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Whenever possible, ship samples to the laboratory on the day of collection. Check laboratory hours of operation--keep in mind that the laboratory might not receive samples on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays. The integrity of chilled samples sent late on a Thursday or on a Friday could be compromised if not received by the laboratory in time to be unpacked and refrigerated. Check planned arrival time before selecting the carrier service.

No carrier service will accept or deliver leaky boxes or coolers. Securely tape the outside of shipping containers to prevent leaking and to maintain container integrity.
Do not exceed maximum weight and size restrictions set by the carrier service.
When shipping a single set of samples in multiple containers, mark the outside shipping label with the number of containers being shipped (such as 1 of 2, 2 of 2).
Comply with the carrier service’s requirements for meeting U.S. Department of Transportation regulations for transporting hazardous substances.
Identify samples that require special shipping procedures:
  -- Send chilled samples to the laboratory by the fastest means possible.
  -- Some samples require special handling and shipping (such as radon and CFC samples). Contact the laboratory for specific instructions.
  -- Obtain authorization from the laboratory before sending any highly contaminated or potentially hazardous samples to the laboratory for analysis.


Document date of sample shipment on the copy of each ASR form. Keep a copy in study files.




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