Water Resources Research Act Program

Update on Fiscal Year 2022 Appropriations

April 18, 2022

Thank you for your patience while we have worked to fully understand the increase in WRRA appropriations for Fiscal Year 2022. In total, $14 million was appropriated, an increase of $3 million from previous years. However, the increase was delivered with a specific breakdown among the different WRRA award categories.

The final FY2022 appropriations language specifically added $500K for research on Aquatic Invasive Species in the Upper Mississippi River region, per the direction in both the House and Senate marks, as well as in the final conferenced bill. The FY2022 House Mark language also directed funding increases to PFAS research.

We are working with the USGS Office of Acquisitions and Grants to modify the postings so that they will be ready for the original submission dates of May 2 (base grants) and May 10 (competitive grants).

FY 2022 Appropriations
Award Type IncreaseNew TotalAdjustment
104b Base Grants$500,000$133,770 per stateThis amounts to $8770 increase for each state/territory. The 104b RFP will be modified to reflect this increase.
104g – General$500,000$2,000,000 More awards within the $250,000 maximum.
PFAS$1,500,000$2,500,000More awards within the $250,000 maximum.
AIS$500,000$1,500,000 Increase award to a $300,000 maximum. The AIS RFP will be modified to reflect this increase.

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