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Site ID: 74 Brazos River at FM 2004 near Lake Jackson, TX
File Name Description
Aerial-1.jpg Satellite image of area
Aerial-2.jpg Satellite image of bridge
Bents-maj.jpg Drawings for major pile bents (5, 6, 7, 8)
Bents-min.jpg Drawings for minor pile bents
Brazos-fnl.dwg AutoCad drawing of bridge with contours, water-surface elevations, and velocity vectors
Brg-prof.jpg Drawing of bridge (profile view)
Contour-1.jpg Color contours of reach
Contour-2.jpg Color contours near debris accumulation
Debris-1.jpg Photo of debris looking towards the left descending bank
Debris-2.jpg Photo of debris looking upstream towards the right descending bank
Debris-3.jpg Field sketch of debris accumulation
FM2004.doc MS Word summary of site and scour characteristics
FM2004.xls Workbook Containing:
Summary - Summary of site and scour characteristics
Hydrograph - Hydrograph from nearest USGS gage
Bath_10-22 - XYZ bathymetry data collected on 10-22-94
Bath-10-23 - XYZ bathymetry data collected on 10-23-94
Bath-grd - CombinedXYZ bathymetry data interpolated on to a dense grid
Vel-2d - Depth averaged velocity vectors measured with an ADCP
Vel-3d - 3-dimensional velocity vectors measured with an ADCP
Hist-CS.jpg Scan of historical cross sections
Inspect-1.jpg Sketches from bridge inspection
Inspect-2.jpg Sketches from bridge inspection
Site_map.jpg Site map of area
Topo.jpg Scan of USGS topographic map in the area (note: bridge not present at time of mapping)
Vectors1.wmf Velocity vector profile plot
Vectors2.wmf Velocity vector profile plot
WS-Elev.jpg Satellite image of area with water-surface elevations
All(Site74).zip All files listed above

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