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Summary of Utility PIEs

       Utility PIEs - Programs for Simplifying the Analysis of Geographic Information in 
          U.S. Geological Survey Ground-Water Models for use within Argus Open 
          Numerical Environments (Argus ONE)

This report describes a number of programs developed at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to enhance existing USGS graphical user-interfaces for ground-water modeling programs. The programs are in the form of dynamic-link libraries that add interpolation methods, commands, and functions to Argus ONE TM through the use of Plug-In Extensions (PIEs). The interpolation methods, commands, and functions are not specific to any particular type of model but instead may find application under a variety of circumstances. The new interpolation methods provide results much more quickly than the existing interpolation methods in Argus ONE while still giving reasonable results. Some of them also incorporate anisotropy. This may be particularly valuable for cross sectional models. The commands are useful for copying, editing, converting, or importing information. They include commands for creating or modifying grids, editing the precise locations of nodes along contours, importing data as either contours or data points, setting the expressions for multiple parameters, and importing Digital Elevation Models (DEMs). The functions provide convenient methods for evaluating, converting, or storing information. Many of the functions are hidden because they could cause memory leaks if used improperly or provide specialized functions not likely to be of interest to most users. Nevertheless, these functions provide a convenient method of performing Geographic Information System (GIS) functions that would be difficult to do with Argus ONE alone.
 Version    Date    Description
 -------  --------  ---------------------------------------------------------  14/03/06  Fixed bug that could prevent values from being imported 
                    from Shapefiles.  13/11/29  Fixed bug that could cause Argus ONE to crash while being
                    Improved deletion of multiple points.
                    Fixed import of ascii rasters if free format is used for 
                    the header.   12/08/11  The images on the buttons in the OK_Cancel PIE have been 
                    removed and the font was reduced in size.
                    Added ability to delete multiple data points in 
                    PIEs|Edit|Edit Data.
                    In PIEs|Import|Import ASCII Raster data, you can now import 
                    the entire raster.
                    Fixed bug in Ok_UserFloat in which max and min values were 
                    not set properly.
                    Added an optional boolean parameter to BL_PointInsideContour 
                    function. If it is set to true, the X and Y coordinates are
                    changed from the global coordinate system to one parallel 
                    to the grid. If the optional parameter is not specified, no
                    transformation occurs.   12/04/20  Added Triangle Interpolation procedure.  11/01/21  Fixed the "PIEs|Import|Sample Data..." command; the last 
                     data point in the file was being skipped.  10/11/01  Fixed the sampling data from comma-delimited files when nothing besides the comma was used as a delimiter.  09/09/17  Added error message to procedure for importing raster data when 
                    no data points are inside the grid.
                    Fixed bug importing text fields from Shapefiles
                    Fixed bug in deleting multiple layers.
                    Fixed bug in reading shape files  08/12/09 The various QT_ interpolation methods now use temporary files 
                    for storing some data to help conserve memory.  08/04/02 When imporing Shapefiles, there is now an option to import the 
                    orientation of the shape at each point.  07/03/19 Fixed bug in import of ASCII Raster grid data.  07/01/11  Converted to using .chm files for help for compatibility 
                    with Windows Vistas.  06/09/25  Fixed bug importing Shapefiles containing text attributes.  06/08/23  Fixed bug in sampling data.
                    Fixed bug in "declutter" option that kept it from working
                    properly with the angle criterion.
                    Fixed bug in calculation of area of intersection between
                    a contour and a block in blocklist PIE.  06/05/16  Modified "Edit|Set Multiple Parameters" command to group
together parameters whose names differ only in a final
set of characters representing an integer.
