World Climate Programme - Water (WCP-Water)

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A Resource for Climate-Related Critical Water Issues




The World Climate Programme . Water (WCP-Water) promotes hydrological activities in the World Climate Programme and related conventions, and provides the water community with current data and information on hydrological and water resources conditions and variations, in a climatic context, over a wide range of time and space scales.





WCP-Water activities are grouped into four operational functions:

       Bridging function

Seeks to link climate and water-related activities in the areas of disaster mitigation, human health, food security, and water quality.

       Coordinating function

Strives to avoid or minimize redundancy in the climate and water-related activities of WMO and UNESCO.

       Outreach function

Endeavors to liase with other relevant activities of UN agencies, such as WWDR.

       Enabling environment

Wherein researchers and organizations are invited to contribute to the topical areas and activities of WCP-Water.



National Services and related organizations engaged in projects that conform to these three focus areas, and that are interested in having their projects promoted by WCP-Water, are invited and encouraged to contact the WMO Secretariat at .