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Site ID: 57 Mississippi River at S.R. 51/150 at Chester, Ill.
File Name Description
AerialPhoto93.jpg Photograph of bridge from airplane during the flood.
Borings.jpg Boring log of bridge section
Chester.dxf DXF file of bridge in local coordinate system
Chester.xls Excel 97 workbook containing the following worksheets:
Hydrograph - stage and discharge hydrograph at Chester, Illinois
    080593 - bathymetric data collected on 8-5-93
    081293 - bathymetric data collected on 8-12-93
    091393 - bathymetric data collected on 9-13-93
Data Collection.jpg Photograph of USGS boat collecting data under the bridge.
FlowPier11.jpg Photograph of flow around pier 11 during the flood.
Pier11.jpg Scan of pier details of pier 11 from bridge plans
Piers1012.jpg Scan of pier details for piers 10 and 12 from bridge plans
Profile.jpg Scan of bridge profile from bridge plans
Topo.jpg Scan of USGS topographic map covering study area
All(Site57).zip All of the listed files

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