Water Resources Research Act Program

Annual Base Grants

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Under the provisions of section 104 of the Water Resources Research Act of 1984 annual base grants (104b) are awarded to the Institutes or Centers that have been established in each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam. Annual base grants are required to have a 2:1 match by the Institute for a given year.

The annual base grants help each Institute or Center to plan and conduct applied and peer reviewed research on water resource issues. Institutes also use their base grants to help train new scientists, disseminate research results to water managers and the public, and to cooperate with other colleges and universities in their respective states and with other institutes and other organizations in their regions to promote regional coordination.

How to Apply

Each Fiscal Year an announcement is issued requesting applications. All applications under this Announcement must be submitted by the Institute Directors or their designee(s) to https://www.grants.gov. Applications will be accepted only from Institutes/Centers established pursuant to the provisions of Section 104 of the Water Resources Research Act of 1984, as amended. Only faculty members or affiliates at Institutions or Centers may submit project proposals to the State Water Institutes/Centers.

View the FY 2021 announcement (pdf format).


2020AKApplication of Large Scale Particle Image Velocimetry (LSPIV) in wide riversHoracio TonioloFederal: $23,428
Non-Federal: $46,856
2020AKConstructing a strontium isotope map (isoscape) for watersheds in interior Alaska with broad applications for hydrologic and wildife researchMatthew WoollerFederal: $10,300
Non-Federal: $20,600
2020AKHow far can you go? Tracking deposition of microplastics in AlaskaDr. Nicole MisartiFederal: $36,509
Non-Federal: $73,018
Non-Federal: $50,000
2020ALDevelopment of a Practical, Efficient, and Inexpensive On-Site Sensor for Real-Time Effective Determination of Trihalomethanes in Treated Drinking WaterEvan WujcikFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,000
Non-Federal: $0
Non-Federal: $52,877
2020ARNonpoint Source Pollution and Water Quality under Increasing Pressure from Poultry Agriculture in the Eleven Point and Lower Black River WatershedsAllyn DoddFederal: $12,812
Non-Federal: $51,255
2020ARIs rice as effective as barley straw or hydrogen peroxide in inhibiting cyanobacterial blooms and reducing microcystin concentrations?Federal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,058
2020ARIntegrated Electrocoagulation-Membrane Distillation-Crystallization for Treating Hydraulic Fracturing Produced WaterFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2020ARMechanisms, Kinetics and Toxicity of Microcystin-LR Biodegradation by Free and Immobilized EnzymesFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,000
2020ARIn Situ Harmful Algal Bloom Mitigation: Net Design to Enhance Coagulation and Photocatalytic Degradation MechanismsFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $28,944
2020ARWhy and When does Microcystin Exceed Recreational Guidelines at Lake Fayetteville?Federal: $12,665
Non-Federal: $25,331
2020AZFlow Discharge Measurements Using Small Unmanned Aerial SystemsDr. Jennifer DuanFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2020AZRemoval of Microplastics by Soil Aquifer Treatment of Reclaimed WastewaterDr. Charles P. GerbaFederal: $9,990
Non-Federal: $20,113
2020CAGroundwater Regulation and Land Fallowing: How Does Water Scaritymn Impact Land Use?Dr. Ellen M. BrunoFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $18,343
2020CAPrecision Irrigation Management for Optimizing In-Season and Post-Harvest Use of Limited Water in Young and Mature Almond OrchardsDr. Isaya KisekkaFederal: $12,696
Non-Federal: $35,748
2020CADetermining the Effect of Pricing Scructure on Urban Water Demand: A long Term Analysis of Major Water Utilities in CaliforniaMehdi NematiFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2020CATowards a Mechanistic Understanding of the Multi-Scale Effects on Drought on Rivervine BiodiversityAlbert Vidal RuhiFederal: $10,610
Non-Federal: $25,837
2020CAAssessment of Water Storage for Manament of California's Oak WoodlandsMargaret ZimmerFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $5,400
2020CAWater and Wildfire in California WorkshopDoug ParkerFederal: $39,768
Non-Federal: $6,364
2020CAPersistence of Rate Structure Effect on Water ConsumptionMehdi NematiFederal: $7,000
Non-Federal: $3,885
2020CAAssessing Health Impacts of Impaired Water Quality in CaliforniaMaura C. AllaireFederal: $19,925
Non-Federal: $25,116
2020COAssessing Depositional Patterns and Sourcing of Floodplain Large Wood on the Colorado Front Range-2020CO149B-CU#19-10-0098-GuineyKatherine LiningerFederal: $4,974
Non-Federal: $0
2020COA Genetic Assessment of Cutthroat Trout Movement Across the Continental Divide: Yoichiro KannoFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $0
2020COSnowpack Accumulation Model: Accounting for the Effects of Snowfall Induced Landscape Resurfacing-2020CO152B-KR#144628-Olsen-MikitowiczSteven FassnachtFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $0
2020COEvaluating the Future of Colorado's Outdoor Ice Rinks in a Changing Climate-2020CO153B-KR#144627-SearsSteven FassnachtFederal: $4,987
Non-Federal: $0
2020COSteamboat Resort Recreational Impacts on Streamflow-2020CO155B-KR#144625-SidellStephanie KampfFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $0
2020COEstablishment of Industrial Hemp Study in Western Colorado to Evaluate Consumptive Use Rates Under Irrigated Conditions-2020CO157B-KR#144571-CabotPerry CabotFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $0
2020CTPaleolimnology and molecular investigation to understand blooms of Didymosphenia hullii, Didymosphenia geminata, and Cymbella janischii; nuisance stalk-forming diatoms in the West Branch of the Farmington River, Connecticut, USA.Diba A. Khan-BureauFederal: $10,683
Non-Federal: $33,519
2020CTA Quantitative Assessment of the Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Algae, Cyanobacteria, Cyanotoxins, and Water Quality in Lower Bolton LakeChristopher R. PerkinsFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,002
2020CTVernal pool and BMP pond impacts on regional salt pollution dynamicsSteven P. BradyFederal: $24,515
Non-Federal: $49,032
2020DCPerformance evaluation of membrane bioreactor (MBR) in sustainable buildings for potable water in DC area.Dr. Pradeep K. BeheraFederal: $9,933
Non-Federal: $0
2020DCUsing zebrafish to assess water health of Paint Branch Stream, an upstream tributary within the Anacostia WatershedVictoria ConnaughtonFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,020
2020DCA New Framework for Estimating Groundwater Recharge from Remotely Sensed Surface ObservationsLeila FarhadiFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2020DCNext-generation effects-based monitoring of contaminants in the Anacostia and Potomac RiversScott GlabermanFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2020DCImpact of high strength wastes (HSW) co-digestion with sludges on the performance of lab-scale anaerobic digesters and biogas methane potential (BMP) assays with potential to generate H2.Hossain M. AzamFederal: $9,980
Non-Federal: $0
2020DCToxicity of organic contaminants in urban and suburban areas of the Anacostia and Potomac RiversStephen E. MacAvoyFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,105
2020DCDeveloping a flexible modeling tool for integrated optimal control of stormwater BMPsArash MassoudiehFederal: $9,962
Non-Federal: $38,280
2020DCMonitoring E. coli, Trace metals and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Contamination in the Downstream Tributaries of the Anacostia River in Washington DC.Sania RoseFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $0
2020DCDevelopment of a Real-Time Low Flow Forecast System Based on Machine Learning MethodsDr. Nian Ashlee ZhangFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $0
2020DEDelaware Water Resources Center Research Institute Program Annual Proposal for Fiscal Year 2020Gerald J. KauffmanFederal: $125,000
Non-Federal: $250,000
2020FLAgricultural Water Security Through Sustainable Use of the Floridan Aquifer: An Integrated Assessment of Economic and Environmental ImpactsDavid KaplanFederal: $20,137
Non-Federal: $39,755
2020FLComputational fluid dynamics as a tool for urban water particulate transport and fate during infiltration through permeable systemsJohn SansaloneFederal: $29,957
Non-Federal: $52,051
2020FLAssessment of coastal sustainability to (re)emerging biothreats under extreme weather eventsAntarpreet JutlaFederal: $19,094
Non-Federal: $40,287
2020FLPredictive assessment water-ecological conditions on abundance and presence of Aedes vectors in FloridaAntarpreet JutlaFederal: $19,094
Non-Federal: $40,287
2020GAChanging flood dynamics in Southeastern rivers: consequences for water and habitat qualityDarold BatzerFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $36,000
2020GAMicroplastics in wastewater effluent as a vehicle for bacterial and viral transport in an urban riverLisa CasanovaFederal: $17,924
Non-Federal: $37,913
2020GAPer-/Polyfluoroalkyl Substances in Two Wastewater Treatment Plants in Georgia: Significance of Precursor Transformation by Biological Treatment ProcessesChing-Hua HuangFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $36,000
2020GADevelopment of a Storm Water Management Model for Assessing Compound Flooding Risk in Chatham CountyJian LuoFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $36,000
2020GAAssessing drought effects on consumer-mediated ecosystem processes using experimental wetlandsJose C. Colon-GaudFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $36,127
2020GUProduction well nitrate-N trends in the Northern Guam Lens AquiferDr. Nathan HabanaFederal: $27,745
Non-Federal: $0
2020GUHydrologic Spatial Analysis of Basins and Suspect Sinkholes on the Northern Guam Lens AquiferDr. Nathan HabanaFederal: $14,772
Non-Federal: $0
2020GUDevelopment of the Groundwater Model of the Yigo-Tumon Basin, Northern Guam Lens AquiferDr. Nathan HabanaFederal: $14,387
Non-Federal: $0
2020GUA sustainable plan for stormwater management and flooding at Garapan, SaipanDr. Myeong-Ho YeoFederal: $29,947
Non-Federal: $0
2020GUComprehensive hydrological database for secure water resources in Tofol watershed, Kosrae IslandDr. Myeong-Ho YeoFederal: $64,147
Non-Federal: $0
2020GUGeospatial-temporal Analysis of Patterns and Trends of Salinity in FinegayanDr. Yuming WenFederal: $13,524
Non-Federal: $0
2020GUEstablishing Groundwater Protection Zones in GuamDr. Yuming WenFederal: $12,240
Non-Federal: $0
2020GUA comprehensive review and consolidation of unpublished WERI research on the NGLA response to variations of sea level and rainfallDr. Mark LanderFederal: $29,270
Non-Federal: $0
2020GUPFOS trend monitoring in Saipan production wellsDr. Yong Sang KimFederal: $40,929
Non-Federal: $0
2020GUGuam Waterworks Authority (GWA) production-well rehabilitation assessment: Lessons Learned/Manual for Well Exploration and DevelopmentDr. Yong Sang KimFederal: $8,496
Non-Federal: $0
2020HIForecasting daily reference evapotranspiration for water resources conservations and sustainable agriculture in HawaiiSayed BateniFederal: $35,000
Non-Federal: $70,942
2020HILinking watershed and groundwater management to groundwater dependent ecosystems and their linked ecological, cultural, and socio-economic valuesLeah BremerFederal: $60,973
Non-Federal: $75,986
2020HIFecal Indicators and Their Associated Health Risk in American Samoa’s WatershedsMarek KirsFederal: $61,213
Non-Federal: $73,646
2020HIIntegrating Geological, Geophysical, Remote Sensing, and Groundwater Data into a Geothermal Resource Assessment for American SamoaNicole LautzeFederal: $34,740
Non-Federal: $62,091
2020HIProviding upgraded climate monitoring infrastructure in support of hydrological research in American SamoaKelley Anderson TagarinoFederal: $12,487
Non-Federal: $0
2020IAMeasuring Impacts of Lake Management Practices on Harmful Algal Blooms using Con-tinuous Monitoring at the Iowa Great LakesCorey MarkfortFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,007
2020IANext-Generation Stage Measurement at Ungauged Locations using IoTYusuf SermetFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2020IADoes food web structure modify the resilience of shallow lakes to harmful algal blooms?Tyler ButtsFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,006
2020IAStrengthening the Foundation of Agroecosystem Models for Water Research: Precision Land Surface Analysis and Machine Learningfor Enhanced Soil MapsMeyer BohnFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $17,950
2020IAHydro-NPOSS: A Non-Proprietary Open-Source Software for Hydrologic Data Visualization and Model EvaluationNavid JadidoleslamFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2020IDMulti-Criteria Stakeholder Analysis Framework for Western United States Irrigation ModernizationThomas PtakFederal: $14,961
Non-Federal: $29,924
2020IDSnowpack aging, evolution of snow δ2H and δ18O, and alteration of the snowmelt recharge signal to a multilayer aquifer system.Jeff LangmanFederal: $14,973
Non-Federal: $29,946
2020IDEngineered, Porous-Structured Biochar for Removing Phosphorus in Water: Production, Characterization, and Sustainable TreatmentAmin MirkoueiFederal: $14,950
Non-Federal: $29,973
2020IDQuantifying bed architecture and interstitial processes within granular sediment beds by laser induced fluorescenceRalph BudwigFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,002
2020ILIllinois Water Resources Center Research for Future GenerationsDr. Maryam GhadiriFederal: $27,386
Non-Federal: $8,736
2020ILLow cost mycelial stabilization of coal combustion products to reduce As, and Se contamination of groundwaterDr. Linduo ZhaoFederal: $9,988
Non-Federal: $21,608
2020ILTowards better agricultural drought assessment and irrigation management: improving the simulation and understanding of plant water stress for crops in Noah-MP land surface modelDr. Kaiyu GuanFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,001
2020ILA Coupled Urban Spatial Simulation and Stormwater Runoff Model and its Implications for Physical Design: The Case of ChicagoDr. Brian DealFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2020ILModeling the Effects of Green Stormwater Infrastructure Implementation on Urban Hydrology and Urban Heat Islands in IllinoisDr. Lei ZhaoFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2020ILUtilizing a tracer test to calculating the transport and fate of nitrate within a saturated buffer zoneEric W. PetersonFederal: $9,887
Non-Federal: $20,350
2020ILImproved flood prediction using adaptive data fusion with quantified uncertaintiesDr. Maryam GhadiriFederal: $94,637
Non-Federal: $95,840
2020INEvaluating Old Mill Ponds: Can They Provide Clean Water and Sustainable Energy?Antoine AubeneauFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,004
2020INA framework for optimization of green infrastructure practices selection and placement to attain runoff and water quality goals in urban watershedJingqiu ChenFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,004
2020INBiogeochemical Cycling of Lead in Indiana WaterwaysJennifer LatimerFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,001
2020INEvaluation of direct and contaminant-associated effects of microplastic exposure on the reproductive behavior of fishJess WardFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,009
2020INSeasonal and hydrological controls of bioavailability of organic phosphorus in agricultural drainage watersPierre-Andre JacintheFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,681
2020INMapping the Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Cover Crops to Model Water Quality OutcomesLandon YoderFederal: $14,966
Non-Federal: $38,225
2020INImpacts of urbanization on urban runoff and water quality in the contiguous U.S.Jingqiu ChenFederal: $1,000
Non-Federal: $2,000
2020KSA New Statewide System for Tracking and Forecasting DroughtDan DevlinFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,065
2020KSBenthic cyanobacterial mats: A potential source of harmful and nuisance compounds to Kansas streamsFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $48,243
2020KSExperimental and Modeling Investigation of Fluid-Fluid and Rock-Fluid Compatibility between Arbuckle and Lansing Kansas City Formations with the Purpose of Produced Water-Exchange Between the Two Formations to Reduce both Fresh Water Usage and Water DispoFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $50,000
2020KSSimulating the effects of reservoir management strategies on in-stream sediment load, streambank stability, and water quality.Tony LayzellFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,002
2020KSSpatial variability and subsurface controls of groundwater recharge and nutrient mobilization in dry streamsFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,002
2020KYMagnetic Nanoparticles to Remove Arsenite from WaterDavid AtwoodFederal: $12,553
Non-Federal: $30,325
2020KYEvaluation of a New Diffusive Gradients in Thin Films Sampler for Determining Time-Averaged Concentrations of Cyanotoxins in Kentucky Water Bodies.Elisa D'AngeloFederal: $9,812
Non-Federal: $23,796
2020KYAerobic scope in Kentucky stream fishes as a fitness indicator of climate change impactsRichard D. DurtscheFederal: $7,925
Non-Federal: $10,552
2020KYAnalysis of Contaminated Karst Groundwater Supplying “Off the Grid” Religious Communities in Southcentral KentuckyDr. Chris GrovesFederal: $9,999
Non-Federal: $20,003
2020KYLawn Establishment in Kentucky: Balancing Green Lawns with Waterbody Eutrophication RisksBrad LeeFederal: $7,000
Non-Federal: $15,708
2020KYGeophysical imaging of ridgetop wetland-perched groundwater systemsDr. Jonathan MalzoneFederal: $4,789
Non-Federal: $9,934
2020KYA Comparison of Sedimentation Rates and Hydrological Regimes in Floodplain Wetland Easements and Natural Bottomland Forested Wetlands of Western KentuckyJessica B. MoonFederal: $5,711
Non-Federal: $11,555
2020KYExamining Hydrogeological Dynamics of Flooding and Flow Reversals of the Green River and Major Springs of Mammoth Cave, Kentucky.Jason PolkFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2020KYIn-situ 3D Electrical Resistivity Method for Understanding Water Dynamics in Shallow Karst FeaturesJunfeng ZhuFederal: $7,047
Non-Federal: $14,333
2020LAIdentification of Critical Sources and Loadings of Nutrients for Reducing Harmful Algal Blooms in Lake PontchartrainZhiqiang DengFederal: $15,100
Non-Federal: $30,310
2020LAIntegrated geophysical mapping of a Mississippi Flood Plain Aquifer (0-30 m): 3D seismic and 2D resistivity imagingJuan LorenzoFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,134
2020LAA numerical assessment of Louisianan’s surface water resource over the past three decadesZuo XueFederal: $14,960
Non-Federal: $30,002
2020LAManaged Aquifer Storage and Recovery in Coastal LouisianaEmad HabibFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,002
2020LAMid-Barataria Sediment Diversion Efficiency Assessment through Computational Fluid Dynamics ModellingCelalettin OzdemirFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,001
2020MAMicroplastic Pollution in Freshwater Systems: Impacts of Biofilm Formation on Microplastic SurfaceWan-Ting (Grace) ChenFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,138
2020MAThermal Regeneration Technologies for Granular Activated Carbons Laden with Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl SubstancesOnur ApulFederal: $50,000
Non-Federal: $99,998
2020MAManganese sourcing and transport in Massachusetts groundwater: Understanding dissolution mechanisms and creating a temporally variant databaseDavid BouttFederal: $9,996
Non-Federal: $21,107
2020MATesting the River Process Corridor in the Deerfield River Watershed, MassachusettsChristine HatchFederal: $9,844
Non-Federal: $23,300
2020MAInvestigating dam management impacts to downstream fluvial hydrology and temperatureAllison RoyFederal: $15,006
Non-Federal: $30,649
2020MDUsing high-frequency data and concentration-discharge relationships to describe solute mobilization and transport in suburban and urban watersheds (Graduate Fellowship)Joel MooreFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $12,003
2020MDDeveloping an isotopic fingerprint for methane from Maryland wetlandsJames FarquharFederal: $35,000
Non-Federal: $70,000
2020MDApplication of Particle Image Velocimetry and Structure from Motion to reconstruct discharge hydrographs for an extreme urban floodAndrew J. MillerFederal: $21,962
Non-Federal: $43,923
2020MDImplications of flooding for equitable access to transportation and emergency servicesAllison C. ReillyFederal: $17,278
Non-Federal: $34,951
2020MDPrecipitation frequency in Maryland: Investigating epistemic uncertaintyMichelle T BensiFederal: $17,278
Non-Federal: $34,951
2020MEData-driven support for adaptive pollution-based closure decisions in shellfish growing areas of MaineDr. Samuel RoyFederal: $36,000
Non-Federal: $49,725
2020MEFarms and Rivers for the Future: Advancing Partnerships in the Meduxnekeag WatershedDr. Bridie McGreavyFederal: $19,523
Non-Federal: $39,817
2020ME20 years of River Restoration in Maine: Using Socio-economics and Benefit Transfer to Inform Decision-Making on Dam RemovalsLynne LewisFederal: $26,402
Non-Federal: $54,829
2020MIImproving Ecosystem Services and Water Quality through Applied Research and Technology AdvancementsFederal: $125,000
Non-Federal: $250,089
2020MNWhat drives soil health test variability in Minnesota?Anna CatesFederal: $9,964
Non-Federal: $21,286
2020MNEnvironmental impacts of potassium acetate as an alternative deicing chemical to Lake Superior: Water chemistry and ecotoxicityChan Lan ChunFederal: $1,000
Non-Federal: $43,805
2020MNAssessing lakeshore residents’ perspectives on Aquatic Invasive Species managementAmit PradhanangaFederal: $24,953
Non-Federal: $34,785
2020MOAdvanced Materials for Low-Cost Electronic Nitrate Sensors to Prevent Harmful Algal Blooms in Missouri Water ResourcesDr. Matthias YoungFederal: $22,000
Non-Federal: $44,000
2020MOPreoxidation strategies to improve treatment of algal bloom impacted source waterDr. Kimberly ParkerFederal: $22,000
Non-Federal: $46,383
2020MOAssessment of Cyanobacteria diversity and their toxigenic potential within the Little Sac Watershed ecosystem using Next Generation DNA sequencingDr. Babur MirzaFederal: $22,030
Non-Federal: $45,372
2020MSInnovative Nutrient Recovery Schemes for Sustainable Agricultural SystemsDr. Veera Gnaneswar GudeFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,001
2020MSIrrigation Systems, Row Spacing, and Applied Fertilizer Effects on Water Use and Crop ProductivityDr. Gubir SinghFederal: $35,638
Non-Federal: $71,288
2020MSMulti-scale Evaluation of the Impact of Hydrological Extremes on Coastal Wetland VegetationDr. Wei WuFederal: $34,976
Non-Federal: $70,126
2020MTAerobic granular sludge: assessing PFAS adsorption to enhance wastewater treatment and water qualityCatherine KirklandFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,000
2020MTVanishing Glaciers & Emergent Lakes: physical and chemical constraints on aquatic ecosystem metabolismAshley BallantyneFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,000
2020MTRapid Wetland Benefit Assessment (WBA) for Montana State and TribesWilliam KliendlFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,000
2020MTInterdisciplinary Research on Developing a New Model for Bioelectrochemical DenitrificationTianyu ZhangFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,266
2020MTStudent Fellowship: Exploring Trends in Warm Season Precipitation in the northern North American Great PlainsGabriel BromleyFederal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $0
2020MTStudent Fellowship: Reproductive and life-history traits of western pearlshell mussels in MontanaKristen CookFederal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $0
2020MTStudent Fellowship: Modeling Adaptive Capacity of Water Law by Integrating Water Rights into a Hydro-economic Model: A Case Study of Instream Flow Policies in MTAnna CrockettFederal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $0
2020MTStudent Fellowship: A hand-held, structure from motion, photogrammetric approach to riparian and stream assessment and monitoring of the Upper Clark Fork River, MTJoseph DehnertFederal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $0
2020MTStudent Fellowship: Effects of Floodplain Shade on Hyporheic and Stream Channel TemperaturesKatie FoggFederal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $0
2020MTStudent Fellowship: Developing the first river ice mapping tool for the Yellowstone RiverRoss PalomakiFederal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $0
2020MTStudent Fellowship: Using DNA metabarcoding techniques to evaluate responses of river food webs to heavy metals along the Clark Fork River, MontanaJose Sanchez RuizFederal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $0
2020NCUnderstanding the FOG deposit adhesion mechanism on different sewer line surfacesJoel J. DucosteFederal: $12,000
Non-Federal: $71,520
2020NCAssessing Controls on Nutrient Loading at the Watershed Scale through Data-Driven ModelingDaniel R. ObenourFederal: $12,000
Non-Federal: $4,704
2020NCMultidimensional Assessment of North Carolina Community Water System VulnerabilitiesMegan MullinFederal: $12,000
Non-Federal: $57,912
2020NCEffects of Extreme Flooding on Water Quality in Areas of Dense Food Animal ProductionJill StewartFederal: $10,068
Non-Federal: $77,657
2020NCInvestigating the microbial culprits of taste/odor issues in City of Durham drinking water reservoir Lake Michie and algicidal mitigation tactics.Dr. Ryan W. PaerlFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $12,762
2020NDThe ecotoxicological effects of saline water characteristics on amphibian survival and developmentMatthew SmithFederal: $3,289
Non-Federal: $6,578
2020NDFlood and Bathymetry Alteration Simulations Under Ice-Coverage in Red RiverTrung Bao LeFederal: $2,731
Non-Federal: $5,462
2020NDDoes wetland restoration affect the accumulation of glyphosate?Jon SweetmanFederal: $2,160
Non-Federal: $4,320
2020NDAssessment of agricultural impact on biotic components of North Dakota wetland resources using habitat suitability landscape genomics of amphibiansCraig StockwellFederal: $4,489
Non-Federal: $8,978
2020NDRejuvenation of Urban Streams in Cold Climate Regions Using Hydroponic Systems: A Case Study on English Coulee in Grand Forks, North DakotaYeo Howe LimFederal: $8,262
Non-Federal: $16,524
2020NDImpact of Subsurface Drainage and Subirrigation on Water Quality in Richland County, North DakotaXinhua JiaFederal: $4,290
Non-Federal: $8,580
2020NDUnderstanding intra-lake seasonal and spatial variability in shallow prairie lake diatom communities: implications for paleolimnological studiesJon SweetmanFederal: $6,816
Non-Federal: $21,625
2020NDDevelopment of a new depression-oriented watershed hydrologic model and its application in North DakotaXuefeng ChuFederal: $7,508
Non-Federal: $23,738
2020NDEffectively and Practically Remove Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances from Landfill Leachate and GroundwaterFeng Federal: $6,200
Non-Federal: $12,400
2020NDInfluence of habitat characteristics on amphibian stress and reproductive success in North DakotaMatthew SmithFederal: $2,685
Non-Federal: $5,370
2020NDHydrological Changes Due to Recent Wetting in a Cold Region Riverine Headwaters EnvironmentTaufique MahmoodFederal: $1,000
Non-Federal: $2,000
2020NDSoil Amendment for Reducing the Runoff of Nutrients from Agricultural LandsFeng Federal: $5,192
Non-Federal: $10,384
2020NDUsing Coupled Human and Natural Systems for Water Resources Management in the Bakken Region of Western North DakotaZhulu LinFederal: $3,212
Non-Federal: $6,424
2020NDFabrication of Point of Use Treatment Systems for Aqueous Arsenic and their EvaluationAchintya N. BezbaruahFederal: $11,115
Non-Federal: $34,517
2020NDAutomatic sensor-controlled drip irrigation under mulches for tomato and watermelon productionsXinhua JiaFederal: $6,477
Non-Federal: $20,555
2020NDSoil moisture mapping using Landsat data in a frigid glaciolacustrine landscape with agricultural productionAaron DaighFederal: $4,263
Non-Federal: $8,526
2020NDHydraulic and hydrologic routing parameters in natural channels in North Dakota under spring snowmelt conditionsYeo Howe LimFederal: $4,647
Non-Federal: $9,294
2020NDImprinting and hydromulch for soil erosion reduction and plant establishment in semi-arid soils disturbed from oil and gas developmentThomas DeSutterFederal: $6,875
Non-Federal: $21,673
2020NDRed Lake River and Red River Raw Water Quality InvestigationFeng Federal: $2,199
Non-Federal: $4,398
2020NEBank Filtration: An efficient and economical water treatment technology for cyanotoxins removalFederal: $11,746
Non-Federal: $23,515
2020NEMonitoring of nitrate leaching at and below the crop rooting depthFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $55,802
2020NESetting nitrogen surplus benchmarks to control nitrate pollution of groundwater in the northeast NebraskaFederal: $18,954
Non-Federal: $37,175
2020NEPFAS exposure from WWTPs to Surface Waters and AgriculturalFederal: $19,928
Non-Federal: $39,923
2020NHWater Quality and the Landscape: Long-term monitoring of rapidly developing suburban watershedsBill McDowellFederal: $26,672
Non-Federal: $67,143
2020NHInvasive Species Detection in New Hampshire lakes and streams using Environmental DNA (eDNA) - 2020 Pilot studyAlison WattsFederal: $19,990
Non-Federal: $40,095
2020NHWater Quality and the Landscape: Real time monitoring in the Lamprey River watershedBill McDowellFederal: $34,610
Non-Federal: $75,333
2020NJElectrochemical Device Development for Detection and Removal of Perfluorinated Substances in WaterJoshua YoungFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,099
2020NJSecurity and Sensitivity of Hydrological Model Forecasting to the Disruption of Sensor NetworksRuo-Qian WangFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,000
2020NJImpact of extreme precipitation events on eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica) ecosystem servicesJanine BarrFederal: $4,995
Non-Federal: $9,990
2020NJWell water microbiome and its relation to nontuberculous mycobacteria in New JerseySophia BlancFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,001
2020NJAssessment of Spent Lithium-ion Batteries on Surface Water Quality: Delineating Baseline Level Changes of Lithium, Cobalt and Lithium HexafluorophosphateLe-qi LinFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,874
2020NJCarbon-Metal Nanohybrids (CMNHs)-Impregnated Reactive Electrochemical Membrane (REM) Filtration for PFAS RemovalQingquan MaFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,874
2020NJEffects of Microbubble Formation on Sediment Pollutant ResuspensionXiaonan ShiFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,874
2020NJEffects of water table level and storm strength on the redistribution of trace metals in the Meadowlands of New JerseyYing YaoFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,322
2020NMGeographic Information System for Water Resources Research Planning and OutreachFederal: $18,139
Non-Federal: $8,344
2020NMAdding snow physics to PyRANA to understand the impacts of climate change on diffuse recharge in New Mexico headwatersAlex RinehartFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $60,000
2020NMElectrical Resistivity Mapping of Rio Grande River-Groundwater ConnectivityKenneth C. CarrollFederal: $19,926
Non-Federal: $39,852
2020NMImproving Water Use Efficiency Using Ground-based Microwave and Optical Scintillometer Measurements of Evapotranspiration of Pecan OrchardsHatim M.E.GeliFederal: $29,676
Non-Federal: $59,352
2020NMInvestigating the effects of reservoir water releases on spawning activities of fishes in the Pecos RiverJesse E. FilbrunFederal: $8,000
Non-Federal: $16,771
2020NVOccurrence and Mass Balance of PFAS during Wastewater TreatmentXuelian BaiFederal: $41,236
Non-Federal: $82,348
2020NVEngineered processes for the separation and degradation of microplastics in freshwaterErick BandalaFederal: $28,508
Non-Federal: $57,017
2020NVDevelopment and evaluation of iron based strategies for arsenic removal in contaminated groundwaterLazaro Perez JorgeFederal: $39,982
Non-Federal: $79,964
2020NYEvaluation of the effectiveness of green infrastructure for stormwater management under current and future climates in urban BuffaloFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $0
2020NYSources and Speciation of Elevated Manganese in a Surface Water Supply ReservoirFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,002
2020NYMobile toolkit for rapid in-field screening of freshwater Harmful Algal BloomsFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,066
2020NYSpecies interactions may enhance resilience and ecosystem services within an urban living shoreline projectFederal: $19,681
Non-Federal: $41,007
2020NYNYSWRI Internship ProgramFederal: $12,701
Non-Federal: $0
2020OHWhat role does nutrient cycling by zooplankton play in supporting HAB production in western Lake Erie?James HoodFederal: $35,572
Non-Federal: $35,867
2020OHMicroorganisms and enzymes driving glyphosate degradation in Lake ErieMathew SaxtonFederal: $32,276
Non-Federal: $34,369
2020OHElectrochemical sensors for microbial activities in benthic sediments: a sentry for lacustrine P biogeochemistryJohn M. SenkoFederal: $35,120
Non-Federal: $39,043
2020OKSoil Monitoring through UAV-Assisted Internet of Things Wireless Underground SensorsSabit EkinFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,000
2020OKPassive samplers for monitoring perfluoroalkyl substances at contaminated sitesDavid LampertFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2020OKDesign of Novel Electrocoagulation Systems for Produced Water TreatmentPankaj SarinFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2020OKA new dolomite filtration technology to remove heavy metals and NORM from produced waterJavier VilcaezFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,025
2020OKInvestigation of Indicator Bacteria in Oklahoma StreamsJason VogelFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,000
2020PAIntegrating Water Quality and Cyanotoxin Production to Combat Harmful Algal BloomsSarah PrinciottaFederal: $12,000
Non-Federal: $24,000
2020PAAdaptive management in stream restoration across Pennsylvania: historical trends, recent case studies, and future directions/strategic challengesBenjamin HayesFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,000
2020PRGeomorphic evolution of the Río Grande de Añasco Lower Valley and its impact on water resourcesWalter SilvaFederal: $23,000
Non-Federal: $16,086
2020PRAtrazine and glyphosate monitoring in water streams and degradation using a novel TiO2-based biopolymerPedro Javier TarafaFederal: $23,000
Non-Federal: $50,212
2020PRNanotechnology-based wastewater treatment for reuse – Phase IIOscar J. Perales-PerezFederal: $23,000
Non-Federal: $11,500
2020RIHybrid nano-bioreactors for the treatment of recalcitrant contaminants in drinking water.Federal: $11,618
Non-Federal: $26,505
2020RIUnderstanding Urban Water Resources and Energy Nexus in Rhode IslandAli Shafqat AkandaFederal: $23,234
Non-Federal: $58,476
2020RIThe Applicability of South Korean Aquatic Litter Management Strategies to Rhode Island Freshwater BodiesElizabeth MendenhallFederal: $22,743
Non-Federal: $45,497
2020SCIdentifying Iodine Hotspots in Freshwater of South Carolina and Their Impact on Iodinated Disinfection By-Products in Drinking WaterSusan RichardsonFederal: $23,227
Non-Federal: $64,234
2020SCFish dispersal as mechanism for contaminant movement in South Carolina streamsPeter Van den HurkFederal: $30,190
Non-Federal: $61,097
2020SCQuantifying the effect of instream flow on larval fish abundance in the Edisto River BasinLuke BowerFederal: $23,849
Non-Federal: $47,698
2020SDUnderstanding Contaminant Transport Processes in the Madison AquiferLiangping LiFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,000
2020SDAssessment and Improvement of Performance of Septic Systems in Cold Climates (Year 2)Mengistu Geza NisraniFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2020SDImprovement of Denitrification Bioreactor Performance Using Weathered Woodchips and Wet-Dry Cycle Control (Year 2)Guanghui HuaFederal: $22,636
Non-Federal: $45,484
2020TNSourcing Runoff and Chemical Origins in Urban Stormwater Runoff: An Application in Second CreekJon HathawayFederal: $17,190
Non-Federal: $38,783
2020TNPollutant Sourcing Identification in Impaired Surface WatersDr. Qiang HeFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,342
2020TNDevelopment of a low-cost real-time water Quality monitoring network for rural watershedsDr. Alfred KalyanapuFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,000
2020TNDevelopment of Lentic Periphytic Algal Indies of Trophic Status Needed to Assess and Monitor the Effects of Eutrophication in Littoral Habitats of Middle and East TennesseeDr. Jeff LebkuecherFederal: $6,870
Non-Federal: $13,602
2020TNOrganic acid fate and behavior in the Great Smoky Mountains National ParkDr. John S. SchwartzFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,550
2020TNAssessing Water Quality of Rivers Feeding Riparian Wetlands in Agroecosystems: Research Supporting the Evaluation of the USDA Wetlands Reserve ProgramDr. Justin MurdockFederal: $4,995
Non-Federal: $0
2020TXImpact of climatic extremes on net subsurface discharge considering hydrologic linkage among vadose zone-unconfined aquifer-stream in Rio Grande basinZhuping ShengFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,002
2020TXImproving Surface Water Availability Estimates by Accounting for Projected Changes of Reservoir Evaporation: A Case Study in Upper Trinity River BasinHuilin GaoFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2020UTLeveraging LIDAR and Citizen-Science for Low-Cost, High-Resolution Snow-Depth EstimationCarlos A. OrozaFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $70,166
2020UTDynamic, Adaptive Management of the Colorado River to Enhance Water Supply and River Ecosystem OutcomesJohn SchmidtFederal: $44,521
Non-Federal: $59,357
2020UTObtaining Lidar Data to Support Research in the Logan River WatershedBethany NeilsonFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $58,957
2020UTImproving the Hydraulics of Urban FloodingZachary B. SharpFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $49,750
2020VIRaising Awareness and Participation With a Social Media App: Reducing Terrestrial Sedimentation and Promoting Clear Coastal WatersFederal: $43,000
Non-Federal: $0
2020VTImpact of Storms on Lake Phytoplankton Community DynamicsJason StockwellFederal: $30,583
Non-Federal: $61,210
2020VTCyanobacteria bloom impacts on fish: ecological and human health considerationsJason StockwellFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,021
2020VTHow Much Carbon is in those Mussels? The Potential Impact of a Quagga Mussel Invasion on Energy Pathways in Lake ChamplainFederal: $35,866
Non-Federal: $71,742
2020VTHydraulic Modeling to Support Vermont’s Functioning Floodplain InitiativeFederal: $31,000
Non-Federal: $62,000
2020WAFate and Transport of Micro- and Nano-scale Plastics in Washington StateIndranil ChowdhuryFederal: $29,993
Non-Federal: $60,834
2020WADo snow algae and black carbon contribute to surface albedo reduction of snow and glacier surfaces in the Nooksack River Headwaters?Alia L. KhanFederal: $29,608
Non-Federal: $60,135
2020WAFarmer adaptation to climate change may increase water use: facilitating quantification of potential increase.Kirti RajagopalanFederal: $29,994
Non-Federal: $59,996
2020WIImpact of changing snow cover and frozen ground regimes on groundwater rechargeJames HurleyFederal: $21,466
Non-Federal: $23,419
2020WIFate of Groundwater Phosphorus from Septic Systems Near LakesJames HurleyFederal: $36,223
Non-Federal: $19,923
2020WVWRI-293: Addressing Challenges in Monitoring Fecal Coliforms and E. coli in Watersheds Impacted by AMDEmily GarnerFederal: $19,923
Non-Federal: $39,921
2020WVWRI-290: Drinking Water Treatment Methods to Reduce THMLianShin LinFederal: $19,914
Non-Federal: $41,033
2020WVWRI-292: PFAS Occurrence in the Upper Ohio River BasinPaul ZiemkiewiczFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $5,200
2020WVWRI-289: Fine Coal Sediment Transport Analysis Due to Extreme Storm EventsLeslie HopkinsonFederal: $19,633
Non-Federal: $40,212
2020WVWRI-294: Piney Creek Watershed Water Monitoring and Management ProjectMatthew WilliamsFederal: $19,992
Non-Federal: $65,440
2020WYNumerical simulations of the impact of cloud seeding in the Wind River Range on precipitation, snowpack, and streamflowBart GeertsFederal: $27,610
Non-Federal: $17,469
Non-Federal: $96,509
2020WYUnderstanding the contribution of different microbial sources to surface water for informed management of waterborne pathogens in WyomingSarah CollinsFederal: $12,750
Non-Federal: $227,482
2020WYSediment and fisheries: an assessment to inform sediment management practices at Wyoming damsAnnika WaltersFederal: $12,000
Non-Federal: $84,662
2019AKQuantification and Partitioning of Evapotranspiration in Arctic TundraJason A. Clark Federal: $23,998
Non-Federal: $47,996
2019AKRural Alaskan households’ economic energy-water nexusBarbara Johnson Federal: $11,000
Non-Federal: $22,000
2019AKLaboratory Investigation of Infiltration Process of Non-Newtonian Fluids through Porous Media in a Non-Isothermal Flow Regime for Effective Remediation of Adsorbed ContaminantsFawad Naseer Federal: $24,998
Non-Federal: $49,996
2019AKStatistical Approach to Photochemical Reactivity of Sub-Arctic Permafrost Natural Organic Matter and its Implications of Surface Water BiogeochemistryKristin R. Gagne Federal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,000
2019ALSediment transport, nutrient deposition, and water quality through time for the Coosa River: The paleolimnology of Weiss Lake and Lay LakeMatthew Waters Federal: $24,635
Non-Federal: $49,317
2019ALBeaver Impoundments as Flow Experiments: effects of Dam Removal on Instream flow, Water Quality, and Species DiversityJennifer Howeth Federal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,000
2019ALCost Optimization of Green Infrastructure for Stormwater ManagementFrances C. O'Donnell Federal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $51,644
2019ARNitroxyl – The missing link in NDMA formation in chloramine systemsJulian Fairey Federal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $22,789
2019ARUtilization of Biodegradable Hydroponic Growth Media as a Carbon Source for Greenhouse Wastewater DenitrificationKristen E. Gibson Federal: $9,803
Non-Federal: $20,333
2019ARHerbicide Mitigation Potential of Tailwater Recovery Systems in the Cache River Critical Groundwater AreaCammy D. Willett Federal: $25,008
Non-Federal: $51,080
2019ARAssessing Water Quality and Biological Impacts of Nonpoint Source Pollution in the Eleven Point and Lower Black River WatershedsAllyn Dodd Federal: $21,223
Non-Federal: $43,129
2019AZSolar nanofiltation for off-grid water purification in Navajo NationDr. Kerri Hickenbottom Federal: $4,000
Non-Federal: $20,019
2019AZA Citizen Science Approach to Monitoring Water Resources in a Vulnerable AquiferJennifer McIntosh Federal: $5,125
Non-Federal: $28,058
2019AZDetecting Colorado River Tamarix phenology using publicly available satellite imagesTemuulen Sankey Federal: $9,152
Non-Federal: $34,275
2019CAAssessment of water storage for management of California’s oak woodlandsMargaret Zimmer Federal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $44,600
2019CATowards a Mechanistic Understanding of the Multi-Scale Effects of Drought on Riverine BiodiversityAlbert Vidal Ruhi Federal: $14,390
Non-Federal: $21,795
2019CADetermining the Effect of Pricing Structure on Urban Water Demand: A Long-Term Analysis of Major Water Utilities in CaliforniaMehdi Nemati Federal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,000
2019CAPrecision Irrigation Management for Optimizing In-Season and Post-Harvest Use of Limited Water in Young and Mature Almond OrchardsDr. Isaya Kisekka Federal: $12,304
Non-Federal: $24,604
2019CAGroundwater Regulation and Land Fallowing: How Does Water Scarcity Impact Land Use?Dr. Ellen M. Bruno Federal: $13,899
Non-Federal: $27,798
2019CAAssessing Health Impacts of Impaired Water Quality in CaliforniaMaura C. Allaire Federal: $14,980
Non-Federal: $8,163
2019COParticipatory Mapping of Colorado Watershed Ecosystem ServicesKelly Jones Federal: $4,969
Non-Federal: $2,584
2019COQuantifying Groundwater Recharge Below a Losing Stream Reach in the Denver BasinMichael Ronayne Federal: $4,992
Non-Federal: $2,596
2019COFloodplain Forest Establishment and Legacy Sediment within the Yampa River Basin, Northern ColoradoSara Rathburn Federal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,600
2019COSnowmelt Modeling at Fine Scale for Mine Infiltration Estimation at SummitvilleSteven Fassnacht Federal: $4,241
Non-Federal: $2,205
2019CODiel Signals in Hydrologic and Chemical Signals along the North Saint VrainTim Covino Federal: $4,992
Non-Federal: $2,596
2019COThe Dynamic Nature of Snow Surface RoughnessSteven Fassnacht Federal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,600
2019COSelecting cost-effective water quality management practices under climate changeJordan Suter Federal: $4,951
Non-Federal: $2,575
2019CTNitrogen and Phosphorus Leaching from Compost-Amended LawnsKarl Guillard Federal: $24,633
Non-Federal: $44,922
2019CTForecasting the Resilience of Vernal Pool Exosystems to Climate-Mediated Hydrological DisruptionsMark C. Urban Federal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $49,867
2019CTPaleolimnology and molecular investigation to understand blooms of Didymosphenia hullii, Didymosphenia geminata, and Cymbella janischii; nuisance stalk-forming diatoms in the West Branch of the Farmington River, Connecticut, USADiba A. Khan-Bureau Federal: $14,268
Non-Federal: $57,473
2019DCMonitoring Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the downstream tributaries of Anacostia River and Rock Creek watershed in DCSania Rose Federal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $0
2019DCConcentrations of siloxanes, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and cations in urban and suburban areas of the AnacostiaStephen E. MacAvoy Federal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,036
2019DCResilience-Based Water Infrastructure Rehabilitation Planning in the District of ColumbiaDr. Zeinab Farahmandfar Federal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2019DCDevelopment of Streamflow Prediction Model and Software Package for Anacostia River at Non-gauged Locations based on Bayesian ApproachDr. Amir Shahirinia Federal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $7,000
2019DCApplication of deep reinforcement learning in optimizing the operation of biofilters in carbon and nitrogen removal from stormwaterArash Massoudieh Federal: $9,999
Non-Federal: $22,050
2019DCRisk Assessment of Levees in the Face of Flood Hazards in the District of ColumbiaLei Wang Federal: $9,966
Non-Federal: $13,644
2019DCRunoff control performance evaluation and development of design guideline for green roof systems for District of Columbia- Phase IIDr. Pradeep K. Behera Federal: $9,980
Non-Federal: $0
2019DEState Water Resources Research Institute Program, Delaware Water Resources Center, annual proposal for fiscal year 2019Gerald J. Kauffman Federal: $92,335
Non-Federal: $185,696
2019FLAgricultural water security through sustainable use of the Floridan aquifer: An integrated assessment of economic and environmental impactsDavid Kaplan Federal: $17,464
Non-Federal: $50,287
2019FLEvaluation of methods for improved management of water resources within karst systemsFederal: $24,512
Non-Federal: $81,692
2019FLComputational fluid dynamics as a tool for urban water sediment transport and fate during clarificationJohn Sansalone Federal: $21,113
Non-Federal: $11,807
2019GAImpact of beaver dams and beaver dam analogues on hydrologic and nitrate retention in Atlanta, GADr. Sarah H. Ledford Federal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $48,566
2019GADeveloping an effective and targeted monitoring system for tracking toxic harmful algal blooms across GeorgiaDeepak Mishra Federal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $37,298
2019GAAssessing Georgia water resources using satellite data and novel precipitation metricsMarshall Shepherd Federal: $17,942
Non-Federal: $43,934
2019GUComprehensive Guam and CNMI WERI-web-based comprehensive rainfall data utilityFederal: $15,076
Non-Federal: $0
2019GUImprovements to sewage treatment on yap: Hydroponics and composting of waste sludgeJoseph Rouse Federal: $49,989
Non-Federal: $0
2019GUHydrological features and analysis in the Finegayan areaFederal: $24,931
Non-Federal: $0
2019GUPhase-II of N-baseline data and abatement methods for the Northern Guam Lens AquiferJoseph Rouse Federal: $20,800
Non-Federal: $0
2019GUDevelopment of a GIS based imagery database for groundwater recharge areas and key reaches of streams on Guam phase IILeroy F. Heitz Federal: $25,256
Non-Federal: $0
2019GUGuam Waterworks Authority (GWA) production-well rehabilitation assessment: Lessons Learned/Manual for Well Exploration and DevelopmentFederal: $11,908
Non-Federal: $0
2019GUPFOS trend monitoring in Saipan production wellsHeidi Yelin Federal: $42,687
Non-Federal: $0
2019HICollaborative investigation of hydraulic and geochemical connectivity between wastewaters and other land uses with the ocean watersCraig R Glenn Federal: $26,212
Non-Federal: $0
2019HIProviding information and technology in support of hydrological research in American SamoaKelley Anderson Tagarino Federal: $12,500
Non-Federal: $0
2019HIEvaluation of Pepper mild mottle viruses as a sewage marker in HawaiiMarek Kirs Federal: $20,025
Non-Federal: $60,945
2019HIEconomic activity, technological progress, and water resource utilization on OahuPeter Fuleky Federal: $26,213
Non-Federal: $72,158
2019IDAssessing the risk of emerging contaminants in managed aquifer recharge in Idaho’s Eastern Snake River PlainSarah Godsey Federal: $14,991
Non-Federal: $29,980
2019IDSynthesis of multi-year remote sensing to model annually-recurrent snowmelt pattern from mountainous watersheds in Idaho for runoff and water supply simulationRussell J. Qualls Federal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,000
2019IDWatershed scale assessment of water quality and nutrient retention in conservation agricultureZachary Kayler Federal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,000
2019IDCharacterizing water-based recreationists’ perceptions of toxic metal contaminantsDr. Chloe Wardropper Federal: $14,684
Non-Federal: $29,418
2019ILEstimating residential hot water use from smart electricity dataAshlynn S. Stillwell Federal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2019ILElectrochemically-mediated adsorption systems for selective nitrate recovery: agriculture and the water-energy nexusDr. Xiao Su Federal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2019ILImproving denitrifying woodchip bioreactor design and management through denitrification potential testingDr. Laura Christianson Federal: $9,968
Non-Federal: $27,900
2019ILAssessment of floating gardens to improve the water quality of the Chicago RiverEric W. Peterson Federal: $9,998
Non-Federal: $20,175
2019INEffectiveness of wetland restoration in mitigating extreme streamflows under future climate change in the White River Watershed of IndianaBangshuai Han Federal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $31,080
2019INCharacterizing aquifer geometries in northern Indiana by profiling the buried bedrock surface with geophysical techniquesRobin Rupp Federal: $14,994
Non-Federal: $31,032
2019INUsing sedimentary lipid biomarkers to track historical changes to Lake MichiganDr. Melissa A. Berke Federal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $45,000
2019INImpacts of urban ecosystem services on human health and water quantity and quality in Northwestern Indiana communities: An unexplored opportunity to study service accessibilityBrady S. Hardiman Federal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $33,200
2019INCreating a high resolution hydrologic model for simulating and forecasting floods in the Wabash River BasinVenkatesh Merwade Federal: $14,990
Non-Federal: $29,996
2019KSDetermining if riparian buffer strip age impacts phosphorus retention potentialColby Moorberg Federal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,065
2019KSEvaluation of the geomorphological adjustment of a meandering, alluvial river subject to streambank stabilization structuresTricia Moore Federal: $14,985
Non-Federal: $29,980
2019KSStochastic forecasting of Harmful Algae Blooms in Cheney ReservoirAleksey Sheshukov Federal: $15,133
Non-Federal: $30,437
2019KSDoes nutrient form control harmful algal bloom (HAB) toxin release?Ted Harris Federal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $34,602
2019KYIdentification of the causes and extent of elevated groundwater methane concentrations in Eastern KentuckyAndrea M. Erhardt Federal: $9,602
Non-Federal: $19,792
2019KYQuantifying the source of dissolved reactive phosphate in karst drainage of the Inner-Bluegrass using oxygen isotopesDr. William Ford Federal: $8,800
Non-Federal: $18,130
2019KYPredicting harmful cyanobacteria blooms in central Kentucky lakesJason W. Marion Federal: $9,988
Non-Federal: $20,136
2019KYDevelopment of buoyant photocatalysts for cleaning contaminated streams and water bodiesDr. Matthew J. Nee Federal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2019KYComparison of water loss audit methodologies in high loss Kentucky utilitiesScott Yost Federal: $8,413
Non-Federal: $16,832
2019LASimulation of air-sea-ecosystem carbon dioxide exchange in the Gulf CoastHongliang Zhang Federal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,029
2019LAA low cost and low energy consumption desalination battery for brackish and seawater treatmentFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $31,094
2019LAQuantifying fluxes of dissolved carbon and CO2 outgassing from the Lower Mississippi River before entering the Gulf of MexicoY. Jun Xu Federal: $16,800
Non-Federal: $38,265
2019LASoil and groundwater salinity measurements in the Mississippi River Alluvial Aquifer (MRAA), economic impacts, and adaptive measures to address salinity concernsChangyoon Jeong Federal: $8,700
Non-Federal: $17,802
2019LAAssessing present and potential effects of cyanotoxins in south Louisiana estuariesBeth A. Stauffer Federal: $9,168
Non-Federal: $18,336
2019MAWireless network of smart graphene sensors for large-scale monitoring of water heavy metalsFederal: $49,998
Non-Federal: $0
2019MAReal-time responsive nutrient loading management in urban catchments through sewer-embedded sensing and controlsFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $31,435
2019MAMicrobial community characterization and pharmaceuticals analysis of agricultural soils irrigated with calcium hydroxide (lime)-treated urine from the Grow Food Northampton Community Garden in Florence, MassachusettsFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2019MDInvestigating precipitation patterns in Maryland: Implications for infrastructure design and planningKaye L. Brubaker Federal: $10,110
Non-Federal: $24,090
2019MDWhy is sulfate elevated in (sub)urban watersheds? Fingerprinting sources of sulfate in forested, suburban, and urban streamsMaya Gomes Federal: $28,093
Non-Federal: $57,358
2019MDEvaluating seasonal variations in where trees get their waterFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $12,000
2019MDWhy is sulfate elevated in (sub)urban watersheds? Fingerprinting sources of sulfate in forested, suburban, and urban streamsMaya Gomes Federal: $6,895
Non-Federal: $13,796
2019MDDynamic measurements of flow and sediment transport through urban stream confluencesDr. Karen Prestegaard Federal: $35,000
Non-Federal: $70,000
2019MECoastal Maine Estuaries (CoMEE) response to freshwater runoffDr. Lauren Ross Federal: $35,000
Non-Federal: $70,118
2019MEFishy business: identifying synergies between researchers and stakeholders for improved transportation infrastructure and ecological resilience through coordinated road culvert improvementDr. Samuel Roy Federal: $35,000
Non-Federal: $77,805
2019MIDeveloping and enhancing sustainable water use of natural and agricultural systemsGlenn O'Neil Federal: $34,322
Non-Federal: $99,986
2019MIOnline drought forecast dissemination systemGlenn O'Neil Federal: $15,559
Non-Federal: $16,772
2019MIAssessing the accuracy of the Michigan EnviroImpact toolJason Piwarski Federal: $4,902
Non-Federal: $7,593
2019MIPerceptions of decision support system success: Lessons from the North Central RegionDouglas Bessette Federal: $11,339
Non-Federal: $15,432
2019MOAlgae, stench, and death: are algal toxins present in Missouri fish?Dr. Rebecca North Federal: $21,085
Non-Federal: $42,616
2019MONonpoint source pollution mitigation in an urban watershedDr. Dev Niyogi Federal: $22,000
Non-Federal: $44,079
2019MSMicroplastics in the Mississippi River and Mississippi Sound: concentrations, sources, sizes, types, and loadings to the northern Gulf of Mexico (Year 2)James Cizdziel Federal: $25,805
Non-Federal: $51,797
2019MSAquatic vegetation management to enhance multiple-user benefits of southeastern wetlandsGary N Ervin Federal: $29,810
Non-Federal: $60,226
2019MTAssessing the costs and benefits of beaver dam analogs to create resilience to climate change for aquatic ecosystemsLisa Eby Federal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $29,999
2019MTDeveloping cloud-based tools to predict monthly streamflow in Montana using SnowCloudHydroEric A. Sproles Federal: $14,824
Non-Federal: $34,089
2019MTEffects of changing stream temperatures on Montana stonefly communitiesH. Arthur Woods Federal: $14,953
Non-Federal: $36,637
2019MTAquatic insect ecosystem engineering creates resource hot spots in Montana streamsBenjamin B. Tumolo Federal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $880
2019MTOptimization of two-stage solids and nutrient removal wetland treatment system operating at a fish hatchery in a cold climateLuke Thompson Federal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $880
2019MTThe Influence of Beavers on Amphibian Parasite Dispersal in Glacier National ParkLeah Joyce Federal: $1,000
Non-Federal: $440
2019MTDynamics of changing water availability and water rights administration in the Upper Clark Fork River Basin, MTHolly Nesbitt Federal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $880
2019MTQuantification of groundwater flux at a hydrothermal feature in the Yellowstone RiverJesse Bunker Federal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $880
2019MTPrimary controls on nitrate use in lotic systemsKimberly Bray Federal: $1,000
Non-Federal: $440
2019MTVariation in oxygen, temperature and flow in streams and how they influence the behavior of the giant salmonfly, Pteronarcys californicaJackson H. Birrell Federal: $1,750
Non-Federal: $770
2019NCImproving performance and examining expansion of constructed wetlands for tertiary treatment of nitrogen from domestic and municipal wastewaterMichael Burchell Federal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $71,269
2019NCHidden sediment sources: Locating and studying road-draining gullies using a geospatial model and field measurementsJohn P. Gannon Federal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $37,201
2019NCOccurrence of pesticides in North Carolina private drinking water wells and identification of point-of-use treatment optionsDetlef Knappe Federal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $76,200
2019NDUnderstanding E. coli and water quality in stormwater retention and detention basins in Fargo as part of the Red River watershedChristina L.M. Hargiss Federal: $9,000
Non-Federal: $18,000
2019NDDrought identification and prediction for cold climate regionsFederal: $1,962
Non-Federal: $3,924
2019NDEffect of different water table levels on canola growth and quality parametersHalis Simsek Federal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $3,000
2019NDApplication of green iron nanoparticles synthesized using barley polyphenols to combat lake eutrophicationAchintya N. Bezbaruah Federal: $3,500
Non-Federal: $7,000
2019NDEvaluation of the costs between Devils Lake flooding adaptations and Sheyenne River salinity damages resulted from Devils Lake outlet operationsHaochi Zheng Federal: $5,500
Non-Federal: $11,000
2019NDAssessment of agricultural impact on biotic components of North Dakota wetland resources using landscape genomics of northern leopard frog (Rana pipiens)Craig Stockwell Federal: $7,500
Non-Federal: $15,000
2019NDDevelopment of a puddle-based-unit oriented SWAT (SWATPBU) model and its application in North DakotaFederal: $5,500
Non-Federal: $11,000
2019NDEnhanced removal of poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances from waterFeng Federal: $6,469
Non-Federal: $12,938
2019NDInfluence of wetland water quality on amphibian stress and reproductive success in Eastern North DakotaMatthew Smith Federal: $5,625
Non-Federal: $11,250
2019NDUsing UAV and thermal imaging to determine soil moisture in Red River ValleyXinhua Jia Federal: $5,500
Non-Federal: $11,000
2019NDFabrication of point of use treatment systems for aqueous arsenic and their evaluationAchintya N. Bezbaruah Federal: $13,440
Non-Federal: $26,880
2019NDInterdisciplinary approach to understanding fluvial geomorphology of post-glaciolacustrine meandering rivers: a case study of the Red RiverStephanie S. Day Federal: $3,504
Non-Federal: $7,008
2019NESustainability assessment of small Nebraska wastewater treatment systemsPhil Barutha Federal: $19,652
Non-Federal: $39,761
2019NEConnecting groundwater quality to surface water quality in intensively managed landscapesAndrew Miller Federal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,000
2019NEDefend and attack strategy to develop fouling-resistant reverse osmosis membranesSiamak Nejati Federal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,000
2019NHWater Quality and the Landscape: Long-term monitoring of rapidly developing suburban watershedsFederal: $24,806
Non-Federal: $62,392
2019NHAnthropogenic Micropollutant Inventory of Great Bay Estuary, NHDr. Jenna Luek Federal: $15,027
Non-Federal: $44,734
2019NHPressure-cooked: Synergistic impacts of chemical, thermal and physical threats to native Brook troutAmy M. Villamagna Federal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $50,116
2019NJPotential impact of aeromicrobes on surface waterKevin P. Dillon Federal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,201
