refer to the instructions on the "Info" tab before completing the template.
  3. 5yr_reporting_template_example.xlsx: This is a copy of the evaluation template with example data.
  4. SS_5yr_cover-sheet.xlsx: This file contains a list of projects from previous reports that can be used to populate the project tab in the 5-year reporting template ("SS" will be replaced with your state/territory's two-letter abbreviation). However, it may be incomplete. Please ensure that any missing projects are added. This file also contains action items from the previous 5-yr evaluation: please see the Evaluation Guidelines.pdf file for further instructions for this content.

If you did not receive this email, please contact us as soon as possible at gs-w.wrri.web.team@usgs.gov.

If needed, you can also download a current copy of the blank evaluation template, the evaluation guidelines, and the optional supplemental project template.

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