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By D.N. Myers and M.A. Sylvester

Fecal indicator bacteria

Conversion factors, selected terms and symbols, chemical symbols and formulas, and other abbreviations

Selected references and internal documents and publications on Techniques of Water-Resources Investigations

Any use of trade, product, or firm names is for descriptive purposes only and does not imply endorsement by the U.S. Government.


7.1-1. Diagram showing apparatus for obtaining a sample from a shallow well using sterile technique

Photographs showing steps in membrane- filtration procedure

7.1-3. Diagram showing preparation of sample volumes by dilution

7.1-4. Diagram showing a method for counting colonies on gridded membrane filters


7.1-1. Ranges of fecal indicator bacteria typically found in surface water and contaminated surface water

7.1-2. Equipment and supplies used for membrane filtration analysis

7.1-3. Equipment cleaning and sterilizing procedures

7.1-4. Summary of equipment for sample collection and procedures for sample preservation of indicator bacteria

7.1-5. Incubation times and temperatures for fecal indicator tests

7.1-6. Recommended sample volumes for membrane filtration analyses based on ideal colony count and concentration range

7.1-7. Membrane-filter pore sizes for fecal indicator bacteria tests

7.1-8. Preparation guidelines for dilution of samples to volumes less than 1.0 milliliter for fecal indicator bacteria analysis

7.1-9. Test (media type), ideal colony count, and typical colony color, size, and morphology for indicator bacteria colonies

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