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To simulate surface-water/groundwater interaction. To facilitate the simulation of this interaction, the surface-water flow model (DAFLOW) has been coupled to the modular, finite-difference, groundwater flow model (MODFLOW). The DAFLOW model routes flows through a system of inter-connected one-dimensional channels and subdivides the system into a series of branches, with each branch divided into a number of subreaches.


Jobson, H.E., and Harbaugh, A.W., 1999, Modifications to the diffusion analogy surface-water flow model (DAFLOW) for coupling to the modular finite-difference ground-water flow model (MODFLOW): U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 99-217, 107 p.


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Other Notes

Two separate input files are required to use DAFLOW with MODFLOW.  One is for the surface-water flow; the other is for the groundwater interaction.

An output file must be specified in the name file with type DATA and a unit number one greater than that applied to the DAFG file.  The file is normally named bltm.flw.

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