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Seismic Blasting Safety: Sample Safety Plan

This sample seismic blasting safety plan is based on information from USGS Manuals 445-2-H and 445-I-H.

The following information should be included in all blasting plans:

1. Blast officer:
    Other personnel who will be present:

2. Site & location of planned blasting:
    Date of planned blasting:

3. Explosives
    Detonator device:

4. Means of transporting explosives:
    Provisions for storing and securing explosives on site:

5. Minimum acceptable weather conditions:
    If electrical initiation to be used - considerations for stray radio frequency energy and electrical currents:

6. Procedures:
    Handling explosive charges:
    Setting explosive charges:
    Wiring explosive charges:
    Firing explosive charges:

7. Required PPE:

8. Minimum standoff distances:
    Procedures for clearing and controlling access to blast danger:

9. Procedures for handling misfires or other unusual occurrences:

10. Emergency action plan:
    Phone numbers: Ambulance ___________________
    Fire department ________________
    Police _________________________
    Location and phone number of nearest medical services facility:
    Actions to be taken when a person is injured:

11. Attach a copy of material safety data sheet for each explosive or other hazardous material expected to be used.

Download a copy of this handout as blasting_plan.pdf (220KB PDF) or blasting_plan.doc (25KB Microsoft Word Document.

Note: Some or all of this information is presented in Portable Document Format (PDF); the latest version of Adobe Reader or similar software is required to view it. Download the latest version of the free Adobe Reader from the Adobe web site. [Link exits USGS] Visit [Link exits USGS] for free tools that allow visually impaired users to read PDF files.

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