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Summary of U.S. Geological Survey On-Line Instantaneous Fluvial Sediment Data

Figure 1: Locations of sites in the United States and Puerto rico with 30 or more samples of paired instantaneous suspended-sediment concentration and water discharge retrieved from the NWISWeb data base, January 13, 2000.

This map shows sites with at least 30 paired values of instantaneous-value suspended-sediment concentration (USGS parameter code 80154) and instantaneous-value water discharge (USGS parameter code 00061).
Map 1

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Appendix A--Parameter Codes
Appendix B--Selected Retrieval Results
Appendix C--Remark and Value Codes

Figure 1--Locations of Sites with Suspended-Sediment Data
Figure 2--Locations of Sites with Particle-Size Distributions of Suspended-Sediment Data
Figure 3--Locations of Sites with Bedload Discharge Data
Figure 4--Locations of Sites with Particle-size Distribution of Bed Material Data

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