2019NJBugs on drugs: the influence of environmental conditions on the microbial degradation of pharmaceuticals and bacterial community structure in the Raritan RiverMichelle Zeliph Federal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2019NJDisease impact on denitrifying potential of oysters in Delaware BayHeidi Yeh Federal: $4,852
Non-Federal: $9,704
2019NJResolving aesthetic issues and disinfection byproducts in drinking water through biofiltrationWilliam R. Morales-Medina Federal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2019NJMonitoring chlorophyll-a concentration in New Jersey lakes using remote sensing and ground observationsMarzi Azarderakhsh Federal: $13,400
Non-Federal: $26,933
2019NJIntegrative system approach to investigate the effect of contaminant mixtures in the efficiency of bioremediation processesLucia Rodriguez-Freire Federal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $88,539
2019NJBiotic and abiotic transformation of fluorotelomer carboxylic acids during wastewater treatment processesChen Wu Federal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2019NJIdentification and characterization of organotin pollution in Northern New Jersey EstuaryRan Yan Federal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,005
2019NMEvaluating focused aquifer recharge in arid regions using chloride profile analysisDaniel Cadol Federal: $21,173
Non-Federal: $42,369
2019NMGeographic information system for water resources research planningFederal: $57,842
Non-Federal: $26,607
2019NVDegradation of emerging contaminants in treated wastewater using immobilized non-zero valent ironErick Bandala Federal: $28,287
Non-Federal: $55,873
2019NVEvaluation of Antibiotic Resistance Genes (ARGS) in the Urban Wetland Exosystem: Las Vegas WashXuelian Bai Federal: $24,953
Non-Federal: $50,972
2019NVImproving wastewater treatment using biofilms that degrade phenolic and aromatic contaminantsHenry Sun Federal: $27,050
Non-Federal: $52,554
2019NYShifts in Hudson River valley flood frequency following eastern hemlock loss and successionM. Todd Walter Federal: $5,748
Non-Federal: $0
2019NYNYSWRI Internship ProgramFederal: $17,050
Non-Federal: $0
2019NYHyperspectral drone detection of harmful algal blooms: Ground truthing new approaches for water quality assessmentDr. Timothy de Smet Federal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,006
2019NYMicroplastic pollution in Onondaga and Skaneateles lakes in central New YorkCharles Driscoll Federal: $9,853
Non-Federal: $4,926
2019OHLinking wetland ecological functions: towards a combined-ecosystem service quantification to promote ecosystem health in Lake ErieJorge A. Villa Federal: $39,710
Non-Federal: $45,282
2019OHCapillary trapping of buoyant particles by cylindrical collectors and its application in transport of floating fertilizers in overland flowLei Wu Federal: $36,239
Non-Federal: $36,239
2019OKInformation TransferKevin Wagner Federal: $32,335
Non-Federal: $16,038
2019OKUnderstanding economic impacts of groundwater and soil moisture interactions in Oklahoma – A decision support tool for sustainable water managementDr. Jad Ziolkowska Federal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,000
2019OKFour-step PW desalination process with zeolite and aAlumina membranesDavid Lampert Federal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2019OKRational Design of SolarEnergy-Combined Desalination Systems for Treatment of Produced WaterSeok-Jhin Kim Federal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,001
2019OKEffects of deficit irrigation on water use of warm season turfgrasses under fairway maintenanceCharles Fontanier Federal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,062
2019PAPhosphorus and ammonia removal and recovery from wastewater effluentsAcner Ronen Federal: $26,510
Non-Federal: $53,020
2019PALong-term water quality performance at a central pennsylvania constructed wetland designed to treat domestic sewageRobert D. Shannon Federal: $19,444
Non-Federal: $38,887
2019PALong-term effectiveness of stream restoration activitiesShirley E. Clark Federal: $20,957
Non-Federal: $41,914
2019PRNanotechnology-based wastewater treatment for reuseOscar J. Perales-Perez Federal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $21,226
2019PRAtrazine and glyphosate monitoring in surface water bodies in the Western Region of Puerto RicoPedro Javier Tarafa Federal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $35,786
2019RIDecreasing trihalomethanes in the providence drinking water systemJoseph E. Goodwill Federal: $21,601
Non-Federal: $111,211
2019RIProviding a new perspective on groundwater hydrometry using thermal infrared sensor equipped unmanned aerial vehicleSoni M. Pradhanang Federal: $21,601
Non-Federal: $25,646
2019RIClean drinking water in Rhode IslandFederal: $8,335
Non-Federal: $4,459
2019SCTire wear particles in road runoff as non-point source microplastic pollution in SC waterwaysPeter Van den Hurk Federal: $31,040
Non-Federal: $62,083
2019SCFecal coliform pollution and antibiotic resistance in Sand River in Aiken, SCSarah Michele Harmon Federal: $11,000
Non-Federal: $22,284
2019SDMitigating impacts of excess water quantity through improved soil healthJohn McMaine Federal: $8,000
Non-Federal: $16,000
2019SDEvaluating and predicting the risk of algal blooms in South Dakota lakes using remote sensing (Year 2)Rachel McDaniel Federal: $24,127
Non-Federal: $48,254
2019SDAssessment and improvement of performance of septic systems in cold climatesStu Geza Federal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2019SDImprovement of dentrification bioractor performance using weathered woodchips and wet-dry cycle controlGuanghui Hua Federal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,078
2019TNUnderstanding effluent movement in clayey soils when using subsurface drip dispersal to apply domestic wastewaterJohn R. Buchanan Federal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $41,210
2019TNInvestigate industrial facilities storm water quality and SWPPP performanceMaryam Salehi Federal: $24,945
Non-Federal: $50,414
2019TNHarmful algal blooms in critical amphibian habitats at Mammoth Cave National Park, KentuckyBrittaney Hogan Federal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $0
2019TNReal-time adaptive detention control network: An application in the Conner Creek catchmentAaron Akin Federal: $5,306
Non-Federal: $7,343
2019TNFrom the plot to the catchment scale: Towards the next generation of hydrodynamics - sediment transport modelsChristos P. Giannopoulos Federal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,550
2019TNFlood history from paleoflood deposits in cut bank soil profiles in Chickamaugua Reservoir, Tennessee RiverLarry McKay Federal: $4,790
Non-Federal: $2,443
2019TXEnvironmental impacts and runoff dynamics associated with urban landscape conversionsBenjamin Wherley Federal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $17,449
2019TXElectrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) parameter adaptation for seasonal variationsDr. Mark E. Everett Federal: $4,950
Non-Federal: $9,900
2019UTBathymetric surveying using sonar and drones for recurring data analysisRollin H. Hotchkiss Federal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $0
2019UTNew design and analysis guidance regarding potential scour of hydraulic structures located in canals, rivers, dams, and leveesBrian M. Crookson Federal: $28,394
Non-Federal: $41,053
2019UTCharacterizing streamflow and temperature patterns to determine impacts of summer dewatering on the Blacksmith Fork RiverBelize Lane Federal: $12,410
Non-Federal: $28,388
2019UTUse of sUAS for mapping wetland flow paths and consumptive use on the San Rafael River, UtahAlfonso Torres-Rua Federal: $15,979
Non-Federal: $19,294
2019VAVirginia Water Resources Research Center Student Seed-Grant Research Proposals 2019Stephen H. Schoenholtz Federal: $92,335
Non-Federal: $184,671
2019VIHow much water can I get from my roof: Historical efficiency of rainwater harvesting in the Virgin IslandsGregg Guannel Federal: $26,423
Non-Federal: $0
2019VTImpact of storms on lake phytoplankton community dynamicsJason Stockwell Federal: $18,258
Non-Federal: $36,655
2019VTInfluence of changing lake temperatures on early life stages of freshwater whitefishes at local to global scales: modeling and experimental approachesTaylor Stewart Federal: $41,737
Non-Federal: $83,579
2019VTResponse of phytoplankton communities to recovery from acidification in Vermont lakesAna M. Morales-Williams Federal: $9,999
Non-Federal: $20,146
2019VTIdentifying drivers of change in denitrification capacity of riparian soils during the spring snowmelt/runoff periodBrittany Lancellotti Federal: $9,298
Non-Federal: $18,653
2019WAReuse of food processing wastewater in Washington StateIndranil Chowdhury Federal: $27,423
Non-Federal: $54,847
2019WAThe contribution of water retention, nutrient loading and microbial community to mosquito breeding and West Nile virus transmission in Spokane CountyKrisztian Magori Federal: $29,251
Non-Federal: $58,502
2019WIImpact of changing snow cover and frozen ground regimes on groundwater rechargeSteven P Loheide II Federal: $47,535
Non-Federal: $34,759
2019WVEvaluation of a water allocation model for West VirginiaLeslie Hopkinson Federal: $9,786
Non-Federal: $19,963
2019WVWRI 265 TSS sampling in the Upper Ohio River Basin & reestablishment of sampling sitesBenjamin Pursglove Federal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $41,307
2019WVWRI 264 Upper Ohio River Basin data analysis and reportingBenjamin Pursglove Federal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $41,307
2019WVWRI 263 Modeling water quality changes in the Monongahela River basinJ. Todd Petty Federal: $19,888
Non-Federal: $41,098
2019WVUpdating the West Virginia State Water Budget: Quantifying monthly and seasonal water use, thresholds, and stress at the watershed-scaleNicolas Zegre Federal: $7,893
Non-Federal: $16,099
2019WYDeveloping a framework for estimating groundwater connections to Wyoming reservoirsKevin Befus Federal: $8,999
Non-Federal: $95,187
2019WYNumerical simulations of the impact of cloud seeding in the Wind River range on precipitation, snowpack, and streamflowBart Geerts Federal: $9,529
Non-Federal: $123,238
2019WYTreatment of produced water and rare earth element resource cost-offsets, WyomingCharles Nye Federal: $4,946
Non-Federal: $29,601
2019WYRecycling co-produced waters (CWS) in the energy industry for economic developmentMaohong Fan Federal: $9,450
Non-Federal: $117,064
2018AKA low-cost alternative to mitigate heavy metal and phosphorus contamination in waterDebasmita Misra, Srijan Aggarwal, Brittany BloodFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,000
2018AKChanges and trends in snowmelt hydrology in the Alaska ArcticSvetlana Stuefer, Kelsey DeanFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,000
2018AKPhotochemical Reactivity of Sub-Arctic Permafrost Natural Organic Matter and its Implications of Surface Water BiogeochemistryJennifer Guerard, Kristin GagneFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,000
2018AKWater quality and off-highway vehicle stream crossings in the Nelchina Recreation AreaRoman Dial, Kristina RylandFederal: $10,692
Non-Federal: $22,559
2018AL2018 Auburn University, AL WRRI 104(b) ProposalPuneet SrivastavaFederal: $17,476
Non-Federal: $35,935
Non-Federal: $52,967
Non-Federal: $63,767
Non-Federal: $49,931
2018AROvercoming adoption barriers to promote surface water irrigation in the Arkansas Delta RegionKent KovacsFederal: $9,920
Non-Federal: $20,385
2018ARAn In Situ Approach to Harmful Algal Blooms: Simultaneous Treatment of Cyanobacteria and Cyanotoxins in Natural Water Sources Using Catalytic Nanoparticle-Fiber NetsLauren Greenlee, Wen ZhangFederal: $24,996
Non-Federal: $51,170
2018ARQuantifying flow sources and their impacts on water quality in forested Ozark streamsMichelle Evans-White, Allyn Dodd, Erik PollockFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,002
2018ARDo stream phosphorus dynamics correspond with biological condition in the Lake Conway Point Remove Watershed, Arkansas?Sally Entrekin, Matt Trentman, Jennifer TankFederal: $7,677
Non-Federal: $18,708
2018ARArkansas Water Resources Center - Information TransferBrian Haggard, Erin ScottFederal: $8,757
Non-Federal: $19,574
2018AZMicroplastic Contamination in the Lower Santa Cruz RiverMichael Bogan, David Quanrud, Drew EppehimerFederal: $8,641
Non-Federal: $17,338
2018AZInformation Transfer ProgramSharon Megdal, Jean McLain, Susanna EdenFederal: $68,441
Non-Federal: $36,616
2018AZUsing Fresh Water Algae to Remove Lead from WaterRobert Root, Amanda Minke, Jon Chorover, Joel Cuello, Jean McLainFederal: $9,903
Non-Federal: $20,891
2018CASuitability of alfalfa forage crops for winter groundwater rechargeHelen DahlkeFederal: $11,165
Non-Federal: $6,364
2018CAWater and nitrogen use efficiencies of sub-surface drip irrigated and fertilized forage corn and sorghum in the San Joaquin Valley of CANicholas ClarkFederal: $14,006
Non-Federal: $3,642
2018COTechnology Transfer and Information DisseminationReagan WaskomFederal: $37,405
Non-Federal: $0
2018COInvestigating Bi-Directional Water Exchanges Across Intact and Degraded FloodplainsTim CovinoFederal: $4,934
Non-Federal: $2,566
2018CODirty Snow: Turning Qualittative Assessments into Quantitative Factors for the Effect of Dust on Snow Albedo and Melt RateSteven FassnachtFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,600
2018COStreamflow Depletion on the South Platte River due to Groundwater Pumping: Analysis via Field Work and Groundwater ModelingRyan BaileyFederal: $4,996
Non-Federal: $2,598
2018COHistory of South Platte River Riparian Ecosystem and Channel ChangeJessica SaloFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $0
2018COAssessment of Floodplain Storage Dynamics in ColoradoRyan MorrisonFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $13,000
2018CTQuantifying road salt impacts on forested wetland structure and function in Eastern ConnecticutBeth Lawrence, Gary A. RobbinsFederal: $25,791
Non-Federal: $51,582
2018CTFe-OM Coprecipitation and its Effects on Bioavailability of Cu and OM to DenitrifiersTimothy VadasFederal: $8,000
Non-Federal: $16,000
2018CTNitrogen and Phosphorus Leaching from Compost-Amended LawnsKarl Guillard, Thomas MorrisFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $52,443
2018CTCTIWR Technology TransferMichael Dietz, James HurdFederal: $5,361
Non-Federal: $3,190
2018DCInorganic geochemistry and endocrine disrupters in urban streams: quantifying links between development patterns and water chemistryStephen MacAvoyFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,106
2018DCDevelopment of Urban Sustainability Model for Metropolitan DC based on Population, Food, Water, Energy and InfrastructureLei Wang, Pradeep Behera, Bryan HiggsFederal: $9,974
Non-Federal: $4,788
2018DCChlorine and Chloramine Removal from Drinking Water by A Novel Polymer Resin with A Covalently Bonded Reducing AgentXueqing Song, William LiFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $4,800
2018DCUsing zebrafish to determine biological water health at Anacostias Bladensburg Waterfront ParkVictoria ConnaughtonFederal: $9,581
Non-Federal: $20,226
2018DCQuantifying Innovative Productive Green InfrastructureHarris Trobman, Kamran ZendehdelFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $4,800
2018DCLong-term Hydraulic performance assessment of bio-retention and permeable pavement systems with and without underdrains using monitoring study and modelingArash MassoudiehFederal: $9,946
Non-Federal: $22,020
2018DCHydraulic parameter estimation by remotely-sensed top soil moisture observations with the model reduce variational data assimilation schemeLeila FarhadiFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2018DCRunoff Control Performance Evaluation and Development of Design Guideline for Green Roof Systems for District of ColumbiaPradeep BeheraFederal: $9,980
Non-Federal: $4,790
2018DEState Water Resources Research Institute Program, Delaware Water Resources Center, Annual Proposal for Fiscal Year 2018Gerald KauffmanFederal: $92,335
Non-Federal: $185,696
2018FLComputational fluid dynamics as a tool for urban water sediment transport and fate during clarificationJohn SansaloneFederal: $16,000
Non-Federal: $32,000
2018FLFlorida Water Resources Information TransferKirk Hatfield, Mark NewmanFederal: $23,372
Non-Federal: $16,845
2018GAA Hybrid Approach of Analyzing Urban Flood Risk: A Case Study in the City of Atlanta, GANirajan DhakalFederal: $13,008
Non-Federal: $36,860
2018GADeveloping real-time sensor networks for monitoring stream water quality to improve water resource management: Year 2Seth Wenger, Amy Rosemond, John Dowd, Phillip BumpersFederal: $17,997
Non-Federal: $36,464
2018GAEnhanced human mtDNA assays for fecal source tracking applicationsJoe BrownFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $36,000
2018GAEffects of storm surge on coastal storm water systems in GeorgiaHermann FritzFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $36,000
2018GUGuam Waterworks Authority (GWA) production-well rehabilitation assessment: Lessons Learned/Manual for Well Exploration and DevelopmentYongSang Kim, Nathan Habana, John JensonFederal: $10,090
Non-Federal: $0
2018GUDevelopment of a GIS Based Imagery Database for Groundwater Recharge Areas and Key Reaches of Streams on GuamNathan Habana, Leroy HeitzFederal: $6,980
Non-Federal: $0
2018HI3rd Conference on Water Resource Sustainability on Tropical IslandsDarren LernerFederal: $6,999
Non-Federal: $2,905
2018HIEvaluation of Pepper mild mottle viruses as a sewage marker in HawaiiMarek KirsFederal: $20,017
Non-Federal: $56,057
2018HISolving the Silica Conundrum in Hawaiian Streams and Groundwaters using Non-Traditional Isotope GeochemistryOlivier Rouxel, Nicole Lautze, Eric De CarloFederal: $14,137
Non-Federal: $64,374
2018HIEconomic activity, technological progress, and water resource utilization on OahuPeter Fuleky, Kimberly BurnettFederal: $25,792
Non-Federal: $52,591
2018HITechnology Transfer and Communications- HIDarren LernerFederal: $15,190
Non-Federal: $22,345
2018IA2018-2019 Iowa Water Center Information Transfer ProjectRichard Cruse, Melissa MillerFederal: $34,803
Non-Federal: $37,704
2018IAThe Economic Benefits of Mitigating Harmful Algal Blooms in IowaYauHuo Shr, Catherine Kling, Chuan Tang, Wendong ZhangFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $60,000
2018IASpatial Potential for Enhanced In-field Denitrification from Perennial Vegetative Filter StripsDaniel Linton, Bradley MillerFederal: $4,790
Non-Federal: $27,346
2018IDPost-fire phosphorus availability and mobility in forest soils and the effects on water qualityErin Brooks, Daniel StrawnFederal: $14,923
Non-Federal: $29,847
2018IDToward Understanding Current and Future Pressures on Water Supply/Use in the Eastern Snake Plain: Spatial Patterns of Drought, Sectorial Competition, Excess Nutrients and Water-Energy InterconnectionsKaren Humes, John AbatzoglouFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,028
2018IDThe Coeur d’Alene Catfish: An autonomous underwater drone for deep-water lake research.Alan Kolok, John ShovicFederal: $12,666
Non-Federal: $25,333
2018IDContextualizing Experiments and Eliciting Stakeholder Input from Idaho’s Water SectorAlex MaasFederal: $14,754
Non-Federal: $29,508
2018IDSeeing through a sediment bed: A novel transparent sediment simulant for unveiling the bed topography and interstitial processesDaniele Tonina, Ralph BudwigFederal: $14,714
Non-Federal: $29,458
2018IDOutreach and EngagementMark Solomon, Alan KolokFederal: $20,278
Non-Federal: $40,496
2018ILAn experimental evaluation of the contribution of rain barrels to mosquito productionBrian Allan, Allison ParkerFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,098
2018ILRedefine Droughts in the U.S. Corn Belt: Stomatal conductance constraints attributable to atmospheric demand and/or soil water supplyKaiyu Guan, Hyungsuk KimFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2018ILCharacterization of harmful algal blooms using small unmanned aircraft systems and watershed analysis in southern IllinoisRuopu Li, Di WuFederal: $9,982
Non-Federal: $19,974
2018ILGroundwater phytoremediation and biofuels production for Crab Orchard National Wildlife RefugeJia Liu, Md HadiuzzamanFederal: $9,937
Non-Federal: $19,880
2018ILTransferring Water Resources Information to the People of IllinoisYu-Feng LinFederal: $43,956
Non-Federal: $25,770
2018INQuantification of tributary nutrient transport and HABs in Lake Wawasee, Indianas largest natural lakeNathan BoschFederal: $14,910
Non-Federal: $43,890
2018INEvaluation of sub-lethal effects of neurodegenerative cyanotoxins on predator-prey interactions in a freshwater fishJessica WardFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,030
2018INAssessing Nutrient Sources and Usage During Harmful Algae Blooms (HAB) and Eutrophication Events Using Stable Isotopes: Implications for Water Quality in the Wabash RiverGreg MichalskiFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $31,322
2018INNutrient removal from greenhouse wastewater using a phosphorus removal structureHye-Ji Kim, Chad PennFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,001
2018INEstimating watershed residence times in artificially-drained landscapes and relation to nutrient concentrationsLisa WelpFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,014
2018KS2018 Governor's Water ConferenceDan DevlinFederal: $10,949
Non-Federal: $16,091
2018KSStochastic Forecasting of Harmful Algae Blooms in Cheney ReservoirAleksey Sheshukov, Trisha MooreFederal: $14,867
Non-Federal: $30,304
2018KSEvaluation of the geomorphological adjustment of a meandering, alluvial river subject to streambank stabilization structures.Tricia MooreFederal: $14,933
Non-Federal: $29,954
2018KSDetermining if Riparian Buffer Strip Age Impacts Phosphorus Retention PotentialColby MoorbergFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,065
2018KSDoes Nutrient Form Control Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) toxin release?Ted HarrisFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $37,099
2018KSAssessing the Effectiveness of Streambank stabilization projects on the Cottonwood River using Unmanned Aircraft Systems (drones)Tony LayzellFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $37,056
2018KYAssessment of MRSA presence in suburban WWTPs effluent in Lexington, KentuckyGail Brion, Atena AmirsoleimaniFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,100
2018KYEvaluation of Untreated Karst Groundwater as Community Water Sources, Barren and Monroe Counties, KentuckyChris Groves, LeeAnn Bledsoe, Cayla BaughnFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2018KYDeveloping a Threat Assessment and Monitoring Framework for Urban KarstJason Polk, Rachel KaiserFederal: $4,999
Non-Federal: $11,216
2018KYWater and Solute Movement in a Fragipan Soil as Modified by RyegrassChristopher Matocha, Keegan SmithFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $16,907
2018KYPhosphorus Contributions to Urban Runoff from Non-Anthropogenic Animal WasteBrad Lee, Dwayne Edwards, Gregg MunshawFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,437
2018KYModeling impacts of seasonal land cover change on fluvial sediment loads of the Upper Floyds Fork watershed, KYAndrew Day, Aimee DownsFederal: $9,646
Non-Federal: $19,357
2018KYKentucky information transfer projectLindell OrmsbeeFederal: $44,470
Non-Federal: $84,366
2018KYEvaluating and Addressing Climate Awareness and Water in KentuckyCarmen Agouridis, Lauren CagleFederal: $4,820
Non-Federal: $10,485
2018LADisinfection of Amoebae in Municipal Water SuppliesSamuel SnowFederal: $12,000
Non-Federal: $27,669
2018LADevelopment of Low-Cost Online Water Level Monitoring Platform Based on Capacitive SensingKidong ParkFederal: $13,000
Non-Federal: $29,316
2018LAAssessing the Economic Impact of Delayed Irrigation in Agronomic CropsStacia Davis, Krishna Paudel, Todd SpiveyFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,052
2018LAFine-Grained Floodplain Forest Flow Paths and Source Water Mixing in Shrink-Swell Clays of a Bottomland Hardwood Forest Using Stable Isotope TracersRichard KeimFederal: $14,000
Non-Federal: $28,640
2018LAEcological Consequences of Low-Level Sodium Inputs in Riparian Zones on Decomposition Processes and Inputs to Freshwater EcosystemsNatalie Clay, Sally Entrekin, Michelle Evans-WhiteFederal: $11,000
Non-Federal: $25,855
2018MAForest land cover as a tool in water quality management: Developing a valuable addition to the Cape Cod Commission’s 208 Technologies MatrixIvan Valiela, Javier Lloret, Anne Reynolds, Heather McElroyFederal: $55,000
Non-Federal: $118,012
2018MAWater Symposium[ENCODING ERROR]Federal: $17,189
Non-Federal: $28,173
2018MAStrategizing for future research in current water resources topics[ENCODING ERROR]Federal: $3,300
Non-Federal: $13,367
2018MDUsing continuous conductivity data to investigate the temporal and spatial variability of chloride concentrations in streamsJoel MooreFederal: $41,299
Non-Federal: $96,580
2018MDHydrometeorological indicators of critical infrastructure resilience to climate change in Maryland: A case study in agricultureAllison Reilly, Michelle BensiFederal: $34,956
Non-Federal: $67,113
2018MEAddressing the mess: developing evaluative methods for group participatory decision support in riverine systemsSharon Klein, Bridie McGreavy, Aaron StrongFederal: $30,786
Non-Federal: $61,581
2018MEEstuary Margin Watershed Characterization to Compare Coastal Bacteria Pollution Vulnerability in MaineSean Smith, Kate Beard, Bridie McGreavyFederal: $37,818
Non-Federal: $75,672
2018MEMaine Information TransferDavid HartFederal: $12,776
Non-Federal: $27,248
2018MIImproving nutrient management through a drainage tile monitoring programJeremiah AsherFederal: $18,836
Non-Federal: $22,053
2018MIMichigan Water Resources Continuing Education Learning ModulesDarrell Donahue, Steven SaffermanFederal: $30,609
Non-Federal: $106,138
2018MITechnology Transfer Training, Dissemination and Program Development in Water ResourcesLois Wolfson, Ruth Kline-RobachFederal: $28,532
Non-Federal: $51,950
2018MINutrient Loading Forecasting for Western Lake ErieGlenn O'Neil, Margaret Kalcic, Rebecca MuenichFederal: $14,358
Non-Federal: $4,597
2018MOAlgae, stench, and death: are algal toxins present in Missouri fish?Rebecca North, Alba ArgerichFederal: $21,085
Non-Federal: $44,370
2018MONonpoint Source Pollution Mitigation in an Urban WatershedDev Niyogi, Mark FitchFederal: $21,795
Non-Federal: $43,591
2018MOTechnology TransferBaolin DengFederal: $34,861
Non-Federal: $69,723
2018MOAdminBaolin DengFederal: $14,594
Non-Federal: $29,188
2018MSMicroplastics in the Mississippi River and Mississippi Sound: concentrations, sources, sizes, types, and loadings to the northern Gulf of MexicoJames CizdzielFederal: $36,166
Non-Federal: $72,352
2018MSAquatic vegetation management to enhance multiple-user benefits of southeastern wetlandsGary Ervin, Lee TurnageFederal: $35,014
Non-Federal: $70,875
2018MTStudent Research: Microbial reduction of selenium at the Colstrip power plantHannah KoepnickFederal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $880
2018MTStudent Research: Are Montana's Aquatic Ecosystems Becoming a "Hot Mess" Due to Climate ChangeKristen CookFederal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $6,271
2018MTStudent Research: Assessing pharmaceuticals in Montana’s waste water and drinking water to determine exposure risk, and inform targeted environmental and public health regulatory initiatives to protect Montanan communitiesMiranda MargettsFederal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $880
2018MTIdentifying seasonal spatial distribution of geothermal groundwater discharge to surface water using UAV-based thermal infrared imaging, LaDuke hot springs, MT.Jeremy Crowley, Alan English, Raja NagisettyFederal: $14,850
Non-Federal: $31,010
2018MTDeciphering the combined effects of artificial and natural water storage structures on late-season flowsHongyi LiFederal: $14,998
Non-Federal: $39,774
2018MTReducing Acid Rock Drainage Volume using Passive Solar Evaporation IslandsKatherine ZodrowFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,000
2018MTStudent Research: Understanding root-microbe interactions in the rhizosphereEmma RaesideFederal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $880
2018MTStudent Research: Limitations to Photosynthesis in Silver Bow CreekIsaiah RobertsonFederal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $670
2018MTStudent Research: Interactive effects of metal and nutrient cycling in the Upper Clark Fork River, MontanaKaitlin PerkinsFederal: $1,610
Non-Federal: $725
2018NCOccurrence of pesticides in North Carolina private drinking water wells and identification of point-of-use treatment optionsDetlef Knappe, Francis de los Reyes, Catherine LePrevostFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $52,800
2018NCHidden sediment sources: Locating and studying road-draining gullies using a geospatial model and field measurementsJohn Gannon, Diane Styers, David Kinner, Mark LordFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $41,870
2018NCAdding Additional Model Years and Other Model Refinements to the Updated Neuse Estuary Eutrophication ModelJames BowenFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $45,000
2018NCImproving performance and examining expansion of constructed wetlands for tertiary treatment of nitrogen from domestic and municipal wastewaterMichael Burchell, Tarek Aziz, Francois BirgandFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $45,000
2018NCWRRI Information Transfer ProgramNicole WilkinsonFederal: $9,342
Non-Federal: $0
2018NCA Watershed Model to Understand Groundwater and Surface Water Interactions to Support Sewer Utility Resilience at the Jacksonville N.C. Forest Water Re-Use FacilityElizabeth Nichols, Ge Sun, Nancy Gibson, Katherine MartinFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $0
2018NCPhytoplankton Nutritional Ecology and the Eutrophication Trajectory in a Piedmont Reservoir with Elevated AmmoniumJoAnn Burkholder, Nicole LindorFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $0
2018NCCometabolic Degradation of 1,4-Dioxane in Biologically Active Carbon Filters with Locally Enriched BiotaDetlef Knappe, Michael R. Hyman, Amie McElroyFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $0
2018NCElectrochemical Mineralization of Perfluorooctanoic Acid and Perfluorooctanesulfonic AcidMei Sun, Vivek PulikkalFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $0
2018NDExamining the Impact of Devils Lakes Outlets on Flood Risk and Water Quality of the Sheyenne RiverXiaodong ZhangFederal: $3,000
Non-Federal: $6,000
2018NDRestoring the Bigmouth Buffalo (Ictiobus cyprinellus), a Native Species Beneficial to Water Quality and Ecological Functioning of North Dakota’s Aquatic EcosystemsMark ClarkFederal: $8,000
Non-Federal: $16,000
2018NDAssessing Effect of Precise Evapotranspiration Measurement on Crop Coefficient and Water UseXinhua JiaFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $12,000
2018NDImplications of Stormwater Control Measures on Hydrology of an Urban Watershed in the Fargo, ND AreaStephanie DayFederal: $2,900
Non-Federal: $5,800
2018NDMathematical Modeling of Freshwater Harmful Algal BloomsHalis SimsekFederal: $2,250
Non-Federal: $4,500
2018NDApplication of Green Iron Nanoparticles Synthesized Using Barley and other Plant-borne Polyphenols to Combat Lake EutrophicationAchintya BezbaruahFederal: $6,650
Non-Federal: $13,300
2018NDLandscape Genetics of Northern Leopard Frog (Rana pipiens) to Evaluate Biotic Connectivity and Environmental Quality of North Dakota Wetland ResourcesCraig StockwellFederal: $9,000
Non-Federal: $18,000
2018NDEvaluating the Response of Diatoms and Cladocerans Communities to Climate Change over the Last Century in Lake P1, North DakotaJon SweetmanFederal: $3,000
Non-Federal: $6,000
2018NDTreatment of Produced Water for Discharge to Surface Waters and Non-potable UsesFeng XiaoFederal: $7,500
Non-Federal: $15,000
2018NDEnhanced Removal of Heavy Metals from Stormwater by Bioretention CellsFeng XiaoFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $12,000
2018NDAn Integrated Social and Ecological Model for Stream Flow SimulationZhulu LinFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2018NDEffect of Water Level on Soybean Growth and Quality Parameters with High Salinity WaterHalis SimsekFederal: $4,000
Non-Federal: $8,000
2018NDInterdisciplinary Approach to Understanding Fluvial Geomorphology of Post-glaciolacustrine Meandering Rivers: A Case Study of the Red RiverStephanie DayFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $12,000
2018NDInformation Dissemination and CommunicationEakalak KhanFederal: $10,432
Non-Federal: $20,864
2018NEMicroalgae Treatment of Meat Processing Wastewater for Nutrient Removal and Water ReconditioningYULIE MENESES, Ashraf AlyHassanFederal: $19,869
Non-Federal: $39,756
2018NEPesticide Exposure in Recreational LakesTiffany Messer, Aaron Mittelstet, Daniel SnowFederal: $19,842
Non-Federal: $40,273
2018NEThe chemistry and ecotoxicology of microplastics - water quality research experience in Nebraska waterwaysDaniel Snow, Shannon Bartelt-Hunt, Jerald BrickerFederal: $10,080
Non-Federal: $20,160
2018NJExtent and effects of microplastic contamination in New Jersey lakesAaron StolerFederal: $18,905
Non-Federal: $37,810
2018NJDeveloping a new, compact, and modular design for revolutionizing urban water reuseYong Yan, Yang DengFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $41,741
2018NJRapid, DNA-Based Test for Ranavirus DetectionAllyssa Angel, Nina GoodeyFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $11,220
2018NJDevelopment of An Innovative and Resilient Emergency Water Treatment (EWT) for Natural DisastersJunkui Cui, Yang DengFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $11,754
2018NJCharacterization and Assessment of Microplastic Interactions with Persistent Organic Pollutants in Surface Waters of New JerseyWanyi Fu, Wen ZhangFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2018NJAssessment of the Occurrence, Toxicity, and Biotransformation of Disinfection Byproducts of 1,4-DioxaneFei Li, Mengyan LiFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2018NJKeeping up with Sea Level Rise: The Role of Vegetation in the Resilience of Tidal MarshesJohnny Quispe, JeanMarie HartmanFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2018NMInformation Transfer ProgramCatherine Ortega KlettFederal: $18,577
Non-Federal: $70,617
2018NMGeographic Information Systems for Water Resources Research PlanningAlexander FernaldFederal: $38,250
Non-Federal: $37,699
2018NMIncrease soil water for desirable plants through invasive plant managementKert Young, Doug CramFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $60,000
2018NVDegradation of Emerging Contaminants in Treated Wastewater Using Immobilized Non-zero Valent IronErick BandalaFederal: $26,831
Non-Federal: $54,669
2018NVEvaluation of Antibiotic Resistance Genes (ARGS) in the Urban Wetland Ecosystem: Las Vegas WashXuelian BaiFederal: $26,592
Non-Federal: $51,373
2018NVImproving wastewater treatment using biofilms that degrade phenolic and aromatic contaminantsHenry SunFederal: $23,125
Non-Federal: $50,016
2018NVNWRRI Website & NewsletterKumud AcharyaFederal: $6,808
Non-Federal: $14,567
2018NYThe Pathogen Panel for rapid quantification of 17 waterborne viral, bacterial and protozoal pathogens and fecal indicators at New York State BeachesRuth Richardson, Yolanda BrooksFederal: $9,924
Non-Federal: $5,624
2018NYInvasive round goby as a water quality assessment tool: bioindicators of contaminants in Northeastern U.S. inland watersSuresh Sethi, James Jackson, Lars Rudstam, Katie FiorellaFederal: $9,750
Non-Federal: $5,525
2018NYBalancing cyanotoxin removal and N-nitrosamine formation control during ozonation of harmful algal bloom-impacted source watersTeng ZengFederal: $14,968
Non-Federal: $29,936
2018NYTurning Vacant Lots into Green Infrastructure: Application of A Multi-objective Optimization Tool in the City of BuffaloZhenduo Zhu, Shawn Matott, Alan RabideauFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,000
2018NYOwasco Lake impairment and the link to land use and tributary healthTodd WalterFederal: $17,105
Non-Federal: $9,693
2018NYStrengthening regional extension on flood resiliencyTodd WalterFederal: $11,295
Non-Federal: $6,401
2018OHCan health of aquatic wildlife indicate the quality of water resources?Jeanine RefsniderFederal: $21,636
Non-Federal: $37,710
2018OHMaumee River sediments as a nitrogen source or sink to Lake Erie: the competing roles of ammonium recycling and denitrificationMark McCarthyFederal: $39,998
Non-Federal: $53,784
2018OHLandscape fragmentation and water yield with unconventional shale oil and gas development in OhioElizabeth Toman, Kaiguang ZhaoFederal: $19,591
Non-Federal: $26,049
2018OKInformation TransferKevin WagnerFederal: $32,335
Non-Federal: $16,038
2018OKDeveloping Seasonal Streamflow Forecasts to Inform Surface Water Management in OklahomaTyson Ochsner, Erik Krueger, Briana Wyatt, Eric JonesFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,000
2018OKConserving Agricultural Water Resources in Oklahoma Using Smart TechnologiesSaleh Taghvaeian, Sumon DattaFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2018OKControl of Problematic Halanaerobiales that Limit the Reuse of Hydraulic Fracturing FluidsJoseph Suflita, Irene DavidovaFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,000
2018OKEvaluating the potential of Sentinel-2 and Landsat images for mapping open surface water body areas and water quality in OklahomaXiangming Xiao, Zhenhua ZouFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,014
2018ORTechnology TransferTodd JarvisFederal: $43,922
Non-Federal: $159,106
2018PAData-Driven Models to Assess Water Quality in the Region of Marcellus ShaleZhenhui LiFederal: $21,657
Non-Federal: $44,817
2018PAIntegrative Modeling to Quantify Systems-Level Benefits of Green and Grey Infrastructure Networks to Urban Water QualityCarla NgFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $68,444
2018PAPhotocatalytic Water Purification Under Visible Light: A New Direction For Water Treatment ProcessDipendu SahaFederal: $22,000
Non-Federal: $44,017
2018PAAdvancing Public Education about Water Resources in Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic RegionElizabeth BoyerFederal: $28,678
Non-Federal: $32,698
2018PRWillingness to pay for water scarcity eradication and water service attributes in Puerto Rico: Results from contingent valuation and choice experiments methods[ENCODING ERROR]Federal: $19,039
Non-Federal: $57,015
2018PRAtrazine degradation through an inclined, gravity-influenced plane system embedded with surface-modified TiO2 nanoparticlesPedro Tarafa, Sylvia RodriguezAbudoFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $35,796
2018PRGeomorphic impacts in rivers of Puerto Rico before and after Hurricane Maria using UAV’sWalter SilvaFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $2,115
2018RIAssessing Microplastic and Microfibers Contamination in Small Water Utilities and Private WellsVinka CraverFederal: $13,162
Non-Federal: $29,844
2018RIAssessment of Ferrate for Treating Drinking Water Sources Impacted by Harmful Algal BloomsJoseph GoodwillFederal: $21,127
Non-Federal: $47,198
2018RIClean Drinking Water in Rhode IslandChristopher HunterFederal: $8,709
Non-Federal: $16,886
2018SCStatewide Survey of Irrigation Source Water Quality and Water use Techniques in the Specialty Crops Production IndustrySarah White, Natasha Bell, Megan Chase, Lauren Garcia ChanceFederal: $28,610
Non-Federal: $57,378
2018SCMonitoring Distribution and Toxicity of Coal Tar Chemicals in the Congaree River Using Passive SamplersPeter Van Den HurkFederal: $30,061
Non-Federal: $60,129
2018SDEvaluation of Nitrate Removal Rates of Denitrification Bioreactors Using Agricultural Residue Media (Year 2)Guanghui Hua, Christopher SchmitFederal: $22,258
Non-Federal: $44,803
2018SDEvaluating and predicting the risk of algal blooms in South Dakota lakes using remote sensingRachel McDaniel, Bruce Bleakley, John McMaineFederal: $24,147
Non-Federal: $48,294
2018SDStormwater management and ecosystem health: The complementary role of green infrastructure in urban environmentsJames Stone, Charles Fenster, Henning Nottebrock, A Leffler, Heidi SieverdingFederal: $12,000
Non-Federal: $24,000
2018SDSouth Dakota Water Resources Institute FY2018 Information Transfer ProgramVan Kelley, Rachel McDaniel, David Kringen, John MaursetterFederal: $20,762
Non-Federal: $41,527
2018TNRethinking Bank Stabilization in Tennessee to Develop a Classification Protocol for Agriculture and Urbanized SystemsThanos Papanicolaou, John Schwartz, Christopher WilsonFederal: $16,533
Non-Federal: $41,753
2018TNLow-cost Real-time Streamflow Network for Falling Water River WatershedAlfred KalyanapuFederal: $16,459
Non-Federal: $47,951
2018TNThree-Dimensional Modeling of River Flows Under Extreme Weather ScenariosJejal Bathi, Kidambi SreenivasFederal: $19,998
Non-Federal: $42,070
2018TXInformation TransferJohn Tracy, Danielle Kalisek, Lucas Gregory, Troy BertholdFederal: $82,335
Non-Federal: $0
2018TXIdentification of Sources of Salinity in the Northern Segment of the Brazos River Alluvium AquiferErin Noonan, Joe YeldermanFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2018TXEvaluating the impact of the Katy Prairie and adding HCAD Plan 5 Reservoir on Flooding of Addicks and Barker Reservoirs in Houston, TexasPhilip Bedient, Ferne MaulsbyFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2018UTUnderstanding the Variability of Recharge and Groundwater Control on Mountainous Stream Discharge in Karst EnvironmentsTianfang Xu, Bethany NeilsonFederal: $25,173
Non-Federal: $38,482
2018UTImproving Representation of Environmental Objectives in Systems Models to Inform Integrated Water Management StrategiesBelize Lane, David Rosenberg, Bethany NeilsonFederal: $25,087
Non-Federal: $49,584
2018UTMapping Subsurface Tile Drainage Systems with Unmanned Aerial VehiclesRuijie Zeng, Alfonso Torres-Rua, Niel AllenFederal: $21,522
Non-Federal: $32,141
2018VAInformation TransferStephen H. SchoenholtzFederal: $74,856
Non-Federal: $149,715
Non-Federal: $0
2018VIGeo-Referenced Inventory and Initial Modeling of Engineered Stormwater Network(s) in the Virgin IslandsGreg Guannel, Georgio Tachiev, Stevie HenryFederal: $42,847
Non-Federal: $0
2018VTA field study to investigate potentially toxic cyanobacteria aerosols from Shelburne Pond and a farm field in VermontJason Stockwell, Natalie Flores, Elijah StommelFederal: $9,997
Non-Federal: $21,753
2018VTGoverning water quality limits in agricultural watersheds: Farmer behavior and perceptions under VermontAsim Zia, Courtney HammondWagnerFederal: $6,615
Non-Federal: $11,379
2018VTA mental models approach to understanding public knowledge of harmful algal blooms in Lake ChamplainRachelle Gould, Diana HackenburgFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $19,430
2018VTImpact of storms on lake phytoplankton community dynamicsJason StockwellFederal: $38,116
Non-Federal: $76,006
2018WAWashington wildfires disrupt water quality: Are drinking water systems resilient to climate change?Amanda Hohner, Jan BollFederal: $27,500
Non-Federal: $55,013
2018WAUnderstanding controls on mobility and toxicity of tungsten, an emerging threat to Washington’s watersNikolay Strigul, John HarrisonFederal: $27,492
Non-Federal: $54,984
2018WIUniversity of Wisconsin Water Resources Institute - Information Transfer ProgramMoira HarringtonFederal: $19,990
Non-Federal: $45,996
2018WIWisconsin Water Resources Fellowship: Collaborating with Water ManagersJennifer HauxwellFederal: $32,011
Non-Federal: $35,268
2018WILinking groundwater and nutrients to monitor fen ecosystems using airborne imaging spectroscopyEric Booth, Steven LoheideFederal: $10,214
Non-Federal: $46,968
2018WINew proxy-based hydrological reconstructions over the past five centuries in southwest WisconsinChristopher Underwood, Evan LarsonFederal: $25,120
Non-Federal: $24,853
2018WVHigh resolution assessment of economic sector water use, water supply, and water economy – A novel approach for managing West Virginia’s water resourcesNicolas ZegreFederal: $14,442
Non-Federal: $28,884
2018WVEvaluating the state of dam infrastructure under a changing climateLeslie Hopkinson, John QuarantaFederal: $16,767
Non-Federal: $38,461
2018WVWV State Water Conference 2018Paul ZiemkiewiczFederal: $10,328
Non-Federal: $10,298
2018WV3RQ 05 - Drinking Water Treatment Methods to Reduce THMLian-Shin Lin, Paul Ziemkiewicz, Melissa ONealFederal: $19,985
Non-Federal: $48,714
2018WVModeling Flood Risk Potential in WVMichael Strager, Nicolas ZegreFederal: $16,938
Non-Federal: $33,885
2018WYDeveloping a Framework for Estimating Groundwater Connections to Wyoming ReservoirsKevin BefusFederal: $10,939
Non-Federal: $110,895
2018WYNumerical Simulations of the Impact of Cloud Seeding in the Wind River Range on Precipiation, Snowpack, and StreamflowBart GeertsFederal: $11,997
Non-Federal: $126,497
2017AKCharacterization of Groundwater Hydrology in Two Thermokarst Lake SystemsDavid BarnesFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,000
2017AKAssessment of climate and land-use change impacts on surface water runoff and connectivity in a continuous permafrost watershed in the National Petroleum Reserve - AlaskaAnne Gaedeke, Christopher ArpFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,000
2017AKLaboratory Investigation of Rheology and Infiltration Process of Non-Newtonian Fluids through Porous Media in a Non-Isothermal Flow Regime for Effective Remediation of Persistent ContaminantsDebasmita MisraFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,000
2017AKVariable lapse rates and the mass balance of a well-studied glacier in south-central Alaska: Confirmation and extensionRoman Dial, Jason GeckFederal: $19,996
Non-Federal: $40,003
2017ALUtilizing Biogeochemical Cycling Processes for the Remediation/Treatment of Persistent Perfluorinated Chemical (PFCs) in Soil and GroundwaterGeoffrey TickFederal: $24,976
Non-Federal: $49,952
2017ALEnhancing Seasonal Hydrological Forecasts in the Alabama-Coosa-Tallapoosa (ACT) River Basin using the North American Multi-Model EnsembleDi TianFederal: $24,987
Non-Federal: $49,997
Non-Federal: $49,930
2017ARAssessment of strategies to address future irrigation water shortage in the Arkansas DeltaQiuqiong HuangFederal: $5,067
Non-Federal: $10,406
2017ARInvestigating impact of lead service lines in drinking water distribution systems at the City of TulsaWen ZhangFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $11,554
2017ARCombined application of nutrient manipulation and hydrogen peroxide exposure to selectively control cyanobacteria growth and promote eukaryote phytoplankton production in aquaculture pondsAmit Sinha, William Green, Sixte NtamatungiroFederal: $25,318
Non-Federal: $50,487
2017ARHerbicide Mitigation Potential of Tailwater Recovery Systems in the Cache River Critical Groundwater AreaCammy Willett, Deborah LeslieFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $51,350
2017ARRegionalizing agricultural field evapotranspiration observationsBenjamin RunkleFederal: $17,158
Non-Federal: $34,317
2017ARArkansas Water Resources Center - Information TransferBrian Haggard, Erin ScottFederal: $1,423
Non-Federal: $2,964
2017AZImpact of projected climate changes on mountain-block recharge processesThomas Meixner, Jennifer McIntosh, Ravindra Dwivedi, Paul FerreFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,359
2017AZMight Recycled Wastewater Solve the Rising Problem of Toxin-Producing Algae?Kevin Fitzsimmons, Robert LynchFederal: $9,463
Non-Federal: $18,929
2017AZWater Resources Research CenterSharon Megdal, Susanna Eden, Jean McLainFederal: $65,822
Non-Federal: $35,215
2017CACan habitat restoration mediate predator-prey interactions to increase juvenile salmon survival in California’s central valley?Eric PalkovacsFederal: $24,926
Non-Federal: $13,460
2017CAFish habitat response to streamflow augmentation in support of salmon recovery in the Russian River BasinTheodore GranthamFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $14,250
2017CAOptical and Thermal Remote Sensing of Turfgrass Response to Different Deficit Irrigation Strategies in Central and Southern CAAmir HaghverdiFederal: $24,946
Non-Federal: $13,768
2017CAEvaluating Water Conservation Policy in CaliforniaLeah StokesFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $13,375
2017CAGroundwater Dynamics in Sacramento Aquifers Following California’s Historic DroughtAmelia VankeurenFederal: $24,998
Non-Federal: $6,500
2017COWater yield sensitivity to snow loss in Colorado headwater streamsGigi Richard, Stephanie KampfFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $0
2017CODiagnosing the Role of External Forcings on Streamflow VariabilityBen LivnehFederal: $4,999
Non-Federal: $0
2017COEffects of Water Velocity on Algal-Nutrient Interactions in Streams of the Poudre Watershed, ColoradoN. Leroy PoffFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,550
2017COUnderstanding Post-Flood Channel Adjustments and Reservoir Sedimentation To Inform Water Management PracticesSara RathburnFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,550
2017COEffects of snow persistence on soil water nitrogen along the Colorado Front RangeStephanie KampfFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,550
2017COThe effect of wastewater effluent on soil and water chemistry along the South Platte RiverSarah SchliemannFederal: $3,776
Non-Federal: $0
2017COEstimating agricultural consumptive use for grass and hay pasture fields on ColoradoGigi Richard, Perry CabotFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $0
2017COTechnology Transfer and Information DisseminationReagan WaskomFederal: $33,560
Non-Federal: $171,921
2017CTInvestigation of Bedrock Well Contamination by Uranium, Radium and Radon Resulting from Deicing Salt ExchangeMichael Dietz, Meredith Metcalf, Gary A. RobbinsFederal: $20,995
Non-Federal: $42,724
2017CTEvaluation of created thermal refugia in streams as a climate adaptation strategy for fish populations experiencing thermal stressJason Vokoun, Martin BriggsFederal: $7,800
Non-Federal: $25,500
2017CTIntegrating fine-scale field measurements with regional groundwater models to predict legacy nitrogen transport in Long Island Sound watershedsAshley Helton, Jeffrey Starn, Martin BriggsFederal: $13,831
Non-Federal: $32,504
2017CTCTIWR Technology TransferGlenn Warner, James HurdFederal: $1,197
Non-Federal: $712
2017DCMeasurement and Performance Analysis of UDC Van-Ness Campus Green Roof System with automated sensorsSasan Haghani, Pradeep Behera, Sassan AflakiFederal: $9,901
Non-Federal: $4,752
2017DCIn-Situ Comparison of Extensive and Intensive Greenroof InfiltrationKamran Zendehdel, Thomas HarrisFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $4,800
2017DCPerformance Monitoring of Green Infrastructure Maintenance in the DistrictHarris Trobman, Kamran Zendehdel, Dwane JonesFederal: $9,989
Non-Federal: $4,795
2017DCAnatomical and Behavioral Outcomes of Toxicant Exposure in the Anacostia River: Building a Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Model of Biological River HealthVictoria ConnaughtonFederal: $9,980
Non-Federal: $20,732
2017DCExamination of nutrient and land use patterns in the tidal Anacostia RiverStephen MacAvoyFederal: $9,987
Non-Federal: $21,505
2017DCAssessing the effectiveness of urban gardens in reducing stormwater pollutionKaren KneeFederal: $9,790
Non-Federal: $19,675
2017DCQuantifying the Recharge and Evapotranspiration Rates of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed using Land Surface State ObservationsLeila FarhadiFederal: $9,929
Non-Federal: $20,104
2017DCExamining genetic microbial diversity to monitor pathogens and toxins and in the Anacostia River, DCCaroline Solomon, Derek Braun, Gaurav AroraFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,001
2017DEState Water Resources Research Institute Program, Delaware Water Resources Center, Annual Proposal for Fiscal Year 2017Gerald KauffmanFederal: $92,335
Non-Federal: $185,697
2017FLFlorida Water Resources Information TransferKirk Hatfield, Mark NewmanFederal: $22,978
Non-Federal: $16,638
2017GAQuantifying the relative contributions of the physical mechanisms responsible for the Atlanta 2009 floodMarshall Shepherd, Neil DebbageFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $40,440
2017GADeveloping real-time sensor networks for monitoring stream water quality to improve water resource managementSeth Wenger, Amy Rosemond, John Dowd, Phillip BumpersFederal: $17,924
Non-Federal: $47,654
2017GAEstimation of irrigation withdrawals in the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint (ACF) River BasinJian LuoFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $36,000
2017GAThe 2017 Biennial Georgia Water Resources ConferenceLaurie Fowler, Duncan ElkinsFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,314
2017GUExpansion of N-baseline data in the Northern Guam Lens AquiferNathan Habana, Joe Rouse, John JensonFederal: $47,118
Non-Federal: $0
2017GUExploring the natural limits of the Northern Guam Lens Aquifer: Phase 4 – model implementation, determining ultimate yield in basal and parabasal zonesNathan Habana, John JensonFederal: $55,492
Non-Federal: $0
2017GUAnnual trend reporting, and maintenance and development of the GHS/WERI water resources databaseNathan Habana, John JensonFederal: $7,942
Non-Federal: $0
2017GUProfessional Workshop Series on Guam Groundwater ResourcesNathan Habana, John JensonFederal: $7,942
Non-Federal: $0
2017GUPFOS Trend Monitoring in a Guam Drinking Water Production WellGary Denton, John Jenson, Mark LanderFederal: $45,921
Non-Federal: $0
2017GUComposting waste sludge in Yap, FSMJoe Rouse, Hyun-Jong HahmFederal: $84,764
Non-Federal: $0
2017GUDigital Atlas of Yap – A Geospatial Map and Data Server for Resource ManagementJoe Rouse, Danko TaborosiFederal: $53,340
Non-Federal: $0
2017GUImpact of Stormwater from a Constructed Wetland in American Memorial Park, Saipan, CNMI, on Receiving Waters and Fisheries ResourcesGary DentonFederal: $69,009
Non-Federal: $0
2017GUDetermination of Rainfall Erosivity Factors for Selected Islands in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) Accounting for Climate VariabilityMark Lander, Shahram KhosrowpanahFederal: $48,875
Non-Federal: $0
2017GUWERI Information Transfer ProgramJohn JensonFederal: $59,356
Non-Federal: $0
Non-Federal: $43,495
2017HIInfluence of anthropogenic and climatic forcing on water quality within a tropical coastal ecosystemRosanna AlegadoFederal: $11,279
Non-Federal: $22,560
2017HIUnderstanding the hydrology of a rainforest watershed in HawaiiYinPhan TsangFederal: $18,820
Non-Federal: $37,670
2017HIWastewater treatment for point source processing and resuseMichael CooneyFederal: $14,093
Non-Federal: $28,197
2017HIMicrobial communities and sources of bacteria in Honolulu’s water supplyMarek KirsFederal: $18,869
Non-Federal: $37,770
2017IAInformation Transfer 2017Richard CruseFederal: $40,076
Non-Federal: $20,038
2017IAEnhancing phosphate removal in woodchip bioreactorsEmily Martin, Michelle SoupirFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2017IASimulation of Watershed-Scale Nitrate Transport in Fractured Till Using Upscaled Parameters Obtained from Till CoreNathan Young, William Simpkins, Robert HortonFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $12,627
2017IAQuantifying the Role of Soils in Salinization: Winter Road Maintenance Impacts to Runoff and Right-of-WayRebecca KautenFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2017IDInfluence of Sulfur Form on Metal Mobility and Water Quality in a Mining-Impacted Lateral Lake of the Coeur d’Alene RiverJeff Langman, James MoberlyFederal: $14,550
Non-Federal: $29,100
Non-Federal: $30,000
2017IDDevelopment of the Idaho Waters Digital Library, Phase TwoEvan Williamson, Devin Becker, Jodi HaireFederal: $5,100
Non-Federal: $10,200
2017IDEstimating the bulk exchange of water and solutes between fringing wetlands and lakes to estimate the role of wetlands in water qualityFrank WilhelmFederal: $14,807
Non-Federal: $29,668
2017IDIdaho Dairy Industry Vulnerability to Long-term DroughtBarbara Cosens, Mark SolomonFederal: $14,961
Non-Federal: $30,231
2017IDIdaho Outreach and Engagement Project FY2017Mark Solomon, Teresa CohnFederal: $27,917
Non-Federal: $55,471
2017ILModeling the integration of green infrastructure into urban landscapes using a reliability-based frameworkAshlynn Stillwell, Reshmina WilliamFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2017ILIdentifying nitrogen removal limitations in constructed wetlands treating agricultural tile drainageKarl RockneFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $46,624
2017ILEvaluating the ability of wetland mitigation banks in the Chicago region to replace plant species lost to impacts to natural wetlandsJeffery MatthewsFederal: $4,668
Non-Federal: $9,487
2017ILImpacts of stormwater-induced road salt runoff on soil and water quality in urban greenspacesAaron PackmanFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $26,450
2017ILDiurnal and Seasonal Variation in Groundwater Nitrate-N Concentration in a Riparian Buffer ZoneEric PetersonFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2017ILTransferring Water Resources Information to the People of IllinoisLisa MerrifieldFederal: $41,608
Non-Federal: $24,382
2017INEffects of Land use Type on Abundance and Type of Microplastic Pollution- A Contaminant of Emerging Concern in Indiana RiversGary LambertiFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $42,921
2017INWaterWorks: A Game to Teach Water Systems ThinkingShahzeen Attari, Mike SellersFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $37,226
2017INExamining Anthropogenic Impacts on the Wabash River SystemJeffrey Stone, Jennifer LatimerFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $31,865
2017INEffects of Viruses on the Development of Harmful Algal BloomsZhi ZhouFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,063
2017INCommunicating the State of Indiana Water ResourcesKeith Cherkauer, Laura BowlingFederal: $20,444
Non-Federal: $40,958
2017KYTemporal performance assessment of wastewater treatment plant by using multivariate statistical analysisTom RockawayFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2017KYThe ecological importance of perched aquifers and their hydrologcial connectivity to ridge top ephemeral wetlands in Daniel Boone National ForestJonathan MalzoneFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2017KYApplication of pedotransfer function for estimating soil water permeability at field scale, western Kentucky: calibration and validationOle WendrothFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2017KYEffects of stream restoration on pollutant load reductions in an urban watershedCarmen AgouridisFederal: $4,825
Non-Federal: $9,990
2017KYUsing anthropogenic compounds in sewage to create new fecal source and fecal age indicators for use in protecting and improving water quality in Kentucky watershedsGail BrionFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $11,188
2017KYPredictive hydrologic and hazard modeling of injection well density and usage in urban karst aquifersJason PolkFederal: $4,936
Non-Federal: $10,000
2017KYOptimizing yield and water use efficiency of soybean production in Kentucky - experimental and modeling approachMontserrat SalmeronFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,001
2017KYWater quality analysis in municipal water supply system for Lexington, KY with a focus on corrosivityJunfeng Zhu, Alan FryarFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,003
2017KYSoil moisure conditions and yield across slope positions under western Kentucky irrigated managementBrad LeeFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $11,692
2017KYKentucky information transfer projectLindell OrmsbeeFederal: $39,174
Non-Federal: $80,079
2017LADetermination of chloride, nitrate and other ion concentrations in Mississippi Alluvial Aquifer in Northeast LouisianaDouglas CarlsonFederal: $15,080
Non-Federal: $31,595
2017LAEffects of climate change on nitrogen and sulfur deposition to Louisiana water bodies using climate downscaling meteorology and chemical transport modelHongliang ZhangFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,029
2017LACoupled chemical and hydraulic impacts of saltwater intrusion on the fate and transport of spilled chemicals in the Mississippi RiverZimeng WangFederal: $15,400
Non-Federal: $37,680
2017LADesalination of salt water for agriculture based on a novel battery systemXiuping ZhuFederal: $15,400
Non-Federal: $31,454
2017MADevelopment of an in-field method for detecting engineered nanoparticles and their transformations in aquatic environments using surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopyBaoshan XingFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,465
2017MAAddressing water supply issues through the modeling, analysis and optimization of renewable hybrid systems for water and electricity productionJon McGowan, Matthew LacknerFederal: $24,400
Non-Federal: $48,804
2017MAThe Massachusetts Isoscape Project: A tool for understanding hydrologic processes and water resource sustainabilityDavid BouttFederal: $25,642
Non-Federal: $51,292
2017MAWRRC WorkshopsPaula ReesFederal: $20,433
Non-Federal: $47,813
2017MDCan Carbon Amendments Improve Wetland Restoration and Jump-Start Microbial Activity?Stephanie Yarwood, Andrew BaldwinFederal: $34,996
Non-Federal: $69,990
2017MDListening to Rivers: Seismic and Hydraulic Monitoring to Determine River Turbulence and Erosive PowerKaren Prestegaard, Vedran LekicFederal: $35,000
Non-Federal: $70,000
2017MDAssessing nitrate reduction potential in Maryland’s agricultural water resources (Graduate Fellowship)Eric Davidson, Kaye BrubakerFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $15,127
2017MDMajor ions, strontium isotopes, and geochemical cycling across a forested to urban gradient (Graduate Fellowship)Joel Moore, Kaye BrubakerFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $15,725
2017MDSeismo-Acoustic Observation of Cavitation and Erosive Potential in a Bedrock River (Graduate Fellowship)Karen Prestegaard, Kaye BrubakerFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $12,000
Non-Federal: $56,704
2017MEImproved delineation and analysis of Flood Attenuation in Maine’s watersheds: Natural Infrastructure support of state of Maine’s Clean Water Initiative (Chapter 589)Shaleen Jain, David Courtemanch, Daniel CokerFederal: $33,258
Non-Federal: $67,081
2017MEContamination of Messalonskee Lake by pharmaceuticals and chemical ingredients in personal care products: an emerging ecological and public health threatWilliam McDowell, Denise Bruesewitz, Gail Carlson, Rachel WhitneyFederal: $2,500
