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Choose to send your notifications to either of these destinations:
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    Receive notifications via email. Note that email is not time sensitive; i.e. there can be delays in the receipt of the email.
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    The phone number must be 10 digits, (numbers only, no spaces, dashes, etc.). Your mobile phone must be text (SMS) capable. Standard text-messaging rates may apply.
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Notification Frequency:
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Choose how often to be notified of your threshold exceedance.
  • Hourly: no more often than every 60 minutes, and to the latest reporting interval for the site; e.g. if a site's report ing interval is every four hours, you will receive a notification only every four hours.
  • Daily: no more often than once every 24 hours, and to the latest reporting interval for the site.
Threshold Condition:
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Define one of the following conditions which will trigger your notification, based upon this site's latest real-time value:
  • Greater than: when value exceeds your specified threshold.
  • Less than: when value is less than your specified threshold.
  • Outside a range: when value is either less than your minimum or greater than your maximum thresholds.
  • Inside a range: when value is greater than your minimum and less than your maximum thresholds.
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