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 [Photo: USGS scientist collects water-quality samples.]

USGS scientists deploy SPMD and POCIS samplers to collect waterborne contaminants in Manoa Stream on Oahu, Hawaii.


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National Field Manual for the Collection of Water-Quality Data (TWRI Book 9)

USGS Technical and Policy Memorandums that relate to the NFM

Office of Water Quality OWQ)
Memo No. Title Date Authors
qw.78.03 Equipment & Supplies – Churn splitters 01/17/1978 Pickering, R.J.
qw.80.17 New sample splitter for water-quality samples 07/03/1980 Pickering, R.J.
qw.92.01 Distilled/deionized water for District operations 12/20/1991 Rickert, D.A.
qw.92.02 FIELD TECHNIQUES – field preparation of containers for aqueous samples 12/20/1991 Rickert, D.A.
qw.92.06 Report of Committee on Sample Shipping Integrity and Cost 03/20/1992 Rickert, D.A.
qw.92.11 FIELD TECHNIQUES – Return of spent mercury and dichromate ampoules to the National Water Quality Laboratory 01/17/1978 Rickert, D.A.
qw.92.13 Trace element contamination: findings of studies on the cleaning of membrane filters and filtration systems 07/17/1992 USGS
qw.93.05 Evaluation of capsule filters 01/21/1993 Rickert, D.A.
qw.93.11 Implementation of the protocol for collecting and processing surface-water samples for low-level inorganic analyses 07/15/1993 Rickert, D.A.
qw.94.08 Collection, handling, and analysis of environmental samples in support of regulatory projects 01/14/1994 Rickert, D.A.
qw.94.09 Revision of new Division protocol for collecting and processing surface-water samples for low-level inorganic analyses 01/28/1994 Rickert, D.A.
qw.94.13 Evaluation of the churn splitter for inclusion in the Division protocol for the collection and processing of surface-water samples for subsequent determination of trace elements, nutrients, and major ions in filtered water 04/21/1994 Rickert, D.A.
qw.94.16 New preservation techniques for nutrient samples 08/05/1994 Rickert, D.A.
Establishment of U.S. Geological Survey Laboratory for determination of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in air and water samples 12/29/1994 Rickert, D.A. and Alley, W.M.
qw.97.03 Protocols for cleaning a Teflon cone splitter to produce contaminant-free subsamples for subsequent determinations of trace elements 02/07/1997 Rickert, D.A.
qw.97.06 Comparison of the suspended-sediment splitting capabilities of the churn and cone splitters 05/05/1997 Rickert, D.A.
Guidelines for collecting discharge-weighted samples in surface water using an isokinetic sampler 10/28/1998 York, T.H. Jr. and Ward, J.R.
qw.99.04 Changes in field treatment protocols and bottle types for whole-water samples collected for total ammonium plus organic nitrogen and total phosphorus determinations 11/26/1998 Ward, J.R.
qw.2000.05 Particulate organic carbon 04/28/2000 Ward, J.R.
qw.2000.08 New method for particulate carbon and particulate nitrogen 06/01/2000 Ward, J.R.
qw.2000.10 Discrete water-quality data in NWISWeb 09/15/2000 Ward, J.R.
qw.2001.02 Guidance for verifying and interpreting field blank determinations that indicate high pesticide or trace-element concentrations or that show large numbers of detection 11/14/2000 Ward, J.R.
Collection and use of total suspended-solids data 11/27/2000 Ward, J.R. and Yorke, T.H., Jr.
qw.2002.09 Water-quality field methods phaseout of US D-77 and frame-type samplers 01/25/2002 Sorenson, S.K.
qw.2002.11 Policy for storing and reporting significant figures for chemical data 02/14/2002 Sorenson, S.K.
qw.2002.13 Water-quality field methods/National Field Manual for the Collection of Water-Quality Data 03/15/2002 Sorenson, S.K.
Storage of water-level data for groundwater 02/02/2006 Miller, T.L. and Cunningham, W.L.
qw.2008.04 Nitrogen isotope analyses – information and revised field procedures 06/26/2008 Miller, T.L.
qw.2008.05 Appropriate data storage in the National Water Information System (NWIS) 08/25/2008 Miller, T.L.
qw.2009.04 Reminders of how to minimize contamination of volatile organic compound samples 05/14/2009 Mohrman, G.B.
qw.2010.06 Required use of new Analytical Services Request (ASR) form for samples received at the NWQL 09/23/2010 Myers, D.N.
qw.2011.02 National monitoring network water-quality sampling, fiscal year 2011 11/15/2010 Myers, D.N.
Update of policy on review and publication of discrete water data 04/24/2012 USGS
qw.2012.05 Replacement of the simple speciation method for computation of carbonate and bicarbonate concentrations from alkalinity titrations 09/10/2012 Myers, D.N.
sw 2013.03
Guidelines for FISP bag sampler intake efficiency tests and operational velocities policy 06/13/2013 Mason, R.R., Jr. and Myers D. N.
qw.2014.01 Updated policy for the evaluation and approval of analytical laboratory performance for Water Mission Area projects and programs 06/25/2014 Myers, D.N.
qw.2014.02 Revised template for preparing a Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) for water-quality activities 09/23/2014 Myers, D.N.
Water Mission Area policy on accepting furnished records 07/07/2016 Cunningham, W.L., Mason, R.R., Jr., and Myers, D.N.
qw.2016.09 Guidance for the collection and disposition of USGS water-quality-data-records: specifically addressing electronic records for field notebooks and calibration notebooks 12/29/2016 Myers, D.N.
Clarification of Water Mission Area policy on continuous records processing of time-series data: categorization of groundwater, surface-water, and water-quality Sites/records 03/03/2017 Cunningham, W.L., Mason, R.R., Jr., and Myers, D.N.

