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Barbara Mahler

Barbara J. Mahler
Research Hydrologist
Texas Water Science Center
U.S. Department of the Interior
U.S. Geological Survey
1505 Ferguson Ln.
Austin, TX 78754
512-927-3590 FAX

Aquifers In Which Barbara Has Conducted Research

Barbara's Karst Publications

  • Garner, B.D., and Mahler, B.J. (2007) Relation of specific conductance in ground water to intersection of flow paths by wells, and associated major ion and nitrate geochemistry, Barton Springs segment of the Edwards aquifer, Austin, Texas, 1978-2003: USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2007-5002, 34 p.
  • Lynch, F.L., Mahler, B.J., and Hauwert, N.M. (2003) Provenance of suspended sediment discharged from a karst aquifer determined by clay mineralogy: Studies of Cave Sediments, vol. , iss. , p. 83-94.
  • Mahler, B.J., Winkler, M., Bennett, P.C., and Hillis, D.M. (1998) DNA-labeled clay: A sensitive new method for tracing particle transport: Geology, vol. 26, iss. 9, p. 831-834.
  • Mahler, B.J., Personne, J.C., Lods, G.F., and Drogue, C. (2000) Transport of free and particulate-associated bacteria in karst : Journal of Hydrology, vol. 238, iss. 3-4, p. 179-193.
  • Mahler, B.J., Musgrove, MaryLynn, Herrington, Chris, and Sample, Thomas L. (2011) Recent (2008-10) concentrations and isotopic compositions of nitrate and concentrations of wastewater compounds in the Barton Springs zone, south-central Texas, and their potential relation to urban development in the contributing zone: USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2011-5018, 39 p.
  • Mahler, B.J., and Garner, B.D. (2009) Using nitrate to quantify quick flow in a karst aquifer: Ground Water, vol. 47, iss. 3, p. 350-360.
  • Mahler, B.J., Musgrove, MaryLynn, Wong, C.I., and Sample, Thomas L. (2011) Recent (2008-10) water quality in the Barton Spring segment of the Edwards Aquifer and its contributing zone, central Texas, with emphasis on factors affecting nutrients and bacteria: USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2011-5139, 66 p.
  • Mahler, B.J., Musgrove, MaryLynn, and Herrington, Chris (2011) Nitrate concentrations and potential sources in the Barton Springs segment of the Edwards aquifer and its contributing zone, central Texas: USGS Fact Sheet 2011-3035, 4 p.
  • Mahler, B.J., Personne, J.C., Lynch, F.L., and Van Metre, P.C. (2003) Sediment and sediment-associated contaminant transport through karst: Studies of Cave Sediments, , p. 23-46.
  • Mahler, B.J., Lynch, F.L., and Bennett, P.C. (1999) Mobile sediment in an urbanizing karst aquifer: implications for contaminant transport: Environmental Geology, vol. 39, iss. 1, p. 25-38.
  • Mahler, B.J., and Massei, N. (2007) Anthropogenic contaminants as tracers in an urbanizing karst aquifer: Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, vol. 91, p. 81-106.
  • Mahler, B.J., Garner, B.D., Musgrove, MaryLynn, Guilfoyle, A.L., and Rao, M.V. (2006) Recent (2003-05) water quality of Barton Springs, Austin, Texas, with emphasis on factors affecting variability: USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2006-5299, 83 p.
  • Mahler, B.J., Valdes, D., Musgrove, MaryLynn, and Massei, N. (2008) Nutrient dynamics as indicators of karst processes Comparison of the Chalk aquifer (Normandy, France) and the Edwards aquifer (Texas, U.S.A.): Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, vol. 98, p. 36-49.
  • Mahler, B.J. (2003) Quality of sediment discharging from the Barton Springs system, Austin, Texas: USGS Fact Sheet 089-03, 6 p.
  • Mahler, B.J., and Lynch, F.L. (1999) Muddy waters: temporal variation in sediment discharging from a karst spring: Journal of Hydrology, vol. 214, p. 165-178.
  • Mahler, B.J., Bennett, P.C., and Zimmerman, M. (1998) Lanthanide-labeled clay: A new method for tracing sediment transport in Karst: Ground Water, vol. 36, iss. 5, p. 835-843.
  • Massei, N., Lacroix, M., Wang, H.Q., Mahler, B.J., and Dupont, J.P. (2002) Transport of suspended solids from a karstic to an alluvial aquifer: The role of the karst/alluvium interface: Journal of Hydrology, vol. 260, iss. 1-4, p. 88-101.

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