User's Guide to STARPAC

The Standards Time Series and Regressions Package

National Institute of Standards and Technology
(formerly the National Bureau of Standards)
Internal Report NBSIR 86-3448
(text revised 3/15/90)
(STARPAC sample output revised 03/15/90)

Janet R. Donaldson
Peter V. Tryon

U.S. Department of Commerce
Center for Computing and Applied Mathematics
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Boulder, Colorado 80303-3328


STARPAC, the Standards Time Series and Regression Package, is a library of Fortran subroutines for statistical data analysis developed by the Statistical Engineering Division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (formerly the National Bureau of Standards), Boulder, Colorado. Earlier versions of this library were distributed by the SED under the name STATLIB [Tryon and Donaldson, 1978]. STARPAC incorporates many changes to STATLIB, including additional statistical techniques, improved algorithms and enhanced portability.

STARPAC emphasizes the statistical interpretation of results, and, for this reason, comprehensive printed reports of auxiliary statistical information, often in graphical form, are automatically provided to augment the basic statistical computations performed by each user-callable STARPAC subroutine. STARPAC thus provides the best features of many stand-alone statistical software programs within the flexible environment of a subroutine library.

This online document contains only the portions of the above-referenced publication that are relevant to OTIS-P. Parties interested in STARPAC and related statistical software should contact:
Janet E. Rogers
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Mail Code 719
325 Broadway
Boulder, CO 80303-3328
Assistance provided by Janet Rogers and the National Institute of Standards and Technology is greatfully acknowledged.

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Chapter 1: Introduction to using STARPAC
Chapter 9: Nonlinear Least Squares
Appendix B: Weighted Least Squares
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Appendix D: List of STARPAC Subprogram Names
Appendix E: List of STARPAC Labeled Common Names