Water Resources Research Act Program

Details for Project ID 2015IN379B

The Impact of Cleaning Out Agricultural Sprayers and Tender Trucks on Water QualityRemoving Herbicide Residues from Tank to Tip

Institute: Indiana
Year Established: 2015 Start Date: 2015-03-01 End Date: 2016-02-29
Total Federal Funds: $8,000 Total Non-Federal Funds: $48,469

Principal Investigators: Fred Whitford

Abstract: Shaving a few minutes by taking short cuts during the cleanout process can almost guarantee more time in the long run with resolving crop injury or environmental contamination issues than what it would have been had the job been done right the first time. This publication will discuss and describe new procedures in removing unwanted residues and how to properly handle the hundreds of gallons of water used in cleaning out a sprayer.