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Version 1.06c 2016/04/25 - This version addresses the following bug fixes and enhancements: o Added new concentration and loading parameter codes 99901 (mg/L), 99902 (ug/L), 99903 (lb/d), and 99904 (kg/d) that display values with extend precision (3 significant digits). o Modified the installer to request administrative permission during installation. Version 1.06c 2016/02/19 - This version addresses the following bug fixes and enhancements: o Corrects a bug that caused remark codes of "<" and ">" to be lost if a a data set with those remark codes was saved to a GCLAS project file (.gpf), opened in a new GCLAS session, and saved again. This bug did not affect computed loads, since GCLAS uses the censoring level to compute loads. o Improved open/write dialogs so that last open/written directory is default location. o Cleaned up compute-loads option tab. Version 1.06b 2014/09/17 - This version addresses the following enhancements: o Modified gcl import function to properly read concentration values with magnitudes less than 1.0 that are missing leading zeros. o Added additional parameters to the parameter-code dictionary. o Made minor changes to make selected error messages clearer. Version 1.06a 2013/06/01 - This version addresses the following bugs and enhancements: o Corrected problem with maximize scale option caused by error related to 'usable' field. o Added display of 'A' qualifer (for average values) to better facilitate analyses with lab-generated averaged data. o Removed the remark field from the QW table because remarks were never implemented in GCLAS o Revised code for picklist handling in the QW table to register on selection rather than requiring clicking in adjacent cell. Version 1.06 2012/06/09 - This version addresses the following bugs and enhancements: o Added the ability to read tab-delimited NWISWeb-based streamflow unit values. o Improved error handling and error messages. o Eliminated options to work with non-water-year periods. o Added the ability to compute bacterial and thermal loadings. o Improved automatic handling of some forms of improper input formatting. o Revised input filters to make options more understandable. o Corrected problem with loss of focus on pop-up windows. o Added note to output table to indicate that monthly and yearly totals are rounded. o Updated help files. o Updated installer to work with Windows 7 operating system. Version 1.05e 2007/01/22 - This version addresses the following bugs and enhancements: o Added routines to help recover data from corrupted gpf files. o Added routines to handle unknown parameter codes in 2 and B card files. o Added routines to trap missing parameter code and/or statistic code in 2 and B card files. o Added the ability to compute bacterial and thermal loadings. o Modified rounding rules for sediment concentration and loading to be consistent with NWIS. Version 1.04 2002/07/18 - This version addresses the following bugs and enhancements: o When rounded concentration data were output in card-image form from the load table, the parameter code was output as the string "undef" rather than 80154. o When rounded concentration data were output in card-image form from the load table, when attempting to write unrounded concentration data, GCLAS used to cause an exception resulting in a zero size report file as a result of the exception. o Saving a .csv file as a .gcl file, caused an exception. o When a date cell was edited with a new date and user pressed "Enter", the time cell was set to computer system's time in GMT. o If two data values occurred on the same day and one of the data values was edited so that its time was earlier in the day than the other value, then the water-quality table was not resorted based on the new entered. Also, the graph was not drawn properly. The data was shown correctly if they are saved to a gpf file and re-read into GCLAS. In general, editing a time cell was not causing a resort of the table based on the new time. o Loads computed for partial days were not correct. The total number of intervals used for discretization of the day was used instead of the actual number of time intervals in the partial day. (note: this bug only affected loads computed for the first and last day of the computation period.) o When loads were computed sequentially for at least two discontinuous periods, the load table was improperly filled in for the intervening days. These data were not output to card images if card images were subsequently created. o A merge was originally (pre-version 1.04) done by averaging concentrations and coefficients and applying them at the minimum streamflow associated with the merged coefficents and at the time associated with the earliest time of the merged coefficients. This was changed to make the streamflow associated with the merged coefficient equal to the average streamflow. o New parameters were added to the parameters table. o The ability to use several different concentration and load units was added. o The user interface was cleaned up. o The checkbox named "Include Est. pts" on the "Apply Coefficients" tab was removed. The functionality for this checkbox was never implemented. To provide the intended functionality, a new "Options" menu was added. A "Default Representation" sub menu was added under the "Options" menu cascading to 3 choices for the user to select from: "Cross Section", "Single Vertical", or "Point". Estimated values are assigned the representation chosen by the user. Changing the default representation affects only those estimated values that are entered after the change in default representation. o The help files were updated to reflect the changes implemented in this release. Version 1.03 2001/08/13 - not released officially Version 1.02 2001/04/18 - Corrected problems with saving and reloading data. Corrected problem where ignored values were still being used in computing daily loads. Version 1.01 2001/03/25 - Corrected problem in which discharge values were not interpolated when concentration values were interactively added to the data set. Also corrected problem in which concentration values that were interactively deleted were not completely removed from the data structure. If the data were then stored to and reloaded from a GCLAS Project File or gcl file, the previously deleted data were restored to the working data set. Version 1.0 2001/03/21 - Initial release Version 1.b 2000/11/01 - Initial beta release CONTACTS Operation and Distribution: U.S. Geological Survey Office of Surface Water 12201 Sunrise Valley Drive Mail Stop 415 Reston, VA 20192

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