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Online Guide to MODFLOW-2005

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Name File

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The Name File specifies the names of the input and output files, associates each file name with a unit number and identifies the packages that will be used in the model.


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Other Notes

Space characters are not allowed in Fname.

Lines in the name file are limited to 300 characters.

Input Instructions

The name file contains the names of most input and output files used in a model simulation and controls the parts of the model program that are active. (“OPEN/CLOSE” files, described in the Input Instructions for Array Reading Utility Modules section, are not included in the name file.) The name file is read on unit 99. The name file is constructed as follows.


Data Set 1

Ftype Nunit Fname  [Option]

The name file contains one of the above records (item 1) for each file. All variables are free format. The length of each record must be 199 characters or less. The records can be in any order except for records where Ftype (file type) is “GLOBAL” or “LIST” as described above.

Comment records are indicated by the # character in column one and can be located anywhere in the file. Any text characters can follow the # character. Comment records have no effect on the simulation; their purpose is to allow users to provide documentation about a particular simulation. All comment records after the first item-1 record are written in the listing file.

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