Fixed bug in BlockList PIE. 05/12/06 Added "Apply" button to "Edit...|Set Multiple Parameters...". Improved pasting into tables. Fixed positions of some buttons. 05/07/28 Fixed bug in importing Shapefiles into existing layers. Fixed bug in BlockList that caused it to skip some files. 05/04/11 Fixed bug in importing Shapefiles. 05/03/07 Fixed bug in import of Shapefiles that could cause it to incorrectly prevent coordinate transformations. 05/02/09 Fixed bug in import of Shapefiles that could cause real numbers to be imported incorrectly into information layers. 05/01/26 Added two new commands: "File|Import <layer name>...| Import Shapefile (with additional options)..." and "PIEs|Import...|Import Shapefile...". Both commands allow the user to import Shapefiles into Argus ONE including Shapefiles generated by Arc9. For more details, see the help file. 04/11/22 Fixed bugs in EvalRealAtXY(), EvalIntegerAtXY(),
EvalBooleanAtXY(), and EvalStringAtXY() functions. Improved
efficiency when importing contours. Added new color
schemes when importing DEMs. Removed dependency on the
Raize component package. 04/07/30 Added progress bar when moving model. Modified BlockList
to make it more accurate when used with intersecting
contours. Fixed potential bug in EvalStringAtXY function. 04/07/30 Fixed pasting data in multiple lines in "Import|Import
Gridded Data" command. 04/07/01 Fixed bugs in the "EvalRealAtXY", "EvalIntegerAtXY",
"EvalBooleanAtXY", and "EvalStringAtXY" functions. The
functions now return 0, False, or an empty string if
they are evaluated during a copy operation instead of
causing an access violation. Fixed bug in "PIEs|Edit...|
Join Contours..." that would cause it to incorrectly
set parameter values when some parameter types were
strings and those parameter values included spaces. Fixed
bug in "PIEs|Import...|Import Points from Spreadsheet..."
that would cause it to fail if no grid layer was present. 04/06/14 Fixed bug in "Modified Shepard" interpolation method that
could cause Argus ONE to crash. 04/06/09 The command "PIEs|Show Layer Dependencies..." was enhanced
so that parameter names as well as layer names are shown
in the layer structure. Improved handling of resizing of
the form displayed in the "PIEs|Show Layer
Dependencies..." command. New Interpolation method
"Modified Shepard" added. New option added for pasting
multiple rows of data into tables added in the command
"PIEs|Import...|Import Points from Spreadsheet..." and
"PIEs|Import...|Import Contours from Spreadsheet...".
Extraneous list box in command "PIEs|Delete Multiple Layers"
removed. 04/04/29 Added new command "PIEs|Import...|Sample Data..." to allow
the user to import a sample of a large data file into Argus
ONE. See the help file for more details. Modified the
"PIEs|Import...|Import Points from Spreadsheet" to allow
the user to read the data in from a text file. Modfied the
"PIEs|Import...|Sample DEM" command to allow it to read
DEMs generated by ArcInfo that contain a special value that
indicats missing data and that do not strictly conform to
the standard in other ways. 04/04/21 Modified "PIEs|Import|Import Points from Spreadsheet" to
allow the user to specify the column and row number of a
grid instead of X and Y coordinates. 04/04/01 Fixed a bug in "Edit|Declutter Contours" command that
prevented it from working correctly if the export
delimiter was anything other than the tab character.
Fixed a bug in "Edit|Declutter Contours" command that
prevented it from working correctly when string parameters
had one or more spaces. 03/12/02 Modified the "Import|Sample DEM" command to allow it to
deal with some invalid data in the DEM more effectively.
Added new function "R_RandNormal" which returns a random
number from a normally distributed population. 03/09/08 SelectChar.exe was modified to allow the user to specify
Virtual Key codes. To do so, use Vk-(value) where value
represents the number of the virtual key code. For
example, to specify the up arrow, use Vk-38 and to use
the down arrow use Vk-40. Other virtual key codes can
be found in the Windows programmers documentation.
