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(Sept 2010)  SUTRA Version 2.2 offers new features for input and output of time-dependent boundary conditions

The newly released SUTRA Version 2.2 allows specification of time-dependent boundary conditions using one or more optional ".bcs" input files. (Previous versions of SUTRA required time-dependent boundary conditions to be implemented by programming subroutine BCTIME.) In addition, the new version offers a new set of optional output files that summarize specifications and computed results at boundary condition nodes.


(June 2008)  SUTRA Version 2.1 allows irregular 3D meshes and greater control over time stepping and observation output

The newly released SUTRA Version 2.1 allows irregular meshes for both 2D and 3D simulations. (The previous version of SUTRA allowed only irregular meshes only for 2D simulations.) In addition, the new version offers greater control over time stepping and the timing of observation output through user-defined "schedules"; interpolation of observations in space and time to facilitate model calibration; an alternative observation output format; "insertion" of input data from separate files; and automatic assignment of Fortran unit numbers to input and output files.

(Oct 2003)  SUTRA Version 2D3D.1 allows fully 3D simulation

The newly released SUTRA Version 2D3D.1 provides both 2D and fully 3D simulation of saturated-unsaturated, variable-density ground-water flow and solute or energy transport. (Previous versions of SUTRA allowed only 2D simulation.) In addition, the new version includes iterative matrix solvers, more flexible input/output data formats, improved error reporting, and improved budget reports. SUTRA 2D3D.1 and its pre- and post-processing utilities are known collectively as SutraSuite.

(Oct 2003)  New pre- and post-processing utilities for SUTRA

The latest release of SUTRA, Version 2D3D.1, is supported by a collection of pre- and post-processing utilities that facilitate preparation of input datasets and analysis of results:

  • SutraPrep is a pre-processor that generates 3D, logically rectangular SUTRA meshes and prepares the input files for 3D SUTRA runs.
  • SutraGUI is a graphical environment for setting up and executing 2D and 3D SUTRA runs, and for visualizing results from 2D SUTRA runs.
  • SutraPlot creates mesh plots, contour plots, and velocity vector plots from 2D and 3D SUTRA output data.
  • Model Viewer creates 2D and rotatable 3D color visualizations and animations based on output data from a variety of ground-water simulators, including SUTRA 2D3D.1.
  • GW_Chart generates graphical displays of fluid, solute, and energy budgets and observation node output, showing pressure, concentration, and temperature as functions of time.
  • CheckMatchBC aids in the proper formulation of specified-pressure, specified-concentration, and specified-temperature boundary conditions.

All the utilities listed above are Windows-based, except SutraPrep, which is text-based and can be compiled on any platform that has a standard FORTRAN 90 compiler. SUTRA 2D3D.1 and its utilities are known collectively as SutraSuite.

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