Branch of Quality Systems (BQS)
Memo No. Title Date Authors
bqs.90.03 ADP—Storage of water-quality, quality-assurance data in NWIS undated Shampine, W.J.
bqs.92.01 ADP—Storage of water-quality, quality-assurance data in NWIS undated Shampine, W.J.
bqs.95.01 ADP—Storage of water-quality, quality-assurance data in NWIS 10/28/1994 Shampine, W.J.

Office of Surface Water (OSW)
Memo No. Title Date Authors
sw.94.05 Maximum sampling depths and transit rates for suspended sediment and water-quality samplers 01/31/1994 Boning, C.W.
Agreement forms for gaging station and observation well installations and transfers 09/17/2003 Mason, R.R. Jr. and Cunningham, W.L.

National Water-Quality Laboratory (NWQL)
Memo No. Title Date Authors
nwql.92.01 Availability of equipment blank water for inorganic and organic analysis 03/25/1992 USGS
nwql.92.04 Bottles for tritium analysis   Mullen, A.
nwql.93.01 Identification of low levels of sodium contamination in nitric acid samples 08/12/1992 Pritt, J.
nwql.93.09 Radon—discontinuance of duplicate samples for radon-in-water 08/24/1993 Mullen, A.
nwql.95.04 Shipping Samples to the National Water-Quality Laboratory superceded by 2011.01 12/02/1994 Pratt, L.K.
nwql.95.05 Nitrogen isotope-sample preservation for water samples 03/08/1995 Hatcher, J.
nwql.96.05 Collection, processing, and analysis of carbon isotope samples 04/05/1996 Coplen, T.B., Plummer, L.N., and Mullin, A.
nwql.97.01 and
Use of syringes to add volatile organic compounds to water samples for use as matrix-spike samples (97.01S is supplementary information) 11/05/1996 Sandstrom, M.W. and Darnel, B.R.
nwql97.04S Collection, processing, and analysis of groundwater samples for tritium/helium-3 dating 04/07/1997 Plummer, L.N. and Mullin, A.
nwql.97.05 Using the National Water Quality Laboratory for the analysis of drinking-water samples 02/28/1997 Driscoll, A., Reed-Parker, C., and Bryant, K
nwql.2002.04 Requirements for proper shipping of samples to the National Water-Quality Laboratory superceded by 2011.01 09/23/2002 Lanier, W.
nwql2011.01 Requirements for proper shipping of samples to the National Water-Quality Laboratory 05/06/2011 Alex, P. and Grano, P.

Water Resources Discipline
Memo No. Title Date Authors
wrd.87.17 Groundwater—disposition of groundwater observation wells 01/15/1987 Mann, W.B., IV
wrdpolicy.90.34 Policy for permission to sample 03/26/1990 Cohen, P.
wrdpolicy.92.59 Policy for management and retention of hydrologic data of the U.S. Geological Survey undated Cohen, P.
wrdpolicy.94.07 Safety--storage, transportation, handling and disposal of methyl alcohol 12/03/1993 Mann, W.B., IV
wrd.94.08 LEGAL – Agreement forms 9-1482, 9-1482A, and 9-1493 undated Mann, W.B., IV
wrdpolicy.99.03 SAFETY – Water Resources Division hazardous waste site operations – revised safety policy and guidance 11/17/1998 Hill, C.L.
wrdpolicy.99.32 SAFETY – Water Resources Division policy for safety associated with measurements, sampling, and related streamgaging 08/17/1990 Hill, C.L.
wrdpolicy.99.34 Quality assurance measures for serving real-time water data on the World Wide Web 02/28/2000 Hirsch, R.M.
wrdpolicy.2010.02 Continuous records processing of all water time-series data 03/10/2010 Larsen, M.C.

U.S. Geological Survey Manual
Memo No. Title Date Authors
IM-OSQI 2015-04 Preservation requirements for digital scientific data 02/19/2015 Thornhill, A.D.
502.6 Fundamental science practices—scientific data management (Aragon, 2017) 01/13/2017 Aragon, J.R.
502.2 Fundamental science practices: planning and conducting data collection and research (Baker, 2011) 12/16/2011 Baker, K.D.
500.11 Obtaining permission for access to private lands (Baker, 2008) 08/22/2008 Baker, K.D.
432-1-S2 Water Resources Discipline Scientific Records Disposition Schedule 05/13/2016 USGS
SM 445-2-H Occupational Safety and Health Program Requirements Handbook December 2011 USGS
445-3-H Safety and Health for Field Operations Handbook February 2014 USGS

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