Water Resources Research Act Program

Details for Project ID 2013CT281B

CTIWR Technology Transfer

Institute: Connecticut
Year Established: 2013 Start Date: 2013-03-01 End Date: 2014-02-28
Total Federal Funds: $2,500 Total Non-Federal Funds: $1,425

Principal Investigators: Glenn Warner, James Hurd

Abstract: The purpose of the Connecticut Institute of Water Resources technology projects supports a number of ongoing efforts, such as a seminar series, conferences and web site, as well as through special projects and publications implemented as the need arises. All of these activities are funded provided through the Institute's 104B project, "Water Resources Technology Transfer Program." The focus of the CT IWR FY2013 information transfer program will be to continue addressing the concerns expressed by members of the 5-year review panel, concentrating on new means of disseminating the results of our funded research projects to a wider audience through our web site and through a new annual newsletter. In addition we will continue to cosponsor local conferences and the departmental seminar series.