Water Resources Research Act Program

Details for Project ID 2022_MN_Phelps

Predicting from the past - identifying characteristics of invasion-resistant and invasion-prone waterbodies to aid horizon scanning

Institute: Minnesota
USGS Grant Number:
Year Established: 2022 Start Date: 2022-12-01 End Date: 2025-11-30
Total Federal Funds: $272,927 Total Non-Federal Funds: $272,936

Principal Investigators: Nick Phelps

Abstract: Invasive species are species which move from their locations of origin into new regions, become abundant and difficult to control, and cause ecological or economic damage to our water and related infrastructure. The high cost of these impacts, particularly by aquatic invasive species in the Upper Mississippi River Basin, means that preventing invasions of new waterbodies and by new species is a high priority. Yet it is currently difficult for managers to know which waterbodies are most susceptible to which species. We will use recent datasets on the natural conditions of waterbodies, as well as relevant anthropogenic influences, to predict which waterbodies are most susceptible (or resilient) to invasions, and by which species. This will allow managers to better prioritize at-risk sites and species, while gaining management insights to develop and apply strategies that promote resilience.