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beakerNational Field Manual

By F.D. Wilde and Jacob Gibs


6.7 Turbidity

6.7.1 Equipment and supplies
6.7.1.A Maintenance, cleaning, and storage

6.7.2 Calibration

6.7.2.A Turbidimeter calibration
6.7.2.B Submersible turbidity sensor calibration
6.7.2.C Spectrophotometer calibration

6.7.3 Measurement

6.7.3.A Turbidimetric determination
6.7.3.B Determination by submersible sensor
6.7.3.C Absorptometric determination

6.7.4 Troubleshooting

6.7.5 Reporting


6.7.1. Example of turbidity calibration graph

6.7-2. Example of parallel setup for turbidimeter with debubbler and flowthrough chamber


6.7-1. Equipment and supplies used for measuring turbidity

6.7-2. Measurement range and laboratory test results of selected turbidity instruments

6.7-3. Troubleshooting guide for field turbidity measurement

6.7-4. Guidelines for reporting nephelometric turbidity measurements

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