Non-Federal: $5,400
2017ME(Seed Grant) Maine’s Changing Winter: focus on natural resources, ecology, and the economySarah Nelson, Karen Wilson, Ivan Fernandez, Julia Daly, Jean MacRae, Glenn Hodgkins, Erik Blomberg, Mindy Crandall, Hamish Greig, Robert Dudley, Amanda ShearinFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $12,250
2017MEMaine Information TransferDavid Hart, John PeckenhamFederal: $12,046
Non-Federal: $26,701
2017MIDeveloping and Enhancing Sustainable Water Use of Natural and Agricultural SystemsDarrell DonahueFederal: $3,780
Non-Federal: $44,975
2017MITechnology Transfer Training, Dissemination and Program DevelopmentLois Wolfson, Darrell DonahueFederal: $9,912
Non-Federal: $23,966
2017MIInline Wetland Treatment Effectiveness for Treating Nutrients from Tile DrainsJeremiah Asher, Dawn ReinholdFederal: $21,331
Non-Federal: $25,902
2017MINutrient Monitoring of the River Raisin Watershed to Inform Farmers and Optimize Decision Making for BMP ImplementationJames MartinFederal: $11,145
Non-Federal: $13,701
2017MNInvestigation of a novel approach to mitigate nitrogen and phosphorus from tile drainageJeffrey StrockFederal: $18,015
Non-Federal: $36,029
2017MNOpen-Source Turbidity Sensor to Monitor Suspended and Dissolved Matter in Surface WaterAndrew Wickert, Diana Karwan, Chad SandellFederal: $29,187
Non-Federal: $57,271
2017MNAssessing the role of buffer strips in nutrient and organic matter export and mitigation of harmful algal bloomsJames CotnerFederal: $29,701
Non-Federal: $59,404
2017MOTechnology TransferBaolin DengFederal: $31,904
Non-Federal: $64,445
2017MOSatellite-Imagery Based Method for Water-Quality Monitoring and Sediment Budgeting along the Middle-Mississippi River and Its Tributaries Phase 2Amanda Cox, Abuduwasiti WulamuFederal: $22,000
Non-Federal: $44,000
2017MOA Novel Artifical Hormone Receptor for the Sensing of Total Endocrine Disruptor Chemicals (EDCs) Concentration in Natural WatersMaria Fidalgo, Chung-Ho LinFederal: $22,000
Non-Federal: $44,754
2017MSStudy of Sediment and Nutrients in Pelahatchie Bay and Upland Mill-Pelahatchie Creek WatershedXiaobo ChaoFederal: $21,534
Non-Federal: $43,208
2017MSApplied use of unmanned aerial vehicles in surface water quality protectionJoby Czarnecki, John Ramirez-AvilaFederal: $15,253
Non-Federal: $30,421
2017MSAssessing and predicting in-stream processes in the Catalpa Creek WatershedJohn Ramirez-Avila, Sandra OrtegaAchuryFederal: $21,663
Non-Federal: $44,155
2017MSAssessing the Effectiveness of Community-Based Research Strategies to Analyze Risk of lead Coontamination in Public Water Supplies in the Mississippi DeltaKristine WillettFederal: $15,045
Non-Federal: $30,185
2017MTRocky Mountain Juniper influences on Stream Flow DynamicsJia HuFederal: $14,984
Non-Federal: $41,372
2017MTImproving Climate Information to Enhance the Drought Preparedness of Montana Agricultural ProducersLaurie YungFederal: $25,062
Non-Federal: $50,125
2017MTEffects of floating treatment wetlands on the abundance and removal of dissolved and nanoparticulate contaminants in waste water lagoonsBenjamin ColmanFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $40,463
2017MTExploring Hydrologic Connectivity Between Shallow and Deep Groundwater Flow Systems in Upland CatchmentsPayton GardnerFederal: $20,520
Non-Federal: $41,497
2017MTStudent Fellowship Project: Science to inform restoration: Effects of channel reconstruction on hydraulic exchange and baseflow generationChristine BrissetteFederal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $900
2017MTStudent Fellowship Project: Remote Sensing of Snowpack in the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana Using Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)Jonathan ByersFederal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $900
2017MTStudent Fellowship Project: Microbially induced metal precipitation and co‐precipitation in mine influenced waterEmily StoickFederal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $880
2017MTStudent Fellowship Project: Estimate Mountain Front Recharge in a Basin and Range Provence in Southwest Montana.Charles ShamaFederal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $670
2017MTStudent Fellowship Project: Leaf Water Potential as an Improved Predictor of Drought Induced Conifer StressCaelan SimeoneFederal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $900
2017MTStudent Fellowship Project: Influence of wood on sediment storage in a low order stream in the northern Rocky MountainsRobin WellingFederal: $769
Non-Federal: $346
2017NCTracing Groundwater Contamination Near And Away From Coal Ash Ponds in North CarolinaAvner VengoshFederal: $49,993
Non-Federal: $29,495
2017NCHow, where, when, and why: Defining Eutrophication Related Trends in Water Quality for the Middle and Lower Cape Fear River BasinNathan Hall, Hans PaerlFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $72,414
2017NCWRRI Informtaion Transfer ProgramNicole WilkinsonFederal: $9,342
Non-Federal: $4,811
2017NDAssessing Devils Lake Water Quality with Remote Sensing and Coupled SWAT and CE-QUAL-W2 ModelXiaodong ZhangFederal: $2,625
Non-Federal: $5,250
2017NDCrop Evapotranspiration Measurement by Eddy Covariance, Bowen Ratio, and Soil Water Balance for a Control Drained and Subirrigated FieldXinhua JiaFederal: $6,500
Non-Federal: $13,000
2017NDPerfluoroalkyl Substances in Surface Runoff of the Red River BasinFeng XiaoFederal: $4,054
Non-Federal: $8,108
2017NDMolecularly Imprinted Polymers for Phosphate Removal from WastewaterAchintya BezbaruahFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2017NDApplication of Green Iron Nanoparticles Synthesized Using Barley Polyphenols to Combat Lake Eutrophication ProblemAchintya BezbaruahFederal: $10,080
Non-Federal: $20,160
2017NDEndoxifen in Wastewater and Surface Water in North Dakota: Detection and BiodegradationEakalak Khan, John McEvoyFederal: $8,000
Non-Federal: $16,000
2017NDDevelopment of a Macro-Scale Physical-Based Gridded Hydrologic Model (GHM) and Applications in North DakotaXuefeng ChuFederal: $8,190
Non-Federal: $16,380
2017NDNutrient Removal from Domestic and Livestock Wastewaters Using Integrating Electro-Coagulation and Biological ProcessesHalis SimsekFederal: $5,510
Non-Federal: $11,020
2017NDCapturing the Lost Phosphorous by Enhanced Bioretention Cells Amended with Low-cost AdsorbentsFeng XiaoFederal: $6,754
Non-Federal: $13,508
2017NDStudy On-Farm Evaluation of Interactive Effect of Subsurface Tile Drainage, Tillage and Crop Rotation on Nitrate LeachingAmitava ChatterjeeFederal: $3,149
Non-Federal: $6,298
2017NDRemoval of Trichloroethylene and Fluoride from Water by Nanoscale Zero-valent Iron Supported on Novel Activated CarbonAchintya BezbaruahFederal: $5,510
Non-Federal: $11,020
2017NDEffect of Water Level on Soybean Growth with High Salinity WaterHalis SimsekFederal: $3,936
Non-Federal: $7,872
2017NDInformation Dissemination and CommunicationEakalak KhanFederal: $10,424
Non-Federal: $20,848
2017NEImpact of Variable Rate Irrigation on Consumptive Use of Water ResourcesDerek Heeren, Daran Rudnick, Francisco MunozArriolaFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,002
2017NEUtilizing biotrickling filters to reduce water consumption at fermentation and dryer stacks in ethanol plantsAshraf AlyHassanFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,065
2017NESpatial Variability of Streambed Hydraulic Conductivity across Multiple Stream OrdersAaron Mittelstet, Troy GilmoreFederal: $19,992
Non-Federal: $39,706
2017NHHot and Salty: Assessing ecological stress in New Hampshire streams at community, population, and molecular levelsAmy VillamagnaFederal: $13,365
Non-Federal: $33,393
2017NHStormwater and Development: How do New Hampshire’s communities address the impacts in the land use planning process?June HammondRowanFederal: $12,192
Non-Federal: $30,517
2017NJMarsh Plants-Derived Biochar for Synergistic Decontamination of Dioxins, PCBs, and Mercury in Passaic RiverMengyan Li, Francisco ArtigasFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,000
2017NJUsing geophysical technologies to delineate and monitor saltwater intrusion within New Jersey coastal aquifersJudy Robinson, Lee SlaterFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,000
2017NJRemoval of polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) and other micropollutants using spiky sweetgum seeds as renewable bioadsorbents to support "waste control by waste" and point-of-use (POU) water treatment devicesLikun Hua, Wen ZhangFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2017NJDesigner Bacteria for Restoring the Passaic RiverRachel Dean, Donna E. FennellFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2017NJDeveloping a Multitasking "Green" Technology for Removal of Wastewater Contaminants and Bioethanol ProductionSaumik Panja, Dibyendu SarkarFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2017NJFinding the source: towards quantitative methods for microbial sourcing trackingSarah Phelan, Nicole FahrenfeldFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2017NJMercury (Hg) Flux at the Sediment-Water Interface: The Effect of Microbial Hg(0) OxidationYuwei Wang, Nathan YeeFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2017NMInformation Transfer ProgramCatherine Ortega KlettFederal: $21,637
Non-Federal: $27,889
2017NMGeographic Information Systems for Water Resources Research PlanningAlexander FernaldFederal: $38,698
Non-Federal: $55,167
2017NMDigital Soil Mapping for Improving Hydrological Modeling of NM Water ResourcesColby BrungardFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $34,000
2017NVWastewater Reuse and Uptake of Contaminants of Emerging Concerns by PlantsKumud Acharya, Daniel GerrityFederal: $17,557
Non-Federal: $36,354
2017NYRemote Sensing of Harmful Algal Blooms by Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drones)Ileana Dumitriu, John HalfmanFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $0
2017NYVariability in water quality and the effect of climate change and teleconnections on lake thermal structure in the Sky Lakes of Shawangunk RidgeDavid RichardsonFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $0
2017NYDynamic sediment-discharge rating curve models to support climate-smart management of water quality in the New York City water supply systemScott SteinschneiderFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2017NYOtsego Lake Water Quality Constant Monitoring SystemKiyoko Yokota, Paul LordFederal: $7,105
Non-Federal: $0
2017NYQuantifying the ecosystem services of nitrogen removal and carbon sequestration in restored urban tidal wetlandsChester ZarnochFederal: $19,675
Non-Federal: $39,351
2017OHBog HELPR: Bog History, Ecosystem status and Land-use for Peatland Restoration in OhioGwilym Davies, Gil BohrerFederal: $26,566
Non-Federal: $27,397
2017OHCharacterizing the Link Between Algal Bloom Biomass and Methane Production in Ohio ReservoirsIshi Buffam, Trinity HamiltonFederal: $29,806
Non-Federal: $49,483
2017OHQuantifying direct groundwater discharge to Lake Erie and vulnerability to hidden nutrient loadsAudrey SawyerFederal: $29,087
Non-Federal: $31,001
2017OKInformation Transfer ProjectJustin MossFederal: $15,956
Non-Federal: $31,912
2017OKUtilizing native isopods to assess the connectivity and quality of Oklahoma groundwaterRonald Bonett, Alexander HessFederal: $24,921
Non-Federal: $49,842
2017OKQuantifying sedimentation in upstream flood control reservoirs across OklahomaRonald Miller, Lucie GuertaultFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,001
2017OKCombining Remote Sensing and In-Situ Data to Estimate Soil Moisture Across Mixed Land Cover TypesTyson Ochsner, Chris ZouFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2017OKThe Impact of Drought on Vegetation Water Use in Different Climatic Divisions across OklahomaSaleh Taghvaeian, Prasanna GowdaFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2017OKEconomics of Groundwater Interaction and Competing CropsArthur StoeckerFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2017ORTechnology TransferTodd JarvisFederal: $43,895
Non-Federal: $166,866
2017PAToward Improved Predictability of Sub-seasonal to Seasonal Streamflow in PennsylvaniaAlfonso MejiaFederal: $19,885
Non-Federal: $38,890
2017PAEvaluating Septic Systems as a Source of Enteric Pathogens in Private Water Supply Wells of PennsylvaniaHeather MurphyFederal: $22,000
Non-Federal: $47,645
2017PAImpacts of Shale Gas Produced Water on Disinfection Byproduct Formation in Water UtilitiesYuefeng XieFederal: $21,991
Non-Federal: $43,845
2017PAImpact of Spreading Oil & Gas Wastewater as Road Treatments on Water QualityWilliam BurgosFederal: $19,997
Non-Federal: $43,298
2017PRWillingness to pay for water scarcity eradication and water service attributes in Puerto Rico: Results from contingent valuation and choice experiments methodsHector Tavarez, Carmen Alamo, Mildred CortsFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $47,708
2017PRAtrazine degradation with visible-light photocatalysis using iron-grafted TiO2 nanoparticles: Evaluation and applications for water treatmentPedro Tarafa, OMarcelo Suarez, Sylvia RodriguezAbudoFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $32,890
2017PRThird Conference on Water Resource Sustainability Issues on Tropical IslandsJorge Rivera-Santos, Walter SilvaFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $3,000
2017RIWater Purification via Hydrogels with Voltage-Controlled Electrodynamic PropertiesSamantha Meenach, Stephen KennedyFederal: $22,067
Non-Federal: $60,135
2017RIOccurrence and formation of N-DBPs in source waters of Rhode IslandSoni Pradhanang, Tom Boving, David ReckhowFederal: $20,746
Non-Federal: $48,367
2017RIClean Drinking Water in Rhode IslandChristopher HunterFederal: $8,429
Non-Federal: $21,319
2017SCEndemic BartramBrandon Peoples, Yoichiro KannoFederal: $24,641
Non-Federal: $49,252
2017SCPhosphorus removal from nutrient enriched agricultural runoff waterSarah White, John MajsztrikFederal: $28,294
Non-Federal: $56,335
2017SDEvaluation of Nitrate Removal Rates of Denitrification Bioreactors Using Agricultural Residue MediaGuanghui Hua, Christopher SchmitFederal: $23,062
Non-Federal: $46,151
2017SDEvaluating E. coli particle attachment and the impact on transport during high flows (Year 2)Rachel McDaniel, Bruce BleakleyFederal: $24,946
Non-Federal: $49,892
2017SDSouth Dakota Water Resources Institute FY2017 Information Transfer ProgramVan Kelley, Rachel McDaniel, David KringenFederal: $32,113
Non-Federal: $64,225
2017TNEvaluation of Fecal Indicators and Pathogens at Recreational Beaches in Central TennesseeFrank Bailey, Megan StallardFederal: $16,439
Non-Federal: $56,853
2017TNSediment Source Tracking in Urban Watersheds: An Applicationin the Second Creek ObservatoryJon Hathaway, Thanos Papanicolaou, Christopher WilsonFederal: $8,964
Non-Federal: $17,806
2017TNCharacteristics of Fine Sediment Embeddedness: Towards Understanding Drainage Network Transport LagsJohn SchwartzFederal: $8,000
Non-Federal: $18,972
2017TNExamining Sediment Rating Curve Hysteresis with State-of-the-Art SensorsAchilleas Tsakiris, Thanos Papanicolaou, Jon HathawayFederal: $7,144
Non-Federal: $13,848
2017TNCombined Field Study of Turbulenceand Bed Morphology in Mountainous Boulder Arrayed StreamsMicah Wyssmann, Thanos PapanicolaouFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,550
2017TXInformation TransferJohn Tracy, Danielle Kalisek, Kevin WagnerFederal: $82,335
Non-Federal: $83,465
2017TXAnalyzing the Impact of Land Use Changes on Urban Flood Risk in Northwest Houston, Texas, and Prediction of Future Flood VulnerabilityPhilip Bedient, Avantika GoriFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2017TXEffects of Salinity on Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) Removal in Combined Biological Activated Carbon/Reverse Osmosis SystemsAudra Morse, Asef RedwanFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,003
2017UTMapping Didymosphenia in the Logan River DrainageJanice Brahney, Bethany NeilsonFederal: $33,763
Non-Federal: $64,803
2017UTUse of sUAS for Mapping Wetland Flow Paths and Consumptive Use in the San Rafael River, UtahAlfonso Torres-Rua, Ian Gowing, Leila HassanEsfahaniFederal: $39,060
Non-Federal: $52,910
2017VAInformation TransferStephen H. SchoenholtzFederal: $72,990
Non-Federal: $120,010
2017VIWater Ambassador Program IIIchristina chanes, David Morris, Stanley Latesky, Norton OrangeFederal: $19,849
Non-Federal: $0
2017VIThe USVI-Climate Monitor: Unifying Precipitation Monitoring Across the St. Thomas MicroclimatesDavid Morris, Roy Watlington, Norton Orange, William WilsonFederal: $23,650
Non-Federal: $0
2017VIThird Conference on Water Resource Sustainability Issues on Tropical IslandsKristin Wilson Grimes, Darren Lerner, Jorge Rivera-Santos, John JensonFederal: $7,115
Non-Federal: $0
2017VTTrails to remediation: the effects of seasonal variations on the acid mine drainage microbiome at Ely Copper Mine in Vershire, VTLesleyAnn GiddingsFederal: $33,985
Non-Federal: $67,973
2017VTPhosphorus export from forested watersheds in the Missisquoi BasinDonald Ross, Beverley Wemple, Vanesa PerilloFederal: $10,004
Non-Federal: $28,342
2017VTApplication of neural networks to classify erosional and depositional stream reaches in glacially-conditioned Vermont catchmentsDonna Rizzo, Mandar Dewoolkar, Kristen UnderwoodFederal: $9,998
Non-Federal: $19,958
2017VTPharm-free surface waters: Identifying barriers and motivators that influence Vermonters' participation in pharmaceutical take-back programsChristine Vatovec, Alexandra MillarFederal: $5,376
Non-Federal: $4,406
2017VTGlobal to local assessment of cyanotoxins in fishJason Stockwell, Todd MillerFederal: $39,859
Non-Federal: $74,873
2017WAScaling of hydrologic and land-surface responses: Are the right processes represented at the right scale?Nicholas Engdahl, Alexandra RicheyFederal: $27,500
Non-Federal: $55,000
2017WAAdaptive governance of riparian lands in Washington State: coordinating policy and practice to leverage river and floodplain benefitsAlexander Fremier, Barbara CosensFederal: $25,646
Non-Federal: $61,386
2017WAFrequency Analysis of Historic and Future Droughts in Yakima Basinyonas Demissie, Jennifer Adam, Akram HossainFederal: $27,500
Non-Federal: $55,002
2017WAInformation TransferJonathan Yoder, Jennifer AdamFederal: $11,689
Non-Federal: $13,283
2017WIUniversity of Wisconsin Water Resources Institute - Information Transfer ProgramMoira HarringtonFederal: $19,990
Non-Federal: $92,026
2017WIWisconsin Water Resources Fellowship: Collaborating with Water ManagersJennifer HauxwellFederal: $32,318
Non-Federal: $44,381
2017WIWisconsin Inititative on Climate Change Impacts: Water Resources Working GroupDaniel J. Vimont, David LieblFederal: $20,331
Non-Federal: $10,776
2017WIGeologic sources of radium to municipal wells in WisconsinMatthew GinderVogel, Madeline GotkowitzFederal: $14,696
Non-Federal: $4,963
2017WV2017 Mid-Atlantic Water Resources ConferenceTamara Vandivort, Andrew StacyFederal: $13,931
Non-Federal: $27,861
2017WVPhase 2: Environmental STEM (E-STEM) Research Program: West Virginia University/Boy Scouts of America Summit Bechtel Reserve 2017 National Scout JamboreePaul Ziemkiewicz, Andrew StacyFederal: $57,886
Non-Federal: $115,773
2017WYProduced Water Treatment with Smart Materials for Reuse in Energy ExplorationDongmei LiFederal: $24,593
Non-Federal: $214,196
2016AKTransport of CH4 through Open Taliks in Discontinuous Permafrost AquifersDavid BarnesFederal: $17,889
Non-Federal: $35,779
2016AKInitiating a network of long-term records of lake-level fluctuations in interior Alaska in relation to climate changeMatthew WoollerFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,000
2016AKRemoval of Toxic Heavy Metals from Contaminated Water Using a Metal-Organic Framework (MOF)-Graphene Oxide (GO) Hybrid MaterialLei ZhangFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,000
2016AKVariable lapse rates and the mass balance of a well-studied glacier in south-central AlaskaRoman Dial, Jason GeckFederal: $19,920
Non-Federal: $41,671
2016ALIntegrating Remote Sensing and Biogeochemical Characterizations at High Resolutions to Determine Source and Amount of inorganic and Organic Nutrients Exported From Agricultural WatershedsYuehan Lu, Eben BroadbentFederal: $22,000
Non-Federal: $44,828
2016ALIdentification of Stream Bed Sediment Sources Using Sediment FingerprintingJasmeet LambaFederal: $22,000
Non-Federal: $43,742
2016ALOnsite Wastewater Management in Hale and Wilcox Counties: Failing Septic Systems, Direct Discharge by "Straight Pipes" and Microbial Source TrackingMark Elliott, Kevin WhiteFederal: $21,980
Non-Federal: $43,964
2016ALScience and Policy of Environmental Instream Flows in the Tombigbee River Basin, Alabama and Mississippi: An Interstate ComparisonSarah Praskievicz, Bennett BeardenFederal: $21,915
Non-Federal: $43,830
2016ARPartitioning rice field evapotranspiration into evaporation and transpiration componentsBenjamin RunkleFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,000
2016ARComparative Microbial Community Dynamics in a Karst Aquifer System and Proximal Surface Stream in Northwest ArkansasMatthew Covington, Kristen GibsonFederal: $22,931
Non-Federal: $46,954
2016ARInvestigating Fate of Engineered Nanoparticles in Wastewater BiofilmsWen ZhangFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $11,138
2016ARTracking the growth of on-site irrigation infrastructure in the Arkansas Delta with remote sensing analysisKent KovacsFederal: $4,852
Non-Federal: $9,828
2016ARBiological and ecological consequences of sub-lethal ion concentrations on microbial and macroinvertebrate detritivores.Sally Entrekin, Michelle Evans-White, Natalie ClayFederal: $12,093
Non-Federal: $30,000
2016ARCharacterization of nutrient sources, transport pathways, and transformations using stable isotope and geochemical tools in the Big Creek watershed of northwest ArkansasPhil Hays, Erik Pollock, Kelly SokoloskyFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,068
2016ARDoes macrograzer activity drive seasonal variations in algal biomass in Ozark streams?Michelle Evans-WhiteFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2016ARArkansas Water Resources Center - Information TransferBrian Haggard, Erin ScottFederal: $2,599
Non-Federal: $8,341
2016AZSunlight-driven reactive oxygen species production for natural attenuation of wastewater trace organic compoundsRobert Arnold, David QuanrudFederal: $9,999
Non-Federal: $20,092
2016AZRecycled water use for Agriculture: On-farm Demonstration and EvaluationChannah RockFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $22,757
2016AZInformation TransferSharon Megdal, Susanna Eden, Jean McLainFederal: $69,336
Non-Federal: $140,234
2016CAUsing Soil Exopolysaccharides (EPS) to make California grapes more drought-adaptedJoseph BlankinshipFederal: $12,396
Non-Federal: $6,632
2016CAExplaining Current and Future Trends in Adoption by California Municipalities and Counties of Policies Limiting or Banning High-Volume Hydraulic FracturingGwen ArnoldFederal: $12,000
Non-Federal: $4,091
2016CACharacterizing the Impact of Salton Sea Water Management and Restoration Practices on Regional Air QualityRoya BahreiniFederal: $10,867
Non-Federal: $3,547
2016CAMetagenomic Analysis of Groundwater Wells for Risk Assessment and Development of Intervention Strategies to Improve Water EfficacyClarissa NobleFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $5,500
2016CAMonitoring tree survival and performance in street-side stormwater management facilitiesIgor LacanFederal: $9,991
Non-Federal: $2,598
2016CAQuantifying methylmercury loads from California rice fieldsBruce LinquistFederal: $11,100
Non-Federal: $2,886
2016CADebris flow and debris basin management impacts on water qualityAndrew GrayFederal: $24,378
Non-Federal: $5,274
2016CAThe Influence of Incubation Temperature on Aerobic Swimming Performance of Juvenile SalmonidsAmanda BanetFederal: $24,654
Non-Federal: $6,410
2016COTechnology Transfer and Information DisseminationReagan WaskomFederal: $44,614
Non-Federal: $162,410
2016COInvestigating relationships between drought managment strategies and factors contributing to their selection in analysis of adaptive capacity of South Platte River Basin water providersDennis Ojima, Amber Childress-RunyonFederal: $4,948
Non-Federal: $2,474
2016COWatershed monitoring across the snow transition zone: an east slope-west slope comparisonStephanie Kampf, John HammondFederal: $4,770
Non-Federal: $2,385
2016COChanges in water, sediment and organic carbon storage in active and abandoned beaver meadowsEllen WohlFederal: $4,912
Non-Federal: $2,456
2016COEvaluating wood jam stability in riversEllen WohlFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,500
2016COChannel restoration monitoring of the Upper Colorado River, Rocky Mountain National Park, COSara RathburnFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,500
2016COWater sampling and the effects of plastic absorption on heavy metalsRandi BrazeauFederal: $3,200
Non-Federal: $0
2016COMicrobial community responses to metals contamination: mechanisms of metals exposure and bioaccumulation in a stream food web.Will Clements, Brian WolffFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,500
2016COComparing fine scale snow depth measurements at rocky and flat surfaces using lidar and photogrammetry derived digital elevation modelsSteven FassnachtFederal: $4,891
Non-Federal: $2,446
2016CTState of Water Resources in Connecticut from a Human Dimensions Perspective – Baseline DataAnita MorzilloFederal: $14,992
Non-Federal: $32,422
2016CTMicrofluidic-based Biosensor Chip for Rapid and Calibration-free Detection of Viable E. coli and Total Coliforms for Water Quality ControlYu Lei, TaiHsi FanFederal: $48,988
Non-Federal: $118,991
2016CTCT IWR Technology TransferGlenn Warner, James HurdFederal: $27,228
Non-Federal: $19,031
2016DCInfluence of consistently high levels of ammonium on food web dynamics in the Anacostia RiverCaroline SolomonFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $24,900
2016DCAssessing the effectiveness of interactive signage at advancing communicating, promoting, and educating the public on green infrastructure projects in public spacesKamran Zendehdel, Harris Trobman, Xiaochu HuFederal: $9,996
Non-Federal: $4,798
2016DCPerformance evaluation of urban stream restoration using process-based modelingArash MassoudiehFederal: $9,920
Non-Federal: $23,872
2016DCAnalysis of perchlorate in drinking water, surface water by AxION Direct sample analysis (DSA) /Time of flight (TOF) Mass SpectrometerSebhat Tefera, Yacov AssaFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $4,800
2016DCDevelopment of A Novel Stormwater Runoff Collection and Treatment System for Urban Agriculture and Food SecurityJiajun XuFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $34,400
2016DCA Comparative Study of Nearest-Neighbor Method (NNM) and Extended Nearest-Neighbor (ENN) Method for Annual Streamflow PredictionNian Zhang, Pradeep BeheraFederal: $9,779
Non-Federal: $19,663
2016DCAnalysis of External and Internal Storm Event Characteristics for Washington DC based on different IETDsPradeep BeheraFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $16,640
2016DC31P NMR Studies on the oxidative degradation of Glyphosate and its primary metabolite aminomethylphosphonic acid (AMPA) by transition metal oxide nanomaterilas in soil, water and sediment samplesXueqing SongFederal: $9,954
Non-Federal: $4,778
2016DEState Water Resources Research Institute Program, Delaware Water Resources Center, Annual Proposal for Fiscal Year 2016Gerald KauffmanFederal: $92,335
Non-Federal: $185,697
2016FLTransport and loss of nitrogen within the Upper Floridan Aquifer in the Silver Springs SpringshedJames JawitzFederal: $32,000
Non-Federal: $64,000
2016FLAgricultural Water Security Through Sustainable Use of the Floridan AquiferDavid Kaplan, Damian AdamsFederal: $48,000
Non-Federal: $103,594
2016FLDevelopment of Methods for Quantifying Water and Contaminant Fluxes in Karst SystemsMark Newman, Kirk HatfieldFederal: $89,623
Non-Federal: $178,173
2016FLData Quality Improvement for NEXRAD and Stage Data Phase IIRamesh TeegavarapuFederal: $16,000
Non-Federal: $32,000
2016FLFlorida Water Resources Information TransferKirk Hatfield, Mark NewmanFederal: $29,032
Non-Federal: $19,016
2016GAPhosphorus and Metal Speciation Dynamics during Thermal Treatment of Sewage SludgesYuanzhi TangFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $36,000
2016GAGeostatistical Models for Optimizing Groundwater Monitoring Network in the Lower Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint (ACF) River basinJian LuoFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $36,000
2016GAFecal bacteria source tracking, nutrient analysis, and modeling of an urban TMDL watershedDavid Radcliffe, Mussie HabteselassieFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $36,000
2016GAComparison of Oconee and Ocmulgee river basins for sustainable ecosystem and economic development of Middle GeorgiaErnest Tollner, Todd Rasmussen, Abhyuday MandalFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $36,000
2016GUExpansion of baseline data for the Northern Guam Lens Aquifer and evaluation of innovative treatments to reduce contaminant input to the aquiferJoe Rouse, Nathan Habana, John JensonFederal: $35,455
Non-Federal: $0
2016GUExploring the natural limits of the Northern Guam Lens Aquifer: A step toward optimum sustainable management, Phase 3 model implementation: determining ultimate yieldNathan Habana, John JensonFederal: $27,579
Non-Federal: $0
2016GUEnhancing Predictions of Average Flow and Flow Duration Curves at Ungauged Stream Sites in Guam Using the USGS South Guam Streamflow ModelLeroy Heitz, Shahram Khosrowpanah, Mark LanderFederal: $19,264
Non-Federal: $0
2016GUIdentification and Delineation of Land-Based Mercury Sources Impacting Fisheries in the Southern Central Coastal Region of Saipan LagoonGary Denton, Michael Trianni, Michael Tenorio, Hyun-Jong HahmFederal: $37,823
Non-Federal: $0
2016GUReal-time investigation of the impacts of the 2015-16 El Nin water resources in the CNMIMark Lander, Shahram KhosrowpanahFederal: $17,702
Non-Federal: $0
2016GUBuilding the Resilience of Communities and their Ecosystems to the Impacts of Climate Change through an Integrated Natural Resource Management, Education, and Outreach campaign in Pohnpei, Federated States of MicronesiaFrancisca Obispo, Joseph EugeneFederal: $20,681
Non-Federal: $0
2016GUDigital Atlas of Pohnpei State Danko Taborosi, Shahram KhosrowpanahFederal: $26,160
Non-Federal: $0
2016GUBeneficial use of Piggery Waste with a Focus on Energy ProductionJoe Rouse, Hyun-Jong HahmFederal: $25,111
Non-Federal: $0
2016GUReal-time investigation of the impacts of the 2015-16 El Nin water resources in the FSMMark Lander, Shahram KhosrowpanahFederal: $15,729
Non-Federal: $0
2016GUInformation TransferShahram KhosrowpanahFederal: $27,191
Non-Federal: $0
2016HIUnderstanding the hydrology of a rainforest watershed in HawaiiYinPhan Tsang, Carl EvensenFederal: $18,820
Non-Federal: $40,054
2016HIWastewater treatment for point source processing and resuseMichael Cooney, Marek KirsFederal: $14,093
Non-Federal: $29,961
2016HIInfluence of anthropogenic and climatic forcing on water quality within a tropical coastal ecosystemRosanna AlegadoFederal: $11,265
Non-Federal: $23,616
Non-Federal: $45,160
2016HIMicrobial communities and sources of bacteria in Honolulu’s water supplyMarek KirsFederal: $18,869
Non-Federal: $39,980
2016HITechnology TransferPhilip MoravcikFederal: $2,510
Non-Federal: $5,061
2016IAInformation Transfer 2016Richard Cruse, Melissa MillerFederal: $40,841
Non-Federal: $20,421
2016IAValidation of Satellite Observations of Soil Moisture to Facilitate Forecasts of Soil Water Storage in IowaBrian HornbuckleFederal: $9,423
Non-Federal: $4,711
2016IAEvaluation of subsurface drainage on P losses in the Black Hawk Lake Watershed, IowaConrad brendel, Michelle SoupirFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $13,752
2016IAThe role of iron mobility from anoxic sediments in stimulating harmful algal bloomsElizabeth SwannerFederal: $29,911
Non-Federal: $95,201
2016IDSeasonal Flux of Environmental Conditions and Metal Solutes in the Shallow Groundwater Environment of the Mining-Impacted Upper Coeur dJeff LangmanFederal: $13,914
Non-Federal: $27,928
2016IDIdaho Drought PlanningMark SolomonFederal: $14,908
Non-Federal: $35,554
2016IDStakeholder Engagement, Outreach and EducationMark Solomon, Brant Miller, Julie Scanlin, Jerry LongFederal: $48,500
Non-Federal: $71,663
2016ILIdentifying wetland inundation extent and patterns in IllinoisMichael EichholzFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2016ILUnder the Cover of Darkness: Nighttime water use by native, biofuel and agricultural crops of IllinoisMax Berkelhammer, Benjamin AlsipFederal: $9,853
Non-Federal: $26,911
2016ILSpatial and temporal modeling of road salts in a watershed with mixed, urban and agricultural, land useEric PetersonFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $24,780
2016ILEvaluating Water Quantity and Water Quality Issues in Illinois Streams using Large-Scale Particle Image Velocimetry (LSPIV)Bruce RhoadsFederal: $9,915
Non-Federal: $19,829
2016ILTechnology Transfer to the People of IllinoisLisa MerrifieldFederal: $46,567
Non-Federal: $11,828
2016INFloodplain restoration and nutrient retention in the Wabash River BasinSara McMillan, Venkatesh MerwadeFederal: $14,981
Non-Federal: $30,452
2016INPilot investigation of variable contaminant loads in fish as a result of foraging and habitat specializationTomas Hook, Timothy MalinichFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,142
2016INWater and nutrient recovery from aquaculture effluents through vegetable productionHye-Ji Kim, Paul Brown, Cary Mitchell, Robert RodeFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $53,892
2016INPredicting toxic cyanobacteria blooms in the Wabash River WatershedAllison Rober, Kevin WyattFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,000
2016INNutrient removal efficiency of a combined surface/subsurface flow wetland systemPierre-Andre JacintheFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $41,400
2016KSGovernor's Conference on the Future of Water in KansasDan DevlinFederal: $24,958
Non-Federal: $34,920
2016KSQuantifying Ephermeral Gully Erosion and Evaluating Mitigation Strategies with Field Monitoring and Computer ModelingAleksey SheshukovFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $52,010
2016KSMonitoring the Effectiveness of Streambank Stabilization Projects in Northeast KansasCharles BardenFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $60,860
2016KSAssessing the impact of constructed wetlands on nitrogen transformation and release from tile outlet terraces (TOTs) in KansasPamela Sullivan, Ted PeltierFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $72,518
2016KSContaminant Barriers or Pathways? Hydraulic and chemical methods to improve characterization of shallow aquitards.Jordi Batlle-Aguilar, James ButlerFederal: $29,786
Non-Federal: $75,002
2016KSExamining Sedimentation and water quality of small impoundments: Sediment capturing opportunity upstream of federal reservoirsVahid RahmaniFederal: $29,982
Non-Federal: $60,982
2016KYSelenium removal by biological processes in water suppliesYi-Tin WangFederal: $9,966
Non-Federal: $20,092
2016KYNovel methods for the incorporation of AqpZ water channel protein in membranes for water filtrationYinan WeiFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,055
2016KYAssessing the curve number method for modeling urban watersehd stormwater runoff across Louisville, KentuckyChristopher DayFederal: $4,844
Non-Federal: $10,366
2016KYDynamics of trace metal and ion concentrations in reclaimed mountaintop removal and reference headwater streamsSteven PriceFederal: $4,656
Non-Federal: $10,471
2016KYSediment fingerprinting and biogeochemical erosional model of the Otter Creek Basin, Fort Kox Army Post, KentuckyAlan FryarFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $11,909
2016KYBankfull regional curves and hydraulic geometry for the Eastern Kentucky Coal FieldCarmen AgouridisFederal: $4,178
Non-Federal: $8,933
2016KYThe use of eDNA to detect bacterial genetic markers associated with fecal contamination in the Triplett Creek Watershed, Rowan County, KentuckyGeoff GearnerFederal: $4,836
Non-Federal: $9,854
2016KYClimate change impacts on soil-water availability under different land management: forest and grasslandsBrad LeeFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,832
2016KYImpact of climate change on extreme hydrologic events in the Kentucky River BasinDwayne EdwardsFederal: $4,991
Non-Federal: $9,983
2016KYKentucky information transfer projectLindell OrmsbeeFederal: $40,447
Non-Federal: $80,504
2016LAOccurrence and Control of Naegleria fowleri in Groundwater Sources in LouisianaSamendra Sherchan, Jeffrey WickliffeFederal: $17,653
Non-Federal: $37,270
2016LAAssessing the Spatial Extent, Temporal Variability and Mechanisms of Inland Hypoxia in Louisiana WatersTracy Quirk, Kanchan MaitiFederal: $15,480
Non-Federal: $31,599
2016LAEconomic Impacts of Groundwater Salinity in Louisiana AgricultureKrishna PaudelFederal: $15,650
Non-Federal: $31,331
2016LASatellite-Assisted Approach to Adaptive Water Quality Management of Lower Boeuf RiverZhi-Qiang DengFederal: $16,200
Non-Federal: $33,081
2016MAAdaptive Drought Vulnerability Index for Strategic Emergency Response (ADVISER) ModelSheree PagsuyoinFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $60,024
2016MAWater Resources SymposiaPaula ReesFederal: $16,729
Non-Federal: $42,714
2016MAThe stable isotopic composition of shallow and deep ground waters in MassachusettsDavid BouttFederal: $23,141
Non-Federal: $48,569
2016MAUnderstanding the interaction of renewable energy generation and desalination within the water-energy systemMatthew LacknerFederal: $5,021
Non-Federal: $11,601
2016MDAssessing riparian hydrologic pathways as controls on forested buffer function in the Antietam Creek watershed, western MarylandKeith EshlemanFederal: $34,957
Non-Federal: $83,193
2016MDComparison of velocity, momentum, and flood wave celerity in natural versus channelized Coastal Plain streamsKaren PrestegaardFederal: $23,746
Non-Federal: $47,492
2016MDMaryland Water 2016 SymposiumKaye BrubakerFederal: $783
Non-Federal: $6,153
2016MDMaryland Watershed App Development (Seed Grant)Kaye BrubakerFederal: $4,578
Non-Federal: $6,774
2016MEMaine Information TransferJohn Peckenham, David HartFederal: $22,699
Non-Federal: $34,730
2016MEVernal pools for meAram CalhounFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,001
2016MEAssessing the Vulnerability of Maine’s Drinking Water Resources to Extreme Precipitation EventsJasmine SarosFederal: $27,277
Non-Federal: $67,773
2016MEMining in Maine: Exploring Public PerceptionsSandra De Urioste-Stone, Amanda Olsen, Jean MacRaeFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $37,583
2016MIDeveloping and Enhancing Sustainable Water Use of Natural and Agricultural SystemsJon Bartholic, Lois Wolfson, Jeremiah Asher, David Lusch, Glenn O'NeilFederal: $21,504
Non-Federal: $68,998
2016MITechnology Transfer Training, Dissemination and Program DevelopmentLois WolfsonFederal: $27,095
Non-Federal: $65,141
2016MICooling the Hotspots: Motivating Farmers to Reduce Nutrient LossesStephen GasteyerFederal: $16,877
Non-Federal: $24,585
2016MICreation of Water Resource and Watershed Management-related Short Courses for use by Organizations offering Continuing Education CreditsSaichon Seedang, James Duncan, Jerry HarteFederal: $15,453
Non-Federal: $19,844
2016MIChemical Monitoring of the River Raisin to Inform Farmers and Optimize Decision Making for BMP ImplementationJames MartinFederal: $11,406
Non-Federal: $6,102
2016MNMaking Farm-Scale Decisions to Improve Watershed-Scale Environmental Quality: Policy Comparisons Based on Farm-Level Abatement CostsJay Coggins, Brent DalzellFederal: $20,760
Non-Federal: $53,463
2016MNDevelopment of a reactive-transport model for arsenic mobility in glacial aquifers using arsenic and iron X-ray absorption spectroscopy dataBrandy Toner, GeneHua NgFederal: $24,767
Non-Federal: $48,135
2016MNEnhanced Microbial Sulfate Removal and Recovery through a Novel Electrode-Integrated BioreactorChanLan Chun, Daniel JonesFederal: $26,676
Non-Federal: $53,029
2016MOTechnology TransferBaolin DengFederal: $31,904
Non-Federal: $64,445
2016MOA Novel Artificial Hormone Receptor for the Sensing of Total Endocrine Disruptor Chemicals (EDCs) Concentration in Natural WatersMaria Fidalgo, Chung-Ho Lin, Susan NagelFederal: $22,000
Non-Federal: $44,126
2016MOSatellite-Imagery Based Method for Water-Quality Monitoring and Sediment Budgeting along the Middle-Mississippi River and Its TributariesAmanda Cox, Abuduwasiti WulamuFederal: $22,000
Non-Federal: $44,000
2016MSOxbow Lake-Wetland Systems as a Source of Recharge to the Mississippi River Valley Alluvial AquiferGregg Davidson, Andrew OReillyFederal: $24,697
Non-Federal: $49,486
2016MSWastewater Management in Mississippi Coastal CommunitiesVeera Gnaneswar Gude, James MartinFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $98,861
2016MTUnderstanding how beaver mimicry restoration influences natural water storage in Missouri River headwater streamsRobert PaynFederal: $29,922
Non-Federal: $74,556
2016MTImpacts of river flow and temperature on salmonfly productivity and terrestrial subsidyLindsey AlbertsonFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $83,098
2016MTCharacterizing Microbial Activity as Related to Water Quality in the Clark Fork Headwaters: A Baseline StudyAlysia CoxFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $60,738
2016MTStudent Fellowship: Impacts of glacial processes on nitrogen cycling in the Beartooth Mountains, MontanaJordan AllenFederal: $1,000
Non-Federal: $440
2016MTStudent Fellowship: Transportation, Sediment-Association, and the Future of Microbial Contaminants on the Little Bighorn RiverKeenan BrameFederal: $1,000
Non-Federal: $440
2016MTStudent Fellowship: Riparian Ecosystem Succession Following Fire Disturbance on the North Fork Flathead River, MontanaRachel PowersFederal: $1,000
Non-Federal: $450
2016MTStudent Fellowship: Snowpack controls on nitrogen availability and nitrogen uptake in a Rocky Mountain conifer forestClaire QubainFederal: $1,000
Non-Federal: $440
2016MTStudent Fellowship: Removal of selenium by co-precipitation with microbially induced calcite precipitationNeerja ZambareFederal: $1,000
Non-Federal: $440
2016NCRole of organic nitrogen to eutrophication dynamics along the Neuse River Estuary, NCHans Paerl, Alexandria HounshellFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $0
2016NCParticle-bound Nutrients in Stormflow: A New Approach for Monitoring and Predicting N and P Transport and Fate in Watersheds of the NC PiedmontCurtis Richardson, Mark RiverFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $0
2016NCImpact of Hospital and Patient Discharges on North Carolina Surface and Drinking Water Quality as Measured by Iodinated Contrast AgentsHoward Weinberg, Kirsten StuderFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $0
2016NCComparing the Impact of Organic vs. Inorganic Nitrogen Loading to the Neuse Estuary with a Mechanistic Eutrophication ModelJames BowenFederal: $9,199
Non-Federal: $44,999
2016NCHow, where, when, and why: Defining Eutrophication Related Trends in Water Quality for the Middle and Lower CapeNathan Hall, Hans PaerlFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $47,654
2016NCTracing Groundwater Contamination near Coal ash Ponds in North CarolinaAvner VengoshFederal: $24,974
Non-Federal: $24,974
2016NCWRRI Information Transfer ProgramNicole WilkinsonFederal: $3,162
Non-Federal: $0
2016NCField testing of mesocosm-scale derived nitrate removal models to verify water quality improvement potential of restored coastal forested wetlandsMichael Burchell, Jalmar Kurki-FoxFederal: $7,500
Non-Federal: $2,038
2016NCUnderstanding how land use characteristics affect the prevalence of antibiotic resistant, virulent E. coli and host-specific markers in watersheds with and without swine CAFOsJill Stewart, Elizabeth ChristensonFederal: $7,500
Non-Federal: $2,039
2016NDModeling Water Balance and Flows of Sediment and Nutrient in Devils Lake Watershed Using SWATXiaodong ZhangFederal: $2,625
Non-Federal: $5,250
2016NDImpacts of Climate Change on Embankment Dams in the Upper Midwest Region: Critical Design Parameters and Adaptation MeasuresYeo LimFederal: $4,200
Non-Federal: $8,400
2016NDEffect of Glacial Isostatic Adjustment on Rivers and Drainage Basins in the Red River ValleyPhil GerlaFederal: $5,013
Non-Federal: $10,026
2016NDEffects of Climate Change, Agricultural Land Use Change, and Dynamic Contributing Area on Streamflow Input to Devils Lake: A Case Study of the Mauvais Coulee Sub-BasinPaul TodhunterFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $3,000
2016NDA Comparison of Wetlands across the Urban - Peri-Urban - Rural GradientChristina HargissFederal: $5,650
Non-Federal: $11,300
2016NDContribution of Soluble Microbial Products on Dissolved Organic Nitrogen and its Biodegradability in Wastewater EffluentHalis SimsekFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $12,000
2016NDSnowmelt Water Infiltration into Frozen Soils in the Red River of the North BasinXinhua JiaFederal: $3,000
Non-Federal: $6,000
2016NDHolistic Risk Assessment of Surface Water Contamination Due to Lead-210 Found in Produced Water from Unconventional Oil Production in North DakotaEakalak Khan, Om YadavFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2016NDTamoxifen and Endoxifen Detections in Wastewater and Receiving Waters in North DakotaEakalak Khan, John McEvoyFederal: $5,500
Non-Federal: $11,000
2016NDGlutaraldehyde Removal from Flowback and Produced Waters Using PhotolysisEakalak Khan, Sivaguru JayaramanFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2016NDBiopolymers for Phosphate Removal from Eutrophic LakesAchintya BezbaruahFederal: $3,000
Non-Federal: $6,000
2016NDUV Light Effect on Bioavailability of Dissolved Organic Nitrogen in a Trickling Filter ProcessHalis SimsekFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $12,000
2016NDAssessing the Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing at Bakken on Regional Water ResourcesZhulu LinFederal: $2,812
Non-Federal: $5,624
2016NDInjectable Nanoparticle-based Permeable Reactive Barriers for Groundwater ContaminantAchintya BezbaruahFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2016NDComparative Ultraviolet Disinfection Study for Wastewater Applications for the City of Fargo, North DakotaWei LinFederal: $4,000
Non-Federal: $8,000
2016NDInformation Dissemination and CommunicationEakalak KhanFederal: $11,845
Non-Federal: $23,690
2016NEEvaluation of changing irrigation management on ground water recharge and qualityTroy Gilmore, Daniel SnowFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $46,253
2016NEEconomic, Environmental, and Crop Performance Assessment under Center Pivot, Subsurface Drip, and Furrow Irrigation Systems in a Changing Climate in West Central NebraskaDaran Rudnick, Chuck Burr, Tim Shaver, Derrel Martin, Greg Kruger, Francisco MunozArriola, Matt StocktonFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,165
2016NEWater Usage in the Food IndustryBing Wang, Rolando Flores, Jayne StrattonFederal: $17,000
Non-Federal: $34,018
2016NEInformation Transfer PlanChittaranjan Ray, Steven RessFederal: $68,811
Non-Federal: $119,421
2016NHSalt and Streams: Assessing ecological stress in New Hampshire watersheds at community, population, and molecular levelsAmy VillamagnaFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $49,760
2016NHEcosystem Indicators for Freshwater StreamsAlison WattsFederal: $19,289
Non-Federal: $41,913
2016NJA molecular tool to measure dechlorinator activity in situValdis Krumins, Donna E. FennellFederal: $19,724
Non-Federal: $39,640
2016NJMicroplastic pollution in New Jersey surface watersBeth Ravit, Keith Cooper, Brian BuckleyFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,000
2016NJComparing the time required for establishment of effective nutrient removal capacity of different stormwater basin designsTheresa Censoplano, Louise WoottonFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,037
2016NJMicroplastics as emerging contaminants in surface waters of New JerseyShirin Estahbanati, Nicole FahrenfeldFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $12,956
2016NJComposition and diversity of the cutaneous microbiome of amphibians in New JerseyAriel Kruger, Peter MorinFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2016NJMolecular mechanisms by which mercury contamination increases antibiotic resistance in the environmentNicole Lloyd, Tamar BarkayFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2016NJNovel algae based multifunctional biomaterials for the removal of heavy metals from waterMegha Thakkar, Somenath MitraFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2016NJToward a greener water reuse technology with ferrate(VI) - phosphorus removal and recoveryLei Zheng, Yang DengFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,400
2016NMNew Mexico’s Mountain Sources of Water: A Mechanistic Approach to Understand Mountain Recharge and Its Implications for Local and Statewide Water BudgetsJesus GomezVelezFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $60,007
2016NMWhat are the effects of the Gold King Mine spill on San Juan County, NM agricultural irrigation ditches and farms?Kevin Lombard, April Ulery, David WeindorfFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $60,000
2016NMInformation Transfer ProgramCatherine Ortega KlettFederal: $15,070
Non-Federal: $30,768
2016NMGeographic Information Systems for Water Resources Research PlanningAlexander FernaldFederal: $10,376
Non-Federal: $20,125
2016NVTheoretical Analysis of Optimal Groundwater Basin DevelopmentClay CooperFederal: $19,479
Non-Federal: $38,967
2016NVUptake of Pharmeceutical and Steroidal Compounds by Quagga Mussels in Lake MeadXuelian Bai, Kumud AcharyaFederal: $42,041
Non-Federal: $82,740
2016NVAn 8000-Year Paleoperspective of Hydroclimate Variability in the Southern Sierra NevadaSteven Bacon, Rina SchumerFederal: $39,012
Non-Federal: $79,355
2016NVAssessing Tree to Grass Water Use Ratios; Significance to Urban Water ConservationDale DevittFederal: $21,000
Non-Federal: $43,121
2016NVGreenboxAmelia GullingFederal: $22,317
Non-Federal: $45,557
2016NVNWRRI Website & NewsletterJames ThomasFederal: $10,822
Non-Federal: $20,499
2016NYWater Quality and Algal Community Dynamics in the Finger LakesLisa Cleckner, Roxanne Razavi, John HalfmanFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,272
2016NYEvaluating Septic System Inputs into Sodus Bay using Oblique Imagery, Optical Brighteners, and DNA-based tracersPaul RichardsFederal: $15,225
Non-Federal: $30,880
2016NYInnovative water treatment by chitosan modified diatomaceous earth for small public water systems in rural areasXinchao WeiFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,884
2016NYStudent Researcher Support of Adaptive Management of the St Lawrence River using Novel Water Quality Monitoring MethodologyMichael Twiss, Joseph SkufcaFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $2,128
2016NYConductivity and nutrient monitoring in surface water’s of NY’s Finger Lakes regionTodd WalterFederal: $48,288
Non-Federal: $26,558
2016OHEffectiveness of Data Buoys as Early Warning Systems for cHABs (cyanobacterial Harmful Algal Blooms) in Lake ErieJustin Chaffin, Douglas KaneFederal: $33,139
Non-Federal: $36,632
2016OHTrace metal limitation of biofilm growth and metabolism: potential consequences for storage of nutrients in headwater streamsDavid CostelloFederal: $24,340
Non-Federal: $24,340
2016OHBaseline measurements of methane emissions from Piedmont Lake - current and future fracking areaGil BohrerFederal: $11,288
Non-Federal: $79,238
2016OHCo-Optimizing Enhanced Water Recovery and CO2 Sequestration in OhioJeffrey BielickiFederal: $12,377
Non-Federal: $14,928
2016OKInformation Transfer ProjectGarey FoxFederal: $9,177
Non-Federal: $17,531
2016OKEvaluating the Reuse of Swine Lagoon Effluent and Reclaimed Municipal Water for Agricultural ProductionHailin Zhang, Saleh Taghvaeian, Doug Hamilton, Scott CarterFederal: $24,956
Non-Federal: $49,915
2016OKAlgal Remediation of Waste Water Produced during Hydraulic FracturingNurhan DunfordFederal: $24,866
Non-Federal: $49,732
2016OKWestern Oklahoma Irrigation Water and Energy Audits: Findings, Recommendations and Educational MaterialsScott Frazier, Saleh Taghvaeian, Jason Warren, Cameron MurleyFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,000
2016ORTechnology TransferTodd JarvisFederal: $51,585
Non-Federal: $150,708
2016PARemediation of Flowback Water by Transformation of Organic Additives Used in Fracking OperationsManish KumarFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $69,424
2016PAAssessing Climate Change and Energy Choice Impacts on Drinking Water Quality Changes in PennsylvaniaMatteo PozziFederal: $21,195
Non-Federal: $43,390
2016PAEvaluating a Potential Win-Win for Water Quality Management in Pennsylvania: Systems-Level Quantitative Analysis of Abandoned Mine Drainage and Produced Water Co-TreatmentLeanne GilbertsonFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $68,444
2016PARural Drinking Water Education for Underserved Counties of PennsylvaniaBryan SwistockFederal: $19,800
Non-Federal: $8,554
2016PAPennsylvania Water Resources Research Center Education & Outreach ProgramElizabeth BoyerFederal: $8,290
Non-Federal: $4,742
2016PRHybrid multimedia-filter prototype (HMP) for the degradation of trihalomethanes precursors and pathogens control from raw watersPedro Tarafa, OMarcelo SuarezFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $43,474
2016PRMapping Field-Scale Soil Moisture Using Ground-Based Passive Microwave Observations Phase II: Application of Remotely Sensed Soil Moisture Data Products for Hydrological Modeling in Puerto RicoJonathan MunozBarretoFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $43,474
2016RIModeling and Simulation of Groundwater ContaminationAngelo LuciaFederal: $20,029
Non-Federal: $40,447
2016RIBench-top simulation of water treatment system to assess disinfectant byproducts precursors and formation potentials in source waters of Rhode IslandSoni Pradhanang, Tom BovingFederal: $20,029
Non-Federal: $40,897
2016RIClean Drinking Water in Rhode IslandChristopher HunterFederal: $8,565
Non-Federal: $17,947
2016SCThe Influence of Poultry Rearing Facilities on Nutrient Concentrations, Fecal Indicator Bacteria, and Stream Fish in the Upper Savannah River BasinGregory Lewis, Dennis Haney, Peter Van Den Hurk, MinKen LiaoFederal: $28,680
Non-Federal: $58,093
2016SCMonitoring of Organic Pollutants in the Savannah, Edisto and Ogeechee Rivers, using Passive Samplers in Combination with a Real-Time Water Quality Data Collection NetworkPeter Van Den Hurk, Oscar FliteFederal: $30,038
Non-Federal: $64,836
2016SDEvaluating the Potential of Duckweed for Nutrient Capture and Use in Midwest Livestock ProductionErin Cortus, Lin Wei, David Casper, Julie WalkerFederal: $9,054
Non-Federal: $18,128
2016SDEvaluating Nutrient Best Management Practices to Conserve Water Quality (Year 2)Laurent Ahiablame, Sandeep Kumar, Jeppe KjaersgaardFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2016SDEvaluating E. coli particle attachment and the impact on transport during high flows.Rachel McDaniel, Bruce BleakleyFederal: $23,172
Non-Federal: $46,343
2016SDControlling Harmful Algal Blooms in Eutrophic Lakes by Combined Phosphorus Precipitation and Sediment Capping (Year 2)Kyungnan Min, Guanghui HuaFederal: $21,924
Non-Federal: $43,951
2016SDSouth Dakota Water Resources Institute FY2016 Information Transfer ProgramVan Kelley, Scott CortusFederal: $14,106
Non-Federal: $28,212
2016TNUsing UV/Peroxyacetic Acid to Remove Pharmaceuticals from Reclaimed WastewaterJohn BuchananFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,000
2016TNInvestigating Changes of River Course of the Tennessee River and the Impact from Regional Climate ChangeJoshua Fu, Xinyi DongFederal: $21,941
Non-Federal: $45,549
2016TNMeasuring Water Table Flucations under Different Irrigation Regimes in Western Tennessee AgroecossystemsChristopher Wilson, Jon Hathaway, Shawn HawkinsFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2016TNUrban Stream Restoration Planning: Towards Cost-Effective Mitigation of the Effects of HydromodificationRobert Woockman, John SchwartzFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,550
2016TNDevelopment of a Robust Model for Cross-Scale Prediction of Flow and Sediment TransportBenjamin Abban, Thanos PapanicolaouFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,550
2016TNEnvironmental Impacts of Coal Ash Spill on Nutrient Cycling and Surface Water Quality in Eastern TennesseeAnna SzynkiewiczFederal: $9,000
Non-Federal: $18,189
2016TXInformation TransferJohn Tracy, Leslie Lee, Kevin Wagner, Kathy Wythe, Danielle KalisekFederal: $82,335
Non-Federal: $87,828
2016TXImpact of coagulation on biofiltration: removal of trace organic contaminants to mitigate the effects of wastewater reuse on drinking water treatmentRicardo Lugo, Mary KirisitsFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2016TXConnecting Climate Variability with Water Supply Reliability: A Case Study in the Trinity River Basin, TexasGang Zhao, Huilin GaoFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2016UTQuantification of Groundwater Influences in High Gradient Utah Streams and RiversBethany NeilsonFederal: $17,054
Non-Federal: $13,341
2016UTWater Strategy Advisory Team: An Assessment of the Envision Utah Process to Improve Water ManagementDaniel McCool, Marian HubbardRiceFederal: $26,360
Non-Federal: $61,166
2016UTInformation Transfer in Support of the Utah Center for Water Resources Research (UCWRR)R. Ivonne Harris, Carri RichardsFederal: $3,547
Non-Federal: $18,459
2016UTWaterMAPS™ for Promoting Urban Landscape Water Use EfficiencyJoanna EndterWada, Roger KjelgrenFederal: $26,100
Non-Federal: $54,829
2016VAInformation TransferStephen H. SchoenholtzFederal: $73,612
Non-Federal: $120,251
2016VIWater Ambassador Program IIchristina chanes, Avram Primack, David MorrisFederal: $17,228
Non-Federal: $0
2016VIEcosystem integrity of riparian waterways on St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands using physical and biological indicatorsRenata PlatenbergFederal: $14,319
Non-Federal: $0
2016VITowards Real-Time Microclimate Monitoring in the US Virgin Islands: Optimizing Data Management to Maximize Scientific ProductionDavid Morris, Norton Orange, Sandra MainaFederal: $19,000
Non-Federal: $0
2016VTSystem-wide rapid quantification of streambank erosionMandar Dewoolkar, Jarlath ONeilDunne, Donna Rizzo, Jeff frolikFederal: $39,958
Non-Federal: $80,160
2016VTDeveloping high frequency in-situ methods to accurately quantify riverine phosphorus loading to Lake ChamplainBeverley Wemple, Matthew Vaughan, Beverley Wemple, Andrew VermilyeaFederal: $9,994
Non-Federal: $20,204
2016VTQuantifying the consequences of water quality changes and habitat fragmentation on the genetic structure of aquatic organisms in the Lake Champlain basinJ Marsden, Peter EuclideFederal: $10,013
Non-Federal: $20,191
2016VTImpacts of climate change on winter-spring transition in plankton communitiesJason Stockwell, Allison HrycikFederal: $10,800
Non-Federal: $21,652
2016VTCan early feeding ameliorate thiamine deficiency in wild lake trout fry?J Marsden, Carrie KozelFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,200
2016WATransformation of Graphene Oxide Nanomaterials in the Aquatic EnvironmentIndranil Chowdhury, Rick WattsFederal: $27,500
Non-Federal: $55,002
2016WALow Energy Precision (/Spray) Applications: Unmanned Aerial System based Rapid Evaluation for Crop and Site Specific System Adaptation in the Pacific NorthwestLav Khot, Troy PetersFederal: $27,500
Non-Federal: $55,062
2016WAUnderstanding Links Between Water, Nitrogen, and Greenhouse Gases in “Green” InfrastructureJohn Harrison, Kevan MoffettFederal: $27,500
Non-Federal: $55,130
2016WAInformation Transfer Plan for the State of Washington Water Reseach CenterJonathan Yoder, Jennifer AdamFederal: $2,799
Non-Federal: $9,146
2016WIWisconsin Water Resources Fellowship: Collaborating with Water ManagersJennifer HauxwellFederal: $28,553
Non-Federal: $41,859
2016WILong-term Alterations in Groundwater Chemistry Induced by Municipal Well PumpingJean Bahr, Madeline GotkowitzFederal: $19,884
Non-Federal: $31,366
2016WIInformation TransferMoira HarringtonFederal: $19,898
Non-Federal: $69,861
2016WIWisconsin Inititative on Climate Change Impacts: Water Resources Working GroupDaniel J. Vimont, David LieblFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $10,100
2016WVEnvironmental STEM Research Program: West Virginia University/Boy Scouts of America Bechtel SummitPaul Ziemkiewicz, Richard Thomas, Nicolas Zegre, Todd Petty, James Anderson, Tamara VandivortFederal: $67,072
Non-Federal: $204,168
2016WYGroundwater Modeling of the Casper Aquifer, Belvoir Ranch, CheyenneYe ZhangFederal: $42,302
Non-Federal: $227,912
2016WYA New Multifunctional Sorbent for the Treatment of Coproduced Waters from the Energy IndustryMaohong FanFederal: $19,389
Non-Federal: $224,396
2015AKLinking landscape characteristics and stream temperature in the coastal temperate rainforest of southeast AlaskaEran Hood, Sanjay PyareFederal: $19,265
Non-Federal: $38,545
2015AKDid ongoing peat accumulation buffer permafrost carbon from Holocene climate fluctuations?Daniel MannFederal: $14,923
Non-Federal: $23,116
2015AKHydrograph partitioning of a glacierized watershed, Interior Alaska – YEAR 2Anna Liljedahl, Tom TrainorFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $6,359
2015AKCreating a 10,000-year record of lake level fluctuations at Quartz Lake, Interior AlaskaMatthew WoollerFederal: $19,994
Non-Federal: $10,097
2015ALWater Policy and Law in Alabama (Year Two)Heather Elliott, Bill AndreenFederal: $40,000
Non-Federal: $80,000
2015ALIdentification of pollution sources on agricultural farms and evaluation of new fecal indicators for surface water quality monitoringLuxin Wang, Eric ReutebuchFederal: $19,856
Non-Federal: $39,045
Non-Federal: $40,000
2015ARCharacterization of phosphorus stores in soils and sediments and the potential for phosphorus release to water, related to land use and landscape position within a watershedAndrew Sharpley, Rosalind DoddFederal: $10,003
Non-Federal: $21,557
2015ARREWARD: Rice Evapotranspiration and Water use in the Arkansas DeltaBenjamin RunkleFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,000
2015AROptical water quality dynamics during receding flow in five Northwest Arkansas recreational riversJefferson Scott, Amie WestFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $11,440
