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Dissolved oxygen solubility tables

Version History

Version 3.6 -- 2018/08/27
Updated the headers and footers of the web pages and implemented https throughout. These changes have no effect on the calculations.
Version 3.5 -- 2013/01/14
Made another slight change to the headers of the web pages, and fixed the contact info in the footer. This change has no effect on the calculations.
Version 3.4 -- 2013/01/07
Made a slight change to the headers of the web pages. This change has no effect on the calculations.
Version 3.3 -- 2012/01/27
Fixed a small problem in one of the footer files. This change has no effect on the calculations.
Version 3.2 -- 2011/09/12
Fixed a bug in the routines that handled barometric pressure in units of inches of mercury (in Hg). Results from versions 3.0 and 3.1 in those units were erroneous.
Version 3.1 -- 2011/08/29
Minor change to the tabled HTML output to improve the printing of tables from a web browser. If the browser allows, the tables printed from a browser now will retain the column headings on every page.
Version 3.0 -- 2011/05/13
Major upgrade. Discarded the Weiss (1970) equations in favor of the Benson and Krause (1980, 1984) equations. Added single-value computation. Added javascript functions to compute single-value oxygen solubility and percent saturation as well as error checking and unit conversions. Added the ability to input in different units for water temperature, barometric pressure, and salinity. Added new output formats that are friendlier for importing into spreadsheets.
Version 2.1 -- 2008/07/16
Minor formatting adjustment for the column labels to prevent them from abutting each other, which occurred with certain settings.
Version 2.0 -- 2008/07/16
Some streamlining of formatting code.
Version 1.3 -- 2001/08/28
Added security checks; removed deprecated code.
Version 1.2 -- 1999/03/16
Improved efficiency of code; eliminated redundant calculations performed if maximum specific conductance entered exceeds 76,000 and added warning message regarding exceeding maximum; corrected problem with code in handling starting temperature or temperature increment with fractional part; corrected off-by-one error in determining number of columns to print in salinity correction factors table; improved error checking and handling.
Version 1.1 -- 1998/03/02
Modified code to insert commas in atmospheric pressure and specific conductance values greater than 999.
Version 1.0 -- 1997/10/20
Original web implementation; conversion from Fortran.

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