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Photo of Everglades research site 3A-5.

The SFSTPT performs fundamental hydrologic, geomorphic, and biogeochemical research in the Florida Everglades. Since August 2005, the team's principal research has taken place at a site in an area of remnant but well-preserved ridge and slough topography in central Everglades Water Conservation Area 3A. Our research is addressing the following key questions:

** View real-time water level data at site 3A-5 **

The team is part of the USGS National Research Program (NRP). Funding to support this research is provided by the USGS Greater Everglades Priority Ecosystem Science initiative as well as by the National Science Foundation through Grant #0732211

For information on other research involving members of this team, see the Hydro-ecology of Flowing Waters project of the NRP