2015ARContinuation of analysis for host-specific viruses in water samples collected from select 303(d) listed streams in the Illinois River WatershedKristen GibsonFederal: $5,618
Non-Federal: $12,253
2015ARCreating an annual hydroecological dataset in forested Ozark streamsMichelle Evans-White, Douglas Leasure, Daniel MagoulickFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,013
2015ARRelationship between nutrients, macrograzers abundance (Central Stonerollers and Crayfish), and algae in Ozark Streams.Michelle Evans-White, Jefferson ScottFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2015ARElucidation of a Novel Reaction Pathway for N-Nitrosamine FormationJulian FaireyFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,204
2015ARDoes environmental context mediate stream biological response to anthropogenic impacts?Sally EntrekinFederal: $2,250
Non-Federal: $7,669
2015ARRunoff Water Quality from Managed Grassland Amended with a Mixed Coal Combustion ByproductDavid Miller, Kristofor Brye, Erik PollockFederal: $24,320
Non-Federal: $49,860
2015ARArkansas Water Resources Center - Information TransferBrian Haggard, Erin ScottFederal: $2,645
Non-Federal: $5,416
2015AZWater Sources Over Time for a Semi-Arid River- Implications for Water Resources and Groundwater ModellingThomas Meixner, Steve Leavitt, Kiyomi MorinoFederal: $9,985
Non-Federal: $20,604
2015AZImpact of upgraded wastewater reclamation facilities on chemicals of emerging concern in the effluent-dependent Lower Santa Cruz RiverDavid Quanrud, Shane SnyderFederal: $9,998
Non-Federal: $21,613
2015AZCharacterization of Uranium and Arsenic in Unregulated Water Sources on the Navajo and Hopi ReservationsJani IngramFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2015AZInformation TransferSharon Megdal, Susanna Eden, Jean McLainFederal: $57,853
Non-Federal: $120,082
2015CAExplaining Current and Future Trends in Adoption by California Municipalities and Counties of Policies Limiting or Banning High-Volume Hydraulic FracturingGwen ArnoldFederal: $13,000
Non-Federal: $4,850
2015CACharacterizing the Impact of Salton Sea Water Management and Restoration Practices on Regional Air QualityRoya BahreiniFederal: $14,074
Non-Federal: $6,470
2015CAMonitoring tree survival and performance in street-side stormwater management facilitiesIgor LacanFederal: $14,926
Non-Federal: $3,881
2015CAMetagenomic Analysis of Groundwater Wells for Risk Assessment and Development of Intervention Strategies to Improve Water EfficacyClarissa NobleFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $8,250
2015CAQuantifying methylmercury loads from California rice fieldsBruce LinquistFederal: $13,580
Non-Federal: $3,531
2015CAAssessing Environmental Justice Impacts and Social Learning of Integrated Regional Water Management PlanningJonathon LondonFederal: $12,500
Non-Federal: $7,021
2015COTechnology Transfer and Information DisseminationReagan WaskomFederal: $47,413
Non-Federal: $167,625
2015COCombined Influences of Hydrologic Connectivity and Nutrient Uptake on System-scale RetentionTim CovinoFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,435
2015COTemporal Consistency of Spatial Snowpack PropertiesSteven FassnachtFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,435
2015COImpact of Limited Irrigation on Health and Growth of Three Ornamental Grass SpeciesJames KlettFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,435
2015COIdentifying Differential Access in Water Allocation Mechanisms: Water Rights for Oil and Gas Development in ColoradoMelinda LaituriFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,435
2015COGroundwater Recharge within the South Platte BasinJohn McCrayFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $0
2015COFloating Wetlands Systems: Managing Aquatic Plants as a Salt and Se Sequestration StrategyGigi RichardFederal: $4,922
Non-Federal: $0
2015CONutrient Retention and Productivity in Rocky Mountain Streams Under Alternative Stable StatesDana WinkelmanFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,435
2015CTEffects of Road Salts on Ephemeral Wetland EcosystemsAshley Helton, Tracy RittenhouseFederal: $11,025
Non-Federal: $22,781
2015CTReal-time in situ monitoring nutrient fate and hypoxia occurrence in natural water sourcesBaikun Li, Yu LeiFederal: $21,343
Non-Federal: $50,038
2015CTMitigating Eurasian watermilfoil invasion success and ecosystem impact using native herbivoresLaTina SteeleFederal: $4,025
Non-Federal: $9,818
2015CTLaboratory evaluation of materials to treat chloride in stormwaterMichael Dietz, John ClausenFederal: $13,951
Non-Federal: $27,823
2015CTInternally-Calibrated Passive Samplers for Water Quality Assessment of Pharmaceuticals and Other Organic Compounds of Wastewater OriginAllison MackayFederal: $20,328
Non-Federal: $45,413
2015DCEvaluating Long-term water quantity and quality performance of Bioretention systems in Washington, DC using monitoring and modelingArash Massoudieh, Arash MassoudiehFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $23,870
2015DCDoes hydraulic fracturing pose a threat to DCs water supply? A field and modeling study.Karen KneeFederal: $9,955
Non-Federal: $24,588
2015DCEvaluation of green roof effectiveness for nitrogen, phosphorus and suspended solid reduction in runoff from precipitation eventsStephen MacAvoyFederal: $9,993
Non-Federal: $24,604
2015DCA Novel Water Treatment Solution Using Hybrid Mesoporous Materials Embedded with Metallic Oxide NanoparticleXueqing SongFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $34,400
2015DCWater Pollution Prevention and Removal Using Nanostructured Smart Fluid with Switchable SurfactantsJiajun XuFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $34,400
2015DCEvaluating Impacts of Urban Water Ways on the Transportation Networks for the District of ColumbiaYao YuFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $19,600
2015DCPotomac River Stage Forecasting Using a Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization and Evolutionary Algorithm (PSO-EA) Algorithm with LS-SVMNian Zhang, Nian ZhangFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $33,217
2015DCIdentifying Sources of Chlordane Contamination in Anacostia River Food FishHarriette PhelpsFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $34,400
2015DEState Water Resources Research Institute Program, Delaware Water Resources Center, Annual Proposal for Fiscal Year 2015Gerald KauffmanFederal: $86,151
Non-Federal: $182,544
2015DEDWRC Information TransferGerald Kauffman, Maria PautlerFederal: $1,000
Non-Federal: $0
2015DEUD WATERGerald Kauffman, Maria PautlerFederal: $5,184
Non-Federal: $3,155
2015FLTransport and loss of nitrogen within the Upper Floridan Aquifer in the Silver Springs springshedJames JawitzFederal: $16,000
Non-Federal: $34,320
2015FLFlorida Water Resources Information TransferKirk Hatfield, Mark NewmanFederal: $28,566
Non-Federal: $18,783
2015GAWater supply and its potential impact on economic development along the Macon-Hawkinsville reach of the Ocmulgee RiverErnest Tollner, Abhyuday Mandal, Todd RasmussenFederal: $17,250
Non-Federal: $36,000
2015GAMarket-based approaches to resolve water conflicts in the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River BasinLaurie FowlerFederal: $17,250
Non-Federal: $35,769
2015GAOverland flow-sourced water quality impairment and targeted restoration of natural flow regimes in Proctor Creek, Atlanta, GAKatie Price, Daniel DeocampoFederal: $17,250
Non-Federal: $36,012
2015GAThe 2015 Biennial Georgia Water Resources ConferenceRobin McDowell, Todd RasmussenFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,000
2015GUWorkshop Series on Guam Groundwater ResourcesJohn Jenson, Nathan HabanaFederal: $14,836
Non-Federal: $0
2015GUExploring the natural limits of the Northern Guam Lens Aquifer: A step toward optimum sustainable management, Phase 2implementation of a numerical modelJohn Jenson, Nathan Habana, Mark LanderFederal: $22,429
Non-Federal: $0
2015GUImpact of Multiple Mercury Sources on Edible Quality of Fish from American Memorial Park Nearshore Waters, Saipan, CNMIGary DentonFederal: $38,568
Non-Federal: $0
Non-Federal: $0
2015GUAugmented Saipan daily rainfall measurements to inform a study of well head and well salinity variationsMark LanderFederal: $17,053
Non-Federal: $0
2015GUImpacts of Land Cover Change on Groundwater Quality in SaipanYuming Wen, Brian Bearden, Derek ChambersFederal: $24,077
Non-Federal: $0
2015GUContinuation and expansion of data collection for sewage treatment pilot study on Yap with addition of a composting pilot test for reuse of waste sludgeJoe RouseFederal: $27,483
Non-Federal: $0
2015GUWater System Leak detection Training for Yap State Public Services Corporation (YSPSC)Charles Falmeyog, Shahram KhosrowpanahFederal: $19,958
Non-Federal: $0
2015GUSustainable Conjunctive use of Groundwater and Rain Catchment Water under Variable Climatic Scenarios for Atoll Island Communities of Yap State: Ifalik, Eauripik, Satawal, UlithiJohn JensonFederal: $15,446
Non-Federal: $0
2015GUEnhance the network of community-based engagement for Watershed Forest Reserve to conserve and protect our fresh waters ecosystems in Pohnpei, Federated States Micronesia-FSMJoseph Eugene, Francisca ObispoFederal: $18,069
Non-Federal: $0
2015GUSecond Conference on Water Resource Sustainability Issues on Tropical IslandsShahram KhosrowpanahFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $0
2015GUInformation TransferShahram KhosrowpanahFederal: $26,058
Non-Federal: $0
2015HIA Novel Approach for Estimation of EvapotranspirationSayed BateniFederal: $33,462
Non-Federal: $61,116
2015HIToward an understanding of residential water conservation behaviors on OahuDaniele Spirandelli, Kimberly Burnett, Michael RobertsFederal: $30,824
Non-Federal: $64,769
2015HINumerical simulation of cold intermediate depth seawater circulation through the Keauhou aquifer in North Kona, HawaiiCraig GlennFederal: $20,344
Non-Federal: $41,596
2015HISecond Conference on Water Resource Sustainability Issues on Tropical IslandsAly El-KadiFederal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $830
2015IAInformation Transfer 2015Richard Cruse, Melissa MillerFederal: $29,605
Non-Federal: $24,640
2015IDLinking Agronomic Soil-P with Water Quality in Palouse Cropping SystemsDaniel Strawn, Erin BrooksFederal: $29,916
Non-Federal: $62,003
2015IDCharacterization and Analysis of Urban Storm Water Quantity and QualityJan BollFederal: $10,014
Non-Federal: $18,537
2015IDThe economics of flood risk management on the Columbia River and the Columbia River TreatyBarbara CosensFederal: $15,003
Non-Federal: $30,145
2015IDA study of social network among stakeholders in the South Fork Coeur d'Alene subbasin watershedManoj ShresthaFederal: $15,016
Non-Federal: $29,191
2015IDIdaho Outreach and Engagement Project FY2015John TracyFederal: $37,399
Non-Federal: $42,762
2015ILEffects of structural rehabilitation on nutrient retention and uptake, community assemblages, and functional morphology of biotic communities in a small Midwestern streamAnabela Maia, Anabela MaiaFederal: $9,977
Non-Federal: $20,754
2015ILEffect of dams on the genetic structure of fish assemblages in the Vermillion RiverRobert Colombo, Devon Keeney, Shannon SmithFederal: $8,518
Non-Federal: $21,128
2015ILMaking up for losses: A critical analysis of Section 404 compensatory stream mitigation banking in IllinoisBruce Rhoads, Thomas Bassett, Jeffery Matthews, Alex PeimerFederal: $5,591
Non-Federal: $11,182
2015ILModeling and prediction of watershed-scale dynamics of consumptive water reuse for power plant coolingAshlynn Stillwell, Zachary BarkerFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2015ILTransfering Water Resources Information to the People of IllinoisLisa Merrifield, Eliana BrownFederal: $44,249
Non-Federal: $81,923
2015INThe Impact of Cleaning Out Agricultural Sprayers and Tender Trucks on Water QualityRemoving Herbicide Residues from Tank to TipFred WhitfordFederal: $8,000
Non-Federal: $48,469
2015INWater Quality improvement demonstration effortRonald TurcoFederal: $12,002
Non-Federal: $11,515
2015INWhat Is the Source of Baseflow in the Wabash River Watershed?Marty Frisbee, Indrajeet ChaubeyFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,020
2015INAbundance and effects of pharmaceuticals on game fish in central IndianaMelody BernotFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,000
2015INDeveloping a predictive model for algae-bacterial associations in the Wabash River WatershedKevin WyattFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,451
2015INTransport and Transformation of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Carbon in Intermittent StreamsAdam Ward, Todd RoyerFederal: $14,998
Non-Federal: $30,020
2015KYSinkhole probability mapping: Integrating human impacts and natural processes in conjunction with LiDAR to predict karst subsidenceJunfeng ZhuFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,050
2015KYLong term effects of forestry best management practices on hydrology and water chemistry in three Appalachian headwater catchmentsCarmen AgouridisFederal: $2,550
Non-Federal: $5,433
2015KYGeospatial evaluation of sewer gas to indoor air pathways relevant for vapor intrusionKelly PennellFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,008
2015KYToward rapid detection of Phytophthora cinnamomi and P. ramorum in Appalachian streamsChris BartonFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $11,408
2015KYInvestigation of source, fate, and transport of sediments in a karst dominated watershedJames FoxFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2015KYControlled drainage in western Kentucky: Mitigating water stress and reducing nutrient loss to surface waters in grain crop productionCarrie Knott, Ole WendrothFederal: $4,992
Non-Federal: $11,049
2015KYExaminng the impacts of valley fills on stream water quality and amphibian and macroinvertebrate communities in southeastern KentuckyStephen RichterFederal: $3,646
Non-Federal: $7,297
2015KYRelationships between water quality and the fish community in Kentucky LakeTimothy SpierFederal: $4,614
Non-Federal: $9,404
2015KYMeasuring water quality and subsurface restoration effects along Obion Creek floodplain, western KentuckyGary StinchcombFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2015KYInvestigating karst hydrology influences on harmful algal blooms in two Kentucky lakesJason PolkFederal: $4,964
Non-Federal: $9,929
2015KY2015 Kentucky informaton transfer projectLindell OrmsbeeFederal: $43,169
Non-Federal: $88,374
2015LALong-Term Groundwater Recharge Projection of Southeastern Louisiana and Southwestern Mississippi Under Climate ChangeFrank TsaiFederal: $19,680
Non-Federal: $39,503
2015LAAtmospheric deposition of nitrogen and sulfur to Louisiana water bodiesHongliang Zhang, Hongliang ZhangFederal: $19,680
Non-Federal: $39,503
2015LADevelopment of watershed-based dynamic total maximum daily load for dissolved oxygen in loiwer Bayou MaconZhi-Qiang DengFederal: $19,850
Non-Federal: $39,893
2015MAEnhancing the Flux of Ultrafiltration Membranes using NanofibersJessica SchiffmanFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,050
2015MAMicrobial attenuation of non-point source pharmaceutical and personal care products pollution from antiquated septic systems in coastal communitiesC. Butler, Kaoru IkumaFederal: $29,971
Non-Federal: $60,008
2015MAInfluence of nutrients on Microcystis blooms in the Charles River watershedPia MoisanderFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2015MARemoval of Water-borne Pathogens and Heavy Metals Using Novel BiogranulesChul Park, Yasu MoritaFederal: $13,500
Non-Federal: $27,063
2015MAMassachusetts Water Watch Partnership web site redesignJerry SchoenFederal: $4,744
Non-Federal: $10,374
2015MA2015 Workshop SeriesPaula Rees, Anita Milman, David Reckhow, Eve VogelFederal: $17,074
Non-Federal: $33,871
2015MDThe Fate of Emerging Contaminants in Poultry Litter DigestionStephanie Lansing, Stephanie Yarwood, Lance YonkosFederal: $34,970
Non-Federal: $70,549
2015MDWater balance of a green roof integrated with a constructed wetland and rain garden for urban water managementDavid TilleyFederal: $24,744
Non-Federal: $50,110
2015MDPotential use of duckweed (Lemna minor) in bioremediation of rare earth element-containing effluentsJohan Schijf, Edward LandaFederal: $3,000
Non-Federal: $7,436
2015MDMaryland Water Symposium 2015Kaye BrubakerFederal: $1,000
Non-Federal: $1,584
2015MDRetrospective Analysis of Nutrient and Sediment Loadings and Trends in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed (Graduate Fellowship)Kaye Brubaker, William BallFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $12,000
2015MDChironomus riparius: A Tool for Studying Ecological Effects of “Inert” Safeners (Graduate Fellowship)Kaye Brubaker, Susan GresensFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $12,026
2015MDAssessing hydrogeomorphological constraints on water quality functions of forested riparian buffers in Western Maryland (Graduate Fellowship)Kaye Brubaker, Keith EshlemanFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $12,337
2015MDStorm Water Runoff and Water Quality Modeling in Urban Maryland (Graduate Fellowship)Kaye Brubaker, Barton FormanFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $12,000
2015MEPlankton N cycling and detection of cyanobacterial blooms across a gradient of lake trophic stateDenise Bruesewitz, Peter Countway, D KingFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $49,668
2015METoward a more efficient UV disinfection system: The development of a TiO2-based photocatalyst to enhance the degradation of taste and odor compounds in drinking waterAria Amirbahman, John PeckenhamFederal: $28,930
Non-Federal: $60,535
2015MEWater budget, groundwater exchange and hydrologic variability of central MaineAndrew Reeve, Aram Calhoun, Krista CappsFederal: $16,182
Non-Federal: $30,554
2015MEMaine Information TransferJohn PeckenhamFederal: $19,827
Non-Federal: $30,154
2015MINatural Resources Integrated Information SystemJon BartholicFederal: $34,369
Non-Federal: $68,283
2015MITechnology Transfer Training, Dissemination and Program DevelopmentLois WolfsonFederal: $27,973
Non-Federal: $56,296
2015MIMicrobial Water Pollution Source Characterization and Quantification at Sloan CreekIrene Xagoraraki, Ruth Kline-RobachFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,097
2015MIIntegration of Additional Models into the Development of an Optimization Decision Model (ODM) for Strategically Allocating Resources and Conservation Practices to Benefit Multiple Ecological and Socioeconomic EndpointsJon Bartholic, Vicki Anderson, James Duncan, Glenn O'NeilFederal: $19,993
Non-Federal: $39,996
2015MNHydrogeochemical modeling of groundwater controls on sulfate and wild rice in streamsGeneHua Ng, Amy MyrboFederal: $29,592
Non-Federal: $59,588
2015MNInvasive mussel shells and biogeochemistry of Minnesota lakesTed OzerskyFederal: $15,409
Non-Federal: $30,817
2015MNImproving the (Bio)fouling and Mechanical Resistance of Ultrafiltration Membranes for Drinking Water Production[ENCODING ERROR]Federal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $60,000
2015MOTechnology TransferBaolin DengFederal: $42,352
Non-Federal: $82,394
2015MORemoval of NOMs by Advanced Thin Film Composite Membranes for the Control of Disinfection ByproductsZhiqiang HuFederal: $22,000
Non-Federal: $45,229
2015MSWater Quality in Bangs Lake: effects of recurrent phosphate spills to a coastal estuary: Year 2Kevin DillonFederal: $21,964
Non-Federal: $51,012
2015MSInfluence of wetland plant community types on water quality improvement in natural and restored wetlands of the Mississippi DeltaGary ErvinFederal: $21,282
Non-Federal: $42,577
2015MSTowards an understanding of surface and groundwater exchange within tailwater recovery systemsEric Dibble, Beth Baker, Joby CzarneckiFederal: $9,628
Non-Federal: $19,421
2015MTAssessing the capacity of natural infrastructure to increase water storage, reduce vulnerability to floods, and enhance resiliency to climate changeJamie McEvoyFederal: $14,886
Non-Federal: $29,774
2015MTNitrifying wastewater biofilms and the influence of emerging contaminantsEllen Lauchnor, Ellen LauchnorFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $51,418
2015MTDesigning scenarios for hydrologic resilience in the Upper Missouri Headwaters with integrated ecosystem modelsBenjamin Poulter, Benjamin Poulter, Benjamin PoulterFederal: $6,207
Non-Federal: $48,535
2015MTStudent Fellowship: Climatic and geomorphologic influences on soil development and transport in the Bitterroot and Sapphire Mountains, Montana, USASarah Benjaram, Sarah BenjaramFederal: $1,000
Non-Federal: $440
2015MTStudent Fellowship: Sediment routing in steep mountain streams to understand hillslope-channel connectivityMichael Jahnke, Michael JahnkeFederal: $1,000
Non-Federal: $440
2015MTStudent Fellowship: Environmental DNA to evaluate individual variation in rainbow trout spawning dateTaylor WilcoxFederal: $909
Non-Federal: $400
2015NCHeavy metal anaysis, gene proxies, and stable isotoope tracers of coal ash contamination in the Dan River food webAnne Hershey, Parke Rublee, Martin Tsz-Ki TsuiFederal: $19,619
Non-Federal: $35,954
2015NCLegacy impacts of coal combustion residues on freshwater ecosystems in North CarolinaRichard Di Giulio, Emily Bernhardt, Jessica Brandt, Heileen Hsu-Kim, Avner VengoshFederal: $9,305
Non-Federal: $83,803
2015NCCoal ash constituents at the base of aquatic food webs: Processes affecting bioaccumulation and trophic transfer of arsenicDavid Buchwalter, Dean HesterbergFederal: $21,192
Non-Federal: $64,913
2015NCWRRI Informaiton Transfer ProgramNicole WilkinsonFederal: $2,270
Non-Federal: $0
2015NCAdvection and beyond: Effects of river flow on toxigenic cyanobacterial (Microcystis spp.) bloom dynamics in tidal-fresh estuarine zonesHans PaerlFederal: $183,101
Non-Federal: $252,167
2015NDContribution of Soluble Microbial Products on Dissolved Organic Nitrogen and its Biodegradability in Wastewater EffluentHalis SimsekFederal: $8,292
Non-Federal: $16,583
2015NDUse of Mixers in Water Towers to Prevent Ice Formation and Improve Water QualityWei LinFederal: $4,800
Non-Federal: $9,600
2015NDEvaluation of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems Sand Filters and Biological Treatment on Indian ReservationsWei LinFederal: $4,800
Non-Federal: $9,600
2015NDGlutaraldehyde Removal from Flowback and Produced Water Using PhotolysisKhan Eakalak, Sivaguru JayaramanFederal: $6,132
Non-Federal: $12,265
2015NDBiopolymers for Phosphate Removal from Eutrophic LakesAchintya BezbaruahFederal: $12,608
Non-Federal: $25,217
2015NDA Study of the Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Drought and its Impact inG. PadmanabhanFederal: $11,608
Non-Federal: $23,217
2015NDInjectable Nanoparticle-based Permeable Reactive Barriers for Groundwater Contaminant RemediationAchintya BezbaruahFederal: $4,800
Non-Federal: $9,600
2015NDQuantifying Soluble Salt Removal from Subsurface Tile-Drain Agricultural FieldsFrancis Casey, Abbey WickFederal: $4,800
Non-Federal: $9,600
2015NDEvaluation of Bioavailable Dissolved Organic Nitrogen Using Various Algal SpeciesHalis SimsekFederal: $4,002
Non-Federal: $8,004
2015NDThe Role of Algal Species on Phosphorus BioavailabilityKhan EakalakFederal: $8,292
Non-Federal: $16,583
2015NDInformation Dissemination and CommunicationKhan EakalakFederal: $11,011
Non-Federal: $22,022
2015NEDesign of Multi-Scale Soil Moisture Monitoring Networks in Agricultural Systems Using HydrogeophysicsTrenton FranzFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,001
2015NEDevelopment of Smart Alginate Hybrid Beads for Eco-Friendly Water TreatmentJaehong Shim, Patrick SheaFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,779
2015NEClimate Variability and a Decision Support Tool for Optimizing Yields with Limited Water Available for IrrigationJane Okalebo, Kenneth HubbardFederal: $16,499
Non-Federal: $56,731
2015NEFate of Manure-Borne Antimicrobials Monensin, Lincomycin, and Sulfamethazine and Potential Effects to Nitrogen Transformation in SoilDaniel Snow, Matteo DAlessioFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,232
2015NHImproved Ecosystem Indicator Tools for Water Quality Management – Genomic Analysis of Periphyton to Identify StressorsAlison Watts, WKelley ThomasFederal: $12,040
Non-Federal: $24,079
2015NJAssessing the partitioning and treatment of microbial agents during wet weather flowNicole Fahrenfeld, Nicole FahrenfeldFederal: $19,998
Non-Federal: $58,060
2015NJKnowledge and action on nonpoint pollution: a professional development program for educatorsRoberta HunterFederal: $10,068
Non-Federal: $26,873
2015NJInvestigation into the hydrologic benefits of soil compaction managementSteven Yergeau, Louise WoottonFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $24,269
2015NJEstablishing bioremediation options for dioxins and furans for the heavily contaminated sediments of the Passaic River, New JerseyHaider AlMnehlawi, Donna E. FennellFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2015NJThe biodegradation of pharmaceuticals in anaerobic wastewater digestateJulia Campbell, Lily YoungFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2015NJAssessment of seasonal variations and viability of antibiotic resistant genes from hospital point sources to surface waters of New JerseyAlessia Eramo, Nicole FahrenfeldFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $16,193
2015NJPerflourinated compounds (PFOS, PFOA, PFNA) exposure in laboratory zebrafish and field-caught small mouth bass produce different toxicology profiles based on morphometric, gene expression, and behavioral endpointsCarrie Greenfield, Keith CooperFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2015NJSuspended particulate toxicity: an emerging area of concern for physiochemical exposures to fish and other aquatic organismsDaniel Millemann, Keith CooperFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2015NJDeveloping a green technology to remove phosphate and pharmaceuticals from wastewater effluentsSaumik Panja, Yang Deng, Dibyendu SarkarFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,315
2015NJEffects of hard clam (Mercenaria mercenaria) grow-out operations on benthic communities in Barnegat Bay, NJRebecca Shell, Robert PrezantFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $11,162
2015NJDevelopment of novel membranes for reuse of brackish water and sea water desalination via membrane distillationSmruti Ragunath, Somenath MitraFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2015NMInformation Transfer ProgramCathy Ortega KlettFederal: $19,898
Non-Federal: $38,757
2015NMGeographic Information Systems for Water Resources Research PlanningAlexander FernaldFederal: $11,174
Non-Federal: $5,140
2015NMArsenic Removal from Water by Porous PolymersReza FoudaziFederal: $20,547
Non-Federal: $41,095
2015NMUnderstanding the Costs of Arid Inland CommunitiesCaroline ScruggsFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $60,000
2015NVGreenpower-Empowering NevadaAmelia GullingFederal: $10,451
Non-Federal: $20,735
2015NVImpact of Climate Change on Low-probability, High-risk Flooding Events in the Southwestern United StatesLi ChenFederal: $27,464
Non-Federal: $55,874
2015NVTesting the Mortality and Settlement of Quagga Mussel Veliger Under Various Chemical TreatmentsKumud AcharyaFederal: $23,648
Non-Federal: $48,223
2015NVGeologic and Seismic Effects of Large Scale Groundwater Withdrawal from Northeastern Nevada BasinsRina SchumerFederal: $23,965
Non-Federal: $47,890
2015NYEnvironmental ResearchSusan Riha, Brian RahmFederal: $3,000
Non-Federal: $1,650
2015NYDenitrifying Bioreactors Reduction of Agricultural Nitrogen Pollution at the Watershed ScaleLarry GeohringFederal: $9,963
Non-Federal: $0
2015NYEmerging Organic Pollutants: From College Campuses to Cayuga LakeSusan AllenGill, Jose LozanoFederal: $19,813
Non-Federal: $66,854
2015NYWestern New York Watershed NetworkChris LowryFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $44,097
2015NYPopulation and DPS Origin of Subadult Atlantic Sturgeon in the Hudson RiverIsaac WirginFederal: $18,980
Non-Federal: $41,455
2015OHSoil development on coal mine tailings; impact on trace metal sources and mobility to acid mine drainageDavid SingerFederal: $20,072
Non-Federal: $20,072
2015OHPolicy Tools for Reducing Nutrient Loads and Combating Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) in Lake Erie: An Inventory and AssessmentJohn HoornbeekFederal: $24,455
Non-Federal: $24,455
2015OHSpatial and Temporal Dynamics of Non-Point Source PollutionGajan SivandranFederal: $35,217
Non-Federal: $35,416
2015OKInformation Transfer ProjectGarey FoxFederal: $9,203
Non-Federal: $17,585
2015OKQuantifying Streambank Erosion and Phosphorus Load for Watershed Assessment and PlanningDaniel StormFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,000
2015OKOptimizing the Economic Value of Water from the Ogallala Aquifer used for IrrigationJason Warren, Jody Campiche, Rodney Jones, Arthur StoeckerFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,000
2015OKThreats to the Lugert-Altus Irrigation District: Untangling the Effects of Drought, Land Use Change, and Groundwater DevelopmentTyson Ochsner, Erik Kruger, Yohannes YimamFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,000
2015ORTechnology TransferTodd JarvisFederal: $52,842
Non-Federal: $185,601
2015PABuilding Capacity to Assess Harmful Algal Blooms in Surface Waters of PennsylvaniaBryan SwistockFederal: $17,900
Non-Federal: $35,800
2015PADetermining How Fish Populations Cope with Rapid Environmental Fluctuation: A Case Study in Pennsylvania StreamsVictoria BraithwaiteFederal: $17,950
Non-Federal: $35,759
2015PAAssessment of Shale Gas Contaminants in Sediment Profiles of the Conemaugh River LakeWilliam Burgos, Pat DrohanFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $35,229
2015PAPassive Co-Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage and Municipal Wastewater: A Novel Solution to Protect and Restore Water QualityWilliam StrosniderFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $68,030
2015PAPennsylvania Water Resources Research Center Education & Outreach ProgramElizabeth BoyerFederal: $11,228
Non-Federal: $8,683
2015PRDevelopment and evaluation of a hybrid multimedia-filter prototype (HMP) for the degradation of natural organic matter (NOM) and bacteriological control from raw waters.Pedro Tarafa, OMarcelo SuarezFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $43,469
2015PRMapping Field-Scale Soil Moisture Using Ground-Based L-Band Passive Microwave Observations in Western Puerto RicoJonathan MunozBarreto, Tarendra Lakhankar, Xiwu ZhanFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $43,469
2015PRSecond Conference on Water Resource Sustainability Issues on Tropical IslandsJorge Rivera-Santos, Walter SilvaFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $3,000
2015RICommon Pool Resources and Water Quality ExperimentsTodd GuilfoosFederal: $19,581
Non-Federal: $39,230
2015RIImproving Methods to Assess Liquefaction Potential of Embankment Dams in the Northeast RegionAaron BradshawFederal: $19,076
Non-Federal: $39,384
2015RIClean Drinking Water in Rhode IslandChristopher HunterFederal: $8,565
Non-Federal: $16,604
2015SCA Premilinary Investigation into the Ecology, Hydrodynamics, and Limnological Parameters of Oxbow Lakes in the Middle and Lower Savannah River BasinJohn HainsFederal: $26,097
Non-Federal: $53,730
2015SCEffect of Climate and Land Use Change on Water Availability for the Savannah River BasinAshok MishraFederal: $24,000
Non-Federal: $48,000
2015SDNutrient Removal from Agricultural Subsurface Drainage Using Denitrification 1 Bioreactors and Phosphate Adsorbents (Year 2)Guanghui Hua, Christopher Hay, Christopher SchmitFederal: $22,563
Non-Federal: $45,126
2015SDControlling Harmful Algal Blooms in Eutrophic Lakes by Combined Phosphorus Precipitation and Sediment CappingKyungnan Min, Guanghui HuaFederal: $21,370
Non-Federal: $42,740
2015SDEstablishing Gene Fingerprints of Pathogenic Bacteria Along Selected Reaches of Rapid CreekLinda DeVeaux, Lisa KunzaFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,000
2015SDSouth Dakota Water Resources Institute FY2015 Information Transfer ProgramVan Kelley, Kevin DalstedFederal: $16,950
Non-Federal: $33,900
2015TNMeasuring evapotranspiration and soil moisture to close the hydrologic budget under different land-uses in TennesseeThanos Papanicolaou, Christopher WilsonFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $31,440
2015TNEvaluating Environmental and Biological Impacts of Acid Runoff from Pyrite-Bearing Rock FormationsWilliam Sutton, DeEtra YoungFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,094
2015TNCharacterizing Stream Sediment Source Potentials in Small Urbanizing WatershedJohn SchwartzFederal: $17,195
Non-Federal: $34,744
2015TXInformation TransferRoel Lopez, Danielle Kalisek, Leslie Lee, Kevin Wagner, Kathy WytheFederal: $82,370
Non-Federal: $89,864
2015TXEvaluating the Efficacy of a Long-Term Residential Water Conservation Program in College Station, TXAdam Landon, Ronald Kaiser, Gerard KyleFederal: $4,965
Non-Federal: $16,722
2015TXHollow fiber membrane air stripping for the removal of carbonate species in produced water from hydraulic fracturingDora Frances Sullivan-Gonzalez, Benny Freeman, Lynn Katz, Desmond LawlerFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2015UTInformation Systems for Landscape Water ConservationKelly KoppFederal: $31,086
Non-Federal: $62,200
2015UTBiofiltration of Utah Municipal Drinking WaterDavid Stevens, Eva Nieminski, Darwin SorensenFederal: $37,168
Non-Federal: $105,779
2015UTInformation Transfer in Support of the Utah Center for Water Resources Research (UCWRR)R. Ivonne Harris, Carri RichardsFederal: $3,597
Non-Federal: $4,106
2015VAInformation TransferStephen H. SchoenholtzFederal: $70,765
Non-Federal: $105,475
2015VIWater Ambassador Programchristina chanes, David Morris, Avram PrimackFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $0
2015VIEngineered Pervious Layer for Rooftop Rain Harvesting and Solar/Dark Inactivation of E. coliSangchul Hwang, Henry SmithFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $0
2015VIInfluences of Watersheds Inputs on Water Quality and Bioluminescent Dinoflagellates in Mangrove Lagoon, St. Croix, USVIBernard Castillo, James Pinckney, Kynoch Reale-MunroeFederal: $29,477
Non-Federal: $0
2015VISecond Conference on Water Resource Sustainability Issues on Tropical IslandsHenry SmithFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $0
2015VTSystem-wide quantification of streambank erosionMandar Dewoolkar, Jarlath ONeilDunne, Donna Rizzo, Jeff frolikFederal: $38,542
Non-Federal: $78,673
2015WAClimate Change Effects on Water Supply: Linkages Between Wildfire and Accelerated SnowmeltSusan Kaspari, Carey GazisFederal: $27,500
Non-Federal: $55,000
2015WADevelopment and Update of Rainfall and Runoff Intensity-Duration-Frequency Curves for Washington State Counties in Response to Observed and Anticipated Extreme Rainfall and Snow Eventsyonas Demissie, Jennifer Adam, Akram HossainFederal: $27,500
Non-Federal: $55,046
2015WABedload dynamics at the confluence of large riversJohn Petrie, Balasingam MuhunthanFederal: $27,500
Non-Federal: $55,000
2015WA2015WA-SWWRC Administration/ManagmentJacqueline McCabe, Jon YoderFederal: $5,222
Non-Federal: $9,020
2015WASWWRC Information Transfer ProgramJonathan Yoder, Jennifer AdamFederal: $4,613
Non-Federal: $11,392
2015WIWisconsin Water Resources Fellowship: Collaborating with Water ManagersJennifer Hauxwell, Jennifer HauxwellFederal: $38,990
Non-Federal: $51,872
2015WIEffect of Source Chemistry on Mn-Bearing Solid Dissolution and Reactivity in Municipal Water SystemsMatthew GinderVogel, Christina RemucalFederal: $29,796
Non-Federal: $12,965
2015WV2015 WV State Water ConferenceTamara VandivortFederal: $19,866
Non-Federal: $6,456
2015WVDevelopment of Microbial Desalination Cells as an Innovative Low-cost Desalination Method for Produced Water TreatmentLian-Shin LinFederal: $46,491
Non-Federal: $22,781
2015WYHigh-Resolution Modeling of Precipitation, Snowpack, and Streamflow in Wyoming: Quantifying Water Supply Variations in Future DecadesBart GeertsFederal: $57,261
Non-Federal: $255,066
2015WYQuantifying Return Flow in the Upper Wind River BasinGinger Paige, Scott MillerFederal: $29,908
Non-Federal: $149,903
2015WYWyoming Information TransferGreg KerrFederal: $49,112
Non-Federal: $21,468
2014AKGone fishin’: Reconstructing temperature and productivity in Arctic lake ecosystems using lake trout (proposal to USGS NIWR)Christopher ArpFederal: $18,450
Non-Federal: $9,225
2014AKHydrograph partitioning of a glacierized watershed, Interior AlaskaAnna Liljedahl, Tom TrainorFederal: $18,987
Non-Federal: $5,538
2014AKUse of Gel Encapsulated Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles for Water TreatmentSrijan AggarwalFederal: $19,623
Non-Federal: $32,560
2014AKUse of ground and aircraft-based radar to document the spatial pattern of snow accumulation on two well-studied Alaskan glaciersMichael LosoFederal: $19,730
Non-Federal: $39,605
2014AKAccounting for Thermal Processes in Alaska Coastal ErosionTom RavensFederal: $10,935
Non-Federal: $21,877
2014ALExamination of bacterial levels in water and sediment for the development of refined monitoring protocols for inland recreational watersLuxin Wang, Eric ReutebuchFederal: $41,382
Non-Federal: $83,344
2014ALWater Policy and Law in AlabamaBennett Bearden, Heather ElliottFederal: $40,000
Non-Federal: $80,000
2014ARAssessing total nitrosamine formation and speciation in drinking water systemsJulian Fairey, Wen ZhangFederal: $24,600
Non-Federal: $49,215
2014ARIs persistence of plasmids in antibiotic resistant E. coli isolated from stream water impacted by integrons and conjugation or mobilization genes?Mary Savin, FNU SuhartonoFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $6,410
2014ARVisible water quality dynamics over the receding limbs of the hydrograph in five Northwest Arkansas recreational riversJefferson Scott, Amie WestFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $6,524
2014ARImproved ensemble forecast model for drought conditions in Arkansas using residual re-sampling methodYeonsang HwangFederal: $8,846
Non-Federal: $18,852
2014ARMicrobial Community under the Changing Pre-Oxidation Regime at Beaver Water DistrictWen ZhangFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $6,193
2014AREconomics of Multiple Water-Saving Technologies across the Arkansas Delta RegionKent Kovacs, Chris Henry, Qiuqiong Huang, Eric WailesFederal: $24,600
Non-Federal: $49,387
2014ARHydrogeology and Biogeochemical Evolution of groundwater in Big Creek and Buffalo River Basins and Implications for Concentrated Animal-Feeding OperationsPhil Hays, John Brahana, Ralph K. Davis, Erik Pollock, Victor Roland IIFederal: $5,200
Non-Federal: $6,690
2014ARArkansas Water Resources Center, Information TransferBrian Haggard, Erin ScottFederal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $8,823
2014ARLower Cutoff Creek MonitoringKelly Bryant, Hal LiechtyFederal: $5,958
Non-Federal: $11,924
2014AZImproving Integrated Surface Water and Groundwater Management in the United States: Case Studies of Innovative Groundwater Governance ApproachesSharon Megdal, Andrea Gerlak, Robert VaradyFederal: $7,500
Non-Federal: $10,096
2014AZDevelopment of Antibiotic Resistance during Wastewater TreatmentJean McLainFederal: $7,500
Non-Federal: $15,000
2014AZInformation TransferSharon Megdal, Susanna EdenFederal: $72,358
Non-Federal: $157,011
2014CAMinimizing Hexavalent Chromium in Californian Water: Understanding Hiding Reaction Pathways in Drinking Water and Reinventing Treatment ProcessHaizhou LiuFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $6,083
2014CARegulating the Social and Environmental Costs of Hydraulic Fracturing in CaliforniaBrent HaddadFederal: $11,981
Non-Federal: $1,705
2014CABalancing salmon populations, aquatic biodiversity, and water resource needs during drought in coastal CaliforniaStephanie CarlsonFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $6,083
2014CAAssessing Environmental Justice Impacts and Social Learning of Integrated Regional Water Management PlanningJonathon LondonFederal: $12,500
Non-Federal: $3,042
2014CAEvaluation of Surface Water Quality on Soil Leaching Fraction and Alfalfa Yield in the DeltaMichelle LeinfelderMilesFederal: $16,450
Non-Federal: $4,003
2014COTechnology Transfer and Information DisseminationReagan WaskomFederal: $47,365
Non-Federal: $165,196
2014COEcological Functions of Irrigation Dependent WetlandsDavid CooperFederal: $4,987
Non-Federal: $2,429
2014COWOOD: Windows Of Opportunity for Debris Retention in Response to 2013 Front Range FloodingEllen WohlFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,435
2014COThe Effect of Normative Trends on Water ConservationChad MortensenFederal: $4,983
Non-Federal: $0
2014COImpact of Limited Irrigation on Health of Three Ornamental Grass SpeciesJames KlettFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,435
2014CONutrient Retention and Productivity in Rocky Mountain Streams Under Alternative Stable StatesDana WinkelmanFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,435
2014COInvestigation of the Effects of Whitewater Kayak Parks on Aquatic Resources in ColoradoBrian BledsoeFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,435
2014COExploration of Morphometric Approaches for Estimating Snow Surface RoughnessSteven FassnachtFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,435
2014CTEvaluating and enhancing communities’ willingness to adopt N-Sink as a community based pollution mitigation decision toolChristine Kirchhoff, Juliana BarrettFederal: $15,210
Non-Federal: $31,492
2014CTInvestigating the effects of storm and wastewater treatment inputs on the biouptake and transfer of heavy metals in urban stream food websBin Zhu, Timothy VadasFederal: $12,821
Non-Federal: $24,828
2014CTMitigating Eurasian watermilfoil invasion success and ecosystem impact using native herbivoresLaTina Steele, Michele GuidoneFederal: $14,010
Non-Federal: $32,183
2014CTInteractions between catchment land cover, storm events, and nitrogen export from Connecticut streamsAshley HeltonFederal: $22,272
Non-Federal: $40,515
2014CTCT IWR Technology TransferGlenn Warner, James HurdFederal: $5,877
Non-Federal: $4,004
2014DCDevelopment of software Analytical Tool to conduct storm Event AnalysisPradeep BeheraFederal: $12,400
Non-Federal: $38,512
2014DCPrediction of Surface Water Supply Sources for the District of Columbia Using Least Squares Support Vector Machine (LS-SVM)Nian Zhang, Pradeep BeheraFederal: $9,417
Non-Federal: $33,208
2014DCStormwater Flood Prediction and Mitigation in Bloomingdale and Ledroit Park Using Bayesian Network and Time Series AnalysisValbona BejleriFederal: $14,700
Non-Federal: $0
2014DCMonitoring of Uptake of Water Soluble Phosphorus in Wastewater Samples by Algae Using 31P Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) SpectroscopyXueqing SongFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $51,600
2014DCDeveloping a chance-constraint framework for optimization of long-term hydraulic performance of green roofsArash Massoudieh, Pradeep BeheraFederal: $14,918
Non-Federal: $40,161
2014DCGeochemical characteristics of an urban river: detecting the influences of an urban landscapeStephen MacAvoyFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $51,804
2014DCDetermining the Feasibility of Simulating the District of Columbia’s Department of the Environment Proposed Stormwater Volume Trading Market Using Agent-Based ModelingPradeep Behera, Seth BrownFederal: $10,900
Non-Federal: $34,093
2014DEDWRC Information TransferJames Sims, Maria Pautler, James SimsFederal: $1,000
Non-Federal: $0
2014DEUD WATERJames Sims, Gerald Kauffman, James SimsFederal: $4,860
Non-Federal: $2,834
2014DEPhotoelectrochemical Process for Removal of Contemporary Organic Contaminants from WaterChin-pao HuangFederal: $12,627
Non-Federal: $34,829
2014DENutrient Removal from Stormwater, Wastewater, and Agricultural Runoff Using Scrap Iron and BiocharPei Chiu, Daniel Cha, Paul ImhoffFederal: $12,627
Non-Federal: $34,829
2014DEGreenhouse Gas Emissions from Sediments in a Protected Estuary in DelawareRodrigo Vargas, Rodrigo VargasFederal: $3,500
Non-Federal: $6,402
2014DEQuantifying Conservation Practices in the Chesapeake Bay BasinJennifer VolkFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $2,775
2014DEIntegrating Biochar Amendments in Green Stormwater Management Systems for Enhanced Nutrient Treatment of Stormwater Runoff.Paul Imhoff, Daniel Cha, Pei ChiuFederal: $3,500
Non-Federal: $6,402
2014DENutrient Loading in the Murderkill RiverAlan AndresFederal: $3,500
Non-Federal: $6,402
2014DEFine-Scale Temporal Dynamics of Estuarine Virioplankton and Bacterioplankton PopulationsEric WommackFederal: $3,500
Non-Federal: $6,402
2014DEInvestigation of Nitrogen Pollution in a Mixed Land-Use WatershedLuc ClaessensFederal: $3,500
Non-Federal: $6,402
2014DEEnhanced Pollutant Biodegradation by Electrode UseSteven Dentel, Steven DentelFederal: $3,500
Non-Federal: $6,402
2014DEUnderstanding Greenhouse Gas Fluxes in EstuariesAngelia Seyfferth, Rodrigo VargasFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $2,775
2014DEWater Quality Performance for Paired Bioretention BasinsCarmine BalascioFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $2,775
2014DEProcuring Abatement: Cover Crop Cost Heterogeneity and Optimal Policy Design in DelawareJoshua DukeFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $2,775
2014DEWetland Restoration and Mitigation Banking along the Cool Run Watershed at the UD Farm: GIS MappingGerald KauffmanFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $2,775
2014DEWetland Restoration and Mitigation Banking along the Cool Run: Ecosystem Service AnalysisGerald Kauffman, Gerald KauffmanFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $2,775
2014FLFlorida Water Resources Information TransferKirk Hatfield, Mark NewmanFederal: $27,533
Non-Federal: $16,984
2014GAValidation of Oysters as Biomonitors of Pharmaceutical Pollution in GeorgiaMarsha BlackFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $36,017
2014GAThe effect of salt marsh hydrodynamics on estuarine flowKevin Haas, Donald WebsterFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $36,000
2014GAImplications of eutrophication and climate change in promoting toxic cyanobacterial blooms in agricultural ponds across Georgia.Susan Wilde, Deepak MishraFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $36,316
2014GABaseline Conservation Analysis for Agricultural Irrigation in Priority Watersheds of the Lower Flint River BasinMark MastersFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $36,200
2014GUExpanding Guam Water Kids with Five Modules to Prepare High School Students for Service-Learning Opportunities Beneficial to Freshwater ResourcesArretta CardFederal: $12,970
Non-Federal: $0
2014GUOne-Day Field Course for Water Resource Professionals and Island Educators, with Educational Webpage on the Northern Guam Lens AquiferJohn JensonFederal: $10,477
Non-Federal: $0
2014GUPrediction of Flow Duration Curves at Ungaged Stream Sites in GuamLeroy Heitz, Shahram KhosrowpanahFederal: $20,156
Non-Federal: $0
2014GUEstimating the natural limits of the Northern Guam Lens Aquifer: A first step toward sustainable managementMark Lander, John JensonFederal: $27,283
Non-Federal: $0
2014GUDevelop a GIS Model for Analysis of Groundwater Quality Data in SaipanYuming Wen, Brian BeardenFederal: $22,119
Non-Federal: $0
2014GUMeasurement of Groundwater Salinity for Selected Production Wells, Island of Saipan, CNMIElena Alexandrova, Heidi YelinFederal: $5,826
Non-Federal: $0
2014GUImpact of Stormwater Discharges and WWII on the Mercury Status of Fish from the Southern Section of Saipan LagoonGary DentonFederal: $39,832
Non-Federal: $0
2014GUOptimizing operation of the Saipan's water distribution system using diurnal demand pattern and system pressureBrian Bearden, Shahram KhosrowpanahFederal: $11,230
Non-Federal: $0
2014GUPilot study to improve wastewater treatment system in Yap, FSMJoe RouseFederal: $26,432
Non-Federal: $0
2014GUEvaluating rainfall variability and drought thresholds for atolls and high islands of the FSMMark Lander, Shahram KhosrowpanahFederal: $15,106
Non-Federal: $0
2014GUDevelop community based watershed management programs to improve water quality of community water systems in Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia-FSMJoseph Eugene, Francisca ObispoFederal: $19,035
Non-Federal: $0
2014GUSustainable Conjunctive use of Groundwater and Rain Catchment Water under Variable Climatic Scenarios for Atoll Island CommunitiesJohn JensonFederal: $20,942
Non-Federal: $0
2014GUInformation TransferShahram KhosrowpanahFederal: $23,913
Non-Federal: $0
2014HITechnology TransferPhilip MoravcikFederal: $3,250
Non-Federal: $6,539
2014HIEvaluation of Portable Multi-use Automated Concentration System (PMACS) for the analysis of indicator bacteria and microbial source tracking markers in HawaiiMarek Kirs, Roger Fujioka, Philip MoravcikFederal: $15,226
Non-Federal: $31,980
2014HIEstimating Evapotranspiration Over Native Wet Montane Cloud Forests in Hawai’i and Evaluating the Impact of Climate Change on itSayed BateniFederal: $26,708
Non-Federal: $58,646
2014HITemporal and spatial effects of sewage outfalls on the ecosystem health of coastal waters offshore of HonoluluJulie Bailey-BrockFederal: $3,021
Non-Federal: $7,071
2014HIManaging for multiple ecosystem services with changing land use in West MauiKirsten OlesonFederal: $20,208
Non-Federal: $40,627
2014HITracing Interconnectivity Between High-level and Basal Groundwaters in West HawaiiCraig GlennFederal: $21,422
Non-Federal: $43,321
2014IAValidation of Satellite Observations of Soil Moisture to Facilitate Forecasts of Soil Water Storage in IowaBrian HornbuckleFederal: $49,377
Non-Federal: $105,548
2014IADevelopment of a Framework for Discharge Forecasting over IowaGabriele Villarini, Aaron StrongFederal: $51,823
Non-Federal: $61,817
2014IAInformation TransferRichard Cruse, Melissa MillerFederal: $12,049
Non-Federal: $28,625
2014IACost-Effectiveness of Reverse Auctions for Watershed Nutrient Reductions in the Presence of Climate VariabilityAdriana Valcu, Philip Gassman, Catherine KlingFederal: $20,722
Non-Federal: $39,639
2014IDDynamic modeling of rule curve reservoir operations under stochastic climate conditionsLevan Elbakidze, Garth TaylorFederal: $13,933
Non-Federal: $27,866
2014IDIdaho Outreach and Engagement Project FY2014John Tracy, Julie ScanlinFederal: $63,402
Non-Federal: $53,240
2014IDDevelopment of Soil Moisture Droght Index (SODI) to Characterize Hydrological Droughts in the NorthwestJae RyuFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,000
2014ILTransferring Information to the People of IllinoisLisa MerrifieldFederal: $31,521
Non-Federal: $11,515
2014ILHydro-meteorological response to tropical system precipitation in IllinoisDavid ChangnonFederal: $8,331
Non-Federal: $16,663
2014ILYear-round wetland microbial activity impacts on nitrogen cycling annual budgets: is restoration impacting greenhouse gas emissions in wetlands?Angela KentFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,002
2014ILChanging food webs in Lake Michigan: Dreissena and the microbial loopJerry Kavouras, Jerry KavourasFederal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $4,318
2014ILEpikarstic groundwater ecosystems in Illinois: a sensitive by unstudied faunal elementSteven TaylorFederal: $7,483
Non-Federal: $15,090
2014ILAnthropogenic litter and microplastic in urban streams: abundance, source, and fateTimothy HoelleinFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $27,152
2014ILStatewide surveillance of emerging flame retardant contamination in Illinois waters via fish monitoringDa ChenFederal: $4,000
Non-Federal: $8,091
2014ILRestoration trajectories of restored floodplain wetlands and their ecosystem servicesAngela KentFederal: $4,000
Non-Federal: $8,000
2014ILHydrologic Impacts of an alternative agricultural land use: a woody perennial polycultureEvan DeLucia, Kevin WolzFederal: $4,000
Non-Federal: $8,000
2014ILInfluence of water quality and stormwater management on the ecology of mosquito-borne diseaseBrian Allan, Andrew MackayFederal: $4,000
Non-Federal: $8,021
2014INQuantifying the seasonal change in the geochemical state of the Wabash River usingKeith Cherkauer, Indrajeet ChaubeyFederal: $14,998
Non-Federal: $29,996
2014INReconnection of floodplain lakes in the Patoka River watershed: habitat and fish assemblagesMark PyronFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,000
2014INA History of Metal Pollution in the Wabash River, Vigo County, Using Geochemical Records from Pond and Wetland SedimentsJennifer LatimerFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,000
2014INLinking improved soil health to water quality via the planting of cover crops in the Shatto Ditch Watershed, Kosciusko Co, IN.Jennifer Tank, Sheila ChristopherFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $34,042
2014INPollution Prevention Strategies for the PublicFred Whitford, Jagadeesh AnmalaFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $30,632
2014INEvaluating the Maintenance and Diffusion of Best Management Practices in the Great Bend of the Wabash River WatershedLinda ProkopyFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,000
2014KSMoving Towards a Real-Time Drought Assessment and Forecasting System for KansasXiaomao Lin, Robert Aiken, Gerard Kluitenberg, Daniel OBrienFederal: $28,784
Non-Federal: $58,022
2014KSExtending the Useable Life of Ogallala Aquifer through Limited Irrigation using Integrated Sensor-Based TechnologiesIsaya Kisekka, Jonathan Aguilar, Randall Currie, Danny RogersFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $68,176
2014KSAssessment of Deteriorating Water Quality in the Ogallala Aquifer and its Effect on Crops in Western KansasJonathan Aguilar, Isaya Kisekka, Danny Rogers, Aleksey SheshukovFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $60,427
2014KSAssessing Natural Variability in Groundwater Surface Water InteractionsAndrea BrookfieldFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $72,894
2014KSFate of High Uranium in Saline Arkansas River Water in Southwest Kansas: Distribution in Soils, Crops, and GroundwaterDonald WhittemoreFederal: $28,185
Non-Federal: $69,096
2014KSSupport for the GovernorDan DevlinFederal: $27,282
Non-Federal: $29,784
2014KYDiverse participation in watershed planning and governance: Building social-ecological resilience in Kentucky WatershedsTony ArnoldFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $13,790
2014KYEffects of atrazine and metolachlor on willow in riparian zones along the Kentucky RiverKristine Hopfensperger, David ThompsonFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,008
2014KYReal-time monitoring of phtocatalytic degradation processesMatthew NeeFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,001
2014KYInvestigating the influence of Asian carp on primary productivity of Kentucky LakeMichael FlinnFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,938
2014KYDevelopment of passive sampling techniques for the characterization of subsurface contaminationKelly PennellFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2014KYDoes logging and surface mining increase the vulnerability of stream-associated salamanders to chytrid fungus infection?John CoxFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,163
2014KYStreambank stability and riparian habitat relationships and mapping in the Triplett Creek watershedApril HaightFederal: $4,807
Non-Federal: $9,772
2014KYPhosphorus leaching from compost bedded pack dairy barn wasteMark Coyne, Joseph TarabaFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2014KYKentucky information transfer projectLindell OrmsbeeFederal: $44,128
Non-Federal: $88,245
2014KYUse of time-lapse electrical resistivity to image solute transport in a karst conduitAudrey SawyerFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,053
2014LAGroundwater Recharge Estimation under Climate Change Impact for the Southern Hills Aquifer System of Southeastern Louisiana and Southwestern MississippiFrank TsaiFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,030
2014LAIdentification of Critical Nitrogen Source Areas in Lower Boeuf River WatershedZhi-Qiang DengFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $37,467
2014LAEffect of Herbicide Atrazine on Phytoplankton, Water Quality, and Ecosystem Functions in Louisiana Coastal WetlandsSibel Bargu, Ronald DeLauneFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $36,431
2014LAAdaptive management of Catahoula Lake for Sediment Mobility and Control of Woody EncroachmentRichard Keim, Brandon EdwardsFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $31,668
2014MAInvestigating effects of annual winter lake drawdowns on fish and macroinvertebrate assemblages and dietAllison Roy, Stephen DeStefanoFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,304
2014MAFate, transport, and remediation of PFOS, PFOA, perchlorate, and 1,4-dioxane at the Eastham MA landfillChad VecitisFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2014MAGoing With or Against the Flow: Choices for Flood Mitigation Response in MassachusettsAnita MilmanFederal: $23,677
Non-Federal: $50,113
2014MAAssessing the effectiveness of a biofiltration facility and associated groundwater flow in protecting water quality of a water supply reservoirPaul MathisenFederal: $24,873
Non-Federal: $57,383
2014MAWater Resources Workshops and SymposiaPaula ReesFederal: $16,947
Non-Federal: $31,226
2014MDTracing the rates of road salt runoff movement from impervious surface to stream and the effects on soil and aquifer geochemistryJoel Moore, Joel MooreFederal: $12,516
Non-Federal: $25,032
2014MDWetland restoration: Experimental effects of soil carbon:nitrogen ratio on growth of invasive and native Phragmites australis (common reed)Andrew Baldwin, Stephanie YarwoodFederal: $33,227
Non-Federal: $67,927
2014MDValidation of non-lethal laparoscopic technique for detection of intersex in regional black bass populationsLance YonkosFederal: $10,027
Non-Federal: $35,457
2014MDSteel Slag-Induced Surface Water and Groundwater Contamination (Graduate Fellowship)Kaye BrubakerFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $14,561
2014MDImpacts of Stormwater Management on Greenhouse Gas Fluxes from Urban Streams (Graduate Fellowship)Kaye BrubakerFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $12,000
2014MDKinetics of the Iodination of Natural Organic Matter and Iodinated Disinfection Byproduct Formation in Drinking Water Treatment (Graduate Fellowship)Kaye BrubakerFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $12,000
2014MDMaryland Water 2014 - SymposiumKaye BrubakerFederal: $3,651
Non-Federal: $1,899
2014MDMaryland Water Issues - Educational EventKaye BrubakerFederal: $1,900
Non-Federal: $988
2014MEControls of phosphorus cycling in Lake Auburn, Maine, USA: Spatial and temporal interactions among sediment, water column, and climate changeAria Amirbahman, Linda Bacon, Stephen NortonFederal: $27,027
Non-Federal: $56,550
2014MEMaine Information TransferJohn PeckenhamFederal: $22,134
Non-Federal: $30,849
2014MEConnecting climate and land use to Sebago Lake drainage network processesSean SmithFederal: $31,134
Non-Federal: $62,406
2014MINatural Resources Integrated Information SystemJon BartholicFederal: $32,335
Non-Federal: $63,909
2014MIInformation Dissemination and Technology Transfer Training ProgramsLois WolfsonFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $53,336
2014MICitizen Monitoring of Chlorides in Drinking Water Using Newly Developed Apps and Online Mapping ProgramJon Bartholic, Yi ShiFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $36,050
2014MIAssessing Co-Creation of Knowledge Generation and Diffusion ApproachesStephen GasteyerFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $26,025
2014MIImproving Capacity to Collect Crowdsourced Hydrologic Data through Focused Engagement and Enhanced CrowdHydrology SoftwareJeremiah AsherFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $5,350
2014MOTechnology TransferBaolin DengFederal: $42,352
Non-Federal: $81,914
2014MORemoval of NOMs by Advanced Thin Film Composite Membranes for the Control of Disinfection ByproductsZhiqiang HuFederal: $22,000
Non-Federal: $46,499
2014MSResponses of water quality and wetland plant communities to multi-scale watershed attributes in the Mississippi DeltaGary Ervin, Robert KrogerFederal: $23,834
Non-Federal: $49,529
2014MSWater Quality in Bangs Lake: effects of recurrent phosphate spills to a coastal estuaryKevin DillonFederal: $24,963
Non-Federal: $52,998
2014MTImproving accessibility to satellite soil moisture measurrements: Linking SMOS data retrievals to ground measurements in MontanaPaul StoyFederal: $4,080
Non-Federal: $8,184
2014MTContaminants monitoring and natal dispersal of ospreys along the Yellowstone RiverKayhan OstovarFederal: $11,475
Non-Federal: $22,950
2014MTStudent Fellowship: The Impact of Irrigation on the Hydrologic Cycle under Low Water AvailabilityDouglas BruggerFederal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $880
2014MTStudent Fellowship: Thresholds of Hydrologic Connectivity: Shallow Water Table Development at the Hillslope ScaleEmily ClarkFederal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $880
2014MTStudent Fellowship: Seasonal Timing of Evapotranspiration and the Effect on Soil Moisture and Water Availability for Groundwater Recharge with Different Crop Rotation PracticesElizabeth HarrisFederal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $880
2014MTStudent Fellowship: Estimating Evapotranspiration at the Regional Scale: An Energy Balance ApproachAiden Johnson, Aiden JohnsonFederal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $880
2014MTStudent Fellowship: Precipitation and topographic controls over montane forest transpirationJustin MartinFederal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $880
2014MTStudent Fellowship: Conditions necessary to maintain chute-cutoff morphology in meandering gravel-bed riversApril SawyerFederal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $880
2014MTStudent Fellowship: Enhancing Tribal Environmental Health Literacy: Developing a toolkit to improve community understanding of rights and responsibilities regarding water quality.Miranda Margetts, Miranda MargettsFederal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $880
2014NCIntegrated Drought Management and Assessment Portal for the State of North CarolinaSankarasubramanian Arumugam, Ryan Boyles, Tushar SinhaFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $40,450
2014NCQuantification of Fecal Bacteria Removal by Micro-zooplankton Grazing in Stormwater BMPsMichael Mallin, Lawrence CahoonFederal: $7,500
Non-Federal: $77,868
2014NCMicrobial Quality and Risk Assessment of Type 2 NC Reclaimed Water for Non-potable and Potable ReuseMark SobseyFederal: $7,500
Non-Federal: $22,500