The ReadFileValue PIE was modified to Beep when the value
associated with a key is not properly formatted so that it
can be converted to a real number. Changed the Import Points
command to handle more parameters. 03/06/06 Added new command: "PIEs|Show Layer Dependencies...". Fixed bug in
setting multiple parameters at once. 03/01/27 Several commands that were incompatible with the Student version
of Argus ONE were disabled if the student version of Argus ONE is being
used. Some other commands were modified to make them compatible with
the Student version of Argus ONE. 03/01/09 Changed processing of Ctrl-V in tables from occuring when
the key combination is released to occuring when
the key combination is pressed. 02/12/23 Added new function named U_Rand that returns a random
value. Added capability to use Ctrl-V to paste text
into tables. 02/10/17 In "PIEs|Import...|Import Gridded Data...", when an
existing data layer is selected, the existing parameters
on that layer are automatically placed into the table of
parameter names. Fixed bug in "PIEs|Delete Multiple
Layers..." command. 02/09/27 Fixed bug in "PIEs|Edit...|Edit Data..." comand that
would prevent zooming out from working properly in some
cases. 02/08/05 Revised the "PIEs|Convert...|Data to Contours..." command
to make it more efficient when used with large numbers of
data points. 02/07/26 Added new command "PIEs|Import...|Import Data...". Fixed
bug with "PIEs|Import...|Import Gridded Data..." command.
Fixed label. 02/07/03 Added new option for "PIEs|Import|Import Gridded data".
Data can now be in a fixed width format. Added new
command "PIEs|Import|Paste Contours on Clipboard to
Multiple Layers". See help file for details. Added
examples to help file. Some fonts and buttons were
changed to improve legibility and consistency. 02/06/04 Changed captions on some labels and restricted the range
of layer choices for some commands to layers containing
contours. Added new command "PIEs|Import|Paste Contours
on Clipboard to Multiple Layers". See help file for
details. 02/01/16 Fixed memory leak. 01/12/06 Added new command "PIEs|Edit|Move Mesh". See help file
for details. Fixed minor memory leak. 01/11/16 Initial release.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS MODFLOW-GUI is compiled for use with Argus ONE version 4.2, revision w or later, on personal computers running Microsoft Windows 9x, NT or 2000. DOCUMENTATION Winston, Richard B., 2001, Programs for Simplifying the Analysis of Geographic Information in U.S. Geological Survey Ground-Water Models: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 01-392, 67 p. RELATED DOCUMENTATION Voss, C.I., Boldt, David, and Shapiro, A.M., 1997, A graphical-user interface for the U.S. Geological Survey's SUTRA code using Argus ONE (for simulation of variable-density saturated-unsaturated ground-water flow with solute or energy transport): U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 97-421, 106 p. Shapiro, A.M., Margolin, J., Dolev, S., and Ben-Israel, Y., 1997, A Graphical-User Interface for the U.S. Geological Survey Modular Three-Dimensional Finite-Difference Ground-Water Flow Model (MODFLOW-96) Using Argus Numerical Environments: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 97-121, 50 p. Hornberger, G.Z., and Konikow, L.F., 1998, Addition of MOC3D solute- transport capability to the U.S. Geological Survey MODFLOW-96 graphical-user interface using Argus Open Numerical Environments: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 98-188, 30 p. Winston, R.B., 1999, Upgrade to MODFLOW-GUI: Addition of MODPATH, ZONEBDGT, and additional MODFLOW packages to the U.S. Geological Survey MODFLOW-96 Graphical-User Interface: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 99-184, 63 p. Winston, R.B., 2000, Graphical User Interface for MODFLOW, Version 4: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 00-315, 27 p. CONTACTS Operation and distribution: Richard B. Winston U.S. Geological Survey 431 National Center Reston, VA 20192 rbwinst@usgs.gov If you would like to obtain the price of and (or) order paper copies of USGS reports, contact the USGS Branch of Information Services at: USGS Information Services Box 25286 Denver Federal Center Denver, CO 80225 To inquire about Open-File Reports or Water-Resources Investigations Reports: Tel: 303-202-4200; Fax 303-202-4695 To inquire about other USGS reports: Tel: 303-202-4700; Fax 303-202-4693 SEE ALSO

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