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New & Evolving Concepts in Indirect Discharge Measurements (A Workshop)

May 8-11, 2001
Front Royal, Virginia

The Office of Surface Water sponsored a workshop on new and evolving concepts in indirect-discharge measurements. Past and present challenges, and some insightful recent successes, made this a propitious time to collect share ideas and plan future goals.

The workshop was held at the Quality Inn in Front Royal, Virginia and participants also took a field trip to the Passage Creek area in the Shenandoah Valley to look at flood history as told by the geobotanical evidence preserved on the flood plain.

The workshop had three goals:

  1. Focus on a number of leading presentations that highlight problems, approaches, philosophy, and suggestions for dealing with the documentation of flows that for one reason or another cannot be measured directly. These include:
  2. Expose experienced hydrotechs and hydrologists to some new ideas and concepts, allow them to meet people involved in the creation of new approaches, and the return home with ideas and contacts to introduce some new approaches in their own offices;
  3. Go away with a list of priority needs and goals to improve our ability to accurately measure the largest flows at streamgaging stations and miscallaneous sites.

List of Participants

Agenda of Workshop includes links to various presentations.

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