2014NCLinkages of Mercury and Methane Cycles in Piedmont Streams and Rivers in North Carolina, and Implications for Mercury Bioaccumulation in Food WebsMartin Tsz-Ki Tsui, Craig Allan, Anne Hershey, Stephen WhalenFederal: $15,525
Non-Federal: $44,475
2014NCWRRI Information Transfer ProgramNicole WilkinsonFederal: $7,015
Non-Federal: $0
2014NCLand Application of Aquaculture Effluents to Prevent Surface Water Eutrophication and Promote Groundwater Re-Infiltration in Coastal North CarolinaHarry Daniels, Dennis HazelFederal: $13,500
Non-Federal: $0
2014NDNutrient Loading Reduction and Water Quality of Best Management Practices in Grand Forks, North DakotaYeo LimFederal: $7,300
Non-Federal: $14,600
2014NDThree Dimensional Analyses of Flow Dynamics & Chlorination of Ground Water Supply Reservoir in a Cold RegionYeo LimFederal: $4,100
Non-Federal: $8,201
2014NDWhere is fertilizer nitrogen going, up in smoke or down the pipe? An assessment of nitrogen transformations and water quality impacts on a tile drained sodic soilAnnMarie FortunaFederal: $5,350
Non-Federal: $10,699
2014NDQuantification of Spatio-temporal Distribution of Surface Ponding and Related Dynamic ProcessesXuefeng ChuFederal: $4,100
Non-Federal: $8,200
2014NDSodic soil characterization and management on subsurface drainageTom DeSutterFederal: $7,100
Non-Federal: $14,200
2014NDBiopolymers for Phosphate Removal from Eutrophic LakesAchintya BezbaruahFederal: $9,149
Non-Federal: $18,300
2014NDA Study of the Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Drought and its Impact in North DakotaG. PadmanabhanFederal: $9,151
Non-Federal: $18,301
2014NDSnowmelt water infiltration into frozen soil in Red River of the North BasinXinhua JiaFederal: $9,150
Non-Federal: $18,300
2014NDEvaluation of Bioavailable Dissolved Organic Nitrogen Using Various Algal SpeciesHalis SimsekFederal: $7,300
Non-Federal: $14,601
2014NDThe Role of Algal Species on Phosphorus BioavailabilityKhan EakalakFederal: $7,300
Non-Federal: $14,601
2014NDInformation Dissemination and CommunicationG. PadmanabhanFederal: $10,875
Non-Federal: $21,327
2014NEFate of steroid hormone conjugates and E. coli from manure in soil: Potential sources of free hormones and pathogens in forages and the environment?Amy Schmidt, Shannon Bartelt-Hunt, Xu Li, Daniel SnowFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,211
2014NEDocumenting Stream/Groundwater Interaction in the South Platte RiverDouglas Hallum, Les Howard, Steve SibrayFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $51,493
2014NEHydroclimatic controls on the conjunctive use of surface and ground water in the Platte River BasinFrancisco MunozArriolaFederal: $14,997
Non-Federal: $30,493
2014NHNatural dams and biogeochemistry at the river network scale: implications for water qualityDenise Burchsted, Mark Green, Jennifer Jacobs, Wil WollheimFederal: $45,192
Non-Federal: $111,884
2014NHContribution of fluvial wetlands to nitrogen retention in urbanizing coastal watersheds in New England across multiple scalesAnne Lightbody, Linda Kalnejais, Wil WollheimFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $51,091
2014NJModeling hydrologic and stream temperature response to land-use and climate change in developed and developing watersheds: a comprehensive analysisJoseph DaraioFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,001
2014NJAssessing Impervious Cover for Application of Green Infrastructure Practices "Undergraduate Student Research Initiative"Christopher ObroptaFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $33,000
2014NJDeveloping nano-activated carbon based technology for groundwater remediationChengyu Chen, Weilin HuangFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2014NJMicrobially mediated dehalogenation of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (PCDDs) in New Jersey river sedimentsHang Dam, Max HaggblomFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2014NJDetermining the influence of Mn(II)-birnessite interactions on the retention of Zn(II) and implications for other important trace metals in New JerseyJoshua Lefkowitz, Evert ElzingaFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2014NJParasite biomass and nutrient stoichiometry in a stream ecosystemRachel Paseka, Michael SukdeoFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2014NJNovel approach to sea and brackish water desalination via membrane distallationSmruti Ragunath, Somenath MitraFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2014NJDevelopment of a new, effective and low-cost adsorption material to enhance Low Impact Development (LID) techniques for prevention of urban stormwater pollution in New JerseyHanieh Soleimanifar, Yang DengFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2014NJDevelopment of zirconium oxide biocomposite for drinking water defluoridationMegha Thakkar, Somenath MitraFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2014NMSelf-Sustaining Produced Water Treatment for Concurrent Renewable Energy Production, Desalination and Organic RemovalPei XuFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $60,000
2014NVWater Demand and Conservation Modeling with sub-Parcel Level Landscape CharacteristicsKimberly Rollins, Shawn Stoddard, Michael TaylorFederal: $498,490
Non-Federal: $498,490
2014NYPairing LIDAR, terrestrial laser scanning, and aerial photographs to make estimates of channel erosion due to large storm eventsStephen Shaw, Lindi QuackenbushFederal: $17,523
Non-Federal: $35,549
2014NYThe Effect of Climate Change on the Unconfined Aquifers of Long Island, New YorkYuri GorokhovichFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $0
2014NYWater Quality Assessment using Advanced Technology to Improve Adaptive Management of the St. Lawrence RiverMichael Twiss, Joseph SkufcaFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,050
2014NYIntegrating Green Infrastructure into the Land Use Regulatory Process through the City of Newburgh Conservation Advisory CouncilJeffrey LeJavaFederal: $12,522
Non-Federal: $25,049
2014NYDevelopment of Regional Unit Hydrograph Parameters for Application to Ungaged NYS WatershedsJames KilduffFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $14,216
2014NYEvaluating Hydrological Connectivity of Septic Fields in WatershedsPaul Richards, Todd WalterFederal: $52,324
Non-Federal: $26,196
2014OHScenario Analysis for the Impact of Hydraulic Fracturing on Stream Low Flows and Water Supplies: A Case Study of Muskingum Watershed in Eastern OhioSuresh Sharma, Suresh SharmaFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,560
2014OHSurface water quality and ecosystem health with shale energy developmentElizabeth Toman, Jiyoung LeeFederal: $29,967
Non-Federal: $79,654
2014OHCharacterizing stream restoration’s water quality improvement potential through hyporheic exchange enhancementAnne JeffersonFederal: $18,878
Non-Federal: $37,756
2014OHLinked geomorphic and ecological responses to river restoration: Influence of dam removal on river channel structure and fish assemblagesKristin Jaeger, Mazeika SullivanFederal: $24,871
Non-Federal: $51,268
2014OKEstimating Groundwater Recharge Using the Oklahoma MesonetTyson Ochsner, Chris Fiebrich, Chris NeelFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,000
2014OKComparison of Grain Sorghum and Corn Productivity under Limited Irrigation with Subsurface DripJason Warren, Jody Campiche, Rodney Jones, Rick Kochenower, Arthur StoeckerFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,000
2014OKIncreasing water yield and quality through redcedar removal and establishment of herbaceous biofuel feedstock production systems: Effect of vegetation on groundwater recharge in upland ecosystemsChris Zou, Garey Fox, Rodney WillFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,282
2014OKInformation Transfer ProjectDave Engle, Leslie ElmoreFederal: $10,128
Non-Federal: $17,935
2014ORTechnology TransferTodd JarvisFederal: $59,254
Non-Federal: $135,415
2014PADrinking Water Testing and Education for Roadside Springs in PennsylvaniaBryan SwistockFederal: $17,386
Non-Federal: $8,606
2014PAPennsylvania Water Resources Research Center Outreach ProgramElizabeth BoyerFederal: $24,573
Non-Federal: $29,429
2014PAEmerging Contaminants in Vernal Ponds Across a Human Impact GradientHeather GallFederal: $1
Non-Federal: $37,075
Non-Federal: $34,762
2014PRInactivation of Bacillus subtilis with a Modified Solar-Powered Engineered Experimental Drum Filtration and Disinfection (SEED) UnitSangchul HwangFederal: $16,603
Non-Federal: $4,167
2014PRFeasibility of sintered recycled glass functionalized with micro- and nanosized TiO2 particles for the degradation of trihalomethane precursors from surface watersPedro Tarafa, OMarcelo SuarezFederal: $17,304
Non-Federal: $34,069
2014RICarbon-Based Renewable Hydrogel Nanocomposites for Water PurificationSamantha MeenachFederal: $18,737
Non-Federal: $37,999
2014RIOutreach for the Promotion of Clean Drinking Water in Rhode IslandHarold Knickle, Geoffrey BothunFederal: $10,420
Non-Federal: $18,319
2014RIWater Security, Sustainability, and Climate Impacts in Urban RegionsAli AkandaFederal: $18,737
Non-Federal: $37,833
2014SCMonitoring of Organic Pollutants in the Savannah River, using a Buoy-Deployed Data Collection NetworkPeter Van Den Hurk, Cindy LeeFederal: $29,943
Non-Federal: $68,607
2014SCLow Impact Development (LID) Strormwater Management Techniques as a Tool for Mitigating Climate Change Induced Increases in Rainfall Intensity and FrequencyNigel Kaye, William MartinIIIFederal: $23,254
Non-Federal: $46,508
2014SDNutrient Removal from Agricultural Subsurface Drainage Using Denitrification Bioreactors and Phosphate AdsorbentsGuanghui Hua, Christopher Hay, Jeppe Kjaersgaard, Christopher SchmitFederal: $23,353
Non-Federal: $48,489
2014SDEvaluating Nutrient Best Management Practices to Conserve Water QualityJeppe Kjaersgaard, Sandeep KumarFederal: $22,305
Non-Federal: $35,840
2014SDSource water implications associated with the current Black Hills mountain pine-beetle infestationJames Stone, John StammFederal: $19,330
Non-Federal: $38,660
2014SDSouth Dakota Water Resources Institute FY2014 Information Transfer ProgramVan Kelley, Kevin Dalsted, Jeppe KjaersgaardFederal: $16,950
Non-Federal: $32,146
2014TNAssessment of Watershed Land Use Stressors on the Biological Integrity of the Nolichucky River in TennesseeJ AlfordFederal: $12,000
Non-Federal: $24,000
2014TNHigh Resolution Monitoring of Urban Stormwater QualityJon Hathaway, Kimberly CarterFederal: $45,096
Non-Federal: $91,213
2014TNUnderground Reactive Barrier to Attenuate Contaminants from Agricultural DrainageJaehoon Lee, John Buchanan, Jennifer DeBruyn, Shawn Hawkins, Andrea Ludwig, Forbes WalkerFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2014TNRecalibrating the SAGT SPARROW to Accommodate Changes in Agricultural InputsDayton Lambert, Christopher Boyer, Christopher Clark, John SchwartzFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,009
2014TXInformation TransferRoel Lopez, Danielle Kalisek, Leslie Lee, Kevin Wagner, Kathy WytheFederal: $82,966
Non-Federal: $116,604
2014TXIncreasing Water Security through Horizontal WellsHongbin Zhan, Ben BlumenthalFederal: $9,369
Non-Federal: $54,643
2014UTInfluence of Groundwater/Surface Water Interactions in High Gradient Mountain StreamsBethany NeilsonFederal: $30,611
Non-Federal: $65,247
2014UTInformation Transfer in Support of the Utah Center for Water Resources Research (UCWRR)R. Ivonne Harris, Carri RichardsFederal: $5,678
Non-Federal: $18,648
2014UTManaging Western Irrigation Systems in the Face of UrbanizationDouglas Jackson-SmithFederal: $29,989
Non-Federal: $63,731
2014VAInformation TransferStephen H. SchoenholtzFederal: $68,545
Non-Federal: $105,952
2014VIEngineered Pervious Layer for Rooftop Rain Harvesting and Solar/Dark Inactivation of E. coliSangchul Hwang, Henry SmithFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $0
2014VIMonitoring Precipitation Patterns and Erosion Indicators Across the St Thomas MicroclimatesDavid Morris, Donald Drost, Michael Larson, Avram Primack, Raymond TorresFederal: $19,865
Non-Federal: $0
2014VIActive and Passive Irrigation as Means to Establish Trees on Arid and Semi-Arid Sites.Michael Morgan, Thomas ZimmermanFederal: $16,300
Non-Federal: $0
2014VIQuantification and Molecular Typing of Escherichia coli from watersheds above Brewers Bay and UVI, St. ThomasJennilee Robinson, Jennilee RobinsonFederal: $15,692
Non-Federal: $0
2014VTOrganic phosphorus forms and transformations in Lake Champlain stream corridor soilsDonald Ross, Beverley WempleFederal: $80,315
Non-Federal: $161,983
2014VTAn acoustic telemetry array for Lake Champlain: investigating effects of aquatic habitat fragmentation on lake whitefishJ Marsden, Jason StockwellFederal: $40,000
Non-Federal: $91,423
2014WAInteractive effects of nutrients and grazing on the control of cyanobacteria blooms: a comparison across a eutrophication gradient in freshwater systems in Washington stateGretchen Rollwagen-Bollens, Stephen BollensFederal: $27,478
Non-Federal: $55,096
2014WAThe effects of river restoration on nutrient retention and transport for aquatic food websAlexander Fremier, Cailin OrrFederal: $27,471
Non-Federal: $40,934
2014WANew Generation of Iron-Enhanced Compost for Stormwater TreatmentZhenqing Shi, Markus Flury, James HarshFederal: $27,500
Non-Federal: $55,000
2014WASWWRC Information Transfer ProgramJonathan Yoder, Jennifer AdamFederal: $4,613
Non-Federal: $16,438
2014WIRecent Advances in Monitoring and Analysis of Trace Metals: A Workshop to Address Applications in the Upper Great LakesStephen J. VenturaFederal: $12,512
Non-Federal: $5,421
2014WVUse of Chemical Signatures as Diagnostic Tools to Identify Bromide Contamination SourcesYongtian He, Joseph DonovanFederal: $30,599
Non-Federal: $61,198
2014WV2014 Mid-Atlantic Regional Water ConferenceTamara Vandivort, glenn waldronFederal: $20,511
Non-Federal: $41,021
2014WVWRI-159: Implementation of a Drinking Water Well Sampling ProtocolJennifer Hause, Melissa O'Neal, Tamara Vandivort, Paul ZiemkiewiczFederal: $24,547
Non-Federal: $49,094
2013AKCharacterization of sediment grain-size distributions from several Alaskan riversHoracio TonioloFederal: $2,500
Non-Federal: $1,238
2013AKCreating long-term records of changes in past precipitation in northern Alaska using stable isotopes from willow wood.Matthew WoollerFederal: $13,058
Non-Federal: $6,464
2013AKSimulating the effect of wave action on fate of crude oil spilled at Alaskan shoresSilke SchiewerFederal: $16,317
Non-Federal: $3,943
2013AKToxicity of Sulfolane Breakdown Products in Contaminated GroundwaterMary Leigh, David BarnesFederal: $10,204
Non-Federal: $27,519
2013AKSurface water and sub-permafrost groundwater exchange effects on Alaska thermokarst-lake methane cyclingKatey WalterAnthony, Katey WalterAnthonyFederal: $13,446
Non-Federal: $6,656
Non-Federal: $36,631
Non-Federal: $33,823
Non-Federal: $30,473
2013ARAWRC Information Transfer ProgramBrian HaggardFederal: $980
Non-Federal: $1,131
2013ARAssessing Sources of Nitrosamine Precursors in Drinking Water Treatment PlantsWen Zhang, Julian FaireyFederal: $17,502
Non-Federal: $35,003
2013ARImproving Surface Water Quality by Reducing SOD and NutrientsGregory OsbornFederal: $7,197
Non-Federal: $14,416
2013ARFecal Source Characterization in Select 303(d) listed Streams in the Illinois River Watershed with Elevated Levels of Escherichia coliKristen GibsonFederal: $9,593
Non-Federal: $21,056
2013ARThe Effect of Global Climate Change on Algal Biomass and Total Organic Carbon Concentrations in Beaver LakeByron Winston, Jefferson ScottFederal: $9,117
Non-Federal: $18,882
2013AREconomics of On-Farm Reservoirs across the Arkansas Delta Region: A conjunctive management approach to preserving groundwater and water qualityKent Kovacs, Kristofor Brye, Jennie Popp, Eric WailesFederal: $9,300
Non-Federal: $18,724
2013AZDo Simple Carbon Additions Reduce Resistance to Antibiotics in Environmental Bacteria?Jean McLain, Channah RockFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2013AZDiscrimination-Inference to Reduce Expected Cost Technique (DIRECT): A new framework for water management and stakeholder negotiationPaul FerreFederal: $9,024
Non-Federal: $18,067
2013AZSequential advanced oxidation and soil-aquifer treatment for management of trace organics in treated wastewaterEduardo Saez, David QuanrudFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $19,995
2013AZExtraction Methods for Engineered Nanoparticles From Aqueous Environmental SamplesPaul Westerhoff, Yu YangFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2013AZWRRC Information TransferSharon Megdal, Susanna EdenFederal: $12,276
Non-Federal: $6,322
2013CAEnhancing Groundwater Recharge through Distributed Stormwater CaptureAndrew FisherFederal: $10,469
Non-Federal: $4,370
2013CAOnline Irrigation and Nitrogen Management Tool for VegetablesMichael CahnFederal: $10,351
Non-Federal: $2,432
2013CAEvaluation of Surface Water Quality on Soil Leaching Fraction and Alfalfa Yield in the DeltaMichelle LeinfelderMilesFederal: $7,800
Non-Federal: $1,833
2013CAAssessing Water Quality & Conservation Attitudes in a Low-Income Multi-Ethnic, Urban California CommunityLeigh JohnsonFederal: $10,400
Non-Federal: $2,444
2013CACA-CIWR Information TransferDoug ParkerFederal: $6,650
Non-Federal: $1,645
2013COSocial Network Anlysis Technique for Water Resources Management WorkshopJohn LabadieFederal: $4,500
Non-Federal: $2,183
2013COAssessing the agronomic feasibility of partial and full season hay fallowing as part of a Western Slope Water BankJoe BrummerFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $9,700
2013COTechnology Transfer and Information DisseminationReagan WaskomFederal: $21,025
Non-Federal: $94,318
2013CTCTIWR Technology TransferGlenn Warner, James HurdFederal: $2,500
Non-Federal: $1,425
2013DCMonitoring Groundwater for Developing Alternative Source of Water Supply for Homeland Security in the District of ColumbiaKobina Atobrah, Tolessa DeksissaFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $103,400
2013DCStormwater Quality Management with Green Infrastructure: Nannie Helen Burroughs AvenueCharles GlassFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $146,780
2013DCBayesian Parameter Estimation of Activated Sludge Processes In Blue Plains Waste Water Treatment PlantArash MassoudiehFederal: $12,056
Non-Federal: $38,624
2013DCContinuous Monitoring of Urea Concentrations and Harmful Algal Productivity and PhysiologyCaroline SolomonFederal: $13,466
Non-Federal: $32,846
2013DEUse of the White Rot Fungus as a Fungal Bioreactor to Remove E. coli from Aqueous Dairy Manure WastewaterAnastasia Chirnside, Anna BradyFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $3,000
2013DEA Biogeographic Investigation of Viral Diversity within the Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea virginicaEric Wommack, Alessandra CerettoFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $3,000
2013DEExploring the Viability of Biochar to Treat StormwaterPaul Imhoff, Naomi ChangFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $3,000
2013DEThe Varying Impact of Stemflow and Soil Moisture on the Diversity of Soil Bacterial and Fungal Communities in Relation to Soil RespirationDelphis Levia, Katherine JunghennFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $3,000
2013DEMethane and Carbon Dioxide Fluxes in a WatershedRodrigo Vargas, Kelsey McWilliamsFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $3,000
2013DESustainable Management of Water and Ecosystem Services on a Residential Landscape in DelawareJoshua Duke, Megan MurrayFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $3,000
2013DEAcid Neutralization of Stemflow in a Deciduous Forest: The Role of Edge EffectsDelphis Levia, Alexey ShiklomanovFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $3,000
2013DEUD Watershed Team Ecological RestorationJames Sims, Gerald KauffmanFederal: $8,000
Non-Federal: $17,160
2013FLDevelopment of Passive Sensor for Measuring Water and Contaminant Fluxes in the Hyporheic ZoneMark Newman, Kirk HatfieldFederal: $46,736
Non-Federal: $93,475
2013FLFlorida Water Resources Information TransferKirk Hatfield, Mark NewmanFederal: $16,909
Non-Federal: $10,967
2013FLDevelopment and Evaluation of Data Accuracy Assessment Algorithms for Identifying Anomalies in Hydro-meteorological Data (Phase I: Stage)Ramesh TeegavarapuFederal: $32,000
Non-Federal: $64,000
2013GATracking the impact of on-site wastewater treatment systems on stream water quality in the Metro-Atlanta areaMussie Habteselassie, David RadcliffeFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $36,000
2013GAUnimpaired Flows for the ACF River Basin: Improvement and Uncertainty AssessmentAris Georgakakos, Martin KistenmacherFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $36,000
2013GUOne-Day Professional Educators Field Course, with Educational Webpage on the Northern Guam Lens AquiferJohn JensonFederal: $12,665
Non-Federal: $0
2013GUHeavy Metal Status of Nearshore Fisheries Impacted by Old Military Dumpsites on the Eastern Side of Saipan, CNMIGary DentonFederal: $39,669
Non-Federal: $0
2013GUDevelopment of Optimum Water System Operation for Saipan Water Distribution SystemMariano Iglecias, Shahram KhosrowpanahFederal: $15,428
Non-Federal: $0
2013GULand Cover Change Detection in SaipanYuming Wen, Derek Chambers, Jose QuanFederal: $16,033
Non-Federal: $0
2013GUImproving the Pohnpei Water Distribution System Using Hydraulic Modeling and Geographic Information SystemsLeroy Heitz, Shahram KhosrowpanahFederal: $19,731
Non-Federal: $0
2013GUDevelopment of Environmentally Sustainable methods for Treatment of Domestic Wastewater and Handling of Sewage Sludge on Yap IslandJoe RouseFederal: $24,439
Non-Federal: $0
2013GUInformation TransferShahram Khosrowpanah, Shahram KhosrowpanahFederal: $19,992
Non-Federal: $0
2013GUWater Resources of Guam: An Online One-Stop Information Center for Public and Professional UsersJohn Jenson, Gary Denton, Mark Lander, Joe RouseFederal: $6,841
Non-Federal: $0
2013HITechnology TransferPhilip MoravcikFederal: $5,202
Non-Federal: $14,416
2013HIEvaluation of the Impact of Drought Conditions Upon the Waiahole Ditch System Development Tunnels: Ground Water Sustainability Implications Under Adverse Climate Change ConditionsAly El-KadiFederal: $6,494
Non-Federal: $24,294
2013HIEvaluation of next-generation sequencing technologies for environmental monitoring: characterization of microbial communities from wastewater plants and selected beaches of Hawaii using a metagenomics approachMarek Kirs, Veljo KisandFederal: $20,400
Non-Federal: $71,946
2013HIEngineering plant peroxidases for wastewater treatment and water pollution monitoringQing Li, Eunsung KanFederal: $9,600
Non-Federal: $40,145
2013HIForecasting climate change impacts on watershed-based ecosystem services in Hawaii: A participatory modeling approachSteven Gray, Ali Fares, Christopher LepczykFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $126,874
2013HIQuantifying Toxoplasmosis gondii presence in wastewater and freshwater systemsChristopher LepczykFederal: $18,004
Non-Federal: $73,936
2013HIImpacts of Climate Change on Food Resources of Native Gobiid Fishes and Atyid Shrimp in Hawaiian StreamsRebecca Ostertag, Richard MacKenzieFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $0
2013IAIowa Water Center Information Transfer ProjectRichard Cruse, Melissa MillerFederal: $20,749
Non-Federal: $33,768
2013IDThe Idaho Water Resources Outreach and Engagement ProjectJohn Tracy, Julie ScanlinFederal: $55,525
Non-Federal: $49,257
2013ILTransfering Water Resources Information to the People of IllinoisLisa MerrifieldFederal: $26,351
Non-Federal: $6,693
2013ILHydrologic Impacts of an Alternative Agricultural Land Use: A Woody Perennial PolycultureEvan DeLucia, Kevin WolzFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $12,288
2013ILStatewide Surveillance of Emerging Flame Retardant Contamination in Illinois Waters via Fish MonitoringDa ChenFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $12,641
2013ILInfluence of Water Quality and Stormwater Management on the Ecology of Mosquito-Borne DiseaseBrian Allan, Andrew MackayFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $12,017
2013ILRestoration Trajectories and Restored Floodplain Wetlands and their Ecosystem ServicesAngela KentFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $11,523
2013INAttached-Growth Lagoons for Wastewater Nitrification in Small CommunitiesErnest Blatchley, Ronald TurcoFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $173,132
2013INMulti-Year Assessment of Water Use and Reuse in the Wabash River WatershedLoring Nies, Chad JafvertFederal: $7,500
Non-Federal: $21,791
2013INThe Role of Silver Nano Particles on Microbial Activities in Natural Surface Water: Effects of Aqueous ChemistryDong ChenFederal: $7,500
Non-Federal: $17,808
2013INAbundance, Transport, and Retention of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCPs) in Central Indiana StreamsMelody BernotFederal: $15,424
Non-Federal: $32,178
2013INEstimating Capture Probabilities of Common Stream Fish in the Eastern Corn Belt PlainThomas Lauer, Jason DollFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $31,296
2013INLinking Cover Crops to Improved Stream Water Quality via Field-Scale Soil Sampling, in Shatto Ditch Watershed, INJennifer Tank, Sheila ChristopherFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $31,592
2013INPollution Prevention Strategies for Farmers and Commercial Input Applicator BusinessesFred WhitfordFederal: $8,000
Non-Federal: $17,802
2013KYKentucky information transfer projectLindell OrmsbeeFederal: $52,125
Non-Federal: $109,350
2013LAHydrostratigraphy Modeling of the Southern Hills Aquifer SystemFrank TsaiFederal: $11,276
Non-Federal: $22,551
2013LADevelopment of Total Maximum Daily Load for Dissolved Oxygen in Nutrient-Enriched Lowland RiversZhi-Qiang DengFederal: $12,520
Non-Federal: $25,040
2013LASustainable Iron Removal from Groundwater Supporting AquacultureRon Malone, Donald AdrianFederal: $10,299
Non-Federal: $20,599
2013MATriclosan in Wastewater EffluentJonathan RolingFederal: $4,997
Non-Federal: $31,887
2013MALinking groundwater heatflow to fish habitat in stream catchments with till-mantled bedrockDavid BouttFederal: $9,982
Non-Federal: $21,896
2013MAAcid rain response and recovery in New England forests: Application of the novel calcium isotope tracer to the Hubbard Brook streamwater sample archiveAndrew KurtzFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $11,033
2013MAWater Workshops SeriesPaula Rees, Marie-Francoise HatteFederal: $26,275
Non-Federal: $32,601
2013MDBromide as a Precursor of Potent Brominating Agents During Drinking Water ChlorinationJohn SiveyFederal: $2,592
Non-Federal: $6,532
2013MDValidation of non-lethal laparoscopic technique for detection of intersex in regional black bass populationsLance Yonkos, Lance YonkosFederal: $30,086
Non-Federal: $72,802
2013MDTracing the rates of road salt runoff movement from impervious surface to stream and the effects on soil and aquifer geochemistryJoel Moore, Steven LevFederal: $37,548
Non-Federal: $94,618
2013MDEnhancing watershed infiltration to restore urban stream hydro-ecological function (Graduate Fellowship)Kaye Brubaker, Margaret PalmerFederal: $5,500
Non-Federal: $13,207
2013MDThe role of streams in nitrogen fluxes from watersheds in the Choptank Basin (Graduate Fellowship)Kaye Brubaker, Thomas FisherFederal: $5,500
Non-Federal: $12,501
2013MDModeling the effects of green roof substrate organic matter on stormwater retention and plant-based water cycling (Graduate Fellowship)Kaye Brubaker, Steven Cohan, John Lea-CoxFederal: $5,500
Non-Federal: $12,584
2013MEOptimized Pre-Treatment for Fluorescence Monitoring of Surface Fresh Water ContaminationHoward Patterson, John Ahern, Gregory HallFederal: $4,907
Non-Federal: $79,664
2013MEAssessing threats of changing climate to drinking water qualityJasmine Saros, Sarah NelsonFederal: $10,865
Non-Federal: $77,716
2013MEPartnership for Monitoring Maine Lake Temperatures in a changing Climate, Short-term Variability and Long-term Trends.Daniel Buckley, Scott WilliamsFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $24,166
2013MEMaine Information TransferJohn PeckenhamFederal: $18,051
Non-Federal: $28,160
2013MINatural Resources Integrated Information SystemJon BartholicFederal: $27,124
Non-Federal: $54,302
2013MIDissemination, Technology Transfer Training and Program DevelopmentLois WolfsonFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $36,000
2013MIBuilding Capacity within Township Planning Commissions to Facilitate Water User Committees in the context of Michigan's Water Withdrawal Assessment ProgramDavid LuschFederal: $10,401
Non-Federal: $20,800
2013MNBuilding sustainable governance frameworks to sustainably manage Minnesota's Water ResourcesSherry Enzler, Mae DavenportFederal: $29,998
Non-Federal: $58,621
2013MORemoval of NOMs by Advanced Thin Film Composite Membranes for the Control of Disinection ByproductsBaolin Deng, Baolin DengFederal: $7,190
Non-Federal: $39,472
2013MOTechnology TransferThomas ClevengerFederal: $31,904
Non-Federal: $62,710
2013MSInterdisciplinary Assessment of Mercury Transport, Fate and Risk in Enid Lake, MississippiXiaobo Chao, James Cizdziel, AKM Hossain, Kristine WillettFederal: $39,780
Non-Federal: $80,174
2013MSNon-linear downward flux of water in response to increasing wetland water depth and its influence on groundwater recharge, soil chemistry, and wetland tree growthGregg DavidsonFederal: $37,260
Non-Federal: $74,592
2013MTDo Sediments in the Warm Springs Ponds Operable Unit Act as A Sink for Organic Wastewater Compounds?Katie Hailer, Stephen ParkerFederal: $13,835
Non-Federal: $27,671
2013MTStudent Fellowship: Rephotography as a tool to Understand the Effects of Resource Use on Rivers of the Greater Yellowstone RegionHeidi ClarkFederal: $1,000
Non-Federal: $440
2013MTStudent Fellowship: Maintaining Migratory Pathways of Imperiled Large River and Small Stream Prairie Fishes in the Face of Climate ChangeDavid DockeryFederal: $1,000
Non-Federal: $440
2013MTStudent Fellowship: Understanding Trends in Snow Accumulation, Water Availability and Climate Changes Using Snow Telemetry Observations in the Missouri River HeadwatersThomas MatthewsFederal: $1,000
Non-Federal: $440
2013MTStudent Fellowship: Investigating Upstream Channel Response to Dam Removal, Black Foot River MTRobert LivesayFederal: $500
Non-Federal: $220
2013NCA mesocosm study to determine nitrogen assimilation capacity of a restored wetland slated to receive pumped drainage water - a critical component to maximize improvement to the Pamlico SoundMichael Burchell, Stephen W. BroomeFederal: $29,914
Non-Federal: $15,406
2013NCSurface and Subsurface Properties Regulating Manganese Contamination of Groundwater in the North Carolina PiedmontMatthew Polizzotto, Aziz Ammozegar, Robert Austin, Rick Bolich, Phil Bradley, Owen Duckworth, Dean HesterbergFederal: $23,111
Non-Federal: $67,789
2013NCWRRI Information Transfer ProgramNicole WilkinsonFederal: $1,250
Non-Federal: $14,517
2013NDSodic soil characterization and management on subsurface drainageTom DeSutterFederal: $4,300
Non-Federal: $7,474
2013NDMeasurement and modeling of soil moisture changes for subsurface drained and subirrigated fields in the Red River ValleyXinhua JiaFederal: $3,608
Non-Federal: $4,272
2013NDDevelopment of a Model for Subsurface Drainage and Subirrigation Water ManagementXinhua JiaFederal: $3,608
Non-Federal: $4,273
2013NDElectron Donor Contributions to Denitrification in the Elk Valley Aquifer, NDScott KoromFederal: $4,811
Non-Federal: $14,789
2013NDPhysical model evaluations of scour holes below a singular and multiple step rock weirsYeo LimFederal: $4,210
Non-Federal: $12,941
2013NDTemporal-spatial distribution (dynamics) of phytoplankton and diversity in relation to lake physical and chemical conditionWei LinFederal: $3,007
Non-Federal: $5,226
2013NDInvestigation of Cryptosporidium oocysts in Influent and Effluent of the Fargo Water Treatment PlantKhan Eakalak, John McEvoyFederal: $3,007
Non-Federal: $5,226
2013NDDrought monitoring and prediction using NOAH land surface model and GRACE satellite observationXiaodong ZhangFederal: $4,210
Non-Federal: $12,939
2013NDApplication of Soil Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) Model for Estimating Nutrient Loads to Lake Ashtabula, ND, under Different Climate ScenariosZhulu Lin, G. PadmanabhanFederal: $4,510
Non-Federal: $7,838
2013NDImproved Overland Flow Modeling for Hydrologic Connectivity Analysis of PotholesXuefeng ChuFederal: $6,915
Non-Federal: $16,619
2013NDInformation Dissemination and CommunicationG. PadmanabhanFederal: $6,449
Non-Federal: $11,060
2013NEDevelopment of an affinity-based concentrator-detection kit for monitoring emerging contaminants in recycled waterDavid Hage, Daniel SnowFederal: $24,054
Non-Federal: $50,862
2013NEAn Innovative Graphene Oxide Filter for Drinking Water Contaminants RemovalYusong Li, Yongfeng Lu, Daniel SnowFederal: $24,054
Non-Federal: $48,108
2013NJComparing the Time Required for Establishment of Effective Nutrient Removal Capacity of Different Stormwater Basin DesignsTheresa Censoplano, Louise WoottonFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2013NJDetoxification of dioxins in sewersYashika Dewani, Lisa RodenburgFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,001
2013NJDeveloping an environmentally friendly water reuse technology using ferrate (VI)Nanzhu Li, Yang DengFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,001
2013NJUnderstanding the fate of MTBE in anaerobic aquatic environments of New JerseyTong Liu, Max HaggblomFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,001
2013NJEffect of cadmium on accelerated metamorphosis induced by hormesis in larvae of Chironomus riparius (Diptera:Chironomidae)Jun Oh, Carolyn BentivegnaFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2013NJAssessing the role of wetland flora as a sink for nutrients in subsurface gravel wetlands in New JerseyKyle Seiverd, Louise WoottonFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2013NJImplications of historical and modern land use: urban wetland vegetation as indicators of temporal and spatial environmental heterogeneity and disturbanceLaura Shappell, Lena StruweFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,001
2013NJBioaccumulation of mercury in New Jersey aquatic ecosystemsNatalie Sherwood, Meiyin WuFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,001
2013NJDehalogenation of halogenated aromatic compounds by indigenous microorganisms in sediments of the Hackensack River, New JerseySeo Sohn, Max HaggblomFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,001
2013NJBiodegradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the Barnegat Bay-Little Egg Harbor estuarySarah Wolfson, Lily YoungFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,001
2013NJInformation Transfer ProgramChristopher Obropta, Lisa Galloway EvrardFederal: $5,525
Non-Federal: $3,039
2013NMThe transport and accumulation of pyrogenic black carbon in fire-prone watersheds and implications for water qualityDaniel Cadol, Michael Heagy, Fred PhillipsFederal: $20,497
Non-Federal: $42,426
2013NMInformation Transfer ProgramCathy Ortega KlettFederal: $69,449
Non-Federal: $31,947
2013NMGeographic Information systems for Water Resources Research PlanningAlexander FernaldFederal: $14,945
Non-Federal: $6,875
2013NVOptimization of ozone-biological activated carbon treatment for potable reuse applicationsDaniel GerrityFederal: $39,991
Non-Federal: $83,396
2013NVEstimation of Atmospheric Wet and Dry Deposition of Nutrients to Lake Tahoe SnowpackRina SchumerFederal: $39,779
Non-Federal: $94,643
2013NVQuantifying Surface Runoff and Water Infiltration in Arid and Semi-arid AreasYong Zhang, Li Chen, Donald ReevesFederal: $31,181
Non-Federal: $69,299
2013NVImpact of climate on mercury transport in the Carson River-Lahontan Reservoir system and Management Alternatives to Mitigate ResponseRosemary CarrollFederal: $25,433
Non-Federal: $59,510
2013OHSource tracking of Microcystis blooms in Lake Erie and its tributariesGeorge BullerjahnFederal: $6,013
Non-Federal: $12,027
2013OHRural on-site waste treatment as a source of nutrients to a eutrophic watershedChristopher Spiese, Bryan BoulangerFederal: $9,100
Non-Federal: $18,241
2013OHAssessment of a Novel Application of Biochar to Improve Runoff Water Quality from Vegetated RoofsIshi Buffam, Dominic BoccelliFederal: $22,292
Non-Federal: $45,887
2013OHCharacterizing the influence of surface chemistry and morphology on biofilm formation of ceramic membranes in wastewater treatmentPaula Mouser, Hendrik Verweij, Linda WeaversFederal: $17,992
Non-Federal: $37,041
2013OKRemote Sensing of Water Quality and Harmful Algae in Oklahomas LakesK. Hambright, Andrew Dzialowski, Xiangming XiaoFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,000
2013OKComparison of Grain Sorghum and Corn Productivity under Limited Irrigation with Subsurface DripJason Warren, Nicholas Kenny, Rick KochenowerFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,000
2013OKInformation Transfer ProjectMike Langston, Leslie Elmore, Dave EngleFederal: $2,763
Non-Federal: $5,525
2013ORTechnology TransferTodd JarvisFederal: $27,322
Non-Federal: $59,692
2013PAToward Mitigating Effects of Elevated Temperatures on Aquatic Ecosystems: Monitoring Thermal Impacts to Halfmoon CreekLysle SherwinFederal: $7,774
Non-Federal: $3,809
2013PADeveloping A Treatment Option for Marcellus Shale Wastewater Through Cultivation of the Algae Dunaliella salinaKyle BibbyFederal: $24,027
Non-Federal: $52,620
2013PARange Expansion and Genetic Population Structure of Five Pennsylvania State Threatened Fish Species using Environmental DNA (eDNA) and Molecular Genetic Techniques.Brady PorterFederal: $21,851
Non-Federal: $113,241
2013PADeveloping Quantitative Models for the Removal of Quaternary Ammonium Ions as Representative Cationic Emerging Contaminants by Cation Exchange ResinsHuichun ZhangFederal: $19,216
Non-Federal: $60,035
2013PAEvaluation of Round Goby and Tubenose Goby Habitat Disturbance and Impacts to Native Fishes – Phase IIJay StaufferFederal: $23,246
Non-Federal: $57,424
2013PRField Demonstration of Removal of MS2 Bacteriophage and Bacillus subtilis with a Solar-Powered Engineered Experimental Drum Filtration and Disinfection (SEED) UnitSangchul HwangFederal: $6,500
Non-Federal: $11,000
2013PRThe Total Microbial Community Structure and Enterococci Population Dynamics During a “recent fecal contamination event” in Seawater samples of Puerto RicoLuis Rios-HernandezFederal: $10,713
Non-Federal: $11,628
2013RIDrinking Water Outreach in Rhode IslandHarold Knickle, Geoffrey BothunFederal: $10,421
Non-Federal: $17,256
2013RISeismic Evaluation of the Gainer Memorial DamAaron Bradshaw, Gopu Potty, George TsiatasFederal: $18,445
Non-Federal: $40,440
2013SCEnhancing Sattelite Measurements of Water Surface Temperature Using a Thermal Model of the Lake Surface for Improved Evaporation EstimatesJohn Saylor, Nigel KayeFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $36,000
2013SCEffects of Pharmaceutical Photodegradation Products in Freshwater on Local AmphibiansAllison Welch, Wendy CoryFederal: $12,030
Non-Federal: $24,060
2013SDEvaluating the Nitrate-Removal Effectiveness of Denitrifying Bioreactors (part 2)Jeppe Kjaersgaard, Christopher Hay, Todd TrooienFederal: $20,526
Non-Federal: $43,374
2013SDSubsurface Drainage Impacts on Evapotranspiration and Water YieldChristopher Hay, Jeppe Kjaersgaard, Todd TrooienFederal: $20,526
Non-Federal: $43,354
2013SDSouth Dakota Water Resources Institute FY2013 Information Transfer ProgramVan KelleyFederal: $7,346
Non-Federal: $14,410
2013TNLong-term Evaluation of Norris Dam Operation under Changing EnvironmentsUngtae KimFederal: $11,428
Non-Federal: $18,181
2013TNChemical and Morphological Analyses of Trout Otoliths as a Measure of Aluminum Exposure in Streams Impacted by Acid Deposition in the Great Smoky Mountains National ParkMichelle Connolly, John SchwartzFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $24,900
2013TNRe-filling the Bucket: Recharge Processes for the Memphis Aquifer in the Exposure Belt in Western TennesseeBrian Waldron, Daniel LarsenFederal: $16,977
Non-Federal: $30,627
2013TNEngineered Strategy to Remediate Trace Organic Contaminants using Recirculating Packed-Bed Media Biofilters at Decentralized Wastewater Treatment SystemsJohn Buchanan, Jennifer DeBruynFederal: $39,000
Non-Federal: $78,497
2013TXEvaluation of invasive aquatic species in TexasMichael Masser, Elizabeth Edgerton, Lucas Gregory, Allen KnutsonFederal: $19,762
Non-Federal: $73,171
2013TXIncreasing Water Security through Horizontal WellsHongbin Zhan, Ben Blumenthal, Kristine UhlmanFederal: $19,762
Non-Federal: $44,431
2013TXInformation TransferRoel Lopez, Danielle Kalisek, Leslie Lee, Kevin Wagner, Kathy WytheFederal: $16,001
Non-Federal: $7,360
2013UTQuantification of Water Quality Improvements Through the 900 S Oxbow Restoration and Stormwater BMP Renovation ProjectR. DupontFederal: $22,299
Non-Federal: $36,295
2013UTCapturing Aerial Imagery on the San Rafael River, Utah, Using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to Monitor and Assist in Evaluating Restoration EffortsBethany Neilson, Ian GowingFederal: $19,088
Non-Federal: $44,623
2013VAInformation TransferStephen H. SchoenholtzFederal: $40,753
Non-Federal: $60,433
2013VIIs Water Quality Degradation Inevitable in the VI? Linking the Human Dimension to the Governance of Water Resources Across the Territory.Wayne Archibald, Kala FlemingFederal: $24,232
Non-Federal: $0
2013VIPlant Nutrient Management in Aquaponic System for Zucchini (Cucurbita pepo) ProductionDilip Nandwani, Donald BaileyFederal: $23,996
Non-Federal: $0
2013VIGroundwater Chemistry, Flowpaths, and Flux Rates in the Mangrove System Surrounding Bovoni Landfill Within the St. Thomas East End Reserve (STEER)Kristin Wilson, Andrew ReeveFederal: $27,284
Non-Federal: $0
2013VICorrelating Precipitation Patterns and Erosion Indicators Across the St. Thomas MicroclimatesDavid Morris, Donald Drost, Michael Larson, Avram Primack, Raymond TorresFederal: $24,830
Non-Federal: $0
2013VTAutomated Mapping of Effective Impervious Areas (EIA) to Assess the Impact of EIA on Stream HealthLeslie Morrissey, Beverley WempleFederal: $30,628
Non-Federal: $63,312
2013WABlack Carbon and Dust Deposition on South Cascade Glacier Since 1750 AD: Implications for the Timing and Availability of Water Resources in Washington StateSusan Kaspari, Carey GazisFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $36,000
2013WAArsenic Fate Following In-Situ Sulfate Reduction: Assessing the Sustainability of a Promising Groundwater Remediation StrategyRebecca Neumann, Jennifer JayFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $36,015
2013WAAn Integrated Engineering and Economic Analysis of the Columbia River Treaty Renegotiation using Game TheoryMichael Brady, Jennifer Adam, Jonathan YoderFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $36,001
2013WAInformation TransferMichael Barber, Jennifer Adam, Jonathan YoderFederal: $1,525
Non-Federal: $4,763
2013WIEstablishing the Long-Term Range of Variability in Drought Conditions for Southwest WisconsinEvan Larson, Christopher UnderwoodFederal: $72,024
Non-Federal: $78,126
2013WIImpacts of Climatic and Land Use Changes on Streamflow and Water Quality in the Milwaukee River BasinWoonsup Choi, Changshan WuFederal: $39,088
Non-Federal: $39,275
2013WVUnderstanding variations in isotopic and molecular compositions of stray gas in areas of accelerating shale gas developmentShikha SharmaFederal: $40,000
Non-Federal: $80,168
2013WVUsing geomorphic landform design principles to reduce selenium loads from West Virginia valley fillsBen Mack, Leslie Hopkinson, John QuarantaFederal: $45,856
Non-Federal: $91,800
2013WYMapping annual surface area changes since 1984 of lakes and reservoirs in Wyoming that are not gauged using multi-temporal Landsat dataRamesh SivanpillaiFederal: $5,512
Non-Federal: $79,048
2013WYMicro-Patterned Membrane Surfaces with Switchable HydrophobicityCarl Frick, Jonathan BrantFederal: $12,744
Non-Federal: $128,659
2013WYUse of Fe(VI) for the Improvement of Water Quality in WyomingMaohong Fan, Lamia GoualFederal: $48,553
Non-Federal: $219,923
2013WYRumen Microbial Changes Associated With High Sulfur A Basis for Developing Treatments for Ruminant Livestock in High Sulfur Water RegionsKristi Cammack, Kathy Austin, Gavin Conant, William Lamberson, Ken Olson, Cody WrightFederal: $36,113
Non-Federal: $188,779
2012AKEvaluating the treatability of soil contaminated with diesel and 1-chloro-octadecane via bioremediationSilke Schiewer, Mary LeighFederal: $16,113
Non-Federal: $6,083
2012AKResponse of Water Supply Lakes to Climate Change in Western Alaska: a Case Study of Past, Present, and Future Thermal Regimes in KotzebueChristopher ArpFederal: $17,489
Non-Federal: $5,004
2012AKMonitoring runoff in glaciated watersheds to assess groundwater recharge and flooding risksAnna Liljedahl, Anthony ArendtFederal: $21,026
Non-Federal: $3,230
2012AKDeveloping partnerships with rural high-schools along the Kvichak River, Alaska to map strontium (Sr) isotope (87Sr/86Sr) variation and aid tracking Pacific salmon migrationsMatthew WoollerFederal: $19,266
Non-Federal: $9,537
2012AKRapid Moving Debris Lobes in the Brooks Range of AlaskaRonald DaanenFederal: $18,441
Non-Federal: $9,128
Non-Federal: $100,096
2012ALExperimental Investigation of Stormwater Runoff Quality OriginatingJason KirbyFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,870
Non-Federal: $51,019
2012ARArkansas Water Resources Center Information Transfer ProgramBrian HaggardFederal: $7,554
Non-Federal: $15,109
2012ARPreparing drinking water utilities on Beaver Lake reservoir to meet disinfection byproduct regulations: The impact of continued nutrient enrichmentsJulian Fairey, Wen ZhangFederal: $63,992
Non-Federal: $127,984
2012ARDevelopment and Implementation of Nutrient Runoff Reduction Measures for Poultry HousesAndrew Sharpley, David MillerFederal: $42,000
Non-Federal: $84,010
2012ARThe effect of global climate change on algal biomass and total organic carbon concentrations in Beaver LakeJefferson ScottFederal: $45,108
Non-Federal: $101,300
2012AZFate of Emerging Nanoparticle Contaminants during Aquifer Recharge with Treated WastewaterReyes Sierra, James FieldFederal: $10,450
Non-Federal: $21,678
2012AZ"Does Increasing Solids Retention Time in the Wastewater Treatment Process Affect the Persistence of Antibiotic Resistance Genes?"Channah Rock, Leif AbrellFederal: $7,300
Non-Federal: $14,662
2012AZToxicity of Emerging Contaminants in an Effluent Dependent Stream: the Role of Suspended Solids and SedimentsDavid Quanrud, Robert Arnold, Eduardo Saez, Shane SnyderFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $21,115
2012AZInformation TransferSharon Megdal, Susanna Eden, Jean McLainFederal: $58,942
Non-Federal: $115,933
2012CAEffect of forest management on water yields and other ecosystem services in Sierra Nevada forestsKevin O'HaraFederal: $119,829
Non-Federal: $169,455
2012CASpatial Analysis of Irrigation Efficiencies for the Sate of CaliforniaSamuel Sandoval SolisFederal: $22,008
Non-Federal: $8,599
2012CACIWR Information Transfer - OutreachDoug ParkerFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $51,787
2012COTechnology Transfer and Information DisseminationReagan WaskomFederal: $37,532
Non-Federal: $158,325
2012COAssessing the Benefits and Drawbacks of Different Institutional Arrangements to Enhancing Forest and Water Ecosystem Services and Ecosystem Services Markest in ColoradoAntony ChengFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,400
2012COStructural and Functional Controls of Tree Transpiration in Front Range Urban ForestsDavid CooperFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,400
2012COWinter Precipitation Variability in the Colorado Rocky MountainsNolan DoeskenFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,400
2012COReconstructing a Water Balance for the San Luis Valley: Streamflow Variability, Change, and Extremes in a Snowmelt Dominated Internal Drainage BasinSteven FassnachtFederal: $9,890
Non-Federal: $4,748
2012COThe Short and Long-Term Impacts of Drought on the Structure of Regional Economics: Investigating the Farm Supply ChainChristopher GoemansFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,400
2012COQuantifying Risks Producers Face when Entering Agricultural Water Lease ContractsChristopher Goemans, James PritchettFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,400
2012COThermal preference of age-0 stonecats (Noturus flavus): Are thermal water quality standards protective for this species?Christopher MyrickFederal: $4,858
Non-Federal: $2,332
2012COBiowin Simulation to Assess Alternative Treatment Units for a Local Wastewater Treatment Plant to Meet the New Effluent Nutrient RegulationsPinar Omur-OzbekFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,400
2012COUsing Water Chemistry to Characterize the Connection between Alluvial Groundwater and Streamflow Water Under Augmentation at the Tamarack Ranch State Wildlife Area, ColoradoJohn StednickFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,400
2012CTField Testing the Educational and Land Use Planning Value of a New Nitrogen Modeling Tool in the Niantic River WatershedJuliana Barrett, Chester Arnold, Emily WilsonFederal: $18,686
Non-Federal: $37,372
2012CTThe Impacts of Wastewater from a Retirement Community on Fish HealthThijs Bosker, Thijs BoskerFederal: $40,000
Non-Federal: $91,370
2012CTInfluence of dynamic copper speciation on bioavailability in streamsTimothy VadasFederal: $31,507
Non-Federal: $72,397
2012DCBiological Inventory of Seepage Springs and Vernal Pools; Small Isolated Wetlands in Parks of National Capital East (NPS) David CulverFederal: $12,224
Non-Federal: $25,500
2012DCAnticipating Climate Change based on Precipitation Analysis for the District of Columbia Pradeep BeheraFederal: $3,818
Non-Federal: $2,682
2012DCDevelopment of a physically-based model for Performance Evaluation Optimization of Green Roof Systems Arash Massoudieh, Pradeep BeheraFederal: $9,230
Non-Federal: $32,517
2012DCEvaluating Water Management Alternatives in the Upper Potomac River Basin for the District of Columbia Source Water ProtectionTolessa Deksissa, Heidi Moltz, James PalmerFederal: $8,717
Non-Federal: $29,560
2012DCEpisodic ion and nutrient inputs to the Anacostia River: constructing a chemical hydrograph of an urban stream's response to periodic rainfallStephen MacAvoyFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $33,952
2012DCDevelopment of Porous Driveway System for Districts Residential Lots Inder Bhambri, Pradeep BeheraFederal: $10,900
Non-Federal: $5,014
2012DCWater Pollution Modeling and Prediction Using Computational Intelligence MethodsNian Zhang, Pradeep BeheraFederal: $13,000
Non-Federal: $5,980
2012DCMonitoring of UDC Van-Ness Campus Green Roof System to Evaluate Runoff Quantity Control Performance Pradeep Behera, Arash MassoudiehFederal: $11,512
Non-Federal: $5,296
2012DCA Performance-based Review of World-wide Water Reuse Facilities in Support of DC Water Reuse PolicyIveracottis ShortFederal: $7,934
Non-Federal: $3,650
2012DEThe Returns to Best Management Practices: Evidence from Early Proposals for Nutrient Trading in the Chesapeake Bay WatershedJoshua DukeFederal: $3,500
Non-Federal: $7,000
2012DEDeveloping Scientifically-Based Food Safety Metrics for Water Management and Irrigation MethodsKalmia KnielFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $3,762
2012DEWater Quality Impacts of Landscape Best Management Practices that Enhance VegetationShreeram InamdarFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $3,000
2012DEImproving Irrigation Management through Soil Moisture Monitoring and Automated Control of Sprinkler and Sub-Surface Drip IrrigationJames Sims, James SimsFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $3,000
2012DECharacterization of Viral Diversity within the Mantel Fluid of the Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea virginicaEric Wommack, Eric WommackFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $3,000
2012DEWater Quality Management in Urban EcosystemsSusan Barton, Jules BruckFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $3,000
2012DEPreventing Formation of Toxic Chlorination Byproducts in Water Using Zerovalent IronPei Chiu, Pei ChiuFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $3,000
2012FLDevelopment and Evaluation of Indices for Bias Assessment for Radar-based Rainfall EstimatesRamesh TeegavarapuFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2012FLFlorida Water Resources Information TransferKirk Hatfield, Mark NewmanFederal: $30,983
Non-Federal: $18,802
2012GAMonitoring Diurnal and Seasonal Cycle of Evapotranspiration over Georgia using Remote Sensing ObservationsJingfeng WangFederal: $60,000
Non-Federal: $120,000
2012GUInformation TransferGary DentonFederal: $23,442
Non-Federal: $0
2012GUTeaching Teachers about Guam's Water Resources and 'Guam Water Kids': 1 Credit Hour Continuing Education Course with Guam Department of Education, Professional & International Program-University of Guam, and WERIArretta CardFederal: $10,725
Non-Federal: $0
2012GUOne-Day Executive/Professional Field Course, with Webpage on Sustainable Management of the Northern Guam Lens AquiferJohn JensonFederal: $8,970
Non-Federal: $0
2012GUSpatial and Temporal Analyses of the Relationship Between Groundwater Salinity and Rainfall Amounts, Timing, and Intensity in the Northern Guam Lens AquiferJohn Jenson, Mark LanderFederal: $36,821
Non-Federal: $0
2012GULiDAR-based Delineation and Hydrologic Modeling of Southern and Central Guam Watersheds Maria KottermairFederal: $13,800
Non-Federal: $0
2012GUPresenting 'CNMI Water Kids': Private Elementary/Middle Schools and Northern Marianas College of Education Outreach/Teacher Relations ProgramArretta CardFederal: $13,673
Non-Federal: $0
2012GUDevelopment of Water Usage Pattern (Diurnal Demand Pattern) for Saipan Water Distribution SystemShahram KhosrowpanahFederal: $26,172
Non-Federal: $0
2012GUEnvironmental Impact of FUDS and Brownfields Sites in Watersheds on the Eastern Side of Saipan: Phase 2. Impact on Aquatic ResourcesJohn Starmer, Gary DentonFederal: $39,784
Non-Federal: $0
2012GUInventory and Assessment of Existing Sewage Treatment Facilities and Excess Sludge Handling Practices in the Federated States of MicronesiaJoe RouseFederal: $21,407
Non-Federal: $0
2012GUImproving the Weno, Chuuk Water Distribution System Using Hydraulic Modeling and Geographic Information SystemsShahram Khosrowpanah, Leroy HeitzFederal: $27,912
Non-Federal: $0
2012GUIdentifying Sustainable Water Storage Infrastructure for Atoll Island CommunitiesJohn JensonFederal: $12,946
Non-Federal: $0
2012GUWater System Leak Detection Training for Pohnpei Utilities Corporation (PUC), the Federated States of MicronesiaShahram KhosrowpanahFederal: $17,848
Non-Federal: $0
2012HIEvaluation of rapid QPCR method for enterococci with correlative assessment for molecular markers for sewage contamination in selected environmental water samples from Hawaii.Marek KirsFederal: $40,000
Non-Federal: $83,180
2012HIPromoting Water Sustainability LiteracyJohn Cusick, David PennFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $12,000
2012HICreating an inventory of coastal ecosystem services and their management in HawaiiSteven GrayFederal: $3,333
Non-Federal: $6,727
2012HISatisfying Growing Water Demand Through Integrated Groundwater and Watershed ManagementKimberly BurnettFederal: $10,503
Non-Federal: $21,146
2012HIFate and Transport of Pharmaceutically Active Compounds in Simulated Bank Filtration SystemChittaranjan Ray, Matteo D'AlessioFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $21,442
2012HIMolecular, Fluorometric and Confocal Microscopy Analysis of Microbial Community Composition and Structure Celia Smith, David SpaffordFederal: $13,991
Non-Federal: $28,150
2012HIAcquire Sedimentation Data to Promote Reservoir Sustainability and Advance Watershed ScienceDavid PennFederal: $38,000
Non-Federal: $76,000
2012HITechnology TransferPhilip MoravcikFederal: $13,632
Non-Federal: $27,516
2012HIUsage of UV disinfection coupled with rain water catchment and stream water in rural areasBunnie Yoneyama, Joseph LichwaFederal: $3,000
Non-Federal: $6,104
2012HIBioaccumulation and Biotransformation of Arsenic by Marine Algae in HawaiiPhilip MoravcikFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $11,840
2012IAQuantifying Field Water Balance Components as Affected by Shifts in Land-Use Patterns: Implications for Minimizing Agricultural Impacts on Water Quality in IowaRobert Horton, Matthew HelmersFederal: $28,328
Non-Federal: $102,584
2012IADielectric Measurement of Soil Nitrate ConcentrationAmy KaleitaFederal: $13,783
Non-Federal: $48,996
2012IDDeveloping a Conjunctive Water Resources Planning and Management Model for the Eastern Snake River PlainJae RyuFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $56,150
2012IDAn Ecosystem Services Analysis of the Boise River BasinScott LoweFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2012IDThe Idaho Water Resources Outreach and Engagement ProjectJohn Tracy, Julie ScanlinFederal: $86,170
Non-Federal: $56,416
2012IDCharacterizing Boise River Watershed Water Quality Using BASINS ModelingShawn BennerFederal: $29,480
Non-Federal: $58,984
2012IDThe geomorphic signature of salmon: quantifying the impact of spawner density on stream bed morphology and habitat for future spawners to inform water resources managementAlexander Fremier, Elowyn YagerFederal: $29,020
Non-Federal: $50,336
2012ILMeasuring Public Preferences over Stormwater Management Outcomes in Illinois: Willingness to Pay and Willingness to HelpAmy AndoFederal: $30,075
Non-Federal: $60,578
2012ILThe Impacts of Cellulosic Biofuel Feedstock Production on Midwest US Hydrologic CycleCarl Bernacchi, Carl BernacchiFederal: $31,814
Non-Federal: $148,394
2012ILTransferring Water Resources Information to the People of IllinoisLisa MerrifieldFederal: $25,446
Non-Federal: $6,438
2012INTransport and retention of atrazine, metolachlor, carbaryl, and chlorothalonil in agricultural streamsMelody Bernot, Daniel EliasFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $66,482
2012INMonitoring and Modeling of Hydrodynamic Processes at the Wabash-Tippecanoe ConfluenceVenkatesh Merwade, Indrajeet Chaubey, Reuben GoforthFederal: $22,114
Non-Federal: $44,228
2012INIdentifying Opportunities for Soil and Water Conservation With Indianas County Surveyors and Drainage BoardsLinda Prokopy, Nathan MullendoreFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $60,000
2012INNiche breadth variation of fish assemblages for the entire Wabash RiverMark PyronFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $61,678
2012INConnectivity & Functioning of Wetlandscapes: A Complex Network Modeling AnalysisSuresh RaoFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $60,000
2012INPollution Prevention Strategies for Farmers and Commercial Input Applicator BusinessesFred WhitfordFederal: $13,000
Non-Federal: $30,419
2012KSSediment Core Analysis for Understanding Reservoir HistoryMark Jakubauskas, Frank deNoyelles, Jr.Federal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $37,208
2012KSImpacts of In-channel Dredging on the Morphology of the Kansas RiverMelinda DanielsFederal: $23,333
Non-Federal: $56,684
2012KSEvaluation of the Kansas P Index using APEXNathan NelsonFederal: $21,000
Non-Federal: $50,212
2012KSInvestigation of Recharge to the High Plains Aquifer, Northwestern KansasRandy Stotler, James ButlerFederal: $24,000
Non-Federal: $60,016
2012KSGetting the information modelers need: Extracting hydrostatigraphic information from drillers' logsGeoffrey Bohling, James Butler, Blake WilsonFederal: $24,000
Non-Federal: $59,606
2012KYQuantifying benthic macroinvertebrate communities and habitat in a recently restored stream in eastern KentuckyAmy BracciaFederal: $4,138
Non-Federal: $8,676
2012KYDevelopment of wetland assessment methods for KentuckyDavid BrownFederal: $4,295
Non-Federal: $8,816
2012KYHydrologic characterization of a tree- and shrub-vegetated rain gardenCarmen AgouridisFederal: $4,985
Non-Federal: $12,802
2012KYDevelopment and calibration of biomarkers in native sunfish for use in detection of endocrine active compoundsDavid Peyton, Ben BrammellFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,166
2012KYThe combined effects of the herbicide atrazine and predator cues on larval dragonfliesClaire FullerFederal: $4,976
Non-Federal: $11,779
2012KYOccurrence of synthetic estrogen in surface water, source water, and drinking water in the Barren River watershedRitchie TaylorFederal: $4,978
Non-Federal: $10,586
2012KYField-scale water and bromide transport as affected by land use and rainfall characteristicsOle WendrothFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,364
2012KYFate & transport of herbicides in karst autogenic recharge of Kentucky's Mississippian PlateauChris GrovesFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,237
2012KYArsenic detection using quartz crystal microbalanceDavid AtwoodFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,448
2012KYSampling for pharmaceuticals in Kentucky surface watersE. Glynn BeckFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,022
2012KYDetermining groundwater flow velocities and discharge rate at the Kentucky Horse Park Royal Spring conduit monitoring stationJames CurrensFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,068
2012KYKentucky information transfer activitiesLindell OrmsbeeFederal: $38,963
Non-Federal: $70,706
2012LANutrient and harmful algal bloom (HAB) dynamics in Lake Pontchartrain during a non-spillway opening yearJohn White, Sibel Bargu, Chunyan LiFederal: $15,600
Non-Federal: $37,948
2012LAIdentification of contaminant source locations in Amite River watershedZhi-Qiang DengFederal: $16,199
Non-Federal: $32,926
2012LAHydrostratigraphy Modeling of the Southern Hills Aquifer System and FaultsFrank TsaiFederal: $15,600
Non-Federal: $31,927
2012LAIrregular Wave Dissipation by Coastal VegetationHeather SmithFederal: $15,495
Non-Federal: $32,056
2012MA Analysis of Charles River (MA) Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (SAV) Using a Prototype Bruce JacksonFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $69,864
2012MAFluvial Geomorphology WorkshopPaula Rees, Christine Hatch, Marie-Francoise HatteFederal: $6,738
Non-Federal: $10,921
2012MABiopolymer Sorbents for Tungsten RemovalJessica SchiffmanFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,052
2012MAElucidating the impact of upgrading wastewater treatment for nitrogen removal on eutrophication and toxic algal bloom in Long Island SoundChul ParkFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,249
2012MALand Use, Land Cover and Stormwater Management in Massachusetts under Conditions of Climate Change: Modeling the Linkages Elizabeth BrabecFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,036
