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5.2 Filtered Samples

By D.B. Radtke A.J. Horowitz, and M.W. Sandstrom


Inorganic constituents


Capsule-filter procedure


Plate-filter procedure


Organic compounds


Plate-filter procedure


Capsule-filter procedure for processing samples for analysis of organonitrogen herbicides (optional)

  5.2.2.C Gas-pressurized filter procedures for processing samples for analysis of dissolved and suspended organic carbon


5-1. An equipment system suitable for filtering samples for analysis of organic compounds


5-3. Field cleaning and conditioning procedures for media used to filter samples for inorganic-constituent analysis
5-4. Field conditioning requirements for media used to filter samples for organic-compound analysis
5-5. Equipment for filtration of water-sediment samples for determination of organic compounds


Guidelines for selecting the volume needed for filtration of samples for analysis of suspended organic carbon

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