Water Resources Research Act Program

Details for Project ID 2011GU198B

Presenting 'CNMI Water Kids': Public School Outreach/Teacher Relations Program

Institute: Guam
Year Established: 2011 Start Date: 2011-03-01 End Date: 2012-02-29
Total Federal Funds: $17,887 Total Non-Federal Funds: Not available

Principal Investigators: Arretta Card

Abstract: The environmental educational materials for students age 9-12 about fresh water resource issues on Saipan, Rota and Tinian, CNMI, have been developed recently. The "CNMI Water Kids" materials emphasize the importance of fresh water as a key natural resource, explain hydrological concepts, and introduce a sense of stewardship for conserving and protecting fresh water in the CNMI. These materials include a pre-recorded presentation, teacher's lesson plans and suggested activities, a Chamorro language glossary, and a companion website. The educational materials are correlated to learning standards used by the CNMI Public School System. The materials were developed, in part, to support outreach efforts by WERI. There is a need to familiarize teachers with the materials and demonstrate the value of incorporating them into curriculum. Working directly with these educators will increase awareness of WERI as a resource for water related issues and will open opportunities for WERI to engage educators in the future. As materials are employed and as teachers become engaged in water resource issues, an evaluation is needed to assess the effectiveness of the "CNMI Water Kids" materials and to explore additional needs teachers may report such as a willingness to participate in water related courses for educators which may be developed in the future. Specifically, we intend to follow the public schools' chain of approval, schedule a presentation targeted to reaching the 6th graders at each public elementary school (9 on Saipan, 1 on Rota, 1 on Tinian) and follow the presentations with an evaluation by educators involved in teaching subjects related to water resource issues. Procedures include: • Contact and present materials to the CNMI Public School System's Chancellor's Office for approval as required and schedule presentations to all sixth grade sections to be conducted in the fall 2011 semester. • Conduct 11 team presentations of the "CNMI Water Kids" program led by Ann Card to include the educational consultant Jennifer Berry and one technical assistant. Leave participating teachers with a packet of the educational materials including the CD presentation, printed copies of the two related Lesson Plans and Activities, and WERI contact information as appropriate. • Conduct a survey of participating educators to evaluate the "CNMI Water Kids" presentation and related lesson plans. Include additional questions about needs teachers may have and specifically poll interest in participating in future teacher-training courses in water resources, a critical need which has been identified by the advisory council. The survey will be conducted online with an "on paper" option in order to facilitate participation. Contact information will be preserved in order to facilitate future communication with educators. • Analyze and report survey results. • Make any appropriate adjustments to existing "CNMI Water Kids" materials indicated by educators' assessments.