2012MAModeling of Road Salt Contamination and Transport in Ground WaterRudolph HonFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $11,725
2012MASymposium on the Value of WaterPaula ReesFederal: $7,051
Non-Federal: $9,258
2012MAWater Managers WorkshopPaula ReesFederal: $5,776
Non-Federal: $13,618
2012MAThe River’s Calendar symposium: effects of climate change on phenology of riparian systems.Jerry SchoenFederal: $6,646
Non-Federal: $3,910
2012MDQuantifying remobilization rates of legacy sediment from Maryland Piedmont floodplainsAndrew MillerFederal: $66,326
Non-Federal: $159,244
2012MDEcohydrology of ditch-drained coastal marshesBrian Needelman, Andrew Baldwin, Paul LeisnhamFederal: $52,280
Non-Federal: $105,692
2012MDMaryland Water 2012 - SymposiumKaye BrubakerFederal: $2,569
Non-Federal: $5,238
2012MDMultixenobiotic resistance (MXR) induction in amphipods (Hyalella azteca) by agricultural ditch sediment and water (Graduate Fellowship)Kaye Brubaker, William LampFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $12,240
2012MDForest N retention in the Chesapeake Bay watershed: A role in water quality restoration? (Graduate Fellowship)Kaye Brubaker, Keith EshlemanFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $18,497
2012MEInvestigating the Impact of Pollutants in Street Dust on the Long Creek Watershed, South Portland, ME: Collaborative Research Between USM, CCSWCD, and LCWMD Lucille Benedict, Kate McDonaldFederal: $18,983
Non-Federal: $45,305
2012MEInformatics approaches for reuse and modeling of heterogeneous mercury dataKate Beard, Linda Bacon, Melinda NevilleFederal: $10,539
Non-Federal: $117,463
2012MEPhotocatalytic Degradation of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCPs) in Natural Water using Silver-Doped ZeolitesAria Amirbahman, Howard PattersonFederal: $6,659
Non-Federal: $67,772
2012MEDo coastal Maine lakes have fish higher in mercury? A targeted survey including lakes in Acadia National ParkSarah Nelson, Aria Amirbahman, Linda Bacon, Stephen NortonFederal: $16,546
Non-Federal: $33,643
2012MEMaine Salt Management Scoping ProjectLaura Lindenfeld, Karen HutchinsFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $15,357
2012MEAnalyzing Legacy Data in a Climate Context to Decipher Modern Changes in Lakewater ChemistryJasmine Saros, Sean Birkel, Sarah Nelson, Kristin StrockFederal: $7,369
Non-Federal: $74,746
2012MEImproving Data to Build Trust for Community Generated Knowledge of Groundwater.John PeckenhamFederal: $1,600
Non-Federal: $8,932
2012MEMaine Information TransferJohn PeckenhamFederal: $21,208
Non-Federal: $27,997
2012MINatural Resources Integrated Information SystemJon BartholicFederal: $22,236
Non-Federal: $44,958
2012MIDissemination and Technology Transfer Training ProgramsLois WolfsonFederal: $25,490
Non-Federal: $52,441
2012MIWater Quality and Nonpoint Source Disproportionality: Addressing the Structural FactorsStephen GasteyerFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,738
2012MILandscape and lake characteristics driving the genetic and species diversity of aquatic plantsKendra Cheruvelil, Joseph BumpFederal: $13,731
Non-Federal: $26,943
2012MISpatially distributed modeling of water and pollutant transport in the Great Lakes watershedsChansheng HeFederal: $15,677
Non-Federal: $58,812
2012MNTracing nutrient sources at the land-water interface in urban environments Jacques Finlay, Sarah HobbieFederal: $59,484
Non-Federal: $113,474
2012MNIdentification of Municipal Wastewater as a Key Reservoir of Antibiotic Resistance: Itasca State Park as a Model SystemTimothy LaParaFederal: $84,104
Non-Federal: $154,710
2012MNImproving treatment: Understanding the effect of organic carbon on the biodegradation of two endocrine disrupting compoundsPaige NovakFederal: $14,000
Non-Federal: $30,494
2012MSAcoustic Measurements for Monitoring Fine Suspended Sediment in StreamsJames Chambers, Wayne Carpenter, Cristiane SurbeckFederal: $40,000
Non-Federal: $80,036
2012MSAnalysis of Precipitation Variability and Related Groundwater Patterns over the Lower Mississippi River Alluvial ValleyJamie Dyer, Andrew MercerFederal: $35,236
Non-Federal: $89,608
2012MSSoil Media Compositions for Water Quality Improvements and Stormwater Management in Urban Flow-through FacilitiesRobert Kroger, Warren (Cory) GalloFederal: $16,249
Non-Federal: $34,433
2012MTAssessing Hydrologic, Hyporheic, and Surface Water Temperature Responses to Stream RestorationGeoffrey PooleFederal: $28,000
Non-Federal: $56,004
2012MTThresholds in fluvial systems: Flood-induced channel change on Montana riversAndrew WilcoxFederal: $27,766
Non-Federal: $56,464
2012MTNutrient dynamics and ecosystem function in coupled aquatic-terrestrial ecosystems during a mountain pine beetle infestation of whitebark pineLaurie MarczakFederal: $13,785
Non-Federal: $27,700
2012MTStudent Fellowship Project: Evaluating hydrogeomorphic controls on bull trout spawning habitat in mountain streams, Northwestern MontanaJared BeanFederal: $1,000
Non-Federal: $420
2012MTStudent Research Fellowship: Pool Response to Fine Sediment Loading from Dam Removal, White Salmon River, WashingtonErika ColaiacomoFederal: $1,000
Non-Federal: $420
2012MTStudent Research Fellowship: An Investigation of Natural Treatment Systems in Cold ClimatesKatie DavisFederal: $750
Non-Federal: $330
2012MTStudent Research Fellowship: Quantifying the Sensitivity of Spring Snowmelt Timing to the Diurnal Snowmelt CycleFred KellnerFederal: $1,000
Non-Federal: $420
2012MTStudent Research Fellowship: Invisible impacts of changing stream conditions: nongame fish assemblage response to changing stream temperaturesMichael LeMoineFederal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $840
2012MTStudent Research Fellowship: Food web effects of stream invasion by Potamopyrgus antipodarum and interactions with eutrophicationEric RichinsFederal: $750
Non-Federal: $315
Non-Federal: $210
2012MTStudent Research Fellowship: The Effect of Physiographic Parameters on the Spatial Distribution of Snow Water Equivalent: an Analysis of the Representativeness of the Lone Mountain SNOTEL SiteKarl WetlauferFederal: $1,000
Non-Federal: $440
2012MTStudent Research Fellowship: Soil temperature and moisture controls on stream recharge from snowmelt events, Lost Horse Canyon, Bitterroot Mountains, MTBrett WoelberFederal: $750
Non-Federal: $315
2012NCAn Integrated Framework for Assessing the Dynamics of Population Growth, Land Use and Climate Change for Urban Water Resources ManagementEmily Zechman, Sankarasubramanian ArumugamFederal: $31,078
Non-Federal: $37,347
2012NCEvaluation of the P Balance of a Restored, Previously Farmed WetlandMichael Vepraskas, Jeffrey WhiteFederal: $31,078
Non-Federal: $43,422
2012NCNutrient retention and floodplain connectivity in restored Piedmont streamsSara McMillan, Greg JenningsFederal: $21,079
Non-Federal: $51,368
2012NCWRRI Information Transfer ProgramNicole WilkinsonFederal: $4,442
Non-Federal: $24,018
2012NDInformation Dissemination and CommunicationG. PadmanabhanFederal: $11,450
Non-Federal: $22,903
2012NDTile drain water: identification of sources and quality improvement by a constructed wetlandMarinus OtteFederal: $10,375
Non-Federal: $20,750
2012NDStudies of Seasonal Succession of Cyanobacteria and Green Algae at Heinrich-Martin Impoundment, North Dakota Wei LinFederal: $7,500
Non-Federal: $15,001
2012NDVegetative Filter Strips: A Best Management Practice (BMP) for feedlot runoff pollution control in North DakotaShafiqur RahmanFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $12,000
2012NDToward Understanding the Hydrologic Processes on Topographic Surfaces with Depressions - Development of a Physical-based Distributed Puddle-to-Puddle (P2P) Hydrologic ModelXuefeng ChuFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2012NDQuantifying Estrogens Bound to Soil and Manure Colloids and Assessing Their BioavailabilityFrancis CaseyFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2012NDInvestigation of Bromate Formation in Ozone Disinfection Systems through Comprehensive Sampling, Water Quality Analysis, and Model SimulationWei LinFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2012NDRole of Agricultural Drainage on Transport of Cryptosporidium oocysts in North DakotaKhan Eakalak, John McEvoyFederal: $7,500
Non-Federal: $15,000
2012NDTemporal-spatial distribution (dynamics) of phytoplankton and diversity in relation to lake physical and chemical conditionWei LinFederal: $6,650
Non-Federal: $13,300
2012NDSorption, Degradation, and Mobility of 17Estradiol-17-Sulfate in Agricultural SoilsFrancis CaseyFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2012NEAnalysis of Potential Groundwater Trading Programs for NebraskaKarina SchoengoldFederal: $19,700
Non-Federal: $39,840
2012NEDeveloping a two-tier screen to evaluate the health of Nebraska's wetlands Alan Kolok, Craig Allen, Paul DavisFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,000
2012NEDirect Monitoring of Knickpoint ProgressionDavid Admiraal, David AdmiraalFederal: $23,238
Non-Federal: $46,566
2012NHDetermining the Impact of Coal Tar Based Driveway Sealant on Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Concentrations in NH Waterbodies. Alison WattsFederal: $9,967
Non-Federal: $13,249
2012NHJames Hall Vegetated Roof Nutrient Removal Efficiency and Hydrologic ResponseRobert Roseen, Thomas BallesteroFederal: $14,000
Non-Federal: $35,034
2012NHParticipatory Water Quality Assessment Through the NH Lakes Lay Monitoring ProgramJeffrey SchlossFederal: $8,070
Non-Federal: $37,343
2012NJPerformance Assessment of Bioretention for Car Wash Runoff TreatmentMichele Bakacs, Steven YergeauFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,000
2012NJApplication of Graphene-based Sorbents for Arsenic and Lead Removal from Drinking Water ResourcesShifeng Hou, Huan FengFederal: $29,736
Non-Federal: $59,474
2012NJnHFO-Microalgae and Immobilization for Water Quality ImprovementLiping WeiFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,000
2012NJPredicting the matric potential of unsaturated porous media using nuclear magnetic resonanceSam Falzone, Kristina KeatingFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,002
2012NJUnderstanding metabolic flux dynamics during hydrolytic and fermentative digestion of wastewater treatment sludge for enhanced ammonia-nitrogen removalAmanda Luther, Donna E. FennellFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,001
2012NJMitigation of Environmental Nitrogen Release by Enrichment of Hyper Ammonia Producing (HAP) Bacteria in Waste Treatment SystemsSunirat Rattana, Donna E. FennellFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,001
2012NJUrban wetland plant assemblage species diversity and invasive species dominance as expressions of flood regimeLaura Shappell, Lena StruweFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,001
2012NJReductive Dehalogenation of Brominated Organic Compounds by Nano FeS ParticlesCynthia Steiner, Weilin HuangFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,001
2012NJInformation Transfer ProgramChristopher Obropta, Lisa Galloway EvrardFederal: $13,742
Non-Federal: $23,703
2012NMGeographic Information System for Water Resources Research PlanningSusanna GlazeFederal: $36,105
Non-Federal: $15,127
2012NMUpdating the Digital Hydrogeologic-Framework Model of the Mesilla Basin Area with Specific Reference to the Transboundary Aquifer Assessment Project (TAAP)John HawleyFederal: $33,750
Non-Federal: $14,176
2012NYRelative Abundance of Blueback Herring (Alosa aestivalis) in Relation to Permanent and Removable Dams on the Mohawk RiverNeil Ringler, Karin LimburgFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,146
Non-Federal: $40,722
2012OHMicrobial Modulation of Acidic Coal Mine Drainage Chemistry: Implications for Passive Treatment of MinewaterJohn SenkoFederal: $22,754
Non-Federal: $45,720
2012OHIdentification of Microcystin Degrading Bacteria in the Grand Lake St. Marys and Lake Erie Western BasinXiaozhen MouFederal: $20,800
Non-Federal: $41,619
2012OHGreen-House-Gas budget of constructed wetlands: Understanding the sources to maximize benefitsGil BohrerFederal: $51,354
Non-Federal: $102,906
2012OHDiscriminating Biotic and Abiotic Arsenic Release Processes under Highly Reduced Ground Water ConditionsJohn Lenhart, Paula MouserFederal: $58,248
Non-Federal: $116,608
2012OKImpact of Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluent on Nitrogen Cycling by Stream BacteriaCindy Cisar, Jonathan Fisher, Joy Van NostrandFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,557
2012OKQuantitative assessment of climate variability and land surface change on streamflow decrease in the Upper Cimarron RiverChris Zou, William Andrews, Juanjun GeFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,000
2012OKIdentifying Nutrient Pathways to Streams: Sediment and Phosphorus Loads from Streambank Erosion and Failure in the Illinois River WatershedGarey Fox, Chad Penn, Daniel StormFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,000
2012OKOWRRI Information TransferDave Engle, Leslie Elmore, Mike LangstonFederal: $17,348
Non-Federal: $31,622
2012ORTechnology TransferTodd Jarvis, Todd JarvisFederal: $56,605
Non-Federal: $127,771
2012PAPennsylvania Water Resources Sustainability Surveys Bryan Swistock, Elizabeth Boyer, Patricia Craig, Lysle SherwinFederal: $50,000
Non-Federal: $100,446
2012PAInstrumenting Nature: Bringing real-time data into the K-12 curriculumCharles ColeFederal: $22,810
Non-Federal: $87,532
2012PAStatistical Evaluation of Triclosan Measurements in Wastewater using ELISA protocol.Holly FrederickFederal: $19,584
Non-Federal: $39,170
2012PAEvaluation of Round Goby Habitat Disturbance and Impacts to Native Fish Populations.Jay Stauffer, Jeanette SchnarsFederal: $19,243
Non-Federal: $52,164
2012PARemoval of Benzoic Acids by Anion Exchange Resins as Analogues for Natural Organic Matter and Emerging ContaminantsHuichun ZhangFederal: $40,000
Non-Federal: $105,212
2012PRField Demonstration of Removal of MS2 Bacteriophage and Bacillus subtilis with a Solar-Powered Engineered Experimental Drum Filtration and Disinfection (SEED) Unit Sangchul HwangFederal: $26,358
Non-Federal: $34,922
2012PRMicrobial source tracking: The hunt for E. faecalis the dominant Enterococci among non-pigmented environmental enterococci in the water systems of Puerto Rico.Luis Rios-Hernandez, Luis Rios-HernandezFederal: $39,400
Non-Federal: $29,178
Non-Federal: $85,912
2012RIA novel fabrication method for antibacterial membrane Eugene Park, Stanley BarnettFederal: $17,054
Non-Federal: $35,080
2012RIClean Water Outreach in Rhode IslandHarold Knickle, Geoffrey BothunFederal: $16,093
Non-Federal: $32,284
2012RIWave-Induced Pore Pressures in Remedial Caps in ReservoirsAaron BradshawFederal: $16,540
Non-Federal: $34,813
2012SCEffects of Water Pollution on Fish Health in the Savannah RiverPeter Van Den Hurk, Michael PallerFederal: $59,862
Non-Federal: $132,068
2012SCA Modeling Study of Water Shortages in the Savannah River Basin: Sensitivity of Water Availability to Evaporative Loss and Climate ChangeNigel Kaye, John SaylorFederal: $59,998
Non-Federal: $119,330
2012SDEvaluation of the performance of two vegetated treatment systemsTodd TrooienFederal: $8,250
Non-Federal: $17,002
2012SDIdentifying barriers for adopting new drainage technology among agricultural producersNickolas Benesh, Jeppe KjaersgaardFederal: $11,806
Non-Federal: $23,786
2012SDSubsurface Drainage Impacts on Evapotranspiration and WaterChristopher Hay, Jeppe Kjaersgaard, Todd TrooienFederal: $39,286
Non-Federal: $78,594
2012SDEvaluating the Nitrate-Removal Effectiveness of Denitrifying BioreactorsJeppe Kjaersgaard, Christopher Hay, Todd TrooienFederal: $39,286
Non-Federal: $78,614
2012SDEvaluation of wastewater produced in biomass pyrolysis processLin Wei, Todd TrooienFederal: $22,720
Non-Federal: $45,250
2012SDFY12 Information Transfer ProgramVan Kelley, kevin dalsted, Jeppe Kjaersgaard, Trista KoropatnickiFederal: $17,768
Non-Federal: $35,579
2012SDTest ProjectAdam ColemanFederal: $187
Non-Federal: $247
2012TNRainwater Harvesting as part of a Sustainable Urban Water Management StrategyKevin Robinson, Kevin RobinsonFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $43,247
2012TNDetermining Channel Protection Flows in Urban Watersheds Through Effective Strategies for Stormwater Management and Stream RestorationJohn Schwartz, John SchwartzFederal: $30,245
Non-Federal: $74,189
2012TXInformation TransferNeal Wilkins, Danielle Kalisek, Leslie Lee, Courtney Smith, Jaclyn Tech, Kevin Wagner, Ralph Wurbs, Kathy WytheFederal: $62,234
Non-Federal: $116,650
2012TXEvaluation of invasive aquatic species in TexasMichael Masser, Elizabeth Edgerton, Lucas Gregory, Allen KnutsonFederal: $21,617
Non-Federal: $64,117
2012UTUAV Monitoring and Assessment Applications in Municipal Water and Environmental Management ProblemsDavid Rosenberg, Austin JensenFederal: $70,332
Non-Federal: $94,888
2012UTPerformance of Stormwater Bioretention Systems in Utah’s Climate and Hydrologic ConditionsSteven Burian, Christine PomeroyFederal: $24,037
Non-Federal: $78,523
2012UTInformation Transfer in Support of the Utah Center for Water Resources Research (UCWRR)R. Ivonne Harris, Carri RichardsFederal: $10,959
Non-Federal: $20,115
2012VIMicroirrigation for Sustainable Vegetable Production in the US Virgin IslandsDilip NandwaniFederal: $16,605
Non-Federal: $0
2012VITerrestrial Sediment Delivery and Nearshore Water Turbidity A Case Study From the East End of St. Croix, USVIKynoch Reale-Munroe, Bernard Castillo, Carlos Ramos-ScharronFederal: $21,007
Non-Federal: $0
2012VIHigh-Resolution Mapping of Rainfall Rates Across the St Thomas MicroclimatesDavid MorrisFederal: $22,366
Non-Federal: $0
2012VTEvaluating effectiveness of BMP implementation on gravel roads to reduce sediment and phosphorus runoffBeverley Wemple, Donald RossFederal: $52,203
Non-Federal: $135,203
2012VTDevelopment of monitoring buoy system for lake studiesJason Stockwell, Breck BowdenFederal: $31,000
Non-Federal: $43,463
2012WAResponse of River Runoff to Black Carbon in Snow and Ice in Washington StateSusan Kaspari, Carey GazisFederal: $27,000
Non-Federal: $54,000
2012WAProgress towards assessing the large-scale impacts of forest fires on runoff erosion across the Pacific NorthwestJennifer AdamFederal: $27,000
Non-Federal: $54,048
2012WAInformation TransferMichael Barber, Michael BarberFederal: $3,472
Non-Federal: $6,984
2012WVIdentifying Geomorphic Design Parameters to Improve Flood Control and Water QualityLeslie Hopkinson, Ben Mack, John QuarantaFederal: $65,649
Non-Federal: $154,923
2012WVDevelopment of a Drinking Water Well Sampling Protocol to Establish Baseline Data Prior to Horizontal Drilling of Gas WellsJennifer Hause, Melissa O'Neal, Tamara Vandivort, Paul ZiemkiewiczFederal: $112,686
Non-Federal: $225,393
2012WVStable isotope fingerprinting of waters in area of accelerating Marcellus shale gas development Shikha Sharma, Shikha SharmaFederal: $40,000
Non-Federal: $80,120
2012WYA Treatise on Wyoming Water LawLawrence MacDonnellFederal: $4,588
Non-Federal: $39,598
2012WYIntegrated Accelerated Precipitation Softening (APS) - Microfiltration (MF) Assembly and Process Development to Maximize Water Recovery During Energy Production and CO2 SequestrationJonathan Brant, Dongmei LiFederal: $18,080
Non-Federal: $134,647
2012WYMulti-frequency Radar and Precipitation Probe Analysis of the Impact of Glaciogenic Cloud Seeding on SnowBart GeertsFederal: $34,270
Non-Federal: $244,800
2012WYDecadal Scale Estimates of Forest Water Yield After Bark Beetle Epidemics in Southern WyomingBrent Ewers, Urszula Norton, Elise Pendall, Ramesh SivanpillaiFederal: $63,510
Non-Federal: $511,785
2011AKIntegrating Remote Sensing and Local Knowledge to Monitor Seasonal River Ice DynamicsKnut KiellandFederal: $22,290
Non-Federal: $11,034
2011AKUAA Wellfield: Research and Teaching Applications, Phase IIBryce Willems, LeeAnn MunkFederal: $16,100
Non-Federal: $32,224
2011AKDeveloping high-resolution strontium isotope maps of Alaskan Rivers to track pacific salmon migrations: The Nushagak River as a case study to evaluate spatial and seasonal variability. Matthew WoollerFederal: $20,098
Non-Federal: $9,949
2011AKPharmaceutical Trace Study to Identify Microbial Pathogens Sources in and around Rural Alaskan Waste SitesDavid BarnesFederal: $20,705
Non-Federal: $10,249
2011ALDevelopment of an In-situ Capable Method for Detecting Pathogenic Bacteria in the Alabama Water SuppliesAhjeong SonFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $51,853
2011ALForage and Fertilization Management Practices to Ensure Quality of Runoff from Pasture Under Grazing Beef CattleRussell Muntifering, Yucheng Feng, Thomas McCaskey, Frank Owsley, Charles WoodFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,001
2011ALUtilizing Greywater for Landscape and Green Roof IrrigationAmy Wright, Charlene LeBleuFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,105
2011AREvaluation of septic system absorption field products with differing architectures in a profile-limited soilKristofor BryeFederal: $15,389
Non-Federal: $31,074
2011ARIncreasing awareness for water quality protection: Stream restoration through temporary and permanent animal access restrictionsDirk Philipp, Kelly BryantFederal: $10,634
Non-Federal: $37,001
2011ARContinued Investigation of Land Use and Best Management Practices on the Strawberry River WatershedJennifer Bouldin, Richard WarbyFederal: $14,000
Non-Federal: $31,969
2011ARAssessment of the microbial population in Beaver Lake swim beach regions to determine origin of fecal pollutionKristen Gibson, Steven RickeFederal: $21,003
Non-Federal: $42,012
2011ARArkansas Water Resources Center Information Transfer ProgramBrian HaggardFederal: $17,439
Non-Federal: $20,325
2011AZCharacterization of Chelating Agents in Non-regulated Water Sources on Navajo LandsJani IngramFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $23,731
2011AZHydrology Versus Ecology: The Effectiveness of Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment in a Semi-arid ClimateDaniel Childers, Laura TurnbullFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $22,771
2011AZIodinated Disinfection By-product Formation from Water Reuse PracticesShane SnyderFederal: $9,886
Non-Federal: $20,518
2011AZInformation TransferSharon Megdal, Susanna EdenFederal: $57,249
Non-Federal: $105,949
2011COTechnology Transfer and Information DisseminationReagan WaskomFederal: $37,371
Non-Federal: $171,667
2011COEnvironmental Impacts of Ag-to-Urban Water Rights Transfers in the South Platte River BasinMazdak ArabiFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,781
2011COAquifer Storage and Recovery OptimizationReagan WaskomFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,750
2011COVariables Controlling Reservoir Sedimentation in the Colorado Front RangeEllen WohlFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,700
2011CTTesting Methods used for DNA Barcoding of Environmental Samples from the Eightmile River for Diatom (Bacillariophyta) Identification.Diba Khan-Bureau, Louise Lewis, Gary A. RobbinsFederal: $10,690
Non-Federal: $21,420
2011CTPost-audit Verification of the Model SWMM for Low Impact Development Michael Dietz, John ClausenFederal: $30,137
Non-Federal: $58,960
2011CTCTIWR Technology TransferGlenn Warner, Patricia BresnahanFederal: $44,426
Non-Federal: $77,061
2011DCGIS-based Ecosystem Service Analysis of Urban Green Infrastructure as a Tool for Attaining Water and Air Quality Objectives in the District of ColumbiaTolessa DeksissaFederal: $10,100
Non-Federal: $4,646
2011DCMonitoring of Glyphosate and its Degradation of Residue by Phosphorus-31 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance SpectroscopyXueqing SongFederal: $14,000
Non-Federal: $6,440
2011DCUrban Stormwater Runoff Prediction Using Computational Intelligence MethodsNian Zhang, Pradeep BeheraFederal: $10,800
Non-Federal: $4,968
2011DCPollution Source Identification in Washington DC storm-water using Bayesian ChemicalArash Massoudieh, Ali Arab, Tolessa DeksissaFederal: $14,983
Non-Federal: $49,525
2011DCHormone Disruption and Environmental Pollutants in Anacostia and Potomac River Fish, Washington DCStephen MacAvoy, Cathy SchaeffFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $34,993
2011DCIntegrated Water Use Impact Assessment for DC urban InfrastructureRoyce FrancisFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $40,972
2011DCMetropolitan Washington Public Officials Water Leadership ProgramHoward Ways, Catherine ShrierFederal: $12,452
Non-Federal: $26,967
2011DESediment Transport through Historic Mill Dams of the Christina River BasinJames Pizzuto, Kimberly TeoliFederal: $3,500
Non-Federal: $7,000
2011DEPredation of Bacteria by the White Rot Fungi, Pleurotus ostreatusAnastasia Chirnside, John HarrisFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $3,000
2011DEWhite Clay Creek Wild and Scenic Shad Restoration ProjectGerald Kauffman, Chelsea HalleyFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $3,000
2011FLCoupled Biological/Chemical Systems for Maximizing Phosphorus Removal from Natural WatersTreavor Boyer, Mark BrownFederal: $32,143
Non-Federal: $64,286
2011FLSustainable Urban Infrastructure and Water Loss Management Including a Case Study of Sanford FloridaJames HeaneyFederal: $69,412
Non-Federal: $138,828
2011FLWatershed Management in the face of EPA's New Numeric Nutrient Criteria for Florida WatersWendy GrahamFederal: $73,600
Non-Federal: $152,400
2011FLFlorida Water Resources Information TransferKirk Hatfield, Mark NewmanFederal: $27,947
Non-Federal: $6,694
2011FLIn-Filling Missing Daily Rain Gauge Data Using Radar Rainfall Data: Influence of Homogeneous Rain AreasRamesh TeegavarapuFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,500
2011GAFlood Risk and Homeowners' Flood Risk Perceptions: Evidence from Property Prices in GeorgiaSusana Ferreira, Susana FerreiraFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,000
2011GAAssessment of endocrine disruption in fish and estrogenic potency of waters in GeorgiaRobert Bringolf, Cecil Jennings, Jeffrey ZuiderveenFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,000
2011GAImpact of Upstream Water Use on Salinity and Ecology of Apalachicola BayPhilip Roberts, Philip RobertsFederal: $58,000
Non-Federal: $116,000
2011GUPresenting 'Guam Water Kids': Private, DoDEA School Outreach/Teacher Relations Program Arretta Card, Arretta CardFederal: $7,620
Non-Federal: $0
2011GUComprehensive Analysis of Salinity Trends in Northern Guam Lens AquiferJohn Jenson, Mark LanderFederal: $25,595
Non-Federal: $0
2011GUReconstructing the Sea Surface Temperature and Wet-Dry Climate History of GuamJohn Jenson, Mark LanderFederal: $30,475
Non-Federal: $0
2011GUSediment Analysis and Modeling of the Ugum Watershed in Southern GuamCharles Luo, Shahram KhosrowpanahFederal: $17,415
Non-Federal: $0
2011GUPresenting 'CNMI Water Kids': Public School Outreach/Teacher Relations ProgramArretta CardFederal: $17,887
Non-Federal: $0
2011GUReconfiguration of Saipan’s Water Distribution System Model Shahram Khosrowpanah, Leroy Heitz, Mariano IgleciasFederal: $27,252
Non-Federal: $0
2011GUEnvironmental Impact of FUDS and Brownfields Sites in Watersheds on the Eastern Side of Saipan. Phase 1: Contaminant Analysis of Soil and SedimentsJohn Starmer, Gary DentonFederal: $35,647
Non-Federal: $0
2011GUWater System Leak Detection Training for Saipan, Commonwealth Utilities Corporation (CUC)Shahram KhosrowpanahFederal: $14,180
Non-Federal: $0
2011GUHeavy Metal Status of Soils and Stream Sediments Impacted by Leachate from a Municipal Dump in Yap State, Federated States of MicronesiaChristina FillmedFederal: $4,500
Non-Federal: $0
2011GUIdentifying Watershed Discharge Patterns and Linkages with Ecological Assemblages in Nimpal Area, Yap State, Federated States of MicronesiaPeter Houk, Yimnang GolbuuFederal: $20,240
Non-Federal: $0
2011GUDeveloping Flow Duration Curves for Use in Hydropower Analysis at Ungaged Sites in Kosrae, Federated States of MicronesiaShahram Khosrowpanah, Leroy HeitzFederal: $22,292
Non-Federal: $0
2011GUAtoll Water Budget Modeling: Information Transfer and Training for the Federated States of MicronesiaJohn JensonFederal: $10,300
Non-Federal: $0
2011GUInformation TransferGary DentonFederal: $22,797
Non-Federal: $0
2011HITechnology TransferPhilip MoravcikFederal: $6,262
Non-Federal: $11,918
2011HILong-term aspects of high-elevation rainfall and climate change, ODavid BeilmanFederal: $50,168
Non-Federal: $104,180
2011HIDevelopment of an Advanced Surface Tensiometer for Measuring Water QualityYi ZuoFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,391
2011HIReshaping the Regulatory Framework for Hawaii Aquaculture - Water Quality Standards, Coastal Fishponds, and Shellfish GroundsDavid PennFederal: $11,046
Non-Federal: $25,674
2011HIAddressing Sewage Contamination of Nawiliwili Streams and Kalapaki BeachMarek Kirs, Joseph Lichwa, Philip MoravcikFederal: $50,182
Non-Federal: $97,404
2011HIIsland DirectorPhilip MoravcikFederal: $27,616
Non-Federal: $56,926
2011IAIdentifying the primary sources of sediment in an anthropogenically altered watershed Year 2Thanos Papanicolaou, Marian Muste, Douglas Schnoebelen, Larry Weber, Christopher WilsonFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $21,396
2011IACommunity-wide Urban Storm Water Planning Utilizing LiDAR, the WinSLAMM Model and GISRamanathan Sugumaran, John DeGroote, John VoorheesFederal: $51,453
Non-Federal: $109,965
2011IAInformation Transfer ProjectRichard Cruse, James NewmanFederal: $46,296
Non-Federal: $111,454
2011IDImproving Idaho Infrastructure through Long-term Monitoring of Sediment TransportElowyn YagerFederal: $11,745
Non-Federal: $25,299
2011IDConstructing a local meteoric water line for the Treasure Valley, IdahoAlejandro Flores, Shawn BennerFederal: $14,974
Non-Federal: $30,602
2011IDModeling Dynamic Feedback between Surface and Groundwater Systems: Implications for the Economics of Conjunctive ManagementKelly CobournFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,372
2011IDDevelopment of the Idaho Watershed Digital LibraryDevin Becker, Jodi HaireFederal: $11,796
Non-Federal: $5,299
2011ILInfluence of Algal/ Bacterial Interactions on Denitrification in Stream BiofilmsJohn Kelly, Kimberly Gray, Christopher Peterson, Miguel RojasFederal: $22,672
Non-Federal: $46,760
2011ILCharacterization of Critical Shear Stresses and Bank Material Erosion Rates on Gravelly Stream Banks through Development of a New In Situ Experimental ApparatusMarcelo Garcia, David WatermanFederal: $28,985
Non-Federal: $57,313
2011ILTransfering Water Research to the People of IllinoisLisa Merrifield, Carla BlueFederal: $34,578
Non-Federal: $34,233
2011INHow does agricultural activity influence stream ecosystem nitrogen cycling? A multi-stressor assessment of synergistic and antagonistic effects.Melody BernotFederal: $13,000
Non-Federal: $26,001
2011INNiche breadth variation with seasonal changes in local habitats: fish assemblages of the Wabash River Mark PyronFederal: $13,000
Non-Federal: $27,298
2011INHabitat Use and Movements of Shovelnose Sturgeon, Scaphirhynchus platorynchus, in the Wabash River, IndianaReuben GoforthFederal: $10,803
Non-Federal: $21,605
2011INReduction of phosphorus concentration in the Wabash River by an environmentally-friendly nanoparticleDong ChenFederal: $12,868
Non-Federal: $25,847
2011INTowards a better understanding of E. coli ecology in open streamsRonald TurcoFederal: $10,664
Non-Federal: $21,328
2011INPollution Prevention Through Better Management of Fertilizers, Pesticides, and Salts In Tanks and On TrailersFred WhitfordFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,002
2011KSGovernor's Water ConferenceDan DevlinFederal: $45,724
Non-Federal: $96,518
2011KYEffects of streambed sediments on the fate of selenium in eastern Kentucky watersheds contaminated with surface coal mining operationsYi-Tin WangFederal: $4,996
Non-Federal: $10,002
2011KYSewage to fertilizer: a proposed solution to water pollutionRebecca KelleyFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $14,653
2011KYUse of gene expression in longear sunfish and green sunfish as a biomarker of polychlorinated biphenyl and metal exposureBen BrammellFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2011KYUsing the stability of soil moisture distribution to understand soil system modularity and complexity at the landscape scaleOle Wendroth, Junfeng ZhuFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,190
2011KYDelineating solute inputs to the headwaters portion of the Cane Run/Royal Spring basinAlan Fryar, James DingerFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,532
2011KYQuasi-real time sediment discharge measurements using inexpensive experimental technologyJames FoxFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,040
2011KYMetagenomic analysis of microbial urea transformation in soilLuke Moe, Mark CoyneFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,034
2011KYOrdination of fish morphological characteristics to investigate intraspecific differences of largemouth bass and paddlefish due to the construction of modern navigation dams on the Ohio River, USATamara SlussFederal: $4,060
Non-Federal: $8,120
2011KYThe effects of prescribed fire on amphibian diversityHoward WhitemanFederal: $4,997
Non-Federal: $10,716
2011KYBy-proxy monitoring of aqueous nitrate photolysis and the effect of hydroxl radicalMatthew NeeFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,001
2011KYArsenic removal from water with functionalized magnetic nanoparticlesDavid AtwoodFederal: $4,612
Non-Federal: $13,983
2011KYKentucky information transfer activitiesLindell Ormsbee, Anna Hoover, Jim KippFederal: $38,670
Non-Federal: $66,399
2011KYUse of gene expression in longear sunfish (Lepomis megalotis) and green sunfish (Lepomis cyanellus) as a biomarker of polychlorinated biphenyl and metal exposureDavid Peyton, Ben BrammellFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,736
2011LADevelopment of a 2D Hydrodynamic Model of the Mississippi River and Application To Long-Term Management Scenarios, Contaminant Transport and Sediment TransportClinton Willson, Clinton WillsonFederal: $15,600
Non-Federal: $37,883
2011LALouisiana Watershed Education Initiative for Environmental Sustainability Zhi-Qiang DengFederal: $15,855
Non-Federal: $31,869
2011LAFeasibility Study of Scavenging Approach to Stop Saltwater Toward Water WellsFrank TsaiFederal: $15,606
Non-Federal: $31,563
2011LATurbulent Interactions of Coastal Vegetation and WavesHeather SmithFederal: $15,832
Non-Federal: $31,710
2011MAA Remote Sensing Algal Production Model to Monitor Water Quality and Nonpoint Pollution in New England LakesMi-Hyun ParkFederal: $4,984
Non-Federal: $10,029
2011MAMonitoring and Understanding Water Quality at Three Potential Charles River Swimming SitesFerdi HellwegerFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $12,775
2011MAElucidation of the Rates and Extents of Pharmaceutical Biotransformation during NitrificationAndrew RamsburgFederal: $29,953
Non-Federal: $77,311
2011MAAssessing Human Impacts on Sediment and Contaminant Trapping within Oxbow Lake, Northampton, MassachusettsJonathan Woodruff, Jonathan WoodruffFederal: $4,999
Non-Federal: $12,678
2011MAAuthentic Research Projects for Undergraduates based on Groundwater Contamination Issues Related to ArsenicJulian Tyson, Julian TysonFederal: $9,096
Non-Federal: $18,964
2011MAWater Resources Research ConferencePaula Rees, Marie-Francoise HatteFederal: $21,681
Non-Federal: $21,910
2011MDRelating pollutant and water quality parameters to landuse in a subwatershed of the Choptank River watershed Alba Torrents, Cathleen HapemanFederal: $22,500
Non-Federal: $47,825
2011MDMaryland Water 2011 - SymposiumKaye BrubakerFederal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $5,383
2011MDRegional Flood Risk Initiative Seed FundsKaye Brubaker, Gregory BaecherFederal: $15,012
Non-Federal: $33,336
2011MDEnvironmental Suitability of Fly Ash Use in Highway Structural Fills (Graduate Fellowship)Kaye Brubaker, Ahmet AydilekFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $14,988
2011MDThe Effects of Mill Dams on Suspended Sediment Yield, Northern Baltimore County, Maryland (Graduate Fellowship)Kaye BrubakerFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $15,776
2011MDDemonstration of Integrated Stormwater & Wastewater Treatment in WaterShed, Maryland’s Solar Decathlon 2011 EntryAmy GardnerFederal: $25,107
Non-Federal: $56,072
2011MDAn Innovative Learning Tool in Communicating Flood Risk ManagementBahram MomenFederal: $23,631
Non-Federal: $49,635
2011MERelease of Metals to Groundwater from Ultramafic Rocks on Deer Isle, MaineAmanda OlsenFederal: $9,083
Non-Federal: $59,650
2011MEComplex systems assessment of biogeochemical factors and microbial community members associated with naturally occurring uranium contamination in groundwater resourcesPaula Mouser, Charles Hess, Jean Macrae, Robert Marvinney, Donna Rizzo, Andy TolmanFederal: $7,250
Non-Federal: $80,735
2011MEIdentification of the determinants of fish tissue mercury concentrations in temperate lakes: Factors to be considered in the establishment or revision of fish consumption advisoriesAria Amirbahman, Stephen NortonFederal: $23,400
Non-Federal: $46,333
2011MEPrototype Development of SimStream, a Computer-Based Immersive Learning-Environment for Introducing Environmental Systems Concepts to Middle-School StudentsShaleen Jain, Mike ScottFederal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $48,177
2011MEMaine Information TransferJohn PeckenhamFederal: $37,405
Non-Federal: $38,604
2011MINatural Resources Integrated Information SystemJon BartholicFederal: $21,415
Non-Federal: $43,339
2011MIInformation Dissemination and Technology Transfer Training ProgramsLois WolfsonFederal: $25,920
Non-Federal: $53,364
2011MIDeveloping Advanced Modeling Tools for Red Cedar Watershed PlanningYi Shi, Phanikumar ManthaFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $37,989
2011MIInterdisciplinary Water Science and Policy Modeling WorkgroupJinhua Zhao, Jon BartholicFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,574
2011MIBuilding a Transforming Framework for Resilient Policy Option and Water Resource Management for Michigan and InternationallyKarim Maredia, Jon MacDonagh-DumlerFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $31,808
2011MNStratigraphic Distribution and Mineralogical Sources of Arsenic to Minnesota Glacial AquifersBrandy Toner, Edward NaterFederal: $32,500
Non-Federal: $57,488
2011MNThe Role of Sulfate Reduction in Sediment of the St. Louis River Estuary: Phase II Nathan JohnsonFederal: $27,500
Non-Federal: $36,360
2011MNPersistence of the Fecal Indicator Bacteroides in Sand and SedimentMichael Sadowsky, Randall HicksFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,400
2011MOTechnology TransferThomas ClevengerFederal: $63,808
Non-Federal: $125,738
2011MOMicrobiological Characterization and Ecological Control of Membrane Biofouling in Side Stream Municipal Sewage Treatment Reactors Operated for NitrificationDaniel OetherFederal: $44,480
Non-Federal: $98,404
2011MSWater quality and other ecosystem services in wetlands managed for waterfowl in MississippiRichard Kaminski, Amy SpencerFederal: $14,150
Non-Federal: $28,368
2011MSComparisons of Indigenous and Selected Bacterial Degrading Pentachlorophenol (PCP) Consortiums for Remediation of PCP Contaminated GroundwaterM Prewitt, Hamid Borazjani, Ken WillefordFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,000
2011MSDeveloping rapid methods for dating of sediments in Mississippi using ICP-MSJames CizdzielFederal: $6,508
Non-Federal: $13,017
2011MTMethods for estimating wetland evapotranspiration through groundwater flow modeling of diurnal groundwater fluctuationsKevin ChandlerFederal: $14,900
Non-Federal: $29,800
2011MTUsing 222Rn and Isotopic Tracers to Trace Groundwater-Lake InteractionsGlenn ShawFederal: $10,622
Non-Federal: $34,865
2011MTStudent Fellowship: Development and Testing of a Model that Assesses the Effects of the Stress of Climate Change on Ecosystem ConditionWilliam KleindlFederal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $850
2011MTStudent Fellowship: Population-scale effects of hypoxia on the distribution and abundance of fishes in Silver Bow CreekJoe NaughtonFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $638
2011MTStudent Fellowship: An investigation of drought climatology, vulnerability and mitigation in the Clark Fork River Basin of MontanaMolly SmithFederal: $1,000
Non-Federal: $425
2011MTStudent Fellowship: Evaluating availability and use of coldwater thermal refugia for native and nonnative salmonids: implications for Arctic grayling conservation in MontanaShane VatlandFederal: $2,000
Non-Federal: $850
2011MTStudent Fellowship: Effects of the mountain pine beetle on snow hydrology in MontanaChris WelchFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $638
2011MTStatewide Education and OutreachSteve GuettermannFederal: $39,993
Non-Federal: $88,582
2011NCUncertainty in Surface Water Availability over North Carolina due to climate and land use changesSankarasubramanian Arumugam, Tushar SinhaFederal: $25,664
Non-Federal: $44,601
2011NCThe impact of Coal Combustion Products on the quality of water resources in North CarolinaAvner Vengosh, Heileen Hsu-KimFederal: $31,407
Non-Federal: $43,090
2011NCIdentification of membrane foulants and optimum cleaning strategies for nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes treating groundwaters from the Castle Hayne and Peedee aquifersOrlando CoronellFederal: $25,666
Non-Federal: $44,681
2011NCWRRI Information Transfer ProgramNicole WilkinsonFederal: $4,339
Non-Federal: $24,018
2011NDInformation Dissemination and CommunicationG. PadmanabhanFederal: $12,275
Non-Federal: $21,486
2011NDStudies of Seasonal Succession of Cyanobacteria and Green algae at Heinrich-Martin Impoundment, North DakotaWei LinFederal: $11,300
Non-Federal: $22,600
2011NDArsenic Contaminated Groundwater Remediation by Entrapped Nanoscale Zero-Valent IronAchintya BezbaruahFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $12,001
2011NDPlant-based Biopolymers for Entrapping Metal Nanoparticles for Arsenic Removal: Biodegradation and Treatability StudiesAchintya Bezbaruah, Khan EakalakFederal: $11,300
Non-Federal: $22,600
2011NDTemporal-spatial distribution (dynamics) of phytoplankton and diversity in relation to lake physical and chemical conditionWei LinFederal: $5,300
Non-Federal: $10,601
2011NDEcosystem Services and Wetland Condition Assessment in the Prairie Pothole RegionEdward Dekeyser, Jack NorlandFederal: $4,000
Non-Federal: $8,001
2011NDBioavailability of Dissolved and Colloidal Organic Carbon Bound EstrogenFrancis CaseyFederal: $7,700
Non-Federal: $15,400
2011NDRole of agricultural drainage on transport of Cryptosporidium oocysts in North DakotaKhan Eakalak, John McEvoyFederal: $5,100
Non-Federal: $10,202
2011NDCo-entrapment of iron nanoparticles and trichloroethylene degrading bacteria in alginate biopolymer for groundwater remediationAchintya Bezbaruah, Khan EakalakFederal: $7,300
Non-Federal: $14,600
2011NEDeveloping Slow Release Persulfate to Treat BTEX Compounds at LUST SitesSteve Comfort, Xu LiFederal: $12,000
Non-Federal: $29,451
2011NEA Cost Effective Fixed Film Atrazine Treatment Utilizing Nitrate as a NutrientMohamed Dahab, Ahmed HosniFederal: $19,000
Non-Federal: $40,523
2011NEHigh-resolution imaging of the Platte River streambed using combined electromagnetic induction and hydraulic parameter estimation techniquesJesse Korus, Xun-Hong ChenFederal: $19,000
Non-Federal: $35,676
2011NHArsenic chemical dynamics in NH groundwater reservoirs: Insights from temporal variability in multi-element signatures of statewide samplesJulia BryceFederal: $32,134
Non-Federal: $79,613
2011NHNutrient Loading Coefficients for NH Watersheds: Development and ConnectivityJeffrey SchlossFederal: $5,330
Non-Federal: $26,554
2011NJAn Investigation of the Water Quality of Rainwater Harvesting SystemsMichele Bakacs, Mike HaberlandFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,000
2011NJScrap Tire and Water Treatment Residuals as Novel "Green" Sorbents from Removal of Common Metals from Polluted Urban Stormwater RunoffYang Deng, Sudipta Rakshit, Dibyendu SarkarFederal: $14,966
Non-Federal: $29,946
2011NJEvaluation of organoclay in a permeable pavement system for removal of contaminants from urban stormwater runoffAmy RoweFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,002
2011NJAssessment of Green Frog, Lithobates clamitans, populations as biological indicators of risk to communities near Superfund sitesJennifer Costello, Richard VeitFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,193
2011NJAssessment of the water-borne pathogen, Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, in New Jersey amphibians and their habitatPaola Dolcemascolo, Kirsten MonsenFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,175
2011NJAdvancing the characterization of sandstone and fractured limestone aquifers using surface electrical geophysical methods: application to water resources evaluation at two sites in New JerseyMehrez Elwaseif, Lee SlaterFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $9,893
2011NJIdentification and Characterization of Novel Antibiotic Resistance Genes from Wastewater Effluents and Surface WatersMaryam Honarbakhsh, Elisabetta BiniFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,001
2011NJDevelopment of a Push-Pull Technique to Simultaneously Characterize Volatilization and Biodegradation Rates of VOCs in Shallow Wetland SedimentsMatthew Reid, Peter JaffeFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2011NJRelease of Hazardous Metals into Surface and Groundwater by Microbial Oxidation of Sulfide MineralsAlexandra Walczak, Lily YoungFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,001
2011NJInformation Transfer ProgramChristopher Obropta, Lisa Galloway EvrardFederal: $6,294
Non-Federal: $4,999
2011NMComputational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of Karst Conduit-Matrix Exchanges with Relevance in Contaminant Transport, and Chemical ReactionsJohn WilsonFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $30,203
2011NVMeasuring Water Use of Tamarisk and Impacts from Biocontrol: Lower Virgin River, NVKumud AcharyaFederal: $47,206
Non-Federal: $106,993
2011NVAssessment of Resiliency of Las Vegas Water System Under Climatic and Non-Climatic StressorsMahesh Gautam, Kumud AcharyaFederal: $19,851
Non-Federal: $39,716
2011NVEffects of Regional Climate Change on Snowpack in Northern Nevada: Research and EducationRina Schumer, Anna KnustFederal: $51,962
Non-Federal: $116,822
2011NVQuantifying the Impact of Hyporheic Exchange on In-Stream Water Quality in the Truckee River, NVJohn WarwickFederal: $59,028
Non-Federal: $99,858
Non-Federal: $40,392
2011NYReach-Scale Patterns in Hyporheic Exchange at Pristine, Degraded and Restored RiversTheodore Endreny, Chuck KrollFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $41,957
2011NYTwo-Dimensional River Model for Predicting Bacterial Contamination of Bathing Beaches in the St. Lawrence RiverMichael TwissFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $49,085
2011OHThe Constructed Wetland Dilemma: Nitrogen Removal at the Expense of Methane Generation?Paula Mouser, Gil BohrerFederal: $29,953
Non-Federal: $63,308
2011OHDoes Alum Addition Affect Benthic Communities and Metal and Nutrient Cycling? A Case Study from Grand Lake St. Marys, OhioChad Hammerschmidt, Amy Burgin, Geraldine NogaroFederal: $29,695
Non-Federal: $60,987
2011OHGenerating Renewable Energy on Lake Erie with Wave Energy Converters: A Feasibility StudyEthan KubatkoFederal: $25,537
Non-Federal: $50,799
2011OKIncorporating Ecological Costs and Benefits into Environmental Flow Recommendations for Oklahoma Rivers: Phase 1, Southeastern OklahomaCaryn Vaughn, Jason JulianFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,000
2011OKInvestigation of the Viability of Rainfall Harvesting for Long-term Urban Irrigation: Bioaccumulating Organic Compounds and the First Flush in Rooftop RunoffJason Vogel, Jason Belden, Glenn BrownFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $51,082
2011OK2011 Information TransferWill Focht Federal: $9,241
Non-Federal: $17,098
2011ORTechnology TransferTodd JarvisFederal: $60,978
Non-Federal: $159,624
2011PAAssessing the Influence of Nutrient Sources to Urban Streams Through the use of Triple Nitrate IsotopesEmily ElliottFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $43,296
2011PAUnderstanding Municipal Officials Decisions to Lease Watershed Lands for Marcellus Shale Gas ExplorationCharles AbdallaFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $43,769
2011PAQuantifying the Nitrogen Retention Capacity of Legacy Sediments and Hydric Soils Before and After RestorationJason KayeFederal: $16,700
Non-Federal: $33,403
2011PAFish Exposure to Emerging Contaminants in Municipal Wastewater: Can Dietary Sewage Contribution Predict Severity of Estrogenic Effects?Theo LightFederal: $9,616
Non-Federal: $21,820
2011PADevelopment of a Subsurface Reactive Transport Model for Predicting Potential Water Quality Problems in Marcellus ShaleLi Li, Susan BrantleyFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $36,000
2011PRThe Population dynamics of the dominant Enterococci in the water systems of Puerto Rico.Luis Rios-HernandezFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $32,046
2011PRIsland Institute Directors' s Conference/WorkshopJorge Rivera-Santos, Walter SilvaFederal: $13,805
Non-Federal: $6,903
2011RIStimuli-Responsive Nanocomposite Coatings for Mitigating Fouling of Water Treatment MembranesGeoffrey BothunFederal: $15,856
Non-Federal: $34,605
2011RIIncreasing sources of water supply: advanced treatment of stormwater runoffVinka Oyanedel-Craver, Vinka CraverFederal: $16,804
Non-Federal: $35,098
2011RIDrinking Water Outreach in Rhode IslandHarold Knickle, Geoffrey BothunFederal: $15,480
Non-Federal: $26,096
2011SCSediment Pollution Assessment and Verification of Abandoned Developments Using Volunteered Geographic Information in a Web Mapping InterfaceElena Mikhailova, Christopher PostFederal: $25,170
Non-Federal: $50,340
2011SCThe Influence of Legacy and Current Land Use on Stream Systems in teh South Carolina PiedmontDennis Haney, Peter Van Den HurkFederal: $28,311
Non-Federal: $73,442
2011SDInvestigation of the Contribution of Coliform Contamination in Runoff from Scoured Bed SedimentsJennifer Benning, Arden Davis, Scott KennerFederal: $14,913
Non-Federal: $29,826
2011SDLife Cycle Assessment Analysis of Engineered Stormwater Control Methods Common to South DakotaMolly Gribb, Jennifer Benning, James StoneFederal: $19,730
Non-Federal: $39,460
2011SDFate and Transport of Biogenic Uraninite in the EnvironmentRajesh SaniFederal: $16,825
Non-Federal: $33,650
2011SDDetermination of Microbial Kinetics for the Degradation of Estrogens and Triclosan in Activated Sludge SystemsChristopher SchmitFederal: $14,253
Non-Federal: $37,756
2011SDInformation TransferVan Kelley, Kevin Dalsted, Denise Hovland, Jeppe KjaersgaardFederal: $13,324
Non-Federal: $22,945
2011TNEvaluation of Bioretention Practices for Effective Stormwater Management and Treatment: A Laboratory to Field StudyAndrea Ludwig, Daniel YoderFederal: $46,828
Non-Federal: $93,888
2011TNAn Evaluation of Floodplain Forest Land Use Dynamics, Ecosystem Services and Conservation Policies in West Tennessee WatershedsDonald Hodges, Christopher BridgesFederal: $53,350
Non-Federal: $106,879
2011TXAssessing Low Ear Placement Corn Hybrids as a Way of Increasing Water Use EfficiencyJacob Becker, Brent BeanFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $14,760
2011TXCotton-Biofuels Production Systems in a Changing High Plains Environment Cora Lea Emerson, Dick AuldFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,035
2011TXLandscape Coefficients in Mixed Species LandscapesRebecca Hammond, Tim PannkukFederal: $4,971
Non-Federal: $9,946
2011TXReusable Magnetic Janus Particle Scavengers for Environmentally-Friendly Remediation of Contaminated Water BodiesNina Ivanova, Nicole ZachariaFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,055
2011TXEffect of Treatment on Harvested Rainwater QualitySarah Keithley, Mary KirisitsFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2011TXAn Assessment of Water Availability in Texas Using the NOAH Land Surface Model C. Prakash Khedun, Vijay SinghFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,857
2011TXBenefits and Costs of Water Reuse Programs in TexasShae Luther, Laura StroupFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2011TXEffects of woody vegetation removal on groundwater recharge in the Carrizo-Wilcox aquiferApril Mattox, Jason WestFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,002
2011TXEvaluation of Grass Carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) as a Biocontrol Agent for Giant Salvinia (Salvinia molesta)Michael Neisch, Michael MasserFederal: $4,136
Non-Federal: $13,737
2011TXIn Situ Remediation of the Trinity River Sediment Contaminated with Polychlorinated BiphenylsPrince Nfodzo, Hyeok ChoiFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,319
2011TXInformation TransferNeal Wilkins, Danielle Kalisek, Leslie Lee, Courtney Smith, Jaclyn Tech, Kevin Wagner, Ralph Wurbs, Kathy WytheFederal: $34,955
Non-Federal: $71,112
2011UTReducing the Dangers of Low Head Dams in UtahMichael Johnson, Steven BarfussFederal: $42,064
Non-Federal: $44,905
2011UTAnalyzing the Spread of Phragmites Australis Over Short Time Scales Using Spatial and Genetic ToolsKarin Kettenring, Shannon Clemens, Austin Jensen, Mac McKee, David RosenbergFederal: $33,634
Non-Federal: $97,500
2011UTInformation Transfer in Support of the Utah Center for Water Resources Research (UCWRR)R. Ivonne HarrisFederal: $500
Non-Federal: $15,341
2011VIEvaluating Drought Tolerance of Virgin Islands Native Trees Suitable for LandscapingMichael Morgan, Thomas ZimmermanFederal: $31,538
Non-Federal: $0
2011VILesser Antilles Specific Assessment of the IPCC AR5 Models for the Current ClimateVasubandhu MisraFederal: $18,981
Non-Federal: $0
Non-Federal: $0
Non-Federal: $0
2011VIIslands' Institutes Water ConferenceHenry SmithFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $0
2011VTDetermining phosphorus release potential from eroding streambank sediments in the Lake Champlain Basin of VermontDonald Ross, Leslie Morrissey, Beverley WempleFederal: $19,989
Non-Federal: $50,116
2011VTUse of Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler data to estimate sediment and total phosphorus loads to Lake Champlain from the Rock River Breck Bowden, James ShanleyFederal: $20,988
Non-Federal: $30,251
2011VTAdvanced and Integrative Model of Phosphorus loading from High Runoff EventsArne Bomblies, Jane HillFederal: $60,008
Non-Federal: $144,255
2011WAUnderstanding Toxin Production by Harmful Algae: Vancouver Lake as a Model SystemGretchen Rollwagen-Bollens, Stephen BollensFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $62,297
2011WAEcohydrology of Invasive Reed Canary GrassCamille McNeely, Rebecca Brown, Carmen Nezat, Suzanne SchwabFederal: $29,992
Non-Federal: $59,999
2011WAInformation TransferMichael Barber, Michael BarberFederal: $19,372
Non-Federal: $39,114
2011WAClimate change, land-water transfer, and in-stream fate of nitrogen in an agricultural settingCailin Orr, John HarrisonFederal: $54,000
Non-Federal: $108,930
2011WIUniversity of Wisconsin Water Resources Institute - 5 Year Information Transfer ProgramMoira HarringtonFederal: $85,333
Non-Federal: $340,013
2011WISimulating Lake Responses to Climate Change with a Mechanistic Water Quality ModelTrina McMahonFederal: $35,244
Non-Federal: $35,101
2011WIClimate Change Impacts on Stream Temperature and Flow: Consequences for Great Lakes Fish MigrationsPeter McIntyreFederal: $59,030
Non-Federal: $60,898
2011WIUncertainty and Variability of Wisconsin Lakes in Response to Climate ChangeChin WuFederal: $36,848
Non-Federal: $52,963
2011WVStable isotope fingerprinting of waters in area of accelerating Marcellus shale gas developmentShikha Sharma, Shikha SharmaFederal: $25,275
Non-Federal: $50,550
2011WVWRI-119 Phase 2 Year 1: Mon River Water Quality StudyPaul Ziemkiewicz, Ben Mack, Melissa O'Neal, Dave Saville, Tamara VandivortFederal: $46,343
Non-Federal: $92,688
2011WVWRI-143 Potential Chemical and Biological Impacts to White Day Creek Due to Gas Well DrillingPaul Ziemkiewicz, Ben MackFederal: $4,166
Non-Federal: $8,332
2011WYFate of Coalbed Methane Produced Water in Disposal Ponds in the Powder River BasinThijs Kelleners, Katta ReddyFederal: $17,253
Non-Federal: $140,387
2011WYInstrumentation for Improved Precipitation Measurement in Wintertime SnowstormsJefferson SniderFederal: $14,508
Non-Federal: $133,978
2010AKContribution of Permafrost Degradation to Shrub Expansion in Arctic AlaskaMatthew Nolan, Ken TapeFederal: $4,000
Non-Federal: $1,900
2010AKThe diminishing role of glacier runoff into Eklutna Lake: potential impacts on hydropower and water supply for the Municipality of Anchorage (year 2 renewal)Michael LosoFederal: $13,670
Non-Federal: $33,911
2010AKHydrogeology and Geochemistry of the Anchorage Aquifer System: Research and Teaching ApplicationsLeeAnn Munk, Jens Munk, Bryce WillemsFederal: $21,834
Non-Federal: $43,780
2010AKCharacterization of major watersheds draining into Bristol Bay, Alaska using strontium isotopes: a new method for tracking water resources in AlaskaMatthew WoollerFederal: $20,536
Non-Federal: $6,477
2010AKApplication of citrus peel biosorbents in repeated adsorption/desorption cycles for removal of heavy metals from waste watersSilke SchiewerFederal: $22,520
Non-Federal: $10,697
2010ALDevelopment of an In-situ Capable Method for Detecting Pathogenic Bacteria in the Alabama Water SuppliesAhjeong SonFederal: $50,000
Non-Federal: $102,262
2010ALExperimental Investigation of Runoff Mitigation from Vegetated RoofsJason Kirby, Robert PetersFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,828
2010ALNitrogen Retention in Riverine Shoal Habitat of Central Alabama: An assessment of Direct and Indirect MechanismsJennifer EdmondsFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $51,251
2010ARArkansas Water Resources Center Information Transfer ProgramBrian HaggardFederal: $14,073
Non-Federal: $28,146
2010ARDetermination of the magnitude of mercury methylation in the water column of a high organic carbon river, lower Ouachita River, Union and Ashley Counties, ArkansasPhil Hays, Stephen Boss, John Brahana, Ralph K. DavisFederal: $19,761
Non-Federal: $39,524
2010ARAssessment of water quality and stream bank stability following BMP implementation on the upper Strawberry River watershedJennifer BouldinFederal: $22,000
Non-Federal: $44,000
2010ARDenitrification, Internal N Cycling, and N Retention in River Impoundment ReservoirsJefferson ScottFederal: $20,579
Non-Federal: $41,160
2010AZUse of Fish as Integrative Samplers of Uranium and Lead Isotopes in the Colorado River Charles Sanchez, John Chesley, Peter ReinthalFederal: $9,900
Non-Federal: $19,816
2010AZPerflouronated Compounds in Arizona Groundwater: Sources of ContaminationDavid Quanrud, Leif Abrell, Robert Arnold, Eduardo SaezFederal: $10,061
Non-Federal: $20,455
2010AZBiochar soil amendments to increase the water holding capacity of sandy, arid soilsJanick ArtiolaFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $21,449
2010AZBioremediation of Uranium Plumes with Nano-Scale Zero Valent IronJames Field, Reyes SierraFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,031
2010AZSources and transport of nitrogen from sky-island ecosystems to groundwater basinsJennifer McIntosh, Kathleen Lohse, Armin SorooshianFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2010AZInformation TransferSharon Megdal, Susanna EdenFederal: $39,374
Non-Federal: $81,375
2010CAIrrigating citrus with relaimed municipal wastewater.Christopher AmrheinFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $8,755
2010CAAn Advisory Service for Optimum Irrigation Scheduling in CaliforniaAllan FultonFederal: $26,500
Non-Federal: $14,045
2010CAVelocity Contour Weighting Method for Increased Accuracy of Upward Looking ADVM in Irrigation ChannelsBrett SandersFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $8,683
2010CACWRRI - Information Transfer Program University of California, Agriculture and Natural ResourcesBarbara Allen-DiazFederal: $119,114
Non-Federal: $197,992
2010COTechnology Transfer and Information DisseminationReagan WaskomFederal: $38,100
Non-Federal: $157,298
2010COShear Resistance of the Nuisance Diatom Didymosphenia GeminataDiane McKnightFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,928
2010COImpact of Limited Irrigation on Health of Four Common Shrub SpeciesJames KlettFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,654
2010COEvaluation of Herbicide Combinations for Control of Sago Pondweed (Stukenia pectinata) in Irrigation CanalsScott NissenFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,632
2010COPaleohydrology of the Lower Colorado RiverRajagopalan BalajiFederal: $59,199
Non-Federal: $14,432
2010CTMulti-temporal Assessment of Connecticut Lake Water Clarity Using Landsat Satellite ImageryDaniel Civco, James HurdFederal: $24,080
Non-Federal: $48,397
2010CTBaseline Study of Nutrient Loadings to Lake KenosiaTheodora PinouFederal: $11,415
Non-Federal: $34,142
2010CTWater Education for Local DecisionmakersGlenn Warner, Patricia BresnahanFederal: $17,531
Non-Federal: $8,495
2010DCDetermining the Effectiveness of the Design-Build Method on Water Infrastructure Rehabilatation Projects in the District of ColumbiaKunhee Choi, Pradeep BeheraFederal: $13,400
Non-Federal: $40,468
2010DCDC Water Issues Forum and Water Research Faculty Professional Development ProgramTolessa Deksissa, Catherine ShrierFederal: $6,366
Non-Federal: $33,832
2010DCA Hierarchical Spatio-Temporal Dynamical Model for Predicting Precipitation Occurrence and Accumulation Ali Arab, Valbona Bejleri, Tolessa DeksissaFederal: $14,996
Non-Federal: $37,527
2010DCDevelopment of Analytical Tools to Evaluate the Performance of Low Impact Developments in the District of ColumbiaArash Massoudieh, Pradeep BeheraFederal: $11,183
Non-Federal: $18,710
2010DCDetermination of Seasonal Source Variation of Hydrocarbons, Fatty Acids, Organics and Nutrients in the Anacostia River: Stable isotope Ratios of Specific CompoundsStephen MacAvoyFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $12,274
2010DCSpeciation of Some Triorganotin Compounds in Anacostia and Potomac River Sediments using NMR Spectroscopy (Phase II)Xueqing SongFederal: $9,590
Non-Federal: $30,061
2010DCComparing Clam Active Biomonitoring and POM Passive Monitoring for DC Watershed Contaminant Point SourcesHarriette PhelpsFederal: $14,000
Non-Federal: $45,094
2010DCThe Application of Multiple-Antibiotic-Resistance (MAR) Profiles of Coliforms to Detect Sources of Bacterial Contamination of the Anacostia RiverDavid MorrisFederal: $7,800
Non-Federal: $4,017
2010DEMicrobiome of the Eastern Oyster, Crassastrea virginicaEric WommackFederal: $68,809
