"Proceedings, Federal Interagency Workshop,
"Sediment Technology for the 21'st Century,"
St. Petersburg, FL, February 17-19, 1998"

Bureau of Reclamation's Needs in Sediment Technology for the 21st Century.

Yang, Chih Ted and Young, Christ A.


The Bureau of Reclamation(Reclamation) conducts sediment related studies of river and reservoir to meet planning, design, operation, maintenance, and environmental needs of Reclamation's projects. Reclamation's needs in sediment technology can be classified into two major categories: (1) Improved sediment measurement and survey technologies applicable to field conditions; (2) Improved computational methods and capabilities to predict and simulate sediment transport and river morphologic changes. This paper provides a brief summary of Reclamation's sediment technology needs for the 21st Century.

  1. Sediment measurement and survey technology

  2. Computational capabilities

upWorkshop Contributions

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