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Site ID: 78 Pomme De Terre River at U.S. 12 near Holloway, MN
File Name Description
5359-10.wsp WSPRO model output file for the 10-year flow
5359-50.wsp WSPRO model output file for the 50-year flow
5359-100.wsp WSPRO model output file for the 100-year flow
5359-500.wsp WSPRO model output file for the 500-year flow
pdt12-brgpln-profile.jpg Profile scanned from the bridge plans provided by MnDOT
pdt12-brgpln-siteplan.jpg Site plan scanned from the bridge plans provided by MnDOT
pdt12-flood-us-bridge.jpg Photo taken during the flood, from the right bank looking across the face of the bridge to the left floodplain. Note the slump in the foreground.
pdt12-flowfield.jpg Sketch of flow field observed on 4-9-97
pdt12-rwingwall.jpg Photo of data collection along the right upstream wingwall. Note the slump in the embankment.
The following photos were scanned from a black and white copy of the bridge scour evaluation report completed by BRW:
pdt12-scrrpt-ds-channel.jpg Photo of the channel downstream of the bridge
pdt12-scrrpt-abuts.jpg Photo of both bridge abutments
pdt12-scrrpt-bridge.jpg Photo of the bridge looking upstream
pdt12-scrrpt-nwcorner-bridge.jpg Photo of Northwest corner of bridge
pdt12-scrrpt-us-channel.jpg Photo looking upstream from the bridge at a small dam
pdt12-scrrpt-us-dam.jpg Photo of the small dam and looking downstream from dam at bridge
pdt12-topo.jpg Scaned image of the USGS topo quad showing bridge site
us12pdt-REV.xls Contains the following data:
Summary - Summary of basic site and scour data
Hydrograph - Hydrograph from nearest USGS gaging station
X-Sec - cross section data
us12pdt.doc MS Word summary of site and scour data
All(Site78).zip All files listed above

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