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SutraGUI Version

Graphical pre- and post-processor for SUTRA.
Requires Argus Open Numerical Environments (Argus ONE) commercial software.

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SutraGUI Version is a graphical environment for setting up and executing 2D and 3D SUTRA runs, and for visualizing results from 2D SUTRA runs. It is compatible with SUTRA Version 2.2 and requires Argus Open Numerical Environments (Argus ONE) commercial software, which can be purchased from Argus Interware, Inc.  

This distribution package includes the post-processing utilities GW_Chart Version (visualization of SUTRA budget data and hydrographs of observations) and CheckMatchBC Version (aids in setting up SUTRA specified-pressure, specified-concentration, and specified-temperature boundary conditions).

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Software (Version, Mar. 6, 2014)

Version History

Platforms Supported
Microsoft Windows 9, 2000, XP, Vistas, 7, or 8
Hardware and/or Software Requirements
SUTRA-GUI requires use of the proprietary software, Argus ONE. Information on this software and a free demonstration version of Argus ONE that allows limited use of SUTRA-GUI may be obtained from Argus Interware, Inc. SUTRA-GUI is compiled for use with Argus ONE version 4.0, or later.
 Download files to install manually
zip binary (PC zip file, 9.9 Mb)
 Download Software Installer
zip binary (PC zip file, 12.8 Mb)

To download, click on one of the links above to download the software.

If you downloaded the file for manual installation, unzip the file into a subdirectory of the Argus Interware\ArgusPIE directory.

If you downloaded the installer, choose a directory in which to save the downloaded file. When you have finished downloading the file, open Windows Explorer and locate the directory in which you saved the downloaded file. Double click on the file to start installing the software. Select the location where the Argus ONE is installed.

The installer includes the Utility PIE that has updated versions of commands contained in previously released PIEs as well as new commands, functions, and interpolation methods. To use the new PIE the older PIEs must be removed. The PIEs that must be removed include:

  • EditContoursPie.dll,
  • EditDataLayer.dll,
  • GriddedImport.dll,
  • JoinContoursPie.dll,
  • MoreConversions.dll,
  • EvalAtXY.dll,
  • RotateCells.dll, and
  • CopyMesh.dll
Not all Argus ONE users will have all of these PIEs.

A README file containing installation instructions is included with the software.


The documentation for SutraGUI is included in the installer.  It also can be downloaded using the link below.

Winston, R. B. and Voss, C.I., 2004, SutraGUI: A Graphical User Interface for SUTRA, A Model for Ground-Water Flow with Solute or Energy Transport: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 03-285, 114 p.

 SutraGUI documentation 2.5 Mb

Source Code

SutraGUI and CheckMatchBC are compiled with Delphi version 5. The Help System is written with Help Scribble. Sutrareader.dll is written in Fortran and compiled with the Compaq Visual Fortran compiler. The Delphi Components are required for compilation of SutraGUI and CheckMatchBC.
Help System
Delphi Components

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