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Appendix 4, Extended Abstracts of U.S. Geological Survey Circular 1276, Proceedings of the Federal Interagency Sediment Monitoring and Instrument Analysis Workshop, September 9-11, 2003

Abraham, David, Quantification of bed-load transport using multi-beam survey data: the ISSDOT Method (Integrated-Section Surface Difference over Time).

Agrawal, Y.C., and Pottsmith, H.C., Laser diffraction method: two new sediment sensors.

Barton, J.S., Slingerland, R.L., Gabrielson, T.B., and Johnson, P.A., Listening to bedload: a flume study relating acoustic response to bedload motion.

Braatz, D.A., and Tucker, R.L., A new series of sediment collectors for monitoring true bedload.

Bunte, Kristin, Potyondy, J.P., and Abt, S.R., Development of an improved bedload trap for sampling gravel and cobble bedload in coarse mountain streams.

Davis, J.E., and Rosati, J.D., Regional Sediment Management.

Dinehart, R.L., Spatial analysis of ADCP data in streams.

Gartner, J.W., and Gray, J.R., Summary of suspended-sediment technologies considered at the Interagency workshop on turbidity and other sediment surrogates.

Gray, J.R. and Glysson, G.D., Attributes for a sediment monitoring instrument and analysis research program.

Gray, J.R., Melis T.S., Eduardo Patiņo, Gooding, D.J, Topping, D.J., Larsen, M.C., and Rasmussen, P.P., U.S. Geological Survey suspended-sediment surrogate research on optic, acoustic, and pressure-difference technologies.

Jackson, W.L., Regulated river restoration monitoring: The Elwah River dam removal and restoration project.

Kuhnle, R.A., and Wren, D.G., Cross-stream variations in suspended sediment transport over dunes, implications for sampling.

Laronne, J.B., and Gray, J.R., Formation of a Bedload Research International Cooperative

Martini, Marinna, USGS capabilities for studying sediment transport in the ocean.

Nichols, M.H., and Renard, K.G., Sediment research and monitoring at the USDA-ARS Walnut Gulch experimental watershed.

Northby, J.A., New optical instruments for sediment re-suspension measurements.

Pratt, Thad, Parchure, Trimbak, OBS calibration and field measurements.

Parchure, T.M., Sobecki, T.M., and Pratt, T.C., Fine sediment parameter measurement for sedimentation studies.

Roberts, J.D., James, S.C., and Jepsen, R.A., Measuring bedload fraction with the Asset flume.

Ryan, S.E., The use of pressure-difference samplers in measuring bedload transport in small, coarse-grained alluvial channels.

Wren, Daniel, Kuhnle, R.A., and Chambers, James, Measurement of suspended-sediment concentration and particle size in laboratory flumes.

Wright, Scott, Comparison of direct and indirect measurements of cohesive sediment concentration and size.

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