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Investigation of aquifer-estuary interaction using wavelet analysis of fiber-optic temperature data

Rory D. Henderson, U.S. Geological Survey, Storrs, CT and University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT

Frederick D. Day-Lewis*, U.S. Geological Survey, Storrs, CT

Charles F. Harvey, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

*Corresponding Author: 860.487.7402 x21


Fiber-optic distributed temperature sensing (FODTS) provides sub-minute temporal and meter-scale spatial resolution over kilometer-long cables. Compared to conventional thermistor or thermocouple-based technologies, which measure temperature at discrete (and commonly sparse) locations, FODTS offers nearly continuous spatial coverage, thus providing hydrologic information at spatiotemporal scales previously impossible. Large and information-rich FODTS datasets, however, pose challenges for data exploration and analysis. To date, FODTS analyses have focused on time-series variance as the means to discriminate between hydrologic phenomena. Here, we demonstrate the continuous wavelet transform (CWT) and cross-wavelet transform (XWT) to analyze FODTS in the context of related hydrologic time series. We apply the CWT and XWT to data from Waquoit Bay, Massachusetts to identify the location and timing of tidal pumping of submarine groundwater.

Download complete paper (910KB PDF).

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Final copy as submitted to Geophysical Research Letters for publication as: Henderson, R.D., Day-Lewis, F.D., and Harvey, C.F., 2009, Investigation of aquifer-estuary interaction using wavelet analysis of fiber-optic temperature data: Geophysical Research Letters, 36, L06403, doi:10.1029/2008GL036926.

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