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Software Registration

Register as a software user by subscribing to a software mailing list

Information on updates and enhancements to specific software applications is sent to those who subscribe to the corresponding software mailing lists below. Subscribers to an entire hydrologic discipline will also receive notice of new applications in addition to all the notices of updates and enhancements in that category. There is also a single mailing list, watersoft, to which all notices of updates and enhancements and all announcements of new applications are sent. To subscribe or unsubscribe to one of the software lists, send e-mail to The text in the body of the message (not the subject) should be

subscribe list your_name


unsubscribe list

where list is the name of one of the software mailing lists shown below. Note that multiple "subscribe" and "unsubscribe" lines may be included in the same message. For example, to subscribe to the modflow and mfi lists, Charlie Brown would send the message:

subscribe modflow Charlie Brown
subscribe mfi Charlie Brown

You should receive a confirmation message when your subscribe/unsubscribe request has been successfully processed.

Note that your name and e-mail address are used solely by the USGS to send update notices to list members. Others cannot send messages to the lists nor can the e-mail addresses of list members be viewed, thereby precluding the sending of unsolicited e-mail to list members.

All water-resources applications software

  • watersoft

Geochemical software

  • geochemsoft (all geochemical software applications)
  • lims
  • netpath
  • phreeqc
  • phreeqci
  • phrqpitz
  • wateq4f

Ground-water software

  • gwsoft (all ground-water software applications)
  • airslug
  • analgwst
  • biomoc
  • contour
  • hst3d
  • hydrotherm
  • mfi
  • moc
  • moc3d
  • mocdense
  • modfe
  • modflow
  • modflow-gui
  • modflowp
  • modpath
  • radmod
  • sharp
  • sutra
  • sutra-gui
  • vs2di
  • zonebdgt

Water-quality software

  • wqsoft (all water-quality software applications)
  • bltm
  • dotables
  • swprod

Surface-water software

  • swsoft (all surface-water software applications)
  • annie
  • branch
  • bsdms
  • cap
  • cgap
  • daflow
  • dr3m
  • feq
  • feswms-2dh
  • fourpt
  • Gclas
  • genscn
  • glsnet
  • hspexp
  • hspf
  • hysep
  • iowdm
  • measerr
  • modbrnch
  • modein
  • ncalc
  • peakfq
  • prms
  • sac
  • seddisch
  • sedsize
  • swstat
  • wspro

General-use software

  • gensoft (all general-use software applications)
  • libanne
  • libhsp
  • libutl
  • sysdoc
  • tdds

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