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MODFLOW and Related Programs

[Image: Examples visualization of model output ]MODFLOW is the USGS's three-dimensional (3D) finite-difference groundwater model. MODFLOW is considered an international standard for simulating and predicting groundwater conditions and groundwater/surface-water interactions.

Originally developed and released solely as a groundwater-flow simulation code when first published in 1984, MODFLOW's modular structure has provided a robust framework for integration of additional simulation capabilities that build on and enhance its original scope. The family of MODFLOW-related programs now includes capabilities to simulate coupled groundwater/surface-water systems, solute transport, variable-density flow (including saltwater), aquifer-system compaction and land subsidence, parameter estimation, and groundwater management.

MODFLOW Core Version: MODFLOW-2005

 [Cover: USGS Circular 1384] The current core version of MODFLOW is MODFLOW-2005 v.1.12.00 . MODFLOW-2005 is the standard version of MODFLOW supported by the USGS Office of Groundwater and is the most stable and well-tested version of the code.

»Download MODFLOW-2005
»New to MODFLOW? Start here.

MODFLOW Variants

The MODFLOW variants below are newer, specialized, or advanced versions of MODFLOW for use by experienced modelers.

 [Cover: MODFLOW-NWT report] MODFLOW-NWT: A Newton formulation for MODFLOW-2005 v.1.1.2
MODFLOW-NWT uses a Newton-Raphson formulation to improve solution of unconfined groundwater-flow problems.

 [Cover: USGS Circular 1384] MODFLOW-USG v.1.3.00
MODFLOW-USG uses an unstructured-grid approach to simulate groundwater flow and tightly coupled processes using a control volume finite-difference formulation.

 [Cover: GSFLOW report] GSFLOW: Coupled Ground-water and Surface-water FLOW model v.1.2.1
GSFLOW is a coupled groundwater and surface-water flow model based on the USGS Precipitation-Runoff Modeling System (PRMS), MODFLOW-2005, and MODFLOW-NWT.

 [Cover: GWM report] Groundwater Management (GWM) Process v.1.5.2
GWM is used to simulate groundwater management.

 [Cover: OWHM report] MODFLOW-OWHM: One Water Hydrologic Flow Model v.1.00.00
OWHM is an integrated hydrologic flow model for the analysis of human and natural water movement within a supply-and-demand framework.

 [Cover: MODFLOW-LGR report] MODFLOW-LGR v.2.0.0
MODFLOW-LGR uses locally refined grids to simulate groundwater flow.

 [Cover: USGS Circular 1384] Conduit Flow Process (CFP) v.1.8.00
CFP allows simulation of laminar and turbulent flow within a standard MODFLOW layer and (or) simulation of a hybrid model (one-dimensional pipe network coupled to MODFLOW).

 [Cover: USGS Circular 1384] Surface-Water Routing (SWR) Process v.1.01.0
SWR simulates surface-water flows and surface-water/groundwater interactions.

Looking for superseded or legacy variants? »

MODFLOW Utilities, Post Processors, and Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs)

The USGS software below are the most commonly used USGS MODFLOW utitilities.

 [FloPy generated image showing model grid] FloPy v.3.2.6
FloPy is a Python package to create, run, and post-process MODFLOW-based models.

 [Cover: GW_Chart report] GW_Chart
GW_Chart is a graphing application for MODFLOW, Zonebudget, and other codes. GW_Chart also converts binary cell-by-cell flow files to text files.

 [Cover: ModelMuse report] ModelMuse

 [Cover: ModelViewer report] ModelViewer
Model Viewer is a program for 3D visualization of groundwater-model results.

ZONEBUDGET is a program for computing subregional water budgets for MODFLOW.

Additional MODFLOW Utilities »

MODFLOW-Based Particle Tracking and Solute Transport

 [Cover: MODPATH report] MODPATH v.7.1.000
MODPATH is a particle-tracking post-processing model that computes flow paths using output from MODFLOW.

 [Cover: MT3D-USGS report] MT3D-USGS v.1.0.0
MT3D-USGS is a groundwater solute transport simulator for MODFLOW.

MODPATH-LGR is a variation of MODPATH Version 5 that has been modified to work with nested grid output produced by MODFLOW-LGR.

 [Cover: SEAWAT report] SEAWAT v.4.00.05
SEAWAT is a combined version of MODFLOW and MT3DMS for simulation of variable-density groundwater flow and transport.

 [Cover: GWT report] Groundwater Transport (GWT) Package
GWT incorporates the capability to simulate solute transport with MODFLOW.

Parameter Estimation and Uncertainty Analysis

 [Cover: PEST++ report] PEST++
PEST++ is an objected-oriented universal parameter estimation code written in C++ that can be used to calibrate MODFLOW models

 [Cover: UCODE report] UCODE [Link exits the USGS web site]
UCODE is a universal parameter estimation code that can be used to calibrate MODFLOW models.


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