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Site ID: 81 Cedar River @ Janesville, IA
File Name Description
saab.meas.outp Scour calculations output worksheet
wsp_calb.prt WSPRO output file for calibration model using surveyed high-water marks and discharge
wsp_prel.prt WSPRO output file for model using pre-flood geometry for scour calculations.
AllSections.xls Excel spreadsheet with all surveyed channel bathymetry
f218.xls Excel spreadsheet with all surveyed floodplain topography.
Janesville_Topo.jpg Plot of surveyed channel bathymetry on July 23, 1999.
LongProfile.xls Longitudinal profile of surveyed channel reach used to establish contraction scour reference surface.
NewBridgeLocation.jpg Sketch of new bridge location and alignment relative to old bridge.
Photos.zip DCP00172.jpg - DCP00207.jpg - photos taken during 1999 flood
DCP00252.jpg-DCP00344.jpg - photos taken during after 1999 flood receded.
DSCN0123.jpg-DSCN0138.jpg - photos taken during low-flow and floodplain survey (2000).
Janesville photos.doc - Word document description of all site photos.
Iowa_Janesville_3-25-90.jpg - Aerial photo of site taken in 1990, prior to construction of new bridges
Iowa_Janesville_5-01-94.jpg - Aerial photo of site taken in 1994, after construction of new bridges
ADCP.zip IOWA003.vel - IOWA 031.vel - output files of ADCP data collected on at site 7-23-99.
(Header Definitions for ADCP Files)
All(Site81).zip All files listed above
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