"Sediment Technology for the 21st Century"



Chavez, Pat
Mapping Suspended Sediments Using Remotely Sensed Satellite Images: San Francisco Bay
Derrow II, R. W., Kuhnle, R. A., and Jones, I. P.
Acoustically Measuring Suspended Sediment Concentration and Size Distribution

García, Marcelo H. and Admiraal, David M.
Laboratory Measurements of Suspended Sediment Concentration in Unsteady Flows with an Acoustic Backscatter Profiler

Gomez, Basil:
Errors in Bedload Sampling: Developing a Consistent Methodology

Gray, John R. and Glysson, Douglas:
Coordination of Sedimentation Activities Among Federal Agencies and the Private Sector<
Jobson, Harvey E.:
Isokinetic Pumping Sampler Patent No. 5,693,894 Document
Kuhnle, Roger A., Derrow II, Robert W., and Alonso, Carloas V.:
Measurement of Sediment Load in Agricultural Watersheds Using Acoustic Technology
Lewis, Jack and Eads, Rand:
Automatic Real-Time Control of Suspended Sediment Sampling Based Upon High Frequency in situ Measurements of Nephelometric Turbidity
Mueller, David S.:
Portable Systems for Measuring Channel Bathymetry
Mueller, David S.:
Summary of Fixed Instrumentation for Field Measurement of Scour and Deposition
Muste, M. and Kruger, A.:
Image-Based Instrumentation for Monitoring Processes in Flows with Alluvial Sand
Schmidt, R. A.:
Sensing Stream Bedload with a Linear Array of Reflective Sensors
Schmidt, R. A.:
Video Imaging for Bedload Sensor Calibration
Ryan, Sandra E.:
Sampling Bedload Transport in Coarse-Grained Mountain Channels using Portable Samplers
Schoellhamer, David H. and Buchanan, Paul A.:
Measuring Suspended-Solids Concentration with Optical Backscatterance Sensors
Yang, Chih Ted and Young, Christ A.:
Bureau of Reclamation's Needs in Sediment Technology for the 21st Century

Workshop Proceedings

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