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USGS WaterAlert

[ version 2.3s ] 

USGS WaterAlert Help

WaterAlert subscription management help for:
        Site: 07332390
   Parameter: Gage height (ft) (00065)
   Threshold: >4and<16
    Interval: Daily
The U.S. Geological Survey Hydrologic Notification Service, WaterAlert,
sends email or text messages when values measured by USGS
data-collection stations exceed user-definable thresholds.

For Realtime Data from NWISWeb:

To Sign up for Notifications:

To manage or obtain information about existing notifications,
send email to with a command followed by your
Subscription ID.

To Delete (signoff) this alert:
  * send email to with Subject: SIGNOFF hni-JfSKD
To Pause this or ALL alerts for 5 days:
  * Send email to with Subject: PAUSE hni-JfSKD 5
    You can change the 5 in the Subject to          PAUSE ALL hni-JfSKD
    your preferred number of days to pause.
To Continue (unpause) this or ALL alerts:
  * Send email to with Subject: CONTINUE hni-JfSKD
                                                    CONTINUE ALL hni-JfSKD
To List this or ALL settings:
  * Send email to with Subject: LIST hni-JfSKD
                                                    LIST ALL hni-JfSKD
For Help:
  * Send email to with Subject: HELP hni-JfSKD
  * Need a question answered, use this form:        Send help request 
To Change an existing notification frequency
   or threshold:                                    Change settings 
  * Go to and
    subscribe to the same address, site, and 
    parameter.  This will update your subscription
  * Your current settings are:
       Site:      07332390
       Parameter: 00065
       Threshold: >4and<16
       Interval:  Daily

Standard text messaging rates may apply (for SMS messages).

Frequently Asked Questions:

You may obtain custom management instructions on
ALL your WaterAlerts by submitting this request:

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