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U.S. Geological Survey headquarters is located in the
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The mission of the Water Resources Discipline (WRD), which supports the overall mission of the U.S. Department of the Interior and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), is to provide the hydrologic information and understanding needed for the best use and management of the Nation's water resources for the benefit of the people of the United States.

The field-based hydrologic programs are administered by statewide Water Science Centers (WSC's). WSC's are managed by Regional Offices, headed by a Regional Executive.

The Regional staff functions are carried out by a management staff and technical specialists. The management staff consists of the Regional Executive, Associate Regional Executive, Assistant Regional Hydrologist for National Water Quality Assessment (NAWQA), Program and Plans Officer, and a Senior Staff Scientist. These officials are involved in the day-to-day management of the scientific program in the Region. The technical specialists provide scientific expertise to the various disciplines in hydrologic sciences. These include Ground Water, Surface Water, Water Quality, Water-Use, and Computer Science. A Great Lakes coordinator provides focus for bureau activities in that area. In addition, a specialist in technical report production and review provides expertise for that function. 


REGIONAL EXECUTIVE: Serves as the representative of the Regional Director and the Associate Director for Water in the Region and the principal deputy for the implementation of the Water Resources Programs in the Region. In this capacity has full responsibility for the development, execution, coordination, and the direction of Regional programs and plans within 16 WSC's.

ASSOCIATE REGIONAL EXECUTIVE (David Grason): Serves as the principal deputy for the implementation of policies and objectives of the Discipline. As a member of the Regional staff, the incumbent shares the responsibility for the development, execution, coordination, and direction of the region's programs and plans in water-resources investigations. Serves as day-to-day office manager of Regional Headquarters.

ASSISTANT REGIONAL HYDROLOGIST FOR NAWQA (Michael C. Yurewicz): Serves as the NAWQA Program Manager and provides management and technical direction to all NAWQA activities in the Region. Assists in budget preparation and distribution; staffing and team building; selection and staging, planning, and implementation of study unit investigations; and training and development of technical protocols and guidelines. Facilitates and participates in intra- and inter-agency liaison activities related to NAWQA. Reviews program products and progress to assure technical excellence and conformance with work schedules. Participates as a member of the NAWQA senior management team in the overall management and technical direction of the NAWQA program. Writes reports and gives presentations about NAWQA.

PROGRAMS AND PLANS OFFICER (Eric J. Evenson): Responsible for the coordination of planning and programming of the Region's part of the Water Resources National Program. This involves assistance to the WSC's in program planning and development, execution of Regional responsibilities in technical review, and approval of WSC projects. Ensures that Water Resources Discipline's responsibilities in establishing and maintaining the Water Information Coordination Program, as defined in Office of Management and Budget, OMB Memorandum 92.01, are accomplished in the Region. Serves as liaison with officials in Geologic, National and Biologic Disciplines for program activity.  Serves as a member of the Eastern Region Science Committee.

SENIOR STAFF SCIENTIST (vacancy): Responsible for issue-oriented initiatives and shares with Regional Executive the development, execution, coordination and direction of issues of national importance that cannot be handled at the WSC level.  Facilitates inter-divisional and inter-agency cooperation.  Serves as field-based representative of the Regional Executive for technical activities with geographical diversity and multi-agency involvement.  Serves as mentor to WSC Directors in their initial training as field-based managers.  Acts as the Regional representative for large-scale thrust programs or initiatives.  Represents the Region at meetings, conferences and seminars.

MANAGEMENT ADVISOR (Alicia D. Bullocks): Provides managerial advice and council to the Regional Executive and subordinate organizations; provides oversight of regional management functions; and serves in a leadership role to regional managers, center chiefs and center administrative staffs on business management activities.


WATER-QUALITY SPECIALIST (Daniel J. Hippe): Serves as technical specialist on all problems related to quality of water (physical, chemical, and biological aspects). Coordinates quality of water activities in WSC's and technology transfer with National Water-Quality Laboratory, Branch of Quality Assurance, and the National Research Program (NRP). Serves as representative of the Office of Water-Quality when acting as technical consultant to Field Offices, conducting training, and performing technical reviews. Reviews project proposals and technical reports that deal with studies of water quality.

SURFACE-WATER SPECIALIST (William P. Bartlett, Jr.): Serves as consultant on matters pertaining to improvement of technical content of surface-water programs and multidisciplinary programs with surface-water components throughout the Region. Reviews surface-water aspects of project proposals submitted to the Region, analyzing them with respect to scope, content, and technical adequacy of each proposal. Reviews reports of surface water and geomorphology and reviews overall surface-water programs in the WSC. Also acts as technical consultant to Field Offices, conducting surface-water training, and performing technical reviews as a representative of the Office of Surface Water.

GROUND-WATER SPECIALIST (Rodney A. Sheets): Serves as a consultant on matters pertaining to improvements of technical content of ground-water studies and ground-water aspects of multidisciplinary programs throughout the Region. Reviews ground-water aspects of project proposals submitted to the Region, analyzing them with respect to scope, content, and technical adequacy of each proposal. Reviews reports on ground-water and also reviews the overall ground-water program in the WSC's. Provides technical guidance and assistance to Field Offices on techniques and methods of conducting ground-water investigations, especially as to the use of newly-developed techniques, methods, and equipment.

REPORTS SPECIALIST (Dorothy H. Tepper): Serves as Reports Improvement Advisor in the Region. Responsible for maintaining and enhancing the high quality of reports produced in the WSC's, and NRP/Eastern Region. Reviews reports for technical accuracy, organization, and consistency with USGS policy. Approves interpretative reports for the WSC's in the Region and for NRP/Eastern Region.

COMPUTER SCIENTIST (vacancy): The incumbent serves as senior technical computer specialist in the Region. Serves as technical expert in the application of automated data processing techniques as an advisor to management, WSC Directors, and project personnel, including NRP in the Region.

GREAT LAKES COORDINATOR (Norman G. Granneman):  Serves as the program coordinator and technical-information specialist on the Great Lakes.  Develops databases that include information on scientists, managers, projects and programs that are useful for advancing and coordinating work in the Great Lakes.  Serves as the Bureau's primary contract to the public and private sectors on the USGS programs on the Great Lakes

REGIONAL SAFETY AND OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH MANAGER (Clyde Sholar):  Carries out Bureau and Regional policy related to all aspects of safety in the Region's WSC's.  Serves as technical expert for the Region in matters related to safety at the Discipline and Bureau level.  Provides technical guidance and assistance to Field Offices on aspects of personnel safety and enhancement, especially in the establishment and application of new policies, procedures, and equipment.

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