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README                                                  June 7, 2001

                SUTRA-GUI - Version: 1.04 (2001/06/07)
       Preprocessor and postprocessor graphical-user interface for 
   preparing SUTRA input data and for viewing model output for use within
             Argus Open Numerical Environments (Argus ONE)

For assistance, enhancement requests, or bug reports contact the
Hydrologic Analysis Software Support Program via e-mail sent to  See the file doc\sutra-gui.txt for descriptions,
references, and additional information on this software.  Instructions
for installation and execution of this software are provided below.

SUTRA-GUI is implemented as a plug-in extension (PIE) for use with
Argus ONE version 4.  Although Argus ONE runs on a variety of computing
platforms, the PIE for SUTRA is only available for systems running
Microsoft Windows 9x or NT.

References to commercial vendors of software products or services is for
informational purposes only and does not imply endorsement by the U.S.

                         TABLE OF CONTENTS
                         A. DISTRIBUTION FILES
                         B. INSTALLING
                         C. USING SUTRA-GUI


The following distribution files (containing the software and
information files) are currently available.  - Compiled using Microsoft Visual C++ (5.0) - Source code only

The above zip files must be unzipped using a utility that preserves long
filenames, such as PKZIP for Windows.  A shareware version of PKZIP for
Windows is available from PKWARE at this World Wide Web site:

and by File Transfer Protocol (FTP) from the following site: 

Included in directory sutra-gui1.02\doc is a Portable Document Format (PDF)
version of the SUTRA-GUI documentation (sutra-gui.pdf).  A PostScript
version of this report is available from:

PDF files are readable and printable on various computer platforms using
Acrobat Reader from Adobe.  The Acrobat Reader is freely available from
the following World Wide Web sites:
and by File Transfer Protocol (FTP) from the following site: (path: /pub/adobe/acrobatreader)


For either SUTRA-GUI distribution file that you have acquired, or, the directory "sutra-gui1.02" is
created when the files are extracted from the distribution file.  Any
directory that exists from a previous SUTRA-GUI installation must be
deleted first.

It is important that no prior version of SUTRA-GUI remain installed
because Argus ONE searches for and loads all PIEs found in the ArgusPIE
directory of the Argus ONE installation.  If an older version of
SUTRA-GUI is retained, that version could be used by Argus ONE instead of
the newer SUTRA-GUI version.  Delete the directory of any
previously-installed version of SUTRA-GUI found in the ArgusPIE

Using a utility program that recognizes the zip compressed format and
that preserves long filenames, extract the files from the SUTRA-GUI
distribution file into the ArgusPIE directory of the existing
installation of Argus ONE, e.g., 
C:\Program Files\Argus Interware\ArgusPIE, being sure to set any options
necessary to restore the directory structure stored in the distribution

Upon successful extraction of the files contained in the distribution
file, the following directory structure will be created under the
ArgusPIE directory (the contents of each directory are shown to the
      sutra-gui1.04       ; plug-in extensions, copy of this README file
       `-----doc          ; documentation files
       `-----src          ; source code
              `----- res  ; Visual C++ resource file

Note:  The source code is not included in the distribution
       file and the file includes only the source code.

The sutra-gui1.04 directory will contain the following plug-in extension

      SelectChar.exe - executable to be used by external calibration program
      WaitForMe.exe - executable to be used by external calibration program
      sutra.dll - PIE library (compiled)
      GetMyDirectory.dll - PIE library (compiled)
      OkCancel.dll - PIE library (compiled)
      Sutra_List.dll - PIE library (compiled)
      Sutra_ProgressBarPIE.dll - PIE library (compiled)
      Sutra_ReadFileValue.dll - PIE library (compiled)
      sutra.ini - display information which depends on model type
      sutra.lay - layer information
      sutra.met - export template
      sutra.val - initial values
      readme.txt - explanation of how to use SelectChar.exe and WaitForMe.exe

All files except those with the extensions dll and exe are text files.

The executable version of SUTRA (sutra.exe) is assumed to be located in a
directory with the pathname C:\sutra; the full pathname of the executable
for SUTRA is assumed to be C:\sutra\sutra.exe.  If the executable version
of SUTRA is located in another directory, the sutra.met file in the
ArgusPIE\sutra-gui1.02 directory must be edited using a text editor that
can save files in an ASCII format.  The pathname of the executable
version of SUTRA is given in the thirteenth line of the file.  This line
currently reads:

      Set Variable: SutraPath:= "C:\SUTRA\sutra.exe"

The pathname in quotation marks should be replaced with the full pathname
of the executable version of SUTRA.  Note that, as currently distributed
by the USGS, the executable version of SUTRA is installed  by default in
the directory sutra09.97\bin; the pathname of the executable is
sutra09.97\bin\sutra.exe by default.


After SUTRA-GUI is properly installed (see INSTALLING, above), the
plug-in extensions will be automatically loaded when Argus ONE is

The preprocessor is utilized by selecting the "New SUTRA Project..." 
menu item from the PIEs menu.

The postprocessor is utilized by selecting the "SUTRA Post Proc..."
menu item from the PIEs menu.

Full instructions are given in the SUTRA-GUI documentation; see


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