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Immediately following sample collection and processing, samples that require chilling must be packed in ice or placed in a refrigerator and maintained at 4°C or less, without freezing, until analyzed.

Check that there is sufficient headspace in the sample bottle to allow for sample expansion.
Put foam sleeves around samples in glass bottles before packing them in ice.
Include a temperature check sample in the shipping container.
  -- Fill a polyethylene bottle with tap water, cap it securely, and label it "Temperature Check Sample," along with the site identification and the date(s) and time(s) of sampling and shipping.
  -- Prepare a self-addressed, stamped postcard that is labeled "Temperature Check Sample report." The postcard should include the site information, date(s) and time(s) of sampling and shipping, and a space for the laboratory to record the arrival temperature of the check sample.
  -- Put the postcard into the sealable plastic bag with the ASR form. The laboratory will record the temperature of the check sample upon arrival and will complete the card and return it to the sender.
  -- Use this information to document that samples were maintained at 4°C or less.


Pack a temperature-check sample with other chilled samples.





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