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[ version 2.3s ] 

Alert! WaterAlert can no longer guarantee the delivery of SMS text alerts. Consequently, SMS text alerts are no longer available for new subscriptions. Email based WaterAlerts continue to function. Text users are encouraged to switch to email notifications. SMS service will be restored with the release of Modernized WaterAlert later this year.

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Choose how often to be notified of your threshold exceedance.
  • Hourly: no more often than every 60 minutes, and to the latest reporting interval for the site; e.g. if a site's report ing interval is every four hours, you will receive a notification only every four hours.
  • Daily: no more often than once every 24 hours, and to the latest reporting interval for the site.
Alert Threshold Condition:
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Define one of the following conditions which will trigger your notification, based upon this site's latest real-time value:
  • Greater than: when value exceeds your specified threshold.
  • Less than: when value is less than your specified threshold.
  • Outside a range: when value is either less than your minimum or greater than your maximum thresholds.
  • Inside a range: when value is greater than your minimum and less than your maximum thresholds.
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