Non-Federal: $137,618
2010DEQuantifying the Role of Carbon Amount and Quality for Transport of Contaminants on Our Landscapes: A Watershed-Scale ModelShreeram InamdarFederal: $68,809
Non-Federal: $137,618
2010DEOyster Restoration Efforts at Delaware Inland Bays: Utilizing RIP-RAP as a Substrate for OystersGulnihal Ozbay, Jasmine PorterFederal: $3,500
Non-Federal: $7,000
2010DEThe Use of Recycled Water for Irrigation of Turf and Landscape PlantsAnastasia Chirnside, Stephanie HahnFederal: $3,500
Non-Federal: $7,000
2010DEEducation and Outreach for the Delaware WetlandsKathryn O'Connell, Kristin BerryFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $3,000
2010DECharacterization of Submarine Groundwater Discharge Sites in a Coastal LagoonAlan Andres, Kevin MyersFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $3,000
2010DEThe History and Effectiveness of Wetland MitigationSteven Hastings, Courtney SimmonsFederal: $3,500
Non-Federal: $7,000
2010DEAssessment of Changes in Invertebrate Populations Resulting from Wetland RestorationDouglas Tallamy, Katie YostFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $3,000
2010DEQuality of Dissolved Organic Matter in Runoff from Various Watershed SourcesShreeram Inamdar, Suneil SeetharamFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $3,000
2010DEThe Impacts of Redefining Navigable Waters Under the Clean Water ActJanet Johnson, Kate MillerFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $3,000
2010DEAn Analysis of the Impact of Marcellus Shale Development on Water Resources in PennsylvaniaJanet Johnson, Aidan GalassoFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $3,000
2010DEThe Prevalence of Pathogenic Bacteria in Delmarva Waters from a Virus Point of ViewEric Wommack, Mara HyattFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $3,000
2010DEA Watershed Scale Forest Inventory of the Fair Hill Natural Resource Management Area Delphis Levia, Michelle Lepori-BuiFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $3,000
2010DEResurfacing Silver Brook Stream and Comparison to Connected Water BodiesChad Nelson, Hannah StarkeFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $3,000
2010DEDWRC Information TransferJames Sims, Maria PautlerFederal: $7,250
Non-Federal: $2,416
2010DEUD Watershed Team for Ecological RestorationJames Sims, Anastasia Chirnside, Gerald Kauffman, Thomas McKenna, Maria PautlerFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2010DEOyster Gardening in Delaware Inland Bays: Filtration as a Means to Remove Excess Nitrogen Gulnihal Ozbay, Amy CannonFederal: $3,000
Non-Federal: $6,000
2010DECharacterization of Submarine Groundwater Discharge Sites in a Coastal LagoonAlan Andres, Stephen GonskiFederal: $3,000
Non-Federal: $6,000
2010DEHydraulic Properties of the Columbia AquiferAlan Andres, Nicholas SpaltFederal: $3,000
Non-Federal: $6,000
2010DESpatio-Temporal Hydrodynamic Variability in a Small Tidal Creek: DNERR St. Jones ReserveJack Puleo, Rebecca Aiken, Thomas McKennaFederal: $3,000
Non-Federal: $6,000
2010DEIs Atmospheric Deposition and Washoff of Aluminum in Stemflow a Significant Source Delphis Levia, Carrie ScheikFederal: $3,000
Non-Federal: $6,000
2010FLFlorida Water Resources Information TransferKirk Hatfield, Mark NewmanFederal: $27,427
Non-Federal: $7,618
2010GAAssessing impacts of hemlock demise on a southern Appalachian stream using aquatic macroinvertebratesDarold BatzerFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $36,000
2010GAAssessment of endocrine disruption in fish and estrogenic potency of waters in GeorgiaRobert Bringolf, Cecil JenningsFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $36,000
2010GATemporal and micro-site variation in flow characteristics in estuarine habitatsDonald Webster, Marc WeissburgFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $45,876
2010GUThe Influence of Sediment Load and Riparian Vegetation on the Diversity and Habitat use of Native Streamfish and Invertebrates of Guam.Frank CamachoFederal: $15,735
Non-Federal: $0
2010GUPresenting 'Guam Water Kids': Public School Outreach and Teacher Relations Program Arretta CardFederal: $7,685
Non-Federal: $0
2010GUReconstructing the Pre-Historic Rainfall-Drought History of GuamJohn JensonFederal: $16,241
Non-Federal: $0
2010GUContinuing Calibration and Application of LUOM in Southern Guam Watersheds Charles Luo, Shahram KhosrowpanahFederal: $25,971
Non-Federal: $0
2010GUApplications of LiDAR Data for Inarajan Watershed Management Yuming Wen, Shahram KhosrowpanahFederal: $25,168
Non-Federal: $0
2010GUCNMI Water Kids: An Educational Resource for Teaching Children about Fresh Water and How to Protect It (An Adaptation of Guam Water Kids)Arretta CardFederal: $7,980
Non-Federal: $0
2010GUImpact of Urban Runoff, Wastewater Discharges and Past Solid Waste Disposal Practices on Contaminant Profiles in Fish from Saipan LagoonGary Denton, Michael TrianniFederal: $39,164
Non-Federal: $0
2010GUDevelopment of a GIS Data Base for Saipan's Drinking Water Delivery System Shahram Khosrowpanah, Mariano Iglecias, Yuming WenFederal: $30,490
Non-Federal: $0
2010GUComprehensive Survey of the Current State, Infrastructure, and Usage of Freshwater Resources in the Mortlock Islands, Chuuk State, Federated States of Micronesia Danko TaborosiFederal: $27,762
Non-Federal: $0
2010GUAtoll Island Sustainability: Information Transfer and Training for the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM)John JensonFederal: $18,433
Non-Federal: $0
2010GUWater System Leak Detection Training for Kosrae State, Federated State of MicronesiaShahram KhosrowpanahFederal: $18,770
Non-Federal: $0
2010GUInformation TransferGary DentonFederal: $22,992
Non-Federal: $0
2010HIDetermination of the Relationship between Biodiversity and the Trophic State of Wahiawa Reservoir, Phase II Clark Liu, Tao YanFederal: $20,103
Non-Federal: $47,181
2010HICleaning up Oahu's Coastal Waters, the Role of Tube-Building Polychaetes in Sediment Dynamics Julie Bailey-BrockFederal: $24,031
Non-Federal: $46,491
2010HIA Decision Support Tool for Managing the Pipe Network of the Honolulu Board of Water Supply (Year 2)V. Singh, Chittaranjan RayFederal: $21,487
Non-Federal: $43,997
2010HIMeasuring Soil Water Content and Electrical Conductivity Under High Salinity Conditions Using a Novel TDR Method Xiufu ShuaiFederal: $14,000
Non-Federal: $20,997
2010HITechnology Transfer, FY2010Philip MoravcikFederal: $6,246
Non-Federal: $14,097
2010IAIdentifying the primary sources of sediment in an anthropogenically altered watershed Thanos Papanicolaou, Marian Muste, Douglas Schnoebelen, Larry Weber, Christopher WilsonFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $63,150
2010IANutrient Transport and Fate in Vegetative Treatment SystemsDaniel Anderson, Robert Burns, Michael Castellano, Lara MoodyFederal: $15,552
Non-Federal: $42,367
2010IAInformation Transfer ProjectRichard Cruse, Hillary OlsonFederal: $45,058
Non-Federal: $42,497
2010IDDetermining the Cause of Elevated Uranium Concentrations in the Shallow Treasure Valley AquiferShawn BennerFederal: $5,950
Non-Federal: $14,523
2010IDManaged Aquifer Recharge in the Treasure Valley: A component of a comprehensive Aquifer Management Plan and a Response to Climate ChangeBryce Contor, Stacey TaylorFederal: $6,349
Non-Federal: $12,714
2010IDImproving estimates of tributary underflow in the Eastern Snake River PlainStacey Taylor, Bryce ContorFederal: $13,482
Non-Federal: $28,664
2010ILTransfering Water Resources Information to the People of IllinoisLisa MerrifieldFederal: $10,196
Non-Federal: $2,580
2010ILAn Agent-Based Model of Nitrogen and Carbon Trading at the Watershed ScaleJ. Wayland Eheart, Ximing CaiFederal: $33,472
Non-Federal: $67,460
2010ILLinking microbial community structure to water quality function: investigating nitrogen cycling during early floodplain developmentAngela Kent, Angela KentFederal: $37,662
Non-Federal: $76,661
2010INLocal and Regional Assessment of Biofuel Production Facilities Impacts on Freshwater Quality in IndianaSuresh Rao, Suresh RaoFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $31,623
2010INA First Assessment of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in the Middle Wabash River, Indiana Marisol SepulvedaFederal: $13,000
Non-Federal: $25,859
2010INTransport, Fate, and Effects of Pharmaceuticals derived from Animal Feeding Operations: A comprehensive assessment of central Indiana streamsMelody BernotFederal: $13,000
Non-Federal: $26,039
Non-Federal: $25,999
2010INPlan Today For Tomorrow’s Flood: A Flood Response Plan for Agricultural Retailers Fred WhitfordFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $45,390
2010INTransport and fate of pharmaceutical compounds in an Indiana streamTodd RoyerFederal: $11,080
Non-Federal: $22,487
2010INUsing Remotely Sensed Data in Combination with Ground Level Geochemistry to Evaluate Continued Impacts of Acid Mine Leakage on Abandoned Mine LandsJennifer Latimer, Jagadeesh AnmalaFederal: $12,150
Non-Federal: $24,308
2010KYIdentification of heavy metal sources in Wilgreen Lake, Madison County, KentuckyWalter BorowskiFederal: $3,250
Non-Federal: $6,500
2010KYA coupled hydrologic and biogeochemical modeling approach to understand if in-stream depositional zones are a carbon source or sink to the atmosphereJames FoxFederal: $4,500
Non-Federal: $9,008
2010KYImproving water quality: river channel versus riparian edgeKristine HopfenspergerFederal: $4,000
Non-Federal: $8,881
2010KYThe carboxylic acid-bound iodine layer - towards an anti-fouling coating for water sensors and water treatment facilitiesYuguang CaiFederal: $4,999
Non-Federal: $10,043
2010KYAssessing short-term changes to headwater stream structure and function following alternative forest harvestingScott GrubbsFederal: $4,994
Non-Federal: $10,157
2010KYBush honeysuckle induced aquatic hypoxiaRichard DurtscheFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $17,754
2010KYBiological process for manganese control in water suppliesYi-Tin WangFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $17,302
2010KYEstimating impacts of land use and management on soil water and solute transportMark CoyneFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2010KYCaffeine as a marker for sewage contamination of Wilgreen LakeSusan GodbeyFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $11,364
2010KYMobililty of Nitrogen-15 enriched E. coli within the Royal Spring basin, KentuckyAlan FryarFederal: $3,000
Non-Federal: $7,919
2010KYFiltration column for the covalent removal of arsenic from waterDavid AtwoodFederal: $4,612
Non-Federal: $13,983
2010KYFlood impact due to dam failure: an assessment of current studies and the appropriateness of the methodologies applied to the Dix DamScott YostFederal: $4,500
Non-Federal: $9,116
2010KYKentucky Information Transfer ActivitiesLindell Ormsbee, Anna Hoover, Jim KippFederal: $35,855
Non-Federal: $47,393
2010LADevelopment of an active cap for the sequestration of mercury in contaminated lake sediments in LouisianaK.T. Valsaraj, Ronald DeLauneFederal: $15,992
Non-Federal: $36,654
2010LAWave-induced transport through coastal vegetationHeather SmithFederal: $17,398
Non-Federal: $35,072
2010LAMultimodel uncertainty analysis for chance-constrained saltwater intrusion managementFrank TsaiFederal: $15,824
Non-Federal: $33,714
2010LAScale-dependent behavior and modeling of dissolved oxygen in coastal Louisiana riversZhi-Qiang DengFederal: $13,689
Non-Federal: $37,457
2010MAMonitoring and Modeling Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter in Neponset River and Boston Harbor Using GIS and Hyperspectral Remote SensingQian Yu, Weining ZhuFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,175
2010MASurface water-groundwater interactions on the Deerfield RiverDavid BouttFederal: $4,998
Non-Federal: $10,136
2010MAImpact of the hemlock woolly adelgid on the water cycle in New England: Differences in hydrologic fluxes between hemlock and deciduous forest standsAndrew GuswaFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,258
2010MAAn assessment methodology for differential impact on environmental justice populations of releases of industrial toxics to water in MassachusettsMichael AshFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,023
2010MADeveloping a physically-based and policy-relevant river classification scheme for sustainable water and ecosystem management decisions.Ellen Douglas, Bob BowenFederal: $29,937
Non-Federal: $60,891
2010MAAcid Rain Monitoring ProjectMarie-Francoise HatteFederal: $5,191
Non-Federal: $27,333
2010MA2010 Water Resources ConferencePaula Sturdevant-Rees, Marie-Francoise HatteFederal: $20,473
Non-Federal: $20,593
2010MDEffects of Phragmites invasion on mosquito production in stormwater wetlandsPaul Leisnham, Andrew BaldwinFederal: $24,178
Non-Federal: $62,621
2010MDSource Characterization of Contamination by Poly- and Per-fluorinated Chemicals (PFCs) in Maryland WaterwaysJinxia LiuFederal: $26,895
Non-Federal: $54,175
2010MDLeaching of Heavy Metals from High Carbon Fly Ash--Stabilized Soils in Highway EmbankmentsAllen Davis, Ahmet AydilekFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $15,000
2010MDOccupational and Community Exposure to Antimicrobial-Resistant Bacteria and Antimicrobials Present in Reclaimed Wastewater Allen DavisFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $13,064
2010MDMaryland Water 2010Allen DavisFederal: $10,444
Non-Federal: $15,147
2010MEImproving Access to Wellwater Information: A Pilot Information Transfer ProjectLaura Wilson, John Jemison, Jessica Leahy, John Peckenham, Andy TolmanFederal: $3,329
Non-Federal: $23,175
2010MEEstimation of benthic dissolved organic carbon flux from wetland sediments using a novel techniqueAria Amirbahman, Emmanuel BossFederal: $5,039
Non-Federal: $62,570
2010MEPermaculture Design Research InitiativeJoline Blais, Owen SmithFederal: $3,710
Non-Federal: $4,485
2010MEFish Scales as Non-Lethal Biosensors of Surface Water Contaminants Rebecca Van Beneden, Sharon Ashworth, Adria Elskus, Julie Gosse, Brian PerkinsFederal: $10,784
Non-Federal: $74,483
2010MEDatabase development to support spatiotemporal analysis of coastal Maine mercury dataKate Beard, Melinda DiehlFederal: $11,149
Non-Federal: $45,523
2010MEMaine Information TransferJohn Peckenham, John PeckenhamFederal: $25,290
Non-Federal: $29,392
2010MEPhosphorus Dynamics in Androscoggin Lake, Wayne and Leeds, MaineJohn PeckenhamFederal: $4,982
Non-Federal: $2,441
2010MEVegetation Response to Potential Increased Tidal Marsh Inundation in NorthernJohn PeckenhamFederal: $4,996
Non-Federal: $2,448
2010MEAtlantic salmon (Salmo salar) as an indicator of habitat quality in tributariesJohn PeckenhamFederal: $4,972
Non-Federal: $2,436
2010MEMicroorganisms that can alter groundwater chemistry in an arsenic enriched aquiferJohn PeckenhamFederal: $4,999
Non-Federal: $2,264
2010MINatural Resources Integrated Information SystemJon BartholicFederal: $31,286
Non-Federal: $62,901
2010MIInformation Dissemination and Technology Transfer Training ProgramsLois WolfsonFederal: $26,049
Non-Federal: $53,487
2010MIRunoff Reduction Credits for Low Impact Development Facilities Amirpouyan NejadhashemiFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $37,972
2010MIBlueprint for integration of models into a Watershed Management Spatial Decision Support SystemYi Shi, Phanikumar ManthaFederal: $19,999
Non-Federal: $40,779
2010MNThe role of sulfate reduction in sediment of the St. Louis River estuaryNathan JohnsonFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $46,419
2010MNConstraints and opportunities around watershed-wide riparian zone management at the urban-rural interfaceMae DavenportFederal: $39,584
Non-Federal: $80,694
2010MOUrban Water Quality: Value of Green Roof TechnologyJoel Burken, William ShowalterFederal: $66,000
Non-Federal: $170,529
2010MSSources, sinks, and yield of organic constituents in managed headwaters of the Upper Gulf Coastal Plain of MississippiJeff Hatten, Janet Dewey, Andrew EzellFederal: $12,704
Non-Federal: $26,611
2010MSWater quality and other ecosystem services performed in wetlands managed for waterfowl in MississippiRichard Kaminski, Amy SpencerFederal: $12,206
Non-Federal: $24,479
2010MSWater-Conserving Irrigation Systems for Furrow and Flood Irrigated Crops in the Mississippi DeltaJoseph MasseyFederal: $15,012
Non-Federal: $42,455
2010MSA Climate-driven model to serve as a predictive tool for management of groundwater use from the Mississippi Delta Shallow Alluvial AquiferCharles Wax, Jonathan PoteFederal: $13,779
Non-Federal: $92,837
2010MSWater-Conserving Irrigation Systems for Furrow & Flood Irrigated Crops in the Mississippi Delta Joseph MasseyFederal: $36,078
Non-Federal: $88,054
2010MTCharacterization of shallow subsurface hydraulic heterogeneity in the Silver Bow Creek - Butte, Montana area through field and laboratory experimentsBwalya MalamaFederal: $13,217
Non-Federal: $26,435
2010MTEcohydrologic Model Development for the Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources in the Bitterroot ValleyMarco ManetaFederal: $11,710
Non-Federal: $23,425
2010MTAddressing computational paradigms in modeling the impacts of climate variability on watershed yieldLucy MarshallFederal: $13,190
Non-Federal: $27,180
2010MTAssessing hydrologic response to channel reconfiguration: Science to inform the restoration process, Silver Bow Creek, MontanaGeoffrey Poole, Brian McGlynnFederal: $8,328
Non-Federal: $16,706
2010MTStudent Fellowship: Potential Meltwater Contributions from the Glaciers in Glacier National Park, MontanaAdam ClarkFederal: $1,000
Non-Federal: $0
2010MTStudent Fellowship: Fine Sediment Infiltration and Sediment Routing in the Clark Fork River, MontanaElena EvansFederal: $1,000
Non-Federal: $0
2010MTStudent Fellowship: Fisheries Restoration Potential of the Clark Fork River Superfund Site: Habitat Use and Movement in Relation to Environmental FactorsMariah MayfieldFederal: $1,000
Non-Federal: $0
2010MTStudent Fellowship: Rapid detection of pathogens in water using a combination of molecular techniquesKien LimFederal: $1,000
Non-Federal: $0
2010MTStudent Fellowship: Distinguishing anthropogenic influences on a changing flow regime of the Upper Smith River, Meagher County, MontanaAndrea StanleyFederal: $1,000
Non-Federal: $0
2010MTStatewide Education and OutreachSteve Guettermann, Mary Jo NehasilFederal: $26,355
Non-Federal: $66,656
2010NCImproved Statewide Soil Moisture Estimation for Hydrologic Assessment and ForecastingJoshua Heitman, Robert Austin, Ryan Boyles, Jeffrey WhiteFederal: $13,000
Non-Federal: $59,265
2010NCMicrobial Contaminants Associated with Urbanization of a Drinking Water ReservoirJill StewartFederal: $13,000
Non-Federal: $57,896
2010NCFate of Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) Deposit Forming Precursors in Sewer SystemsFrancis de los Reyes, Joel DucosteFederal: $14,000
Non-Federal: $56,274
2010NCMineralization, Plant Availability, and Water Quality Consequences of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Land-Applied Municipal BiosolidsJeffrey White, David Hardy, Daniel Israel, David Lindbo, Deanna OsmondFederal: $38,000
Non-Federal: $32,720
2010NCWRRI Information Transfer ProgramNicole WilkinsonFederal: $5,121
Non-Federal: $10,139
2010NDThe Impact of Rural and Urban Flooding on Water and Soil Quality in the Red River Valley of the NorthTom DeSutterFederal: $3,000
Non-Federal: $6,000
2010NDStudies of Seasonal Succession of Cyanobacteria and Green algae at Heinrich-Martin Impoundment, North DakotaWei LinFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $12,001
2010NDPlant-based Biopolymers for Entrapping Metal Nanoparticles for Arsenic removal: Biodegradation and Treatability Studies Achintya BezbaruahFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $12,001
2010NDReference Evapotranspiration and Actual Evapotranspiration Measurements in NDXinhua JiaFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $12,001
2010NDUptake and effects of environmental estrogens on growth of fishMark SheridanFederal: $3,000
Non-Federal: $6,000
2010NETowards groundwater recharge forecasting: monitoring and modeling episodic recharge responses to weather eventsJohn GatesFederal: $19,644
Non-Federal: $39,292
2010NEInvestigating a New and Potentially Critical Cyanobacterial Toxin in Midwestern ReservoirsKyle HoaglandFederal: $19,568
Non-Federal: $40,651
2010NEMitigate and Treat Antibiotic Residues and Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Soil and WaterXu Li, Daniel SnowFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,107
2010NEWireless Underground Sensor Networks for Irrigation ManagementMehmet VuranFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $43,634
2010NHHydrologic and Isotopic Investigation of Base Flow Generation in the Headwaters Lamprey River WatershedJohn DavisFederal: $24,624
Non-Federal: $49,825
2010NHPublic information digests in support of the UNH Stormwater Center and the NH Stormwater CommissionRobert Roseen, Thomas BallesteroFederal: $15,251
Non-Federal: $31,850
2010NJImpact of salinization on New Jersey amphibian species: A physiological approach to water quality issuesLisa HazardFederal: $18,919
Non-Federal: $37,838
2010NJEvaluation of three methodologies to document improvement of water quality through stormwater management measures in an urban subwatershedPat Rector, Christopher ObroptaFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,000
2010NJDevelopment of Sustainable Biosorbents to Recover Nutrients from WaterMahmoud WazneFederal: $24,491
Non-Federal: $48,982
2010NJComparative toxicological assessment of gasoline oxygenates MTBE, ETBE and TAME, and their metabolites, in the zebrafish cardiovascular systemJosephine Bonventre, Keith CooperFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2010NJInvestigation into the Role of Arsenic Reducing Bacteria in the Mobilization of Arsenic into Ground Water in New JerseyAdam Mumford, Lily YoungFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2010NJHydrogeophysical investigation of subsurface controls on persistent canopy gaps in the New Jersy PinelandsAndrew Parsekian, Lee SlaterFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2010NJGreen Remediation of Tetracycline in Soil-Water SystemsPravin Punamiya, Dibyendu SarkarFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2010NJInformation Transfer ProgramChristopher Obropta, Lisa Galloway EvrardFederal: $5,500
Non-Federal: $11,000
2010NVPartition of Evapotranspiration and Scale Issues in Arid LandscapeJianting ZhuFederal: $15,257
Non-Federal: $31,444
2010NVPredicting Solar Still Water Production by Using Artificial Intelligence TechniquesAly Said, David JamesFederal: $7,890
Non-Federal: $21,684
2010NVWater Quality and Eutrophication Modeling of Lake Mead under Changing Water LevelsDong ChenFederal: $20,513
Non-Federal: $41,036
2010NVUnsaturated Hydraulic Properties of Anisotropic SoilsJianting ZhuFederal: $14,415
Non-Federal: $29,483
2010NYHydrological characterization of Woodlawn Beach State Park: Implications for pathogensCharlotte RoehmFederal: $18,200
Non-Federal: $37,317
2010NYStreamflow standards for streams of the Hudson River Valley and New YorkMark BainFederal: $18,638
Non-Federal: $38,294
2010NYQuantifying the endocrine activating potential of New York State waters using steroid-responsive bioassays.Anthony HayFederal: $17,000
Non-Federal: $34,000
2010NYDirector's Office Information TransferSusan Riha, Stephen ShawFederal: $16,852
Non-Federal: $0
2010OHA Hydraulic Modeling Framework for Producing Urban Flooding Maps in Zanesville, OhioMichael Durand, Konstantinos AndreadisFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $55,338
2010OHNitrogen Removal by Microbial-Mediated Processes Under Hypoxic Conditions in Lake ErieXiaozhen Mou, Darren Bade, Robert Heath, Laura LeffFederal: $22,832
Non-Federal: $45,666
Non-Federal: $24,927
2010OHThe Environmental Fate and Transport of Denatonium BenzoateGarry CrossonFederal: $25,430
Non-Federal: $50,862
2010OKWater conservation in Oklahoma urban and suburban watersheds through modification of irrigation practices.Justin Moss, Damian Adams, Tracy Boyer, Dennis Martin, Michael Smolen, Kemin SuFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $52,763
2010OKA Fluvial Geomorphic and Sediment Transport Study of the Little River Upstream of Lake Thunderbird Using an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP)Randall Kolar, Jason Julian, Robert Nairn, Baxter VieuxFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $58,567
2010OKDrought monitoring: a system for tracking plant available soil moisture based on the Oklahoma MesonetTyson Ochsner, Jeffrey Basara, Chris Fiebrich, Albert SutherlandFederal: $50,000
Non-Federal: $107,352
2010OKInformation Transfer ProjectWill Focht , Jeri Fleming, Mike LangstonFederal: $7,155
Non-Federal: $16,938
2010ORTechnology TransferJeffrey McDonnell, Todd JarvisFederal: $60,978
Non-Federal: $139,703
2010PAPublic Education on Water Issues Related to Marcellus Gas DrillingBryan SwistockFederal: $17,500
Non-Federal: $45,400
2010PASimultaneous Removal of Phosphorous and Organic Acids using Magnetic Ion Exchange Resin (MIEX) Treatment and Alum Prior to Micron FiltrationBrian Dempsey, Brian DempseyFederal: $17,482
Non-Federal: $35,518
2010PAPredicting Total Mercury in Pennsylvania Soils in Order to Predict Pennsylvania Watersheds with the Highest Total Mercury Contents Pat DrohanFederal: $17,373
Non-Federal: $34,767
2010PAPennsylvania Water Resources Research SymposiumElizabeth Boyer, Bryan SwistockFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2010PACoupled Analytical and Biological Analyses of Endocrine Disrupting Compounds (EDCs) of Emerging Concern in Municipal Wastewater Sources in PhiladelphiaMohan AcharyFederal: $17,500
Non-Federal: $35,000
2010PREighth Caribbean Island Water Resources CongressJorge Rivera-Santos, Walter SilvaFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $6,500
2010RIUse of Manometric Techniques to Evaluate the Disinfection Properties of Nanomaterials for the Treatment of Different Sources of Drinking WaterVinka CraverFederal: $16,667
Non-Federal: $33,435
2010RI Influx of Petroleum Hydrocarbons to Impermeable Surfaces and Surface WaterTom BovingFederal: $10,500
Non-Federal: $21,078
2010RIClean Water in Rhode IslandHarold Knickle, Geoffrey BothunFederal: $18,500
Non-Federal: $37,004
2010SCEffects of water pollution on fish health in the Saluda RiverPeter Van Den Hurk, Dennis HaneyFederal: $29,977
Non-Federal: $49,671
2010SCSediment phosphorus flux measurement in Lake Wateree, SC Daniel Tufford, Dwayne PorterFederal: $27,546
Non-Federal: $55,092
2010SDUse of Cover Crops to Minimize Loss of Plant Nutrients to Water ResourcesRonald Gelderman, Robert Berg, David German, Chris HostetlerFederal: $15,549
Non-Federal: $30,634
2010SDMicrobial and Chemical Indicies of Soils and Water Associated with Vegetated Treatment Areas(VTAs) from Two Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) in South DakotaBruce Bleakley, Todd TrooienFederal: $8,160
Non-Federal: $26,433
2010SDMeasurement of Human Pharmaceutical Compounds (HPC) in Surface WaterBruce Berdanier, Sharon ClayFederal: $5,367
Non-Federal: $10,309
2010SDInvestigation of Arsenic Removal from Water by Microbiologically Induced Calcite PrecipitationArden Davis, Sookie Bang, David DixonFederal: $13,983
Non-Federal: $27,966
2010SDProtein-Based Mechanisms of Uranium Detoxification in Subsurface BacteriaRajesh Sani, Rajesh SaniFederal: $16,771
Non-Federal: $33,542
2010TNDevelopment of GIS Data Management System for Water Resources and Climate Research in TennesseeShesh Koirala, Randall GentryFederal: $50,107
Non-Federal: $95,224
2010TXBiological Treatment of Wastewater Contaminated with Estrogenic CompoundsMeghan Gallagher, R KarhikeyanFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2010TXDoes native freshwater vegetation from Texas affect golden algae, Prymnesium parvum, bloom dynamics?Nathan Matlock, Daniel RoelkeFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $18,000
2010TXTrihalomethane Formation Potential in Rainwater Harvested from Different Roofing MaterialsCarolina Mendez, Kerry Kinney, Mary KirisitsFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2010TXImpact of Saline Irrigation Water on Citrus Rootstocks in the Lower Rio Grande ValleyCatherine Simpson, Shad NelsonFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $13,251
2010TXAnthropogenic Influence on Tetracycline Resistance in a Rapidly Urbanizing Texas StreamBailey Sullivan, R KarhikeyanFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2010TXThe Effect of Photovoltaic Nanomaterial Roofing on Harvested Rainwater QualityQiao Gao, Mary KirisitsFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2010TXLow Impact Development (LID) Structures for Groundwater Management and Watershed Protection in the AMRC10 Watershed, El Paso TexasRicardo Marmolejo, John WaltonFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $11,071
2010TXWatershed Protection Plan Development for the Geronimo Creek WatershedKyna McKee, Kyna McKeeFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2010TXRainwater Harvesting as a Stormwater Best Management PracticeSaD Shannak, Bruce LesikarFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2010TXDesign and evaluation of Best Management Practices (BMPs) for urban stormwater quality improvement in South TexasXubin Pan, Kim JonesFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $16,177
2010TXInformation TransferBill Harris, Leslie Jordan, Danielle Supercinski, Courtney Swyden, Jaclyn Tech, Kevin Wagner, Ralph Wurbs, Kathy WytheFederal: $34,694
Non-Federal: $62,641
2010UTInformation Transfer in Support of the Utah Center for Water Resources Research (UCWRR)R. Ivonne HarrisFederal: $10,909
Non-Federal: $4,407
2010UTAnalyzing the Spread of Phragmites Australis Over Short-Time Scales Using Spatial and Genetic ToolsKarin Kettenring, Shannon Clemens, Austin Jensen, David RosenbergFederal: $33,414
Non-Federal: $61,197
2010UTDevelopment of Flood Emergency Response Capability Using UAV'sWilliam Rahmeyer, Shannon Clemens, Austin JensenFederal: $6,748
Non-Federal: $28,415
2010UTDeveloping a Priority System for Managing Sediment in Smaller ReservoirsRollin HotchkissFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $49,757
2010VAInformation TransferStephen H. SchoenholtzFederal: $217,816
Non-Federal: $284,367
2010VIPoint-of-Entry (POE) Cistern Water Purification Units (CPU) DevelopmentSangchul Hwang, Henry SmithFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $0
Non-Federal: $0
2010VIWater Usage in Flood and Drip Irrigation of Rice Production in the U.S. Virgin IslandsThomas ZimmermanFederal: $19,984
Non-Federal: $0
2010VIInfluence of the Atlantic warm pool on the climate of the Lesser AntillesVasubandhu Misra, Henry SmithFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $0
2010VIThe Eighth Caribbean Islands Water Resources CongressHenry SmithFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $0
2010VTAdvanced Computational Methods for Designing Stormwater Management PracticesMargaret EppsteinFederal: $31,000
Non-Federal: $50,883
2010WADeveloping a Novel, Interdisciplinary Approach to Understand Hot Moments in Reservoir Nutrient TransformationJohn Harrison, Stephen HendersonFederal: $27,923
Non-Federal: $56,480
2010WAWater Quality Parameters Controlling the Photodegradation of Herbicides in Surface Waters in the Columbia Basin, WashingtonOlha Furman, Jeremy Rentz, Jeffrey Ullman, Rick WattsFederal: $28,000
Non-Federal: $56,109
2010WAUnderstanding the Vulnerability of Columbia Basin Irrigated Agriculture to Predicted Climate Changes using a Coupled Hydrological-crop ModelJennifer Adam, Fok-Yan Leung, Claudio StockleFederal: $28,000
Non-Federal: $56,000
2010WIDevelopment and Application of a User-Friendly Interface for Predicting Climate Change Induced Changes in EvapotranspirationSteven LoheideFederal: $51,650
Non-Federal: $54,920
2010WIResponse of Ice Cover, Lake Level and Thermal Structure to Climate Change in Wisconsin LakesChin WuFederal: $64,680
Non-Federal: $64,726
2010WV(WRI-135) West Virginia Water Conference 2010Tamara Vandivort, Dave SavilleFederal: $29,714
Non-Federal: $47,467
2010WYIs the Muddy Creek Food Web Affected by Coalbed Natural Gas Inputs?Lusha Tronstad, Wendy Estes-ZumpfFederal: $4,435
Non-Federal: $90,178
2010WYUsing Voluntary Arrangements to Reduce Diversions and Improve Stream Flows for In-Channel Benefits in WyomingLawrence MacDonnellFederal: $3,565
Non-Federal: $24,350
2010WYDevelopment of a Contaminant Leaching Model for Aquifer Storage and Recovery TechnologyMaohong FanFederal: $21,212
Non-Federal: $140,653
2010WYDevelopment of GIS-Based Tools and High-Resolution Mapping for Consumptive Water Use for the State of WyomingGi-Hyeon Park, Mohan JunnaFederal: $21,730
Non-Federal: $144,868
2010WYTreatment of High-Sulfate Water Used for Livestock Production SystemsKristi Cammack, Kathy Austin, Ken Olson, Cody WrightFederal: $13,566
Non-Federal: $143,843
2010WYMulti-Century Droughts in Wyoming's Headwaters: Evidence from Lake SedimentsBryan Shuman, Thomas Minckley, Jacqueline ShinkerFederal: $33,513
Non-Federal: $230,456
2010WYImpact of Bark Beetle Outbreaks on Forest Water Yield in Southern WyomingBrent Ewers, Elise Pendall, David WilliamsFederal: $35,812
Non-Federal: $367,634
2009AKThe diminishing role of glacier runoff into Eklutna Lake; potential impacts of hydropower and water supply for the Municipality of AnchorageMichael LosoFederal: $19,514
Non-Federal: $41,066
2009AKImpacts of Cold Regions Open Dumps on Microbial Water QualityWilliam Schnabel, David BarnesFederal: $19,633
Non-Federal: $9,326
2009AKEffect of raw water quality and membrane characteristics on membrane fouling and effluent quality for filtration of surface water with high organic matter contentSilke SchiewerFederal: $19,935
Non-Federal: $8,182
2009ALEvaluation of Stormwater Quality Improvement Through Pervious Concrete PavementMichael Hein, Mark Dougherty, Charlene LeBleuFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $51,115
2009ALAssessment of Groundwater Flow Paths and Discharge to the Coastal Region of Baldwin County, Alabama to Understand Contaminant Transport Using a Cross-Sectional Groundwater Flow and Transport ModelGeoffrey TickFederal: $14,257
Non-Federal: $28,999
2009ALUnderstanding the Role of Denitrification as a Mechanism for Nitrogen (N) Removal Along a River Continuum in Central AlabamaRyan Sponseller, Jennifer EdmondsFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,000
2009ARArkansas Water Resources Center Information Transfer ProgramBrian HaggardFederal: $14,195
Non-Federal: $28,390
2009ARDenitrification, Internal N Cycling, and N Retention in River Impoundment ReservoirsJefferson ScottFederal: $21,180
Non-Federal: $42,360
2009ARLand-use effects on resistance and resilience of stream metabolism to flood events in Ozark Highland headwater streamsMichelle Evans-WhiteFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,000
2009ARLongitudinal evolution of nutrients in a mixed-use watershed under storm and non-storm flow regimesJ. Romeis, Kristofor Brye, Andrew Sharpley, Jerral SkinnerFederal: $20,380
Non-Federal: $40,764
2009AZThe Ecohydrology and Management of Pinus Ponderosa Forests in the SouthwestGeorge Koch, Lucy MullinFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $19,999
2009AZTransport and fate of mercury and other metals in Tucson’s urban metropolitan area: Role of watershed sources versus atmospheric depositionKathleen Lohse, Paul Brooks, Jennifer McIntoshFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $22,225
2009AZMercury Source Fingerprinting in Arid Lands Aquatic EcosystemsPaul Gremillion, Michael KettererFederal: $10,585
Non-Federal: $21,950
2009AZInformation TransferSharon Megdal, Susanna EdenFederal: $59,450
Non-Federal: $105,662
2009CAAssessing Orchard and Vinyard Irrigation Needs with Thermal Aerial ImageryDavid GoldhamerFederal: $12,150
Non-Federal: $23,408
2009CAReducing Water Use in Naval orange Production with Partial Root Zone Drying - Comparison with Conventional Irrigation at the Same Reduced irrigation RatesCarol LovattFederal: $24,999
Non-Federal: $45,074
2009CADevelopment and Application of the Coupled Vadose Zone-Ground Water Flow Modeling EnvironmentJirka SimunekFederal: $15,514
Non-Federal: $40,828
2009CAUC Irrigation Water Management - Web-based Research and Information CenterSteve GrattanFederal: $30,672
Non-Federal: $65,272
2009COWater Reallocation and Bioenergy in the South Platte: A Regional Economic EvaluationReagan Waskom, James PritchettFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $7,976
2009COHydrologic Analysis and Process-based Modeling for the Upper Cache la Poudre Basin, Year 2Stephanie KampfFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $5,420
2009COTechnology Transfer and Information DisseminationReagan WaskomFederal: $44,835
Non-Federal: $159,751
2009CODevelopment of Oilseed Crops for Biodiesel Production Under Colorado Limited Irrigation ConditionsJerry JohnsonFederal: $12,500
Non-Federal: $6,776
2009COUnderstanding the Hydrologic Factors Affecting the Growth of the nuisance diatom Didymosphenia Geminata in RiversDiane McKnightFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,715
2009CODeveloping Barriers to the Upstream Migration of New Zealand mudsnail (Potamopyrgus antipodarum) Phase III - Laboratory and Field Evaluations of Mudsnail Response to Copper-Based Materials Under Varied Water Quality ConditionsChristopher MyrickFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,350
2009COHigh Resolution Soil Moisture Retrieval in the Platte River WatershedsLynn JohnsonFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $2,914
2009CTEvaluation of Turbidity Acidification During Sampling and Analytical Preparation as the Cause of Observed Manganese Anomalies in Drinking Water WellsGary A. RobbinsFederal: $9,478
Non-Federal: $19,243
2009CTStream chemical interactions within the urban environment: assessing the fate of nitrogen and mercury in a stream impacted by combined sewer overflowsJoseph BusheyFederal: $31,355
Non-Federal: $65,823
2009DCModeling Model Uncertainty for Storm Water Quantity and Quality Analysis Valbona Bejleri, Tolessa DeksissaFederal: $14,685
Non-Federal: $47,873
2009DCClam Active Biomonitoring and POM Passive Monitoring for Anacostia Watershed Contaminant Point SourcesHarriette PhelpsFederal: $14,732
Non-Federal: $45,343
2009DCSpeciation of Some Trioganotin Compounds in Anacostia and Potomac River Sediments using NMR SpectroscopyXueqing SongFederal: $10,765
Non-Federal: $30,540
2009DCDevelopment of a Fast Optimization Technique Using Interactive Spatial Join for GIS Application in Water ResourcesSeon Kim, Pradeep Behera, Byunggu YuFederal: $11,842
Non-Federal: $30,826
2009DCApplication of Spatiotemporal Informatics to Water Quality (Phase II)Byunggu Yu, Pradeep BeheraFederal: $14,380
Non-Federal: $31,009
2009DCDevelopment of Web-based Rainfall Statistical Analysis Tool for Urban Stormwater Management Analysis (Phase II)Pradeep BeheraFederal: $8,536
Non-Federal: $10,942
2009DEBiogeochemistry of Base Cations in a Broadleaved Deciduous ForestDelphis Levia, Anna BevanFederal: $3,500
Non-Federal: $7,000
2009DEDevelopment of an Assay to Monitor the Activity of Fungal Enzymes in SoilAnastasia Chirnside, Brian JayneFederal: $3,500
Non-Federal: $7,000
2009DEFlexible Compacts and Absolute Flows: Managing Interstate Basins for Competing NeedsJoshua Duke, Michael RuppellFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $3,000
2009DENewly Constructed Wetland ManagementChad Nelson, Aaron HallettFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $3,000
2009DEAddition of Fine Particles Mitigates Flux Decline in Direct Contact Membrane DistillationSteven Dentel, Victoria BryanFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $3,000
2009DEInvestigation of Source and Dynamics of Bacterial Contamination in a Tidal Lake in Point Pleasant Beach, New JerseyClara Chan, Emily OlsonFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $3,000
2009DEPhysical Characterizations of Rapid Infiltration Basin Systems (RIBS) Used for Wastewater and Stormwater DisposalAlan Andres, Jennalee RufftFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $3,000
2009DEQuality of Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) in Runoff from Various Watershed SourcesShreeram Inamdar, Suneil SeetharamFederal: $1,750
Non-Federal: $3,500
2009DEA Comprehensive Management Plan to Reduce Nonpoint Pollution of the Cool Run Watershed on the University of Delaware CampusAnastasia Chirnside, Nicole DobbsFederal: $1,750
Non-Federal: $3,500
2009DECharacterizing the Microbiome of the Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea virginicaEric Wommack, Megan FurmanFederal: $1,750
Non-Federal: $3,500
2009DEHydrology of Freshwater Marsh Nature Preserve, New Castle County, DelawareThomas McKenna, Kelsey LananFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $3,000
2009FLFlorida Water Resources Information TransferKirk Hatfield, Mark NewmanFederal: $26,558
Non-Federal: $15,000
2009GAQuantification of Vegetative Flow Resistance in Constructed WetlandsThorsten StoesserFederal: $18,044
Non-Federal: $45,095
2009GAIdentifying Locations of High Connectivity between Floridan Aquifer Water and Surface Waters at Lineament Intersections with Tributaries of the Lower Flint RiverC. Jackson, C. JacksonFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $36,041
2009GUInformation TransferGary DentonFederal: $22,992
Non-Federal: $0
2009GUInformation ManagementGary DentonFederal: $1,800
Non-Federal: $0
2009GUProtect Guam's Fresh Water: Taking Personal Responsibility for Pollution, Conservation and Community ActionArretta Card, John JensonFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $0
2009GUCalibration and Application of LUOM (Luo, 2007) in Southern Guam Watersheds With and Without Flow DataCharles Luo, Shahram KhosrowpanahFederal: $26,687
Non-Federal: $0
2009GUReconstructing the Ancient Rainfall-Drought History of GuamJohn JensonFederal: $33,636
Non-Federal: $0
2009GUImpacts of Land Cover Change on Groundwater Quality in GuamYuming WenFederal: $16,177
Non-Federal: $0
2009GUSustainable Well Yield Determinations Using Conductivity Probes on Active WellsDerek ChambersFederal: $17,950
Non-Federal: $0
2009GUDevelopment of Optimal Operation of Saipan's Water Distribution System Using a Newly Developed Hydraulic ModelShahram Khosrowpanah, Mariano IgleciasFederal: $26,950
Non-Federal: $0
2009GUInfluence of Stormwater and Wastewater Discharges on the Distribution and Abundance of Heavy Metals in Sediments from Saipan LagoonJohn Starmer, Gary DentonFederal: $41,164
Non-Federal: $0
2009GUAtoll Water Budget Modeling, Information Transfer and Training for the Federated States of MicronesiaJohn JensonFederal: $15,382
Non-Federal: $0
2009GUPrediction of Flow Duration Curves for Use in Hydropower Analysis at Ungaged Sites in Pohnpei, FSMShahram Khosrowpanah, Leroy HeitzFederal: $31,746
Non-Federal: $0
2009HIA decision support tool for managing the pipe network of the Honolulu Board of Water SupplyV. Singh, Chittaranjan RayFederal: $21,225
Non-Federal: $34,154
2009HIAssessing the Influence of Land-Based Discharges (Streams, Storm Drain, and Groundwater) on the Concentrations and Ratio of Four Human Pathogenic Marine Vibrio spp. in Four Categories of Coastal Water Environments of Hawai�iRoger Fujioka, Roger FujiokaFederal: $39,712
Non-Federal: $78,998
2009HIOptimal Groundwater Extraction and Water RecyclingJames RoumassetFederal: $38,838
Non-Federal: $79,470
2009HITechnology TransferPhilip Moravcik, Philip MoravcikFederal: $6,277
Non-Federal: $13,367
2009IATime-Series Modeling of Reservoir Effects on River Nitrate ConcentrationsKeith Schilling, Kung-Sik ChanFederal: $24,417
Non-Federal: $50,065
2009IAInformation Transfer ProjectRichard CruseFederal: $13,650
Non-Federal: $0
2009IDCommunity Economic Impacts of Water Transfer in the Magic ValleyPhillip Watson, Stephen CookeFederal: $19,961
Non-Federal: $39,923
2009IDModeling Energy Implications of Water Management Decisions in the Upper Snake River BasinGary JohnsonFederal: $18,540
Non-Federal: $37,080
2009IDDevelopment of a Hydrologic Frame Work and Estimation of the Water Balance in the Mountainous Watersheds of IdahoVenkataramana SridharFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,000
2009ILNitrate Remeidation by Iron Redox Reactions in SoilsJoseph Stucki, Zachary Day, Fabian FernandezFederal: $27,389
Non-Federal: $54,777
2009ILAttachement and Transport Mechanisms of Cryptosporidium parvum Oocysts in Subsurface Environments: A Multi-Scale StudyHelen Nguyen, Yuanyuan LiuFederal: $33,807
Non-Federal: $67,616
2009ILTransfering Water Resources Information to the People of IllinoisLisa MerrifieldFederal: $18,144
Non-Federal: $4,590
2009INRemote Sensing of Water Quality Indicators in the Wabash RiverKeith Cherkauer, Indrajeet ChaubeyFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $45,348
2009INPoly Tanks on Farms and Businesses: Preventing Catastrophic FailuresFred WhitfordFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $65,116
2009INFish Responses to Sediment Associated with Increasing Biofuel-related Crop Production in the Wabash River WatershedReuben GoforthFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,532
2009INEnvironmental Implications of Manufactured Nanomaterials: Silver, Gallium and Indium Ronald TurcoFederal: $17,331
Non-Federal: $34,791
2009INThe Influence of Nonprescription Pharmaceuticals on Aquatic Ecosystems: Direct Toxicity and Indirect Trophic Interactions Melody BernotFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $31,714
2009INHydrology, Substrates and Fish Assemblages of the Wabash RiverMark PyronFederal: $14,004
Non-Federal: $34,490
2009INPublication 1: What Killed the Fish? Using Observations, Sampling, and Science to Solve the Mystery/Publication 2: A Field Guide for Determining the Cause of a Fish KillFred WhitfordFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,087
2009KSSediment Baseline Assessment Dan Devlin, Will Boyer, Brock Emmert, Bruce McEnroe, C. YoungFederal: $247,689
Non-Federal: $465,663
2009KYElemental flow through food webs in restored and reference stream reachesHwa-Seong JinFederal: $4,976
Non-Federal: $9,995
2009KYEffects of Roundup exposure on behavior and reproductive function in a pond-breeding salamanderHoward WhitemanFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $12,523
2009KYTracing the fate of Nitrogen-15 in isotopcially-labeled E. coli and determining fecal indicator die-off rates in an Inner Bluegrass karst basin, central KentuckyAlan FryarFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $18,464
2009KYStudy of turbulent processes driving sedimentation in the rivers of KentuckyJames FoxFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,901
2009KYEvaluating the impact of hemlock woolly adelgid invasion on headwater streamsLynne Rieske-KinneyFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2009KYImpacts of Bush honeysuckle on ephemeral aquatic ecosystemsRichard DurtscheFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,003
2009KYTen year assessment of the Kentucky River Watershed Watch ProgramJim KippFederal: $24,024
Non-Federal: $47,696
2009KYKentucky Information Transfer ActivitiesLindell Ormsbee, Anna Hoover, Jim KippFederal: $35,710
Non-Federal: $59,838
2009LAModeling Turbulent Enhancement of Sediment Transport Heather SmithFederal: $35,946
Non-Federal: $82,034
2009LABayesian Model Averaging for Saltwater Intrusion Management under Model UncertaintyFrank TsaiFederal: $33,818
Non-Federal: $68,460
2009LAFecal Coliform TMDL Development for Holly BeachZhi-Qiang DengFederal: $17,689
Non-Federal: $39,377
2009LA2009 Louisiana Water SymposiaJohn PardueFederal: $17,972
Non-Federal: $35,994
2009MABacterial Toxicity of Oxide Nanoparticles and Their AdhesionBaoshan XingFederal: $9,952
Non-Federal: $27,934
2009MAImpact of Nanoparticles on the Activated Sludge Process: Effects on Microbial Community Structure and FunctionJuliette Rooney-Varga, Deepankar GoyalFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,800
2009MAAssessing the Transport and Fate of Effluent Organic Nitrogen in the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound Using Mass-Mapping Proteomics TechnologyChul ParkFederal: $59,996
Non-Federal: $126,648
2009MACharacterization of Flow and Water Quality of Stormwater Runoff from a Green RoofPaul Mathisen, Suzanne LePageFederal: $9,800
Non-Federal: $19,646
2009MA2009 Water Resources ConferencePaula Rees, Marie-Francoise HatteFederal: $21,192
Non-Federal: $20,310
2009MAAcid Rain Monitoring Project (ARM)Marie-Francoise Hatte, Paula ReesFederal: $9,402
Non-Federal: $39,589
2009MDNearshore sediment inputs due to shore erosion in the Maryland Chesapeake BayLawrence Sanford, Lawrence SanfordFederal: $19,392
Non-Federal: $38,835
2009MDLow-cost Anaerobic Digesters for Dairy Manure Treatment and Renewable Energy ProductionStephanie LansingFederal: $31,933
Non-Federal: $64,646
2009MDToxics in Maryland WatersAllen Davis, Allen DavisFederal: $10,669
Non-Federal: $18,059
2009MDRole of Invertebrate Bioturbation in Phosphorus Retention of Agricultural Ditch Soils--Summer FellowshipAllen Davis, William LampFederal: $5,500
Non-Federal: $13,750
2009MDCorrelating Nutrient, Pesticide, and Bacteria levels in the Choptank River--Summer FellowshipAllen Davis, Alba TorrentsFederal: $5,500
Non-Federal: $13,750
2009MERegional Pilot to Reduce Stormwater Polluting Behaviors through Social Marketing as an Environmental Education Tool in the Bangor Urbanized AreaScott Wilkerson, Laura WilsonFederal: $13,483
Non-Federal: $18,589
2009MEUsing Fluorescence Spectroscopy as a Rapid, Cost-Effective Method to Monitor and Analyze Low Levels of Pharmaceuticals in Three Maine Rivers.Howard Patterson, Adria Elskus, Jim Killarney, Lawrence LeBlanc, John PeckenhamFederal: $1,250
Non-Federal: $44,826
2009MEA sequential time-weighted average monitoring approach for monitoring pesticide levels in Maine surface waters.Aria Amirbahman, Lucner Charlestra, David CourtemanchFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $23,800
2009MESustainable water allocation and rulemaking for Maine's surface waters: Adaptation consideration in a changing climateShaleen Jain, David Courtemanch, David HartFederal: $10,106
Non-Federal: $57,925
2009MEInformation TransferJohn Peckenham, John PeckenhamFederal: $24,571
Non-Federal: $48,141
2009MEInfluences of dissolved organic carbon and iron on phosphorus photochemistry in surface watersJohn PeckenhamFederal: $4,192
Non-Federal: $0
2009METemporal changes of the phosphorus concentration profiles in two Maine lake sediment porewaters using a passive sampling technique. John PeckenhamFederal: $3,357
Non-Federal: $0
2009MEConserving Significant Vernal Pools through Collaborative Local InitiativesJohn PeckenhamFederal: $3,630
Non-Federal: $0
2009MECitizen Science: Solving Groundwater Issues in New EnglandJohn PeckenhamFederal: $4,607
Non-Federal: $0
2009MEImpacts of White Perch Introductions on Trophic Dynamics: Paleolimnological Record of Zooplankton Grazing and Nutrient CyclingJohn PeckenhamFederal: $4,497
Non-Federal: $0
2009MEUsing GC/FT-ICR MS for the Identification of Disinfection By-productsJohn PeckenhamFederal: $4,500
Non-Federal: $0
2009MIWater Quantity and Water Quality Effects of BMPs Implementation in Urban AreasAmirpouyan Nejadhashemi, Dawn ReinholdFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $21,103
2009MIAn Estimation of Self-supplied Residential Water Use in Michigan Patricia Norris, Saichon Seedang, Mary ThompsonFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $32,841
2009MICommunity Capacity and Use of Groundwater Information: Social Networks, Coalitions, Abilities, and Stratification in Use of the Water Withdrawal Assessment ToolStephen GasteyerFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $33,492
2009MINatural Resources Integrated Information SystemJon BartholicFederal: $32,335
Non-Federal: $65,332
2009MIInformation Dissemination and Technology Transfer Training ProgramsLois WolfsonFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $50,496
2009MNFate and bioavailability of litter mercury in Minnesota streams and riversJacques Finlay, Edward NaterFederal: $30,446
Non-Federal: $57,824
2009MNUrban Stormwater Inputs of PerfluorochemicalsMatt SimcikFederal: $50,000
Non-Federal: $81,292
2009MODeveloping Guidelines for Polyacrylamide Use for Erosion and Runoff ReductionClark Gantzer, Allen ThompsonFederal: $44,000
Non-Federal: $93,372
2009MOTechnology TransferThomas ClevengerFederal: $63,808
Non-Federal: $126,644
2009MOVisible Light-activated Titanium Dioxide-based Photocatalysts: Synthesis and Potential Environmental Applications Baolin Deng, Baolin DengFederal: $44,000
Non-Federal: $91,550
2009MSAssessing the effectiveness of measures to reduce sediment loads in surface waters using 210Pb activity in lacustrine sedimentsGregg DavidsonFederal: $16,805
Non-Federal: $33,933
2009MSInfluences of Land Surface / Land Use Characteristics on Precipitation Patterns over the Lower Mississippi Alluvial PlainJamie DyerFederal: $11,104
Non-Federal: $23,034
2009MSWater quality and other ecosystem services performed in wetlands managed for waterfowl in MississippiRichard Kaminski, Amy SpencerFederal: $11,555
Non-Federal: $23,763
2009MSMolecular Identification of Bacterial Communities Associated with Biodegradation of Pentachlorophenol in GroundwaterM Prewitt, Hamid Borazjani, Susan DiehlFederal: $14,237
Non-Federal: $28,474
2009MTTracking Human-Derived Nitrogen through Stream Food Webs in a Rapidly Developing Mountain WatershedGeoffrey Poole, Wyatt Cross, Brian McGlynnFederal: $33,480
Non-Federal: $66,984
2009MTOrganic Wastewater Chemicals in Ground Water and Blacktail Creek, Summit Valley, MontanaGary Icopini, Stephen ParkerFederal: $24,420
Non-Federal: $61,814
2009MTQuantification of Coal-Aquifer Baseflow in Montana Rivers Using Carbon IsotopesElizabeth MeredithFederal: $29,000
Non-Federal: $62,280
2009MTStudent Fellowship: Variability in the Characteristics of Wildfire Ash: Implications for Post-Fire Runoff, Erosion, and Water QualityVictoria BalfourFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $0
2009MTStudent Fellowship: A More Efficient Micro-hydro that Utilizes a Tesla Turbine TechnologyAlaina GarciaFederal: $1,000
Non-Federal: $0
2009MTStudent Fellowship: Bayesian Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis for Complex Environmental Models, with Applications in Watershed ManagementAble MashambaFederal: $1,500
Non-Federal: $0
2009MTStudent Fellowship: Tree-ring based reconstruction of Bighorn River Flow During the Last MillenniumBryan SwindellFederal: $1,000
Non-Federal: $0
2009MTStatewide Education and OutreachSteve Guettermann, Mary Jo NehasilFederal: $29,485
Non-Federal: $64,110
2009NCProtecting Receiving Waters: Removal of Biochemically Active Compounds from Wastewater by Ozonation and Activated Carbon Adsorption ProcessesDetlef Knappe, Francis de los ReyesFederal: $25,778
Non-Federal: $44,455
2009NCSeasonal Streamflow Forecasts for the Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC-8) Basins in North Carolina utilizing Multimodel Climate ForecastsSankarasubramanian Arumugam, Ryan BoylesFederal: $25,778
Non-Federal: $41,774
2009NCUsing PCR-based Methods to Assess Microbial Contamination from Swine CAFOs in Surface and GroundwatersBongkeun Song, Lawrence Cahoon, Michael MallinFederal: $25,779
Non-Federal: $46,221
2009NCNC WRRI Information Technology TransferKelly PorterFederal: $5,040
Non-Federal: $24,942
2009NDInformation Dissemination and CommunicationG. PadmanabhanFederal: $19,015
Non-Federal: $38,025
2009NDEffects of Iron Bacteria on Subsurface Tile Drains: Influence on Nutrient TransportScott KoromFederal: $4,000
Non-Federal: $8,000
2009NDSource tracking of Cryptosporidium in rural watershedsJohn McEvoy, Mark ClarkFederal: $28,999
Non-Federal: $58,001
2009NDPolymer Modified Zero-valent Iron Nanoparticles for Arsenic Remediation: Longevity and IonicAchintya Bezbaruah, Bret ChisholmFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2009NDDevelopment of GAC-NZVI Adsorbent for Arsenic RemovalWei LinFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,000
2009NDInteractions Between Microorganisms and Metal Nanoparticles: A New Approach for Groundwater Remediation (Final Phase)Achintya Bezbaruah, John McEvoyFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,001
2009NDIon Imprinted Polymer for Removal and Monitoring of Arsenic (Phase II)Achintya Bezbaruah, Bret ChisholmFederal: $19,000
Non-Federal: $38,002
2009NDChemical Fingerprinting of Sediments and Water of the Souris River for Identification of Diffuse Pollution Sources IIMarinus OtteFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,000
2009NDFate of Biodegradable Dissolved Organic Nitrogen in Fargo WastewaterKhan EakalakFederal: $17,000
Non-Federal: $34,000
2009NDRegional Flood Frequency Analysis in the Missouri River Basin Based on L-moments and GLS RegressionYeo LimFederal: $4,000
Non-Federal: $8,000
2009NEA Solute Transport System for Systematically Evaluating Remedial Technologies for Chlorinated Solvent-Contaminated GroundwaterSteve Comfort, Yusong LiFederal: $11,000
Non-Federal: $60,438
2009NEUnderstanding Microbial Communities in Hyper Alkaline-Saline Sandhills Lakes as an Indicator of Global WarmingJulie Shaffer, Bradley PlantzFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $25,999
2009NENitrate stimulated oxidative dissolution of U(IV) bearing minerals leading to U mobility in Nebraska groundwaterKarrie Weber, Daniel SnowFederal: $40,000
Non-Federal: $81,154
2009NHA pilot study of septic impacts on water quality using Boron concentrations and isotopes as a source tracerJeffrey SchlossFederal: $29,949
Non-Federal: $54,770
2009NJAntibiotic pollution of aquatic habitats and impact on the development of environmental pools of resistance in natural microbial communitiesElisabetta BiniFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $60,000
2009NJA modified photosynthesis process for water purificationShaurya PrakashFederal: $17,500
Non-Federal: $35,000
2009NJDevelopment of a profile SOD measurement techniqueRobert MiskewitzFederal: $17,500
Non-Federal: $35,000
2009NJInnovative Research and Development for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Waste and Wastewater Management System DesignDavid Babson, Donna E. FennellFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2009NJDevelopment of two in vivo fish assays to study the anti-estrogenic action of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and to evaluate endocrine activity in NJ wastewater effluentsSean Bugel, Keith CooperFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2009NJApplication of molecular and metabolic biomarkers of anaerobic hydrocarbon degradation as evidence for natural attenuation in New Jersey groundwater samplesAmita Oka, Lily YoungFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2009NJInformation Transfer ProgramChristopher Obropta, Lisa Galloway EvrardFederal: $9,835
Non-Federal: $19,670
2009NMLand application of industrial effluent on a Chihuahuan Desert ecosystem: Impact on soil physical and hydraulic propertiesManoj Shukla, John Mexal, Theodore SammisFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $13,530
2009NVBlack Carbon in Sierra Nevada Snow: Impacts on Snowmelt and Water SupplyJoe McConnellFederal: $40,820
Non-Federal: $85,936
2009NYSilica dynamics and nutrient retention modeling in the Hudson River Watershed Robert Howarth, Dennis SwaneyFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,047
2009NYAssessment of drug degradation in New York State watersAnthony Hay, Patrick PhillipsFederal: $19,952
Non-Federal: $40,368
2009NYThe fate of non point sources of nitrate in lawn maintenance Gilbert Hanson, Henry BokuniewiczFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,164
2009NYDirector's Office Information Transfer Susan Riha, Andrew McDonald, Stephen ShawFederal: $20,228
Non-Federal: $0
2009OHEvaluating Colloid Release from Natural and Model Porous MediaJohn Lenhart, John LenhartFederal: $10,424
Non-Federal: $20,912
2009OHDestruction of Cyanobacterial Toxins in Water with Germicidal UV-254 nm-based Homogeneous and Solar-based Heterogeneous Advanced Oxidation ProcessesDionysios Dionysiou, Dionysios DionysiouFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $51,149
2009OHExploring Spatial and Temporal Demand Aggregation on Transport Characteristics in Distribution System ModelingDominic BoccelliFederal: $25,540
Non-Federal: $51,968
Non-Federal: $49,428
2009OKAlternative Water Conservation Policy Tools for Oklahoma Water SystemsDamian Adams, Larry Sanders, Michael SmolenFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,549
2009OKStream Depletion by Ground Water Pumping: A Stream Depletion Factor for the State of OklahomaGarey Fox, Mike KizerFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,002
2009OKQuantification of water fluxes and irrigation use through remote sensingBaxter Vieux, Yang HongFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $51,832
2009OKInformation Transfer ProjectWill Focht , Kylie Ahern, Jeri Fleming, Jenny Jafek-Jones, Mike LangstonFederal: $6,635
Non-Federal: $16,696
2009ORTechnology TransferTodd Jarvis, Todd JarvisFederal: $18,799
Non-Federal: $8,685
Non-Federal: $4,483
2009ORDetecting Heavy Metal Contamination in the Umatilla River of Eastern OregonSandra DeBanoFederal: $19,335
Non-Federal: $56,265
2009ORVegetation and Soil Processes in Restored WetlandsMary SantelmannFederal: $9,955
Non-Federal: $42,436
2009ORSynthesis of Traceable Nanoparticles for Studying the Fate and Transport of Engineered Nanomaterials in Aquatic SystemsJeff NasonFederal: $9,926
Non-Federal: $26,066
2009OROregon Water Resources Department (OWRD): Developing an Integrated Water Resource StrategyGreg PerryFederal: $8,506
Non-Federal: $38,021
2009ORColloidal transport in variably saturated porous media: A detailed evaluation of colloid mobilization mechanismsDorthe WildenschildFederal: $7,810
Non-Federal: $37,322
2009ORDams and Development: Ecological, Socioeconomic, and Policy DimensionsBryan Tilt, Desiree TullosFederal: $4,000
Non-Federal: $22,436
2009ORA Local Assessment of Abandoned Wells in Linn and Benton CountiesDeron Carter, Deron CarterFederal: $10,254
Non-Federal: $22,001
2009PADeveloping Numeric Criteria to Guide Nutrient Controls for Streams in PennsylvaniaHunter Carrick, John ReganFederal: $1
Non-Federal: $2
2009PAPennsylvania Water Resources Research SymposiumElizabeth Boyer, Bryan SwistockFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,000
2009PAAn Emerging Technology for Emerging Contaminants: Biocatalysis of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Wastewater for Beneficial ReuseRachel BrennanFederal: $17,500
Non-Federal: $35,000
2009PAWater Conservation Training and Public EducationBryan SwistockFederal: $17,500
Non-Federal: $35,002
2009PAStream Storm Flow Dynamics Below Combined Sewer Systems: Human and Runoff InputsDaniel BainFederal: $17,500
Non-Federal: $35,977
2009RINanosilver-clay composite material as a reactive permeable barrier to control microbiological and chemical contamination in groundwater Vinka Oyanedel-CraverFederal: $17,096
Non-Federal: $37,767
2009RIRhode Island Clean Drinking WaterHarold Knickle, Geoffrey BothunFederal: $18,500
Non-Federal: $37,063
2009RISequential Inactivation of Microorganisms in Drinking Water using Ultraviolet Radiation and Residual ChlorineKelly PennellFederal: $15,263
Non-Federal: $30,537
2009SCSediment Pollution Potential Assessment of Abandoned Developments Using Remote Sensing and GISElena Mikhailova, Christopher PostFederal: $46,386
Non-Federal: $124,484
2009SCDeveloping a theoretical framework for water quality trading in the Saluda-Reedy watershed, South CarolinaRobert Carey, G. Michael Mikota, Jeffrey ParkeyFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $60,246
2009SDAcidic Leaching Tests to Determine Arsenic Mobility from Concrete-Encapsulated Limestone WasteArden Davis, David Dixon, Marion HansenFederal: $24,262
Non-Federal: $48,522
2009TNDrought Variability in Reconstructed StreamflowGlenn Tootle, Henri Grissino-MayerFederal: $50,000
Non-Federal: $102,080
2009TXOccurrence of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCPs) at an effluent-dominated wastewater application site: Estrogens, Triclosan, and CaffeineAdcharee Karnjanapiboonwong, Todd AndersonFederal: $4,967
Non-Federal: $10,025
2009TXRole of Free-ranging Wildlife in the Deposition of Escherichia coli into a Texas River FloodplainIsrael Parker, Roel LopezFederal: $4,997
Non-Federal: $10,000
2009TXSources and Risks of Waterborne Pathogens in the El Paso del Norte RegionJoy Archuleta-Truesdale, George Di GiovanniFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,083
2009TXEconomic analysis of proposed seawater desalination facility in Brownsville, TXAndrew Leidner, Ron Lacewell, M RisterFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,149
2009TXLake Houston Watershed Water Quality Prediction SystemAarin Teague, Philip BedientFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2009TXBiotransformation of pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) at an effluent land application siteDeborah Carr, Todd AndersonFederal: $4,967
Non-Federal: $10,025
2009TXInfluence of Land Use and Terrain on Surface Hydrology in Shrink-Swell Soils.Takele Dinka, Cristine MorganFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $11,107
2009TXRegulated Deficit Irrigation Application and Cotton Production in SW TexasYujin Wen, Tom CothrenFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $11,097
2009TXIn Situ Groundwater Arsenic Removal using Iron Oxide Coated SandHongxu Yu, Yongheng HuangFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2009TXEcohydrology of Forested Wetlands on the Texas Gulf CoastDex Dean, Bradford WilcoxFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $19,259
2009TXInformation TransferRosemary Payton, Bill Harris, Leslie Jordan, Danielle Supercinski, Jaclyn Tech, Kathy WytheFederal: $34,650
Non-Federal: $70,330
2009UTDrought Planning Including Carryover Surface Water Storage for a Utah Water Service ProviderDavid RosenbergFederal: $32,178
Non-Federal: $35,402
2009UTIncreasing Data Accuracy, Reliability, Accessibility, and Understandability to Improve Basin-Wide Water Resources Decision MakingBlake Tullis, Steven Barfuss, Mac McKee, Gary MerkleyFederal: $32,486
Non-Federal: $54,959
2009UTInformation Transfer in Support of the Utah Center for Water Resources ResearchR. Ivonne HarrisFederal: $11,500
Non-Federal: $20,932
2009VIPoint-of-Entry (POE) Cistern Water Purification Units (CPU) DevelopmentSangchul HwangFederal: $19,750
Non-Federal: $0
2009VIAlternative Water Treatment Technologies for An Aquaponic System.Jason DanaherFederal: $19,087
Non-Federal: $0
2009VIInvestigation of Sediment Export from St Thomas WatershedsKerry Brown, Gaboury BenoitFederal: $30,056
Non-Federal: $0
2009VIThe Eighteenth Annual Caribbean Water and Wastewater Conference and ExhibitionHenry SmithFederal: $15,921
Non-Federal: $0
2009VTQuantifying Sediment Loading due to Stream Bank Erosion in Impaired and Attainment Watersheds in Chittenden County, VT Using Advanced GIS and Remote Sensing TechnologiesLeslie Morrissey, Donna Rizzo, Donald Ross, Eric YoungFederal: $43,204
Non-Federal: $115,823
2009VTEstimating Soil Phosphorus Concentrations along Erodible Stream Corridors in Chittenden County, Vermont Donald Ross, Leslie Morrissey, Eric YoungFederal: $12,826
Non-Federal: $132,753
2009WAAdaptive Management of Mountain Forests to Prevent Mass Wasting under Climate ChangeJennifer Adam, Balasingam MuhunthanFederal: $27,500
Non-Federal: $55,030
2009WAUnderstanding Controls on Cyanobacteria Blooms: Vancouver Lake as a Model SystemGretchen Rollwagen-Bollens, Stephen BollensFederal: $27,455
Non-Federal: $55,165
2009WAInfluence of Large Wood Addition on Nitrogen Transformations at the Surface water/groundwater interfaceClay Arango, Carey GazisFederal: $27,500
Non-Federal: $56,462
2009WIUniversity of Wisconsin Water Resources Institute - Information TransferStephen Wittman, James HurleyFederal: $67,383
Non-Federal: $151,018
2009WIFrom Sandbags to Sanity: Lessons from the Midwest Floods of 2008Donald MoynihanFederal: $25,174
Non-Federal: $25,119
2009WICombination of Co-Precipitation with Zeolite Filtration to Remove Arsenic from Contaminated WaterZhaohui LiFederal: $32,862
Non-Federal: $9,999
2009WIThe Lethal and Sublethal Effects of Elevated Groundwater Nitrate Concentrations on Infaunal Invertebrates in the Central Sand PlainsRobert StelzerFederal: $15,649
Non-Federal: $3,753
2009WV(WRI-117) Controlling Phosphate in Agricultural Field Leachate Using Mine Drainage Treatment FerrihydritePaul Ziemkiewicz, Richard Herd, Melissa O'NealFederal: $30,351
Non-Federal: $60,705
2009WV(WRI-119) Development and Presentation of Current Water Quality Data for the Public Paul Ziemkiewicz, Melissa O'NealFederal: $60,987
Non-Federal: $108,169
2009WYA New Method for Tracing Seepage from CBNG Water Holding Ponds in the Powder River Basin, WyomingShikha Sharma, Carol Frost, Katta ReddyFederal: $9,378
Non-Federal: $72,188
2009WYDetecting the Signature of Glaciogenic Cloud Seeding in Orographic Snowstorms in Wyoming II: Further Airborne Cloud Radar and Lidar MeasurementsBart GeertsFederal: $32,647
Non-Federal: $216,530
2009WYEffects of Warm CBM Product Water Discharge on Winter Fluvial and Ice Processes in the Powder River BasinRobert Ettema, Edward KempemaFederal: $18,876
Non-Federal: $124,367
2009WYCharacterization of Algal Blooms Affecting Wyoming Irrigation Infrastructure: Microbiological Groundwork for Effective ManagementNaomi Ward, Blaire StevenFederal: $9,342
Non-Federal: $161,655
2008AKStudy of Streamflow Response to Seasonal Snowcover Change in the Yukon RiverDaqing YangFederal: $49,428
Non-Federal: $16,210
2008AKTransport and biodegradation of Hydrocarbons in Soil Contaminated with Conventional or Alternative FuelSilke SchiewerFederal: $34,881
Non-Federal: $13,796
2008AKReconstruction of the Lake Pleistocene Glacial Lake Ahtna, Copper River Basin, AlaskaMichael LosoFederal: $15,667
Non-Federal: $38,174
2008ALEvaluating Bioretention Contaminant Uptake and Removal in an Experimental Rain Garden StudyMark Dougherty, Charlene LeBleuFederal: $17,355
Non-Federal: $34,872
2008ALOn-Farm and Watershed Approaches to Community-Based Nutrient and Pathogen ManagementWilliam DeutschFederal: $24,998
Non-Federal: $33,739
2008ALEstimating Regional and Local Scale Surface Moisture as an Indicator of Drought and Crop Yield Using Thermal IR Remote SensingLuke Marzen, Diane HiteFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $31,183
2008ALGrountwater-Surface Water Contributions of Nitrate Contamination and Discharge to Coastal Surface Waters, Baldwin County, AlabamaGeoffrey TickFederal: $16,000
Non-Federal: $34,041
2008ARRole of Fluvial Sediments in Modifying Phosphorus Export from Northwest Arkansas WatershedsAndrew Sharpley, Brian HaggardFederal: $24,098
Non-Federal: $48,196
2008ARSpatial and historical distribution of Geosmin and MIB producers in Beaver Reservoir, northwest ArkansasSonja Hausmann, Stephen Boss, Ralph K. DavisFederal: $25,423
Non-Federal: $50,846
2008AR Biogeochemical controls and interactions of carbon and nutrient cycling in karst hydrologic systems.Erik Pollock, John Brahana, Phil HaysFederal: $20,814
Non-Federal: $41,628
2008ARArkansas Water Resources Center Information Transfer ProgramRalph K. Davis, Brian HaggardFederal: $10,550
Non-Federal: $21,100
2008AZMeta-Analysis of Rangeland Water-Yield Experiments for the Southwestern U.S.Ed de Steiguer, Steven ArcherFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,279
2008AZLessons Learned: Extending the student/staff/faculty collaborative work model to the K-12 educationJames Riley, James RileyFederal: $11,474
Non-Federal: $24,623
2008AZInformation TransferSharon Megdal, Susanna Eden, Joe GeltFederal: $52,095
Non-Federal: $104,452
2008AZDatabase Creation: Transboundary San Pedro Valley AquiferChristopher ScottFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,004
2008CAClimate Variability of the Sierra Nevada over the last Millennium: Reconstructions from Annually Laminated Sediments in Swamp Lake, Yosemite National Park, CaliforniaDaniel CayanFederal: $11,817
Non-Federal: $30,228
2008CAHigh-Resolution Modeling of Flood InundationBrett SandersFederal: $17,216
Non-Federal: $22,555
2008CASecuring Access to Water: Institutional Strategies for Coping with Drought and Water ScarcityRonnie LipschutzFederal: $25,511
Non-Federal: $14,297
2008CAIntegrated Regional Water Management Planning in California: Developing Institutions for Collective ActionMark LubellFederal: $15,459
Non-Federal: $27,796
2008CASimulating and understanding variability in runoff from the Sierra NevadaAlex HallFederal: $17,623
Non-Federal: $27,344
2008COHydrologic Analysis and Process-Based Modeling for the Upper Cache la Poudre BasinReagan Waskom, Stephanie KampfFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $7,976
2008CTRapid and Sensitive Detection of Total Coliforms and E. coli Using SWNT MembraneYu LeiFederal: $52,058
Non-Federal: $109,026
2008CTOptimization of Acidogenic Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment with The Potential for Water ReclamationBaikun LiFederal: $73,895
Non-Federal: $156,858
2008DCModeling of Integrated Urban Wastewater System in the District of Columbia (Pase II)Tolessa Deksissa, Pradeep BeheraFederal: $25,682
Non-Federal: $61,528
2008DCDevelopment of Web-based Rainfall Statistical Analyisis Tool for Urban Stormwater Management AnalsisPradeep BeheraFederal: $8,200
Non-Federal: $10,828
2008DCAssessing the Distribution of Synthetic Organics and the degradation of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons in the Anacostia River through Microbial and Stable Isotope StudiesKaren Bushaw-Newton, Stephen MacAvoyFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $29,336
2008DCGradual Variation Analysis for Groundwater Flow in the District of Columbia (Phase II)Li ChenFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $38,740
2008DCApplication of Spaciotemporal Informatics to Water QualityPradeep Behera, Byunggu YuFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $31,900
2008DEDWRC Information TransferJames Sims, Maria PautlerFederal: $3,500
Non-Federal: $7,000
2008DEAssessing the Presence of Natural Hormones in Litter and Excreta from Broiler ChickensAlexandra Barnard, William SaylorFederal: $1,750
Non-Federal: $3,500
2008DEWater Quality and Bacterial Monitoring at Delaware Inland Bays Oyster Gardening Sites, DelawareChristen Dillard, Gulnihal OzbayFederal: $3,500
Non-Federal: $7,000
2008DEThe Effect of Riparian Forested Corridors on Fish Biodiversity in Suburban and Agricultural LandscapesErin Dilworth, Chris WilliamsFederal: $1,750
Non-Federal: $3,500
2008DESpatial and Temporal Integration of Pollution History in the Christina River Basin Using Sediment Cores from Bread and Cheese IslandCristina FernandezFederal: $1,750
Non-Federal: $3,500
2008DEEffects of Water Quality on Oyster Growth (Crassostrea virginica) in the Floating Oyster Aquaculture Gear in Delaware's Inland BaysAaron Gibson, Gulnihal OzbayFederal: $3,500
Non-Federal: $7,000
2008DEDelaware Coastal Zone Act: Impact on Water QualityErin McVey, Steven HastingsFederal: $1,750
Non-Federal: $3,500
2008DEZero-valent Iron and Other Additives to Enhance Biofiltration of WaterRachael Vaicunas, Pei ChiuFederal: $1,750
Non-Federal: $3,500
2008DEExploring Direct Contact Membrane Distillation (DCMD) as for Water PurificationCaitlin Wilson, Steven DentelFederal: $1,750
Non-Federal: $3,500
2008DEDirect Contact Membrane Distillation of Brackish and Contaminated Water Sources for Sourcing Potable WaterEdwin Wong, Steven DentelFederal: $1,750
Non-Federal: $3,500
2008DERemoval and Inactivation of Pathogenic Enteric Viruses and Parasites from Water Using Zero-valent IronAdam Yoskowitz, Kalmia KnielFederal: $1,750
Non-Federal: $3,500
2008FLSensitivity Analysis of South Florida Regional ModelingRafael Munoz-Carpena, Gregory KikerFederal: $39,999
Non-Federal: $100,001
2008FLAddition of Ecological Algorithms into the RSM ModelGregory Kiker, Rafael Munoz-CarpenaFederal: $20,001
Non-Federal: $49,999
2008FLUse of NEXRAD data to develop climatologically homogeneous rainfall areas for the South Florida Water Management DistrictHenry FuelbergFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $17,000
2008FLFlorida Water Resources Information TransferKirk Hatfield, Mark NewmanFederal: $26,307
Non-Federal: $21,975
2008GAAssessing the impacts of a major wildfire in the Okefenokee Swamp on mercury levels in resident macroinvertebrates Darold Batzer, Darold BatzerFederal: $36,000
Non-Federal: $72,002
2008GAModeling Water Quality Changes in Aquifer Storage Recovery SystemsFederal: $18,375
Non-Federal: $36,783
2008GATidal Streams: A Renewable Energy Source for GeorgiaKevin Haas, Hermann FritzFederal: $18,264
Non-Federal: $39,965
2008GAA Comprehensive Evaluation of the Mandatory Drought Responses in GeorgiaSusan Cozzens, Hyun Jung ParkFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $37,373
2008GAGWRI Information Transfer ActivitiesAris GeorgakakosFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2008GUGuam Water Kids: An Educational Campaign for Children to Learn about Guams Water and How to Protect It.Arretta Card, John JocsonFederal: $16,060
Non-Federal: $0
2008GUA Field-based Simulation for Groundwater Education on GuamPaul Wallace, John JensonFederal: $18,873
Non-Federal: $0
2008GUUsing Remote Sensing to Determine Changes in Soil Erosion and Sediment Loads from Guam BadlandsShahram Khosrowpanah, Yuming WenFederal: $21,161
Non-Federal: $0
2008GUSpatial and Temporal Nitrate Variations in Groundwater from Southern SaipanDerek Chambers, Heidi YelinFederal: $29,900
Non-Federal: $0
2008GUDevelopment of Sub-Region Water Production for the Saipan Water Distribution System Model and Exploration of Scenarios for Optimal OperationShahram Khosrowpanah, Leroy HeitzFederal: $25,816
Non-Federal: $0
2008GUHeavy Metals in Biotic Components from Saipan Lagoon with Emphasis on Nearshore Areas Impacted by Stormwater and Wastewater DischargesJohn Starmer, Gary Denton, Harold WoodFederal: $34,534
Non-Federal: $0
2008GUWatershed Management for Pohnpei Island in the Federated States of MicronesiaShahram Khosrowpanah, Leroy Heitz, Mark LanderFederal: $35,273
Non-Federal: $0
2008GUGroundwater Resources Management TrainingJohn JensonFederal: $32,204
Non-Federal: $0
2008GUWater System Operation and Maintenance Training for Saipan, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana IslandShahram KhosrowpanahFederal: $14,787
Non-Federal: $0
2008GUInformation TransferGary DentonFederal: $22,802
Non-Federal: $0
2008GUInformation ManagementGary DentonFederal: $1,800
Non-Federal: $0
2008GUComprehensive Survey of the Current State, Infrastructure, and Usage of Freshwater Resources on Low Islands of Pohnpei State, Federated States of MicronesiaDanko Taborosi, John JensonFederal: $17,845
Non-Federal: $0
2008GUBaseline Study of Coastal Discharge of Groundwater on GuamJohn JensonFederal: $20,632
Non-Federal: $0
2008HIImproving Water Resource Assessment in Hawai`i by Using LiDAR Measurements of Canopy Structure to Estimate Rainfall InterceptionThomas GiambellucaFederal: $20,987
Non-Federal: $43,242
2008HIIntegrated Management of Multiple Aquifers in the Face of Climate ChangeJames RoumassetFederal: $20,525
Non-Federal: $34,742
2008HIDetermination of the Relationship between Biodiversity and Trophic Status of Wahiawa ReservoirTao Yan, Clark LiuFederal: $16,856
Non-Federal: $42,055
2008HIModeling of Humidification-Dehumidification (HDH) Seawater Desalination Systems Driven by Solar EnergyWeilin QuFederal: $58,905
Non-Federal: $101,424
2008HITechnology Transfer Philip MoravcikFederal: $6,505
Non-Federal: $11,470
2008IABiomass Harvest and Nutrient Management Systems Impacts on Water Quality.Antonio P. Mallarino, Matthew HelmersFederal: $60,000
Non-Federal: $122,976
2008IAUrban resident education integrating investigations of non-point source pollution in groundwater and public perceptions/technical understandingMimi Wagner, William Simpkins, Mimi WagnerFederal: $21,456
Non-Federal: $42,967
2008IADevelopment of Explicit Margin of Safety Methodology for Sediment TMDLsAmy Kaleita, James NewmanFederal: $17,353
Non-Federal: $35,435
2008IAInformation Transfer ProjectRichard Cruse, Hillary OlsonFederal: $10,077
Non-Federal: $0
2008IDDeveloping Tools to Minimize Jurisdictional Barriers to Achievement of Fishery and Water Resoures Goals in Lapwai Creek, IdahoBrian Kennedy, Barbara CosensFederal: $40,000
Non-Federal: $80,000
2008IDInvestigating Mechanisms by Which Long Distance Circulation (LDC) Enhances Surface Water QualityFrank WilhelmFederal: $40,064
Non-Federal: $80,128
2008IDRegional Economic Demand for Irrigation Water in Idaho's Eastern Snake River PlainGarth Taylor, Levan ElbakidzeFederal: $18,120
Non-Federal: $36,240
2008IDClimate Change Impacts on the Snake River Plain's Surface & Ground Water ResourcesRussell QuallsFederal: $40,000
Non-Federal: $80,000
2008ILInformation Transfer to Illinois ConstituentsRichard E. WarnerFederal: $10,970
Non-Federal: $2,775
2008INPoly Tanks on Farms and Businesses: Preventing Catastrophic FailuresFred WhitfordFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $65,116
2008INWireless Monitoring of the Wabash RiverChad JafvertFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,004
2008INNew Rural Home Buyer Septic System Extension Bulletin SeriesBrad LeeFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $21,132
2008INHydrological Controls on Nitrate and Carbon Delivery to Streams in Artificially Drained Landscapes of the MidwestPhilippe Vidon, Philippe VidonFederal: $14,992
Non-Federal: $31,458
2008INEnvironmental Implications of Manufactured Nanomaterial: NanosilverRonald TurcoFederal: $25,578
Non-Federal: $13,428
2008KSAn Analysis of Sedimentation Reduction Strategies for Tuttle Creek LakeKyle MankinFederal: $89,433
Non-Federal: $138,495
2008KSWater and the Future of Kansas ConferenceWilliam HargroveFederal: $18,587
Non-Federal: $61,775
2008KYEvaluation of short-term soil and nutrient loss following a prescribed burn in the Crooked Creek watershedMike Kemp, Andy KellieFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2008KYThe effect of clay mineralogy on the infiltration capacity of grass lawnsSamuel BoatengFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $14,046
2008KYDevelopment of a composite sediment transport model applicable to watersheds in the Bluegrass Region of KentuckyJames FoxFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,503
2008KYComparison of eastern hemlock and hardwood dominated forest stream assemblagesSherry HarrelFederal: $3,181
Non-Federal: $8,551
2008KYA comparison of methods for measuring suspended sediment and discharge in wadeable streamsChristine McMichael, Steven ReidFederal: $3,899
Non-Federal: $8,298
2008KYEvaluating carbon pool patterns in agricultural and forested streams along Kentucky LakeIin HandayaniFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,002
2008KYIdentification of human and animal fecal sources in central Kentucky watersheds by PCR of 16sDNA markers from host specific fecal anaerobesGail Brion, Alan FryarFederal: $4,977
Non-Federal: $10,047
2008KYInventory and assessment of combined sewer overflow discharges within Kentucky communitiesLindell OrmsbeeFederal: $22,500
Non-Federal: $45,021
2008KYKentucky Information Transfer ActivitiesLindell Ormsbee, Anna Hoover, Jim KippFederal: $35,374
Non-Federal: $63,394
2008LA2008 Louisiana Water SymposiaJohn Pardue, Nedra KorevecFederal: $18,410
Non-Federal: $36,822
2008LAElectrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) Laboratory Experiments on Saltwater Encroachment Tracking and Modeling in Saturated Heterogeneous SedimentFrank TsaiFederal: $16,500
Non-Federal: $33,002
2008LAUncertainty-based TMDL Calculations for Dissolved Oxygen in Amite RiverZhi-Qiang DengFederal: $16,245
Non-Federal: $32,490
2008LAField Monitoring of Environmental Contaminants of Toxic Metals in Lake Pontchartrain and Ground WaterJu ChouFederal: $33,592
Non-Federal: $71,080
2008MAEstimation of Climatic and Anthropogenic Influences on Freshwater AvailabilityRichard Vogel, Yushiou TsaiFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2008MAQuantifying Sediment Transport in Red Brook, Wareham, Massachusetts: Impacts of Dam RemovalEllen Douglas, Allen Gontz, Steven KichefskiFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $75,948
2008MAToxicity of carbon nanotubes to the activated sludge process: protective ability of extracellular polymeric substancesXiaoqi (Jackie) Zhang, Lauren LuongoFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $13,492
2008MACharacterization of wastewater effluent from Western Massachusetts publicly owned treatment works using metaproteomic analysisChul ParkFederal: $9,958
Non-Federal: $20,084
2008MAEnvironmental Analyses SupportPaula Rees, Marie-Francoise HatteFederal: $6,106
Non-Federal: $5,302
2008MAWater Conference 2008Paula Rees, Marie-Francoise HatteFederal: $23,664
Non-Federal: $24,910
2008MDThe biodiversity effect: Do plant species mixtures perform better than monocultures in runoff treatment wetlands?Andrew BaldwinFederal: $30,899
Non-Federal: $63,146
2008MDMicrobial nitrogen sequestration in detrital-based streams of the Chesapeake Bay watershed under stress from road-salt runoff.Christopher SwanFederal: $29,857
Non-Federal: $59,715
2008MDSummer Fellowship: Integrated experimental and mathematical evaluation to improve the fate of the tetrachloroethene at contaminated sitesAllen Davis, Allen DavisFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2008MDSummer Fellowship: Investigating the Fate and Persistence of dichloroacetamide herbacide safeners in model environmental systemsAllen DavisFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2008MDHow Can Maryland Agriculture and the Bay Coexist?Allen Davis, Philip KearneyFederal: $7,624
Non-Federal: $15,248
2008MEDevelopment of a non-lethal biomarker of contaminant exposure for threatened and endangered fish species.Rebecca Van Beneden, Adria Elskus, Brian PerkinsFederal: $6,083
Non-Federal: $61,641
2008MEMaine Information TransferJohn PeckenhamFederal: $26,183
Non-Federal: $35,808
2008MIInformation Dissemination and Technology Transfer Training ProgramsLois WolfsonFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,346
2008MINatural Resources Integrated Information SystemJon BartholicFederal: $27,335
Non-Federal: $57,066
2008MIThe returns on investments in the establishment of riparian buffers for water quality remediation in Michigan's inland lakesKendra Cheruvelil, Daniel KramerFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $34,015
2008MIWater Use and Water Demand by Self-supplied Residential Water Users in MichiganPatricia Norris, Saichon Seedang, Mary ThompsonFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $32,054
2008MIProspectus for Developing an Innovation Clearinghouse for Next Generation Water and Wastewater UtilitiesJanice Beecher, Ruth Kline-Robach, Saichon SeedangFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $22,189
2008MNIntegrating Biological Data into TMDL Assessments: Refining a Model to Determine Biologically Meaningful Target Levels for Dissolved OxygenLeonard Ferrington Jr.Federal: $24,735
Non-Federal: $48,361
2008MNThe Cultivation, Characterization, and Detection of Bacteria that Biodegrade Haloacetic Acids in Drinking Water Distribution SystemsRaymond Hozalski, Timothy LaParaFederal: $80,000
Non-Federal: $193,980
2008MNEnhanced Degradation of Stormwater Petrochemicals within the Rhizosphere of Raingarden Bioretention CellsPaige NovakFederal: $7,000
Non-Federal: $14,235
2008MSA Continuation of Climatological and Cultural Influences on Annual Groundwater Decline in the Mississippi Delta Shallow Alluvial Aquifer: Modeling Potential Solutions (Year Two)Charles Wax, Joseph Massey, Jonathan PoteFederal: $18,304
Non-Federal: $70,504
2008MSMulti-scale Evaluation and Analysis of Precipitation Patterns over the Mississippi DeltaJamie DyerFederal: $12,658
Non-Federal: $40,650
2008MSMonitoring and Modeling Water Pollution in Mississippi LakesCristiane SurbeckFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,110
2008MSWatershed Assessment and EducationMaifan SilitongaFederal: $30,240
Non-Federal: $67,410
2008MTThe Importance of Ecologically Connected Streams to the Biological Diversity of Watersheds: a case study in the St. Regis River subbasin, MontanaWinsor LoweFederal: $13,860
Non-Federal: $27,720
2008MTModeling the Potential for Transport of Contaminated Sediment Joel CahoonFederal: $17,000
Non-Federal: $34,386
2008MTEvolution of channel morphology and aquatic habitat in the Middle Clark Fork River following removal of Milltown DamAndrew Wilcox, Andrew WilcoxFederal: $31,636
Non-Federal: $63,512
2008MTStudent Fellowship: How susceptible to chlorine disinfection are detached biofilm particles?Sabrina BenhkeFederal: $1,000
Non-Federal: $0
2008MTStudent Fellowship: The Consequences of Introgressive Hybridization: Implications for Westslope Cutthroat Trout ConservationMatt CorsiFederal: $3,000
Non-Federal: $0
2008MTStudent Fellowship: Predictive Modeling of Snowmelt and the Hydrologic Response:Tyler SmithFederal: $1,000
Non-Federal: $0
2008MTStatewide Education and OutreachSteve GuettermannFederal: $29,201
Non-Federal: $9,388
2008NCDevelopment of an Analytical Method for Taste and Odor Compounds and Application to NC Drinking Water Sources and Finished WatersDetlef KnappeFederal: $60,000
Non-Federal: $80,780
2008NCDevelopment of the Semi-Empirical Ammonia Deposition and Emission (SEADE) Model for Application to North Carolina Coastal WatershedsWayne Robarge, Robert Austin, John WalkerFederal: $26,004
Non-Federal: $59,714
2008NCImproved Drought Management Strategies for the Triangle Area Utilizing Climate Imformation based Probabilistic Streamflow ForecastsSankarasubramanian ArumugamFederal: $40,000
Non-Federal: $56,674
2008NCNC WRRI Information Technology TransferKelly PorterFederal: $4,914
Non-Federal: $26,398
2008NDRapid and Sensitive Determination of Bacteria in Water using NanoparticlesJulia Xiaojun ZhaoFederal: $14,800
Non-Federal: $29,600
2008NDModification of Iron Nanoparticles by Amphiphilic Polysiloxane Graft Copolymer for Arsenic, TCE, and RDX RemediationAchintya Bezbaruah, Bret ChisholmFederal: $9,000
Non-Federal: $18,000
2008NDSelected Pesticide Remediation with Iron Nanoparticles: Modeling and Barrier ApplicationsAchintya BezbaruahFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2008NDDevelopment of GAC-NZVI Adsorbent for Arsenic RemovalWei LinFederal: $12,000
Non-Federal: $24,000
2008NDIon imprinted polymer for Removal and Monitoring of ArsenicAchintya Bezbaruah, Bret ChisholmFederal: $10,700
Non-Federal: $21,400
2008NDChemical Fingerprinting of Sediments and Water of the Souris River for Identification of Diffuse Pollution SourcesMarinus OtteFederal: $10,700
Non-Federal: $21,400
2008NDInteractions between Microorganisms and Metal Nanoparticles: A new approach for groundwater remediationAchintya BezbaruahFederal: $7,600
Non-Federal: $15,200
2008NDInformation Dissemination and CommunicationG. PadmanabhanFederal: $10,014
Non-Federal: $20,028
2008NEHow Water Resources Limit and/or Promote Residential Housing Developments in Douglas CountySteven ShultzFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $90,000
2008NEFate of microcontaminants in streams augmented by wastewater treatment plant effluent useShannon Bartelt-Hunt, Daniel SnowFederal: $31,600
Non-Federal: $63,524
2008NEGeographic trends in contamination of Nebraskas surface waters as indexed by sex steroids of common carpKevin Pope, Alan Kolok, Daniel SnowFederal: $28,880
Non-Federal: $58,198
2008NESatellite-based Energy Balance to Assess Riparian Water UseAyse Irmak, Gary Hergert, Sunil Narumalani, Donald Rundquist, Gary StoneFederal: $19,995
Non-Federal: $40,044
2008NEInformation Transfer Plan/Water EducationKyle Hoagland, Steven RessFederal: $146,189
Non-Federal: $176,389
2008NHUrbanization Impacts on NH Streamwater Thermal LoadingJennifer Jacobs, Thomas Ballestero, Robert RoseenFederal: $30,725
Non-Federal: $64,734
2008NHThe role of landscape controls on stream chemistry variability and inorganic aluminum mobilization in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.Kevin McGuire, Scott Bailey, Christian Doogan, Robert Estabrook, Steve KahlFederal: $19,569
Non-Federal: $40,961
2008NHNew Hampshire WRRC Information TransferWilliam McDowellFederal: $234,423
Non-Federal: $260,532
2008NJVolatilization of PCBs from the Tappan Zee region of the Hudson RiverLisa Rodenburg, Robert MiskewitzFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $59,516
2008NJProcess-based modeling of nitrogen removal dynamics in brownfield and intact remnant wetland systemsMonica Palta, Joan EhrenfeldFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $11,800
2008NJPBDEs and Other Brominated Compounds in a Bioreactor LandfillJennifer Loudon, Donna E. FennellFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $12,503
2008NJInformation Transfer ProgramJoan Ehrenfeld, Lisa Galloway EvrardFederal: $5,235
Non-Federal: $11,103
2008NJMicrobial Mobilization of Arsenic and Selenium Oxyanions in Subsurface AquifersInes Rauschenbach, Max HaggblomFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $13,038
2008NJMicro Scale Solid Phase Extraction using Carbon Nanotubes for Rapid Detection of Organic Pollutants in Water ResourcesOrnthida Sae-Khow, Somenath MitraFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $11,745
2008NJCranberry Farms' Habitat Function in the Wetland System of the New Jersey Pine BarrensAi Wen, David EhrenfeldFederal: $4,700
Non-Federal: $12,050
2008NJIdentifying the source of excess fine-grained sediments in New Jersey rivers using radionuclidesJoshua Galster, Kirk BarrettFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $49,376
2008NMUtilization of Saline and Other Impaired Waters for Turfgrass Irrigation (Leinauer)Bernhard Leinauer, Ryan GossFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $13,530
2008NMEstimating Water Use through Satellite Remote Sensing (Bleiweiss)Max Bleiweiss, Zohrab Samani, Rhonda SkaggsFederal: $30,000
Non-Federal: $13,530
2008NVSoil Heterogeneity and Moisture Distribution Due to Rainfall Events in Vegetated Desert Areas: Potential Impact on Soil Recharge and EcosystemsMichael Young, Li ChenFederal: $21,492
Non-Federal: $42,982
2008NVFlood Warning System for the Clark County Wetlands ParkThomas PiechotaFederal: $33,236
Non-Federal: $66,472
2008NVMicrobial and Phytoplankton Impacts on Endocrine Disrupting Contaminants:Duane MoserFederal: $26,508
Non-Federal: $52,502
2008NVQuagga Mussel Invasion in Lake Mead: Ecological Impact and ContainmentKumud Acharya, Charalambos Papelis, Mark StoneFederal: $46,616
Non-Federal: $94,227
2008NVEstimation of Spatio-Temporal Statistics of Precipitation and Snow-Water Equivalent in the Truckee River Watershed Rina Schumer, Anna KnustFederal: $34,177
Non-Federal: $68,699
2008NVUncertainty and Sensitivity of Ground-Water Discharge Estimates for the Shrublands in the Great Basin AreaJianting ZhuFederal: $17,834
Non-Federal: $35,800
2008NYMultimedia modeling of regional variation of nitrogen sources in the Hudson River WatershedRobert HowarthFederal: $19,999
Non-Federal: $25,100
2008NYEvaluation of sediment sources in the Hudson River WatershedTodd WalterFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $27,450
2008NYApplication of stream landscape theory for the restoration of Hudson Valley WatershedsMark BainFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $12,500
2008OHCompetitive Learning to Develop a Biomarker Forecasting Tool for Classifying Recreational Water QualityDominic BoccelliFederal: $28,248
Non-Federal: $56,496
2008OHBioremediation of heavy metals using the genetically engineered bacterium Caulobacter crescentusZhaohui Xu, Robert McKayFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $52,970
2008OHObservations of River Topography and Flow Around Bridges Thomas LippmannFederal: $32,391
Non-Federal: $64,793
2008OKEvaluation of Water Use Monitoring by Remote Sensing ET Estimation MethodsYang Hong, Baxter VieuxFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $53,478
2008OKDecision Support Model for Evaluating Alternative Water Supply Infrastructure ScenariosBrian Whitacre, Dee Ann Sanders, Arthur StoeckerFederal: $49,878
Non-Federal: $98,996
2008OKAn Assessment of Environmental Flows for OklahomaDon Turton, William FisherFederal: $50,000
Non-Federal: $100,000
2008OKOWRRI Information Transfer ProjectWill Focht , Mike LangstonFederal: $6,696
Non-Federal: $27,203
2008ORWater Reuse in Corvallis, Oregon:Brent SteelFederal: $12,508
Non-Federal: $26,148
2008ORTechnology TransferTodd JarvisFederal: $14,997
Non-Federal: $27,301
2008OREffects of sediment barrier removal on geomorphic complexity and habitatDesiree TullosFederal: $9,121
Non-Federal: $42,309
2008ORThe Influence of Sediment Deposition on the Emergence Success of Juvenile SalmonidsStephen LancasterFederal: $24,348
Non-Federal: $63,068
2008ORThe Rock Creek Sustainability Initiative Elaine HallmarkFederal: $26,593
Non-Federal: $94,323
2008ORAn exploration of groundwater rights and community-based action in Umatilla CountyJon LewisFederal: $14,442
Non-Federal: $28,964
2008PAMercury in Pennsylvania Forest Streams: Do Hotspots Exist?Elizabeth Boyer, David DeWalleFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,024
2008PAControls on nitrogen and phosphorous transport and fate in northern Appalachian streamsMike GooseffFederal: $20,000
Non-Federal: $40,690
2008PASeeing into the subsurface: Detecting and visualizing preferential flow in situ using innovative approachesHenry LinFederal: $19,546
Non-Federal: $46,405
2008PAImpact of infiltrating runoff on groundwater recharge qualityMira OlsonFederal: $19,923
Non-Federal: $39,936
Non-Federal: $87,706
2008RIClean Water Technology for Rhode IslandHarold KnickleFederal: $17,187
Non-Federal: $34,526
2008RILong-term, state-wide analysis of the relationship between water quality and demographic changes in the state of Rhode IslandLaura Meyerson, Frederick MeyersonFederal: $14,669
Non-Federal: $29,384
2008RIUtilization of Silver Nanoparticles as Chlorine-free Biocide for Water TreatmentVinka Oyanedel-CraverFederal: $16,771
Non-Federal: $33,548
2008SCAssessing suspended sediment transport potential and supply in an urbanizing coastal plains streamAnand Jayakaran, Susan LibesFederal: $31,465
Non-Federal: $75,983
2008SCImproved Early Detection Methods for Microcystin-Producing CyanobacteriaAlan Johnson, Yanru YangFederal: $33,814
Non-Federal: $68,342
2008SDThermal Stability of Limestone Waste for Recycling after Arsenic Removal from Drinking WaterArden Davis, David Dixon, Marion HansenFederal: $24,934
Non-Federal: $49,870
2008SDDevelopment of a Decision Support System for Water Resources Management of Shallow Glacial Alluvial Aquifers: A Laboratory Proof of Concept StudySuzette Burckhard, Patrick EmmonsFederal: $54,785
Non-Federal: $116,689
2008SDInformation TransferVan Kelley, David GermanFederal: $45,276
Non-Federal: $83,993
2008SDSimulating the Soil Erosion from Land Removed from CRPTodd Trooien, David Clay, Dennis TodeyFederal: $31,710
Non-Federal: $64,747
2008SDDetermining Soil Moisture and Temperature Condition Effects on Potential Run-Off for Cold Season Manure ApplicationDennis Todey, David GermanFederal: $37,594
Non-Federal: $74,804
2008TNEffect of Wastewater Strength on Soil Physical Properties when using Subsurface Drip IrrigationJohn BuchananFederal: $75,000
Non-Federal: $162,664
2008TNA Survey of Bank Erosion in Beaver Creek, Knox County, Tennessee: Correlations of Channel Stability with Force and Resistance VariablesQiang He, John SchwartzFederal: $50,000
Non-Federal: $100,246
2008TXEconomic Impacts of Biological Control of Arundo donax in the Rio Grande BasinEmily Seawright, John Goolsby, Ron Lacewell, M Rister, Allen SturdivantFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $11,246
2008TXUncertainty Analysis of Recharge to the Edwards Aquifer using Bayesian Model Averaging SchemeChampa Joshi, Binayak MohantyFederal: $4,890
Non-Federal: $10,012
2008TXEffect of grid sizes as subbasins on SWAT model hydrologic and water quality predictionsSivarajah Mylevaganam, Raghavan SrinivasanFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $16,962
2008TXUncertainty Analysis of a Statistical Model for Pathogen Contamination Assessment in Two Texas River Basins Deepti Puri, R KarhikeyanFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,519
2008TXDevelopment of Library-Independent Bacterial Source Tracking Markers for Species-Specific Discrimination of Deer and Cattle Fecal Contamination in Surface WatersEmily Martin, Terry GentryFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $19,000
2008TXMitigating demand for irrigated water used in agriculture by genetically enhancing crop plants to be productive in minimal water conditions.Kranthi Mandadi, Thomas McKnightFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $19,008
2008TXUsing SWAT to Compare Planning Methods for Neighborhoods: Case Study of Stormwater in The Woodlands, TexasBo Yang, Ming-Han LiFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $19,623
2008TXAn Environmental Flows Information System for TexasEric Hersh, David MaidmentFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,080
2008TXMicrobial Source Tracking in Drinking Water from Rainwater HarvestingBrigit Afshar, Mary KirisitsFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,000
2008TXEcohydrology and ecophysiology of Arundo donax (giant reed)David Watts, Georgianne MooreFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,549
2008TXInformation TransferRosemary Payton, Danielle Supercinski, Jaclyn Tech, Cecilia Wagner, Kathy WytheFederal: $69,878
Non-Federal: $88,920
2008UTInformation Transfer in Support of the Utah Center for Water Resources ResearchR. Ivonne HarrisFederal: $7,305
Non-Federal: $9,433
2008UTIncreasing Data Accuracy, Reliability, Accessibility, and Understandability to Improve Basin-Wide Water Resources Decision MakingBlake Tullis, Steven Barfuss, Mac McKee, Gary MerkleyFederal: $15,046
Non-Federal: $49,827
2008UTLow-Level Outlet Works Air Vent Sizing Requirements for Small to Medium Size DamsBlake Tullis, Steven BarfussFederal: $12,604
Non-Federal: $32,603
2008UTBasin-Scale Internal Waves Within the South Arm of the Great Salt LakeRobert SpallFederal: $33,655
Non-Federal: $60,715
2008VIWater Quality in Virgin Islands Rain Water Collection Cisterns.Thomas Archibald, Stanley LateskyFederal: $40,000
Non-Federal: $0
2008VIUse of Wetland Plants to Manage Nitrate Levels in a Biofloc Fish Production SystemDonald Bailey, Jason DanaherFederal: $38,314
Non-Federal: $0
2008VIA Comparative Analysis of St. Croix's Waterways Brian DaleyFederal: $33,964
Non-Federal: $0
2008VIVirgin Islands Water Resources Map StudyStevie HenryFederal: $40,228
Non-Federal: $0
2008VILet's Talk Water! Water Voices From Around the WorldLydia HarrisFederal: $8,715
Non-Federal: $0
2008VTTreatment Solutions to Reduce Nutrient and Bacterial Inputs to Lake Champlain at Shelburne FarmsSarah Lovell, Alan McintoshFederal: $26,629
Non-Federal: $137,562
2008VTTracing sources of eroded sediment with atmospherically produced 10-BeMandar Dewoolkar, Paul BiermanFederal: $23,738
Non-Federal: $68,440
2008VTSoil phosphorus landscape variability and soil mapping in a streamDonald Ross, Eric YoungFederal: $7,390
Non-Federal: $74,342
2008VTImprovement of Phosphorus Load Estimates through the use of Enzyme-Hydrolysis Measures of Phosphorus BioavailabilityJane HillFederal: $75,328
Non-Federal: $60,097
2008VTInformation Transfer ActivitiesBreck BowdenFederal: $43,323
Non-Federal: $62,665
2008WAReservoir Sediments: Biofilter or Environmental Liability?John HarrisonFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,426
2008WATowards Sustainable Phosphorus Removal: Evaluating Biogenic Iron Oxides for Renewable FiltrationJeremy Rentz, David YongeFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,000
2008WAAssessing Pathogen Fate and Transport through Riparian Buffers in an Agricultural WatershedJeffrey Ullman, Karen Killinger, Joan WuFederal: $24,964
Non-Federal: $49,984
2008WIOccurrence and Generation of Nitrite in Ground and Surface Waters in an Agricultural WatershedEmily StanleyFederal: $135,604
Non-Federal: $116,096
2008WIA Thermal Remote Sensing Tool for Mapping Spring and Diffuse Groundwater Discharge to StreamsSteven LoheideFederal: $34,190
Non-Federal: $29,485
2008WIUniversity of Wisconsin Water Resources Institute - Information TransferStephen Wittman, James HurleyFederal: $20,244
Non-Federal: $79,057
2008WVWRI 105 West Virginia Water Conference 2008Tamara VandivortFederal: $22,699
Non-Federal: $7,150
2008WYWater Quality Criteria for Wyoming Livestock and WildlifeMerl Raisbeck, Michael Smith, Cynthia TateFederal: $73,658
Non-Federal: $171,571
2008WYMulti-Century Droughts in Wyoming's Past: Evidence of Prolonged Lake DrawdownBryan Shuman, Thomas Minckley, Jacqueline ShinkerFederal: $21,523
Non-Federal: $49,224
2007AKThe formation of preferential pathways in permeable reactive barriers in cold climates due to ice formationDavid BarnesFederal: $27,837
Non-Federal: $10,650
2007AKIncreasing coverage of Alaska within the global network of isotopes in precipitationMatthew WoollerFederal: $23,237
Non-Federal: $11,038
2007AKGeomorphic constraints on the configuration, magnitude, and timing of late-Quaternary megafloods from glacier-dammed Lake Atna, AlaskaMichael LosoFederal: $18,124
Non-Federal: $36,410
2007ALEstimating Regional and Local Scale Surface Moisture as an Indicator of Drought Using Thermal IR Remote SensingLuke MarzenFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $30,894
2007ALDevelopment of a Cost Effective Methodology for In-field Screen Testing of Water QualityZhongyang Cheng, Yucheng Feng, Tung-shi HuangFederal: $24,997
Non-Federal: $51,174
2007ALAn Integrated Dosing and Treatment System to Mitigate the Environmental and Health Threat From Conventional Onsite Septic Systems in the Alabama Black Belt AreaMark Dougherty, John Fulton, C. WoodFederal: $22,772
Non-Federal: $46,324
2007ALAssessing the Effectiveness of Various Treatment Methods for Removing Endocrine Disrupting Compounds from Domestic WastewaterRobert Angus, Robert PetersFederal: $25,000
Non-Federal: $50,473
2007ARLong-term runoff water quality in response to natural rainfall as affected by poultry litter application rateKristofor BryeFederal: $18,519
Non-Federal: $37,043
2007ARSource of Geosmin and MIB in drinking water: Identifying the source and mechanisms of taste and odor compounds at Beaver Reservoir, northwest ArkansasSonja Hausmann, Stephen Boss, Ralph K. DavisFederal: $24,000
Non-Federal: $48,002
2007ARContinuous Water-Quality Monitoring and Potential Phosphorus Source Identification with Oxygen IsotopesBrian Haggard, Phil HaysFederal: $21,815
Non-Federal: $43,713
2007ARMetal Mobilization, Especially Arsenic, in the Alluvial Aquifer in Response to Water Level Fluctuations Measured by Field and Laboratory Column Data Kenneth SteeleFederal: $6,000
Non-Federal: $12,001
2007AZRiparian Vegetation Response to Cessation of Groundwater Pumping, Lower San Pedro River, ArizonaJuliet StrombergFederal: $11,990
Non-Federal: $24,156
2007AZCompound Specific Isotope Analysis of Natural Attenuation Activity in Chlorinated-Solvent Contaminated AquifersMark BrusseauFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,827
2007AZSources of Nitrate in Groundwaters of the Tucson Basin Thomas MeixnerFederal: $9,121
Non-Federal: $18,173
2007AZGeospatial Analysis of Urban Thermal Gradients: Application to Tucson Arizonas Projected Water DemandChristopher Scott, Andrew Comrie, Stephen YoolFederal: $24,000
Non-Federal: $50,280
2007AZModification of conventional wastewater treatment processes for estrogen removalDavid Quanrud, Robert Arnold, Martin KarpiscakFederal: $11,454
Non-Federal: $28,449
2007AZInformation TransferSharon Megdal, Susanna EdenFederal: $32,040
Non-Federal: $65,802
2007CADetermining factors for Eurasian watermilfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum L.) spread in and around Lake Tahoe, CA-NV Bruce KendallFederal: $15,894
Non-Federal: $40,871
2007CAInvestigating the Role of Large Woody Materials to Gregory PasternackFederal: $18,441
Non-Federal: $49,713
2007CAControl of Mercury Methylation in Wetlands Through Iron AdditionDavid SedlackFederal: $17,352
Non-Federal: $51,332
2007CAInfluence of Bacterial Pathogen Condition on Cell Transport in Groundwater Environments: Implications of Extracellular Polymeric Substances (EPS) Production and CompositionSharon WalkerFederal: $17,482
Non-Federal: $46,996
2007CADistribution, Movement, & Outmigration of Juvenile Coho Salmon in the Shasta River: Relationships with Environmental Factors and Irrigation Water ManagementLisa ThompsonFederal: $18,687
Non-Federal: $52,648
2007COTechnology Transfer and Information DisseminationReagan WaskomFederal: $52,335
Non-Federal: $164,379
2007COCharacterizing Non-Beneficial Evaporative Upflux from Shallow Groundwater Under Uncultivated Land in an Irrigated River ValleyReagan Waskom, Jeffrey NiemannFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $7,778
2007COEffects of Pine Beetle Infestations on Water Yield and Water Quality at the Watershed Scale in Northern ColoradoReagan Waskom, John StednickFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $7,778
2007CTDevelopment of a new generation of sensitive, fluorescence-based nitrate sensors for use in soil and waterShawn Burdette, Zoe CardonFederal: $63,662
Non-Federal: $134,021
2007CTThe Geochemical Record of Cultural Eutrophication in Sediments of Beseck Lake and Lake Waramaug, Connecticut: Implications for Nutrient Cycling and Remediation EffortsTimothy KuFederal: $21,080
Non-Federal: $91,321
2007DCActive Biomonitoring for PCB, PAH and Chlordane Pollutants in the Nontidal Sources of the Anacostia WatershedHarriette PhelpsFederal: $14,464
Non-Federal: $33,382
2007DCGradual Variation Analysis for Groundwater Flow in the District of ColumbiaLi ChenFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $39,409
2007DCModeling of Integrated Urban Wastewater System in the District of ColumbiaTolessa Deksissa, Pradeep BeheraFederal: $14,647
Non-Federal: $4,980
2007DCDecision Support System to Deal with Water Emergencies for Metropolitan Washington DCShivraj Kanungo, Pradeep BeheraFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $15,820
2007DCMolecular Signaling by Environmental Arsenicals in Mammalian CellsDeepak KumarFederal: $14,960
Non-Federal: $5,086
2007DEModeling Hydrologic and Geochemical Effects of Land-based Wastewater DisposalAlan Andres, Maryam Akhavan, Paul ImhoffFederal: $64,369
Non-Federal: $128,738
2007DEWillingness to Pay for Sustainable Agricultural Practices in an Urbanizing RegionJoshua Duke, Sarah ChattersonFederal: $1,750
Non-Federal: $3,500
2007DEBenefit-Cost Analysis of Pelletized Broiler Litter in Agronomic Crop Production and Turf Grass ManagementJoshua Duke, Stephen MayerFederal: $1,750
Non-Federal: $3,500
2007DEViability of a Freshwater Mussel (Elliptio complanata) as a Biomechanical Filter in Aquaculture PondsGulnihal Ozbay, Oluchi UkaegbuFederal: $3,500
Non-Federal: $7,000
2007DEFederal: $3,500
Non-Federal: $7,000
2007DEComparison of the Impacts of Poultry Litter vs. Urea on Surface Runoff Water QualityShreeram Inamdar, Nathan KiracofeFederal: $1,750
Non-Federal: $3,500
2007DEEvaluating the Use of Zerovalent Iron to Remove Viruses from Water: Effect of pHYan Jin, Jennifer HandlinFederal: $1,750
Non-Federal: $3,500
2007DEThe University of Delaware Experimental Watershed: A Green Campus InitiativeGerald Kauffman, Laura YayacFederal: $1,750
Non-Federal: $3,500
2007DEHydrogeologic Characterization of the Potomac Aquifer, DelawareSusan McGeary, Peter McLaughlin, Claudia VelezFederal: $64,369
Non-Federal: $128,738
2007FLComparing NEXRAD Rainfall and Rain Gauge Data in South Florida Water Management DistrictRamesh TeegavarapuFederal: $29,877
Non-Federal: $91,125
2007FLFlorida Water Resources Information TransferKirk Hatfield, Mark NewmanFederal: $26,307
Non-Federal: $34,208
2007GARestoration of flood pulses to the lower Savannah River: responses of floodplain invertebrates and fishDarold BatzerFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $36,000
2007GAEvaluation and improvement of the curve number method of hydrological analysis on selected forested watersheds of GeorgiaErnest Tollner, Steven McCutcheon, Todd RasmussenFederal: $18,000
Non-Federal: $36,000
2007GAQuantifying the Precipitation-Stream-Aquifer System Response in the Lower Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint (ACF) River BasinJian LuoFederal: $18,036
Non-Federal: $36,160
2007GUInformation TransferGary DentonFederal: $22,802
Non-Federal: $0
2007GUWater System Operation and Maintenance Training for Yap State, FSMShahram KhosrowpanahFederal: $18,194
Non-Federal: $0
2007GUIdentifying the Optimum Land Coverage Practice for Reducing Soil Erosion in the Ugum Watersheds Using a Newly Developed GIS Based Erosion Potential ModelShahram Khosrowpanah, Yuming WenFederal: $18,147
Non-Federal: $0
2007GULand Cover Accuracy Assessment for Southern GuamYuming Wen, Leroy Heitz, Shahram KhosrowpanahFederal: $32,707
Non-Federal: $0
2007GUMercury Contamination in Garapan Lagoon, Saipan: An Evaluation of Potential Drainage Pathways and Impact on Fisheries Resources Brian Bearden, Gary Denton, Peter Houk, Michael Trianni, Harold WoodFederal: $43,558
Non-Federal: $0
2007GUDevelopment of Realistic Residential and Commercial Water Demands for Use with the Saipan Water Distribution System ModelShahram Khosrowpanah, Leroy HeitzFederal: $29,439
Non-Federal: $0
2007GUWatershed Management for Senpehn Watershed, Pohnpei Island, the Federated States of MicronesiaShahram Khosrowpanah, Leroy Heitz, Mark LanderFederal: $36,064
Non-Federal: $0
2007GUHydrological modeling of atoll islands in the Federated States of MicronesiaJohn Jenson, Donald Rubinstein, Yuming WenFederal: $53,519
Non-Federal: $0
2007GUInformation ManagementGary DentonFederal: $1,800
Non-Federal: $0
2007HIEstimating Hydraulic Properties for Volcanic Island Aquifers using Wave SetupAly El-Kadi, Ali FaresFederal: $25,424
Non-Federal: $46,608
2007HIEfficient Water Management and Block Pricing for Integrated Aquifers: Lessons from Southern OahuJames RoumassetFederal: $8,906
Non-Federal: $49,598
2007HITechnology TransferPhilip MoravcikFederal: $6,516
Non-Federal: $10,734
2007IAAssessing the Impact of Ethanol Production and Sustainability of Alluvial/Buried Valley Aquifers with Groundwater Models: A Test Case for the Ames AquiferWilliam Simpkins, Laurie AchenbachFederal: $29,932
Non-Federal: $70,642
2007IAEffects of managed riparian buffers on the integrity of stream systems: a biological assessment using fish and invertebrate communitiesMichael QuistFederal: $20,794
Non-Federal: $51,744
2007IDWetlands as Sinks for Metal(loid)s in Mining-contaminated Coeur dAlene Basin SoilsMatthew MorraFederal: $44,058
Non-Federal: $97,959
2007IDSelenium Biogeochemistry in the Hyporheic Zone of Streams within the Blackfoot River WatershedDaniel Strawn, Gregory Moller, Matthew MorraFederal: $14,795
Non-Federal: $33,553
2007IDA spreadsheet tool to derive economic demand for irrigation water from crop price, evapotranspiration/yield relationships and irrigation application efficiencyBryce Contor, Richard Allen, Garth TaylorFederal: $10,969
Non-Federal: $22,591
2007IDIdaho Water Resources Information and Needs Assessment: Extended Analysis and Enhanced Information TransferCharles Harris, Jan BollFederal: $15,517
Non-Federal: $31,805
2007ILBalancing Irrigation and Instream Water Requirements under Drought Conditions: A Study of the Kanakee River WatershedXiming Cai, Yu-Feng Lin, Albert ValocchiFederal: $39,748
Non-Federal: $107,357
2007ILMethylmercury Bioavailability and Dynamics in the Streams of Piasa Creek Watershed: New Methods of Sampling and AnalysisRobert HudsonFederal: $39,954
Non-Federal: $79,912
2007INSecuring The Load - A Guide to Safe and Legal Transportation of Cargo and EquipmentFred WhitfordFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $20,006
2007INSoil and Septic System Field GuideBrad LeeFederal: $10,000
Non-Federal: $28,528
2007INFish Assemblages of Shallow Inner Bend Habitats of the Wabash River During 30 Years of Human ImpactsMark Pyron, Mark PyronFederal: $25,191
Non-Federal: $57,104
2007INAssessing BMP Maintenance: Creating a Remote Sensing Scale and Measuring the Influence of Social FactorsLinda Prokopy, Adam Baumgart-GetzFederal: $19,906
Non-Federal: $47,122
2007INQuantification of sediment nutrient interaction as affected by drainage ditch managementIndrajeet Chaubey, Laura BowlingFederal: $18,639
Non-Federal: $37,284
2007KYAssessment of Pathogen Trends in the Upper Forks of the Kentucky River BasinChandramouli ViswanathanFederal: $19,022
Non-Federal: $38,212
2007KYEffectiveness of Improved Skid Trail Ephemeral Channel CrossingsJeffrey StringerFederal: $4,991
Non-Federal: $20,014
2007KYDetermination of Nutrient Sources in a Eutrophic Lake Impacted by Human ActivityWalter BorowskiFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $15,000
2007KYDiatom Colonization Patterns in Freshwater Springs in Relation to Underlying GeologySusan HendricksFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $12,000
2007KYChemical Evolution of Groundwater in the Wilcox Aquifer of the Mississippi EmbaymentAlan FryarFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $11,058
2007KYThe Link Between Metal Tolerance and Antibiotic Resistance in Fecal ColiformsRebecca KelleyFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $12,428
2007KYA Three Dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamic Code for Simulation of Pump Stations Scott YostFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,258
2007KYImpacts of Disturbance on Streamflow and Sediment Yield in the Licking River BasinChristine McMichaelFederal: $3,134
Non-Federal: $6,313
2007KYDevelopment and Application of a New Sediment Fingerprinting MethodologyJames FoxFederal: $5,000
Non-Federal: $10,089
2007LAScale-Dependent Behavior and Modeling of Nitrogen Retention in StreamsZhi-Qiang Deng, Donald AdrianFederal: $19,812
Non-Federal: $40,941
2007LADiscerning nutrient limitations to phytoplankton growth in rivers and bayous on the North shore of Lake Pontchartrain, LouisianaSarah FearnleyFederal: $19,245
Non-Federal: $41,807
2007LAInformation Transfer Symposia: Mitigation of Storm Surge using Vegetation (Spring, 2007) and Resilient Environmental Infrastructure for Coastal Communities (Fall, 2007)John Pardue, Nedra KorevecFederal: $73,640
Non-Federal: $147,780
2007MAWater Resources Research Conference 2007Sarah Dorner, Marie-Francoise HatteFederal: $20,724
Non-Federal: $16,991
2007MAEnvironmental Behaviors of Engineered Nanoparticles in WaterBaoshan Xing, Baoshan XingFederal: $74,988
Non-Federal: $180,112
2007MADevelopment of a standardized protocol for fish bioassays detecting estrogenic exposureKathleen Arcaro, Lauren MoffattFederal: $4,917
Non-Federal: $37,984
2007MDResponses of Species-Rich Low-Salinity Tidal Marshes to Sea Level Rise: a Mesocosm StudyAndrew Baldwin, Peter SharpeFederal: $53,772
Non-Federal: $123,056
2007MDAssessing the role of road salt run-off on the critical ecological interactions that regulate carbon processing in small, headwater streams in the Chesapeake Bay watershedChristopher SwanFederal: $23,663
Non-Federal: $47,419
2007MDSublethal Reproductive and Developmental Responses in the Fathead Minnow (Pimephales promelas) Exposed to Endocrine Disruptors in Poultry LitterAllen Davis, Allen DavisFederal: $4,600
Non-Federal: $9,211
2007MDDeveloping Permeable Sorptive Barriers for Petroleum Contaminant Removal from Groundwater Using High Carbon Content Fly AshAllen Davis, Allen DavisFederal: $4,600
Non-Federal: $9,211
2007MDHydraulic Consequences of Riparian Vegetation on Bank Roughness in Urban Stream CorridorsAllen Davis, Allen DavisFederal: $4,600
Non-Federal: $9,211
2007MEBiological Effects of Pharmaceutically Derived Estrogens from Wastewater Effluents in the Penobscot River, MaineGregory MayerFederal: $8,000
Non-Federal: $26,170
2007METhe Penobscot River Education Program: Celebrating and Strengthening Community Connections to the River that Sustains UsBeth Owen, Cheryl Daigle, Ruth HallsworthFederal: $7,405
Non-Federal: $16,900
2007MEKey attributes for sustainable water use: a map-based bulletin boardPeter Vaux, Roy BouchardFederal: $15,530
Non-Federal: $27,871
2007MEA 31P NMR investigation of phosphorus speciation in sediments of two shallow lakes in Maine, USAAria Amirbahman, Karl Bishop, Roy Bouchard, Bjorn Lake, Stephen NortonFederal: $8,600
Non-Federal: $22,024
2007MEA Novel Approach to Assessing Multiple Stressor Effects in Maine FishesRebecca Van Beneden, Frank Drummond, Adria Elskus, Brian PerkinsFederal: $7,197
Non-Federal: $60,159
2007MEAssessing the role of natural flow variability and the impact of flow standards on Maine's surface waters Shaleen Jain, David Courtemanch, David HartFederal: $5,654
Non-Federal: $49,898
2007MEMaine WRRI FY07 ITJohn PeckenhamFederal: $23,470
Non-Federal: $37,034
2007METhe ABC^2 of Drinking Water Quality on Main St., Unity, ME: Arsenic, Bacteria, and Other Common ContaminantsLois Ongley, Peter MilliganFederal: $19,767
Non-Federal: $49,886
2007MEReducing Pollution to Urban Streams through Business Friends IncentivesLaura Wilson, Christopher Brewer, John Jemison, Mark Ward, Wendy WarrenFederal: $12,027
Non-Federal: $46,271
2007MEPollution Source Tracking in Spruce Creek, Kittery, MaineChris Feurt, Michele DionneFederal: $11,480
Non-Federal: $25,770
2007MEEffective Knowledge Transfer to Enhance Stakeholder Involvement in Watershed StewardshipGayle Zydlewski, LaMarr Cannon, Xiongyi Liu, Gordon Longsworth, Catherine Schmitt, Peter Vaux, Laura WilsonFederal: $13,138
Non-Federal: $42,055
2007MEMeasuring and Incorporating Stakeholder Values into River Restoration Decisions: A Socio-economic AnalysisLynne Lewis, Kathleen Bell, Curtis BohlenFederal: $53,176
Non-Federal: $94,445
2007MEUsing reactive thin-film membranes and Molecular Tools to determine mercury mobility and transformation in the Penobscot River estuary sediment, MaineAria Amirbahman, Melinda DiehlFederal: $19,600
Non-Federal: $41,250
2007MEResponse of a linked lake-stream system to dam removal and restoration of migratory fish.Kevin Simon, Stephen Coghlan, David HartFederal: $32,306
Non-Federal: $165,196
2007MEChemical Survey of Creeks and Nearshore Coastal Sediments and Water for the Presence of Current-Use PesticidesLawrence LeBlanc, Brian PerkinsFederal: $11,096
Non-Federal: $28,733
2007MEA New Method to Monitor Aquatic Ecosystem Health in Ponds Treated with HerbicidesHoward Patterson, Roy Bouchard, David Courtemanch, John McPhedran, John Peckenham, Jamie Pinto, Collin RoeslerFederal: $17,655
Non-Federal: $36,272
2007METhe influence of chloride and natural organic matter gradients on disinfection by-product formation in MaineJohn Peckenham, Gail Lipfert, Touradj Solouki, Andy TolmanFederal: $5,208
Non-Federal: $20,551
2007MIInformation Dissemination and Technology Transfer Training ProgramsLois WolfsonFederal: $20,342
Non-Federal: $52,708
2007MIWater Quality Valuation In Michigans Inland Lakes Using Hedonic Valuation MethodsKendra Cheruvelil, Daniel KramerFederal: $15,000
Non-Federal: $33,504
2007MIRegulation of Large Quantity Water Withdrawal in Michigan: Assessing Alternative Mitigation Options, Economic trade-off, and Impacts of Policy ImplementationSaichon Seedang, Zhengfei GuanFederal: $12,987
Non-Federal: $33,431
2007MIEvaluation of SWAT and HIT Models in the Kalamazoo River Watershed, MichiganSteven Safferman, Dean Baas, Rosemary Fanelli, Steve Miller, Glenn O'NeilFederal: $10,355
Non-Federal: $20,914
2007MINatural Resources Integrated Information SystemJon BartholicFederal: $33,651
Non-Federal: $44,563
2007MNTriclosan and triclosan-derived dioxins in the Mississippi River sediment recordKristopher McNeill, William ArnoldFederal: $54,374
Non-Federal: $107,146
2007MNThe Role of Local Stakeholders in Water Resource Management: Characterization and Diffusion of Minnesota Lake Improvement DistrictsDennis R. BeckerFederal: $66,290
Non-Federal: $119,974
2007MNThe Influence of Drainage on Biogeochemical Cycling of Carbon in Agricultural EcosystemsJennifer King, Brent Dalzell, Jacques Finlay, David Mulla, Gary SandsFederal: $18,780
Non-Federal: $35,578
2007MODevelopment of Membrane Aerated Reactor Processes for Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal from WastewaterZhiqiang HuFederal: $44,000
Non-Federal: $92,594
2007MORelation Between Spatial Variation of Bed-Shear Stress Distribution and the Statistical Characterization of Bed Material in the Missouri RiverJerry Richardson, Richard GeekieFederal: $43,694
Non-Federal: $87,178
2007MOTech Transfer - USGS Water Resources Research CenterThomas Clevenger, Thomas ClevengerFederal: $63,808
Non-Federal: $129,562
2007MSNatural Enhanced Transport of Agricultural Pb and As Through Riparian WetlandsGregg DavidsonFederal: $49,476
Non-Federal: $99,723
2007MSWater Quality and Floristic Habitat Assessments in the Coldwater and Sunflower River Basins: Comparing traditional measures of water and habitat quality to Index of Biotic Integrity findingsTodd Tietjen, Gary ErvinFederal: $50,214
Non-Federal: $121,592
2007MSClimatological and Cultural Influences on Annual Groundwater Decline in the Mississippi Delta Shallow Alluvial Aquifer: Identifying the Causes and SolutionsCharles Wax, Jonathan PoteFederal: $19,602
Non-Federal: $95,528
2007MTTemporal and spatial changes in the concentration and isotopic composition of nutrients in the upper Silver Bow Creek drainage, Montana: Year 2Chris GammonsFederal: $13,600
Non-Federal: $27,522
2007MTIdentifying and characterizing sources of dissolved organic carbon in the Big Hole and Clark Fork Rivers, a continued investigationStephen Parker, Douglas CameronFederal: $8,586
Non-Federal: $17,177
2007MTHistorical and Future Streamflow Related to Small Mountain Glaciers in the Glacier Park Region, Montana