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By D.B. Radtke

Checklists of the equipment and supplies commonly used to collect and process water samples are provided in the tables that follow (tables 2-9 through 2-15) to aid field personnel in selecting equipment needed to prepare for a water-quality field trip. These lists are not exhaustive and should be modified to meet specific study needs. Many of the items listed are explained in greater detail in other NFM chapters, as indicated. Refer to other chapters of this National Field Manual series for lists of equipment and supplies for field measurements (NFM 6), biological indicators (fecal indicator bacteria, NFM 7), and bottom-material samples (NFM 8). Equipment must be cleaned and tested before field work begins (NFM 3).

Don't forget backup equipment.

Table 2-9

Table 2-10


Table 2-11

Table 2-11 continued

Table 2-12

Table 2-12 continued

Table 2-13

Table 2-14

Table 2-15

Table 2-15 continued

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