Water Resources Research Act Program

Details for Project ID 2022_IL_Parkos

Habitat selection of juvenile black carp and associated predatory effects on native and non-native bivalves

Institute: Illinois
USGS Grant Number:
Year Established: 2022 Start Date: 2022-12-01 End Date: 2024-08-31
Total Federal Funds: $122,318 Total Non-Federal Funds: $122,318

Principal Investigators: Joseph J. Parkos III

Abstract: Control strategies for black carp, an invasive fish that feeds on shelled prey, are hindered by the lack of information on this species’ habitat preferences and the risks it poses for bivalves. To address these information gaps, we propose to use a captive population of juvenile black carp in an experiment that simulates the complex flow environment and substrate variety of rivers where this fish is found. Experiments will be conducted in large, indoor tanks that will each contain four types of substrate, prey distributed equally on each substrate, and either low or high inflow velocity. This research will address whether juvenile black carp prefer particular velocity and substrate features, and if habitat characteristics affect prey vulnerability to juvenile black carp. The outcomes of this research can guide monitoring efforts by focusing future surveys in habitats preferred by juvenile black carp, as well as identify habitats where bivalves would be most at risk